The Meet

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The MeetI arrange to come to meet you, All the way up to you im excited but nervous. The anticipation is palpable. We arrange to meet in a pub local to you. I walk in to the bar a little early and get myself a drink and find a table. Every time the door to the bar opens my butterflies intensify. After about 10 minutes the door opens and in you walk. You look stunning, you are wearing a tight black top, short skirt and those black boots. Im not the only one who has noticed you come in as most of the men in the bar stop what they are doing to look at you.I rise to meet you , i give you a quick hug hello and kiss your cheek, your perfume is gorgeous and intoxicating, you smell as heavenly as you look. I get you a drink from the bar and we sit at the table where i was sat. Some of the men in the bar are still looking at you appreciatively. You sit next to me rather than opposite, which is lovely. We sit talking about the usual stuff us british talk about. My hand gently brushes against yours and almost imperceptivity you let out a little gasp, you look straight at me, your eyes twinkling with naughtiness and smile. I smile back and lean in to kiss you. Our lips meet softly at first, they part and we both enjoy the electric touch of each others mouths. I let out a little moan as my butterflies subside and i feel at complete ease. My hand drops to touch your knee, i feel that familiar feeling of nylon. My fingers gently circle on the material heading up your leg, you take a bit of a breath, enjoying the touch. You let out a small moan as my fingers discover silky soft skin and i discover that you wearing stockings. This causes a stirring in my trousers which makes me moan slightly.You pull me close and whisper in my ear that maybe we should leave the bar and go somewhere more comfortable. I whisper back “I agree but first i have to kiss you again” We kiss again but this time with a little more urgency, my tongue flicks yours . We finish our drinks and get up to leave, you could see the disappointment on some of the male patrons faces as you lead me out of the door by the hand. Once outside i can resist no more and pull you close in to me, our lips meet again and this time its just pure passion and attraction, it again creates a stirring in me and we both moan as we kiss. I pull you in tighter and you feel my rock hard cock through my trousers against you, you can feel it growing by the second. You pull away and say “ C’mon lets get going, i need you to sort my pussy out”The drive to yours seemed to take forever but was only a few minutes in reality. Your skirt has risen up and i can see your stocking tops and soft thighs, you catch me looking and deliberately move your hand between your legs, you slide it down the front of your panties and from the sound you are extremely wet. You slide a finger over your pussy lips, you let out a moan as you gently touch your clit, you look at my trousers trying to do an impression of a tent and say “ Does that turn you on?” I reply “ Oh my god yes”. You take your hand out from your knickers and your fingers are dripping wet, you move them towards my mouth indicating for me to suck them. I oblige, taking in your sweet pussy juice.We arrive at your place, as soon as we get through the door our lips meet again with so much passion, you start to lead me to the bedroom but still kissing me. We reach the bedroom, i slowly remove your top over your head and proceed to kiss your neck gently, I remove your bra and your ample breasts are now free, i gently cup them and continue to kiss down from your neck to your chest. Your nipples are rock hard in anticipation. I continue kissing your soft skin working slowly towards one of your nipples. I reach the nipple of your left breast and gently flick it with my tongue, you moan softly. I place my mouth over the nipple and draw circles softly with my tongue, this makes you go week at the knees and you have to sit down on the bed. I follow with my tongue still exploring your nipples. You are moaning quite loudly now. You reach up and start to remove my top, it slips over my head and you run your hands over my chest, there is a positive charge of passion in the air. You slowly undo my belt and start to unbutton my trousers, My cock is hard and straining against my trousers, you slip my trousers down, revealing my cock straining against my underwear, a damp beykoz escort patch where the head has been. I kneel down and unzip your boots and remove your skirt. Your wearing little black lacy panties and you can see they are soaking. I slowly remove them, drawing them past your gorgeous thighs and down your fantastic legs. I tell you to just lie back on the bed and enjoy what’s about to happen.I move up to your face and plant a kiss on your lips, i gently start to work down your neck with little soft kisses, whilst my fingers are gently stroking the soft skin on your arms, i know all the hidden erogenous zones and i am touching them softly, which in turn is making you moan. I continue to kiss your gorgeous body working past your breasts and softly kissing your stomach, every so often using my tongue to lick your skin. Im getting lower on your body and getting closer to your pussy, you are loving the soft gentle touches. I move and position my self between your legs and continue to kiss, lower and lower, you feel my hot breath on your pussy but im not actually touching it, i kiss all around it deliberately avoiding touching it. Its driving you crazy. I run my tongue all the way around the outside of your pussy and work towards your thighs, your in heaven. I kiss down further my fingers tracing a path of where i have just been. I work my way down your legs towards your feet, your whole body covered in a carpet of kisses, my fingers tickle behind the backs of your legs, its a sensual tickle and you are breathless with the sensation. I reach your feet and gently kiss every toe.I say “ Are you ready ?” You moan and nod. I move back up between your legs and ever so ever so gently kiss your clit, You moan loudly. I flick out my tongue gently grazing your hard clit, There is pussy juice glistening on your pussy lips. I work my tongue down your lips slowly and gently, taking in you sweetness. I reach the opening of your pussy and slowly push my tongue, parting your lips and pushing inside you, your juice covers my tongue as i probe deeper, you are moaning loudly and your breathing is deep. I lap eagerly at you pussy enjoying drinking you down. I move my tongue back up to your clit, i insert to fingers in to your hot, tight, wet pussy and immediately your pussy grips my fingers. I gently flick your clit with my tongue whilst my fingers search your g-spot. I find it and start to massage it , creating a rhythm with my tongue and fingers. You pussy starts to react to the attention, your getting wetter and wetter and your pussy is pulsating. I start to slowly increase the rhythm, your hips are moving in time with me. Your breathing is quickening , your chest is flushed red and you moaning louder and louder. You say “ more, don’t stop, im going to cum” That is my cue to increase the pace, faster and faster, your pussy twitches and then grips really really tight. “ Im Cumming” you moan your pussy fills with juice, i slow down but continue, another orgasm courses through your body. You move you hands behind my head and pull my in really tight. I remove my fingers and my face is right up against your pussy. You grind your pussy against me literally fucking my face. Im covered in your sweet pussy juice. “ oh my god, oh my god” you moan. Eventually your orgasms subside and you release my head from you. I move up your body and kiss you passionately , My tongue explores your mouth and you taste yourself on me.Your breathing is starting to return to normal, we are lying together just having a cuddle facing each other. Our hands start to explore each others bodies, Gentle touches here and there. I run my fingers gently down your back, which gives you goosebumps. We kiss, tongues exploring each others mouths. Your fingers run down my back and over my buttock and it makes me moan. You feel my cock twitch against you, this makes you kiss harder and more passionately. Your hand moves from my buttock and gently grazes my hard cock, i moan and kiss you back with vigour and passion.You move your hand between my legs and start to play with balls, my cock has never been so hard, “ oh my god thats gorgeous” i say, you move from kissing me and start to nibble gently on my neck. You push me on to my back and say “Now your turn mister” You straddle my body and start to kiss me on the lips, slowly moving sancaktepe escort down, kissing my neck, i can feel your breath on my skin. I am moaning and your gorgeous touch is making the hairs on my body rise, im in heaven. I can feel your wet pussy against my stomach. You slowly move down kissing every inch of my body. Your pussy lips are now touching the tip of my extremely hard throbbing cock, I instinctively go to push my cock inside you, “ Ah Ah no you don’t, I’m in control” you say firmly. So the head of my cock is just touching against your pussy, i can feel our wetness combining, i can feel just how hot your pussy is. You continue to kiss and caress down my body, you use your fingers on the parts of me your not kissing, As you move down you slide your pussy over my cock, Oh my god its heaven and so teasing. You see what its doing to me so you slide up and down several times, watching my face to see what its doing to me. It effects you too so you have to stop to stay in control.You continue to move further down to my stomach, still kissing and occasionally using your tongue. Lower and lower, you reach my cock which is covered in you, you look up at me, take your hand and put it around my shaft and then gently lick from the base to the tip, tasting both of us. When you reach the tip you gently flick you tongue up and some of my pre cum creates a string from the tip of your tongue to the tip of my penis. You gently blow on my manhood which because it is so wet creates an incredible sensation. You look at me and say “ Now are you ready ?” I moan “ oh please, yes”. You grip the base of the shaft of my cock in you your hand and slowly lower your head. You lips part and you take just the head in to your warm mouth, you use your tongue around the my glans, creating the most incredible feeling. I cant believe how good this feels. You sink your lips lower taking my cock deeper in to your eager mouth. You move your lips back up and at the same time move your hand up my shaft, then down again. “My god thats incredible” i say and moan. You start to “Fuck” my cock with your mouth and hand, you can feel my cock throbbing. You take your mouth off my cock and kiss down the shaft to my balls, still wanking me. You suck gently on one of my balls, a sensation i have never had, and its devine. You move back up my shaft with your lips, kissing and sucking my cock. You reach the top and plunge your mouth down over my cock taking me deep in to you. You use more vigour now sucking hard and deep, almost like you are worshipping my cock, Your using your hand as well in unison , sucking and wanking me. My pre cum is flowing as you suck harder and faster, I am moaning louder and louder. “Oh my god im going to cum “ i moan. You feel my cock begin to twitch, you dive you mouth down as far as you can, as you do that my whole body starts to shake and i begin to cum. “Oh my god, Oh my god” i moan. My hot spunk shoots from my cock and fills your mouth, the orgasm just keeps going, my whole body feels as though it is in spasm. “Kiss me, Quick Kiss me please” i plead . You come to me and kiss me with tongues and spunk, its very erotic and passionate. Kissing you with the taste of me, its so erotic my cock hardly goes so soft. We lie there in each other arms, kissing, knowing that the best is yet to come ……….Your head is lying on my chest, your playing with my chest hair. My arm is around you, my fingers gently stroking your buttock. There is a smell of sex in the air and all is good, just lying there enjoying each others physicality and satisfaction. No words need to be said. You look up from chest and i lean forward and kiss you, the slight taste of my cum still on your lips. I feel my cock begin to stiffen again and so do you. You start to kiss me with more urgency, your tongue flicking in and out of my mouth. Its a gorgeous sensation, your hot body against mine and your lips pressed to mine.You get up and put legs either side of me, your lips never leaving mine, you reach round with your hand take my cock and slowly start to guide it between your legs, I feel some of your love juice trickle from your pussy on to the head of hard cock. Slowly, slowly my cock touches the wet lips of you pussy, again you are in control. You slide my cock up and down your labia, the sensation şile escort of my stiff cock, and our wetness together is mind blowing, Up and down your lips from the entrance of your pussy to your clitoris, not only are you teasing my hard prick but your teasing yourself as well. You use the head to circle your clit, its making you wetter and hornier by the second, little moans come from you each time you circle your clit. You move my cock to the entrance, remove your hand and say “ When your ready, fuck me” , I move my hands to your arse cheeks and shove my length deep in to you, burying it in to you as far as my balls, at the same time you push your hips down against me , we both moan “ Oh my god” For a few seconds we don’t move both enjoying the moment. Your hot wet pussy envelopes my cock, it feels tight around my manhood, your pussy is pulsating and my cock twitching. We kiss and kiss hard with more passion than before and i start to fuck you. We are both moaning softly, every so often you nibble my lips, i reach around behind you and spread your pussy lips as i continue to plunge my cock in to you. My fingers are soaked with your juice, i bring them up to you and offer them to you, you eagerly suck and lick your juice from them. You sit up straighter and start to ride me. This enable me to play with you breasts, i bend forward and gently suck a nipple. Your riding me hard and deep, your chest is flushed red and your starting to moan louder. You put your hands on my chest and really start to fuck me for all your worth, my cock going deep inside you. The noises from my cock and your pussy telling us just how wet we both are. Your pussy is throbbing and pulsating all around my cock. You move one hand from my chest to between your legs, you start to gently massage your clit with your fingers, your breathing is getting shallower and the moans louder, “ Oh fuck me, fuck me hard, don’t stop” you moan. Harder and deeper i fuck you, faster and faster. You continue to rub your clit, I can feel you pussy starting to get a little tighter, knowing that an orgasm is starting to build inside you. Pulsating and throbbing more and more, your breathing heavy and fast, “ Keep going, I’m almost there, This feels so good” you moan “I’m so close to cumming” I thrust in hard and deep, all of a sudden your pussy grips my cock really tight and pulsates “ Oh my god I’m cumming” you say loudly, You grind you pussy down the length of my cock, Quivering all over as you climax, giving deep moans “ Oh! Oh! Oh!” in time with the spasms of the orgasm coursing through your body. You cum, hard pussy juice running out of you down my cock can balls. Your pussy grip on my cock starts to release, Your breathing starts to return to normal . We kiss my cock buried deep inside you. I roll you over, my cock staying in you as i move you on to your back and now im on top. You lift your legs slightly and tilt your hips so that i can fuck you deep. I lean forward and kiss you, i push my cock in to you deep, but not fast , Savouring every part of your pussy around my manhood. I start to increase my speed, slowly not all out like a jack hammer….yet. Your wetness feels gorgeous. I keep kissing you as i fuck your tight pussy, tongues exploring. A light sheen of sweat covers us both and the smell of sex now hangs heavy in the room, I love the smell of sex. “ fuck me , i want you to cum, fuck me “ you say. Harder, faster, deeper I plunge my throbbing cock in to your sopping pussy. “ I want you to cum inside me, i need to feel your hot spunk inside me” you say passionately. I am pumping really hard and fast now, I can feel the orgasm beginning to build inside me. You squeeze your pussy around my cock “ Oh my god, Im sooo close” i moan , “ Fuck me, i need to feel your cum” you moan. Deep hard thrusts now, deep in to you . I can feel the orgasm rising in my balls , the head of my cock feels like its going to explode, one final thrust deep in to you and my balls release my spunk, I feel it travel up my throbbing shaft and explode in to you , loads of hot spunk floods your pussy. The moment you feel the hot spunk inside you , you have a small orgasm of your own. The feeling for me is so intense i feel light headed, my cock feels as though it is just pumping loads and loads of hot cum in to you. I kiss you hard and passionately, my cock begins to go soft. I move from kissing you and position myself between your legs, I gently flick your clit with my tongue which makes you moan. I push my tongue deep in to your cum filled pussy and draw some in to my mouth. I move back up to you and kiss you with my tongue and spunk, you eagerly suck on my tongue and drink me down. “ Wow that was amazing “ i say.

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