The Impossible

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I was 22 and in my junior year of college at a smaller local university about two hours from home. Like everyone in college, I lived for the weekends. I could sleep late, hang out, maybe study a little, and then party with my friends at night. In the fall, there were football games, more parties, and I have to tell you, life was good. There were times, though, when I craved Mom’s cooking. On those times, I sacrificed the fun of college weekends for good eating and decompression time, and went home for a couple of days. Since I had no classes on Monday, I could usually stretch the weekend for a day. So, this weekend was one of those and on Friday afternoon I bundled my dirty laundry into the back seat of my car and headed home.

Mom met me at the back door, gave me a big hug, and then held me at arms’ length while she looked me from head to toe. “I’ll swear, Jamie, you get bigger every time I see you. You’re not my little boy any more.”

I leaned forward and bent to kiss her on the forehead. “I haven’t been your little boy since the seventh grade when I got taller than you, Mom,” I said, and laughed. Mom was a package, I have to say. I guess she stood about five four and even though she was on the wrong side of 50, she still looked great. I guess every guy thinks his own Mom is beautiful, but mine really was. Lustrous brown hair, deep green eyes, and a perfect body. Sure, she had put on a few pounds, but I didn’t care. What she didn’t know, I guess, was that I had a perpetual hard cock for her. I knew what I wanted with her was impossible, but that didn’t stop my fantasies. Yep. Like every warm-blooded male, I wanted to fuck my own Mom. Those thoughts raced through my brain as we stood there, and made me laugh again.

“What are you laughing at?,” She asked.

“Oh, nothing. Just glad to be home.”

“I’m glad you’re home, too. Your Nana is here visiting for a few days, so go and say hello to her.” Mom then turned to go into the kitchen and, after admiring her ass as she walked away, I went in search of Nana, Dad’s Mom. Nana was the perfect Grandmother. She spoiled us all rotten and was full of love for everyone. I know all the stories about friction between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, but I had never seen it between Mom and Nana. I guess Nana was so full of love that even a daughter-in-law could find no fault in her.

My Grandfather had died a couple of years before, and it was tough for everyone, and especially tough for Nana. She lived about a hundred miles from us and, even at that, we were the closest of her children to her. As a result, Dad spent a lot of time taking care of her. He had usually visited at least one weekend a month while Papa was still alive and after Papa died, Dad went to see Nana every other weekend. Sometimes Mom would go with him, but usually not.

When I went into the den to find her, Nana was facing away from me looking at the bookshelf. I stood in the doorway without saying anything, and watched her for a bit. She was just what you might envision of a Grandmother. She was, well, let’s say, “portly.” She had a big butt, a huge bosom, and gray hair that she always kept in a bun. We kids used to secretly call her “Aunt Bee,” after the character in the TV show about the sheriff in Mayberry, but we’d never let her hear that. This day she had on a dark blue flowered dress and, as she bent over to look at a book on the lower shelf, the dress rode up her legs. She was not wearing stockings and I noted, I don’t know why, that she shaved her legs. That made we wonder, “Why?” Mom had always complained about having to shave her legs and sometimes would say that she couldn’t wait to get old so she could stop having to do it. I guess Nana didn’t share that feeling, though. Anyway, it was just a fleeting thought and I cleared my throat to get her attention.

Hearing me, she straightened up and turned around quickly, a broad smile covering her face. “Jamie!,” she cried, and came quickly to me. She enveloped me in her trademark hug and held me close. “Oh, God, Jamie. I’ve missed you so. How is school going?”

“Great, Nana. How’s my favorite Grandmother?” As she hugged me, I rested my chin on the top of her head and rubbed it hard against her scalp. She remembered it and laughed, pulling away from me.

“Still up to the same old tricks, huh? Showing off because you’re taller than me?”

“Always will, Nana. When did you get here?”

“Just this morning. I haven’t seen your Dad yet, but Laura took me shopping and I got a few things. We had a fun day shopping.” I had no doubt that they did – there was always lots of laughter when Nana was around. At that moment, we heard Dad come in and I fell to second place as the apple of Nana’s eye. “Brad!,” she said. “Stop spoiling your wife and come say hello to your Mother.”

Dad came into the den and got his own hug from Nana. “Hey, Mom. I saw you only last month. I’m sorry I didn’t get there for a couple of weeks, but work has been crazy. You 1xbet yeni giriş okay?”

“Sure, I’m okay. I just missed my little boy, that’s all.”

I laughed out loud. No one would describe Dad as a little boy. I was over six feet, and Dad had a couple of inches on me. Where I was still trim, Dad had some extra pounds and sported a pretty good belly.

The three of us turned as Mom called out from the kitchen. “Anybody hungry?” That was always a rhetorical question in our household. Everyone was always hungry. I could tell by the aroma in the house that we were having my favorite, spaghetti and meatballs, and I wasted no time getting to the table.

Dad turned to Nana and took her arm. “Mom, you want to help me pick out a bottle of wine?” She nodded and, for some reason, seemed to blush as they turned to walk down the stairs to the basement.

Mom was bustling about the kitchen, filling everyone’s plate. She turned her head and said to me over her shoulder, “Jamie? Take your dirty clothes down to the basement. I don’t want your Grandmother to see them strewn all over the floor of the mudroom.” I had dropped them when I came in, and had forgotten all about it. Mom was, to put it gently, a clean freak.

“Sure, Mom,” I said. I picked them up and started down the stairs. To this day I don’t know why I did it, but I made an effort to be as quiet as I could. Maybe I wanted to hear if Dad and Nana were talking about me. Maybe I wanted to sneak up on them and scare them. I don’t know why I did it, but what I know is that I was about to have one of those life-changing moments.

About halfway down the stairs, I could see over the shelves in the basement to Dad’s wine rack where he and Nana were standing. Dad was kissing her and to put it mildly, it was not like anything I had ever seen before. They were really kissing. More, he had her dress pulled up and his hands were massaging her ample ass under her purple panties. “Motherfucker,” I hissed to myself, in shock. It was an exclamation of shock, but it was also an affirmation of fact. Motherfucker. They didn’t hear me, so I stood there, silent and watching. Dad pulled away from the kiss and Nana, with her eyes closed, raised her face to the ceiling. The look on her face was one of ecstasy. Her dress was kind of low cut in the front, and Dad reached in to pull one of her breasts out of her bra and the dress, and immediately took the nipple into his mouth – but not before I got a look at it. God, her breasts were huge, and her nipple was hard. He sucked hungrily, and she moaned softly. She had her hands around his neck, and took her right hand away. Dammit. She did it. Nana reached right down and put her hand on Dad’s cock.

“Oh, Bradley,” she moaned. “I’ve missed that so much. You bad boy, making your Mother wait for that. I had to come to you, if you weren’t going to come to me.”

Dad pulled his face away from her breast and leaned down to whisper something in her ear. Whatever it was he said, it made her giggle. “I know, Baby. I’ll be ready,” she said to him. “Now we’d better pick that wine and get up there before we get in trouble.”

I knew I was seconds away from getting caught, so I quickly retreated up the stairs and opened the door just enough so I could close it loudly. I walked down the stairs, not trying to be quiet this time, and saw them, standing innocently and looking at the wine labels. “Mom told me to bring my laundry down,” I called out to them as I walked over to the washing and dryer.

“We’re picking a good red for your Mom’s spaghetti,” Dad said, as he picked a bottle and he and Nana started up the stairs. Dad was in front, Nana was second, and I was behind her. That position gave me a good look up her dress and I got a new perspective of Nana’s legs and that ass that Dad had been mauling only seconds before. Despite her extra pounds, her legs looked pretty toned and now I knew why she still shaved them.

Dinner that night was great, with a lot of talking and laughing, fueled by the togetherness, the good food, and the wine. There were times, though, when my thoughts wandered. My Dad, a Motherfucker. I had no idea. I had never had any idea. Now I knew why he went to spend the weekend with her a couple of times a month. Damn, I had so many questions. When did it start? How did it start? What was it like? When I looked at Nana, I saw her in a different light than I had ever seen her before. I realized she was damned good-looking woman. Oh, sure, she had extra pounds, but her face was still smooth and she had a beautiful smile. I couldn’t wait to tell Robbie, my brother, about this. He wouldn’t believe me, of course, but damn. Dad. A Motherfucker.

And there was no doubt they were fucking. Hell, he had his hands on her ass. He had her tit in his mouth. He was kissing her like no Son should kiss his Mother. She put her hand on his dick. Yep. There was no doubt he was fucking her.

After dinner, Nana said, “Laura, you go in the den with 1xbet giriş the boys and I’ll clean up here.”

“No, no, Mom. None of that. You go in the den with Brad and pick a movie for tonight. Jamie and I will wash the dishes and be there in a bit. I’ve got to keep him trained, you know, or he’ll forget how to wash dishes. He’s already forgotten how to wash clothes.”

Nana laughed. “Oh, you do have to train them. I had to train Brad, all the time.”

I choked, I laughed so much. Yeah, she trained him, okay. It seemed like she had trained Dad pretty well.

Mom and I did the dishes. I cleared the table, scraping the remains of the plates into the garbage and stacking the plates on the counter. Mom rinsed them, put them in the dishwasher, and then put the pots in the sink of soapy water to wash them. My job was to dry them and put them away. I took the time while clearing the table to look at Mom while she was busy. I have to admit, I was seeing her in a different way. I can’t really explain it. After we went to college and had our first real tastes of pussy, Robbie and I used to talk about Mom and wondered aloud whether we could fuck her. Don’t all guys wonder if they could fuck their Mothers?

I even, in the crude way of ignorant youth, tried one time. I had just turned 18 and was pretty full of myself. Mom walked by me in the hall and I reached out and rubbed my hand across her ass. I remember she stopped abruptly and practically screamed at me. “James Harrison, you keep your hands to yourself! I’m your Mother, young man!”

That put the end to that. When I told Robbie about it later, he laughed uproariously. “Damn, man. I got the same reaction when I tried it. I should have told you, but I knew you’d try one day and I just wanted to see if you got the same thing.” We laughed about it, but that kind of ended our hopeful belief that Mom was fuckable. Oh, she was fuckable, alright, but not by us.

But now all the rules of the universe had seemed to change. Mothers might be fuckable, after all. I mean, if Dad could be fucking Nana, the perfect image of grandmotherly innocence, then could Mom be fucked? Was the impossible, possible?

I was, as you might imagine, still has hard as a rock from what I had seen, and my hard dick took control. After my last load of plates, I moved behind Mom and put my arms around her, resting my hands on her stomach. I bent down and softly kissed her behind the ear, whispering, “You look great today, Mom.”

“Oh, hush,” she said, softly, as she hunched her butt back to push me away. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, she hunched back onto my hard cock. She gasped, which told me she had felt it and knew it for what it was. Without turning around, she whispered, “What has gotten into you? What if your Nana saw you doing that with me? Now get control of yourself and go into the family room with them. I’ll finish up here and be right in.” I knew what she meant when she said, “…get control of yourself.” She meant to get my hard cock under control. That meant she knew what I was thinking and this time she hadn’t flown off the handle. She had whispered. I don’t know why, but that meant a lot to me. She hadn’t told me to keep my hands to myself. She had worried about what Nana would think. Hmmm.

I laughed. I thought if Nana had seen it, she would have known exactly what I was up to. “Okay, Mom, but it’s true. You are beautiful. Today and every day.” I lightly patted her butt as I said it and turned quickly to go before she could respond. I turned at the door to look back at her, and she was standing there, stone still, with her hands in the dishwater. “Fat’s in the fire now,” I thought. “I’ll bet I catch hell later.” It was worth it, though, because I had had my hand on Mom’s ass.

I opened the door to the family room quickly, to see if I could catch Dad and Nana at it again, but there was no joy this time. Dad was on the floor pulling out movies to hand up to Nana to review. She was standing beside him and, title after title, would say, “Oh, not that one. I’ve seen it.”

I sat on the loveseat and watched them. Then it hit me. Dad was sitting on the floor with Nana right beside him. It wouldn’t have taken much for him to be able to see right up her dress and I wondered if that was what they had been doing. After a moment’s thought, I decided that was exactly what they had been up to. Just then, Nana said, “That’s a good one. Let’s watch it.” Nana walked to the other loveseat and sat in the corner, saying “Come here, Brad. Sit with your Mama.” Dad got up and turned around and I could not help but notice he had a boner of his own, which immediately caused mine to spring up again. Yep. No doubt. They were fucking. How could I not have noticed this before? Now that I thought about it, Dad had always been affectionate with Nana, and she had always doted on him. But fucking? Nana was in her 70’s by then, and they were still fucking? Oh, Lord.

With Dad and Nana sitting in the 1xbet güvenilirmi one loveseat, Mom had no choice but to sit with me. As she did, she gave me a wary look and raised her eyebrows at me. I had lived my whole life with her and I knew what that look meant. “Am I going to have trouble with you, young man?” That’s what that look meant, and I couldn’t help but laugh. That got a laugh from Mom, and caused Nana to ask, “What are you two up to?”

Mom continued to laugh. “Oh, Mom. You know what Sons are like. There’s no predicting what they’re going to come up with.”

That got Nana laughing. “Oh, I well know. Your husband was always a handful.” That got me laughing, because the image in my mind was of Nana holding Dad’s handful. Now that I knew about them, I started to see a hidden meaning in almost everything Nana said. I simply could not wait to tell Robbie about all this.

The movie started and it was a British detective movie. I was prepared to be bored to tears, but it ended up being pretty good and in no time I was into it. I was so into it that I didn’t notice what Mom was doing until she turned and put her legs across my lap. “Honey, I’ve got to stretch out,” she said. “Is it okay?”

It was better than okay. She was wearing loose-fitting shorts and her bare legs were right across my cock. It didn’t take long for it to get hard again and I couldn’t help it. I put my hands on her legs and pushed them down onto my dick. If she didn’t feel it before, she had to feel it then. I knew she couldn’t, or wouldn’t, blow up at me with Nana and Dad right there so I sat smugly, pushing her legs down onto me. I was expecting a whispered admonishment, but what she said instead surprised me. “Jamie, it’s a little chilly. Reach behind you and get that throw for me.” I did, and she spread it over her legs. I kept my hands on the top of the cover but then thought, “In for a penny,….” and I slid my hands under it so they were resting on Mom’s legs.

Nana looked over at us. “Now that looks comfortable. Bradley, would you mind if your old Mom rested her legs?” Dad looked over and quickly agreed. Nana turned her body into the loveseat as Mom had done and rested her legs on Dad’s lap. She said, “Honey, get our throw too. It is chilly in here. Don’t you have to pay for your air conditioning?” She laughed as she said it. I guess Dad could have said he’d raise the thermostat, but he quickly grabbed the throw instead, and spread it across her legs. He wasted no time in getting his hands under their throw.

Now Dad and I both had our Mothers’ legs across our laps. Mom was turned so that her back was to Nana and Dad but I was facing forward so I could see them out of the corner of my eye and could see them fully when I turned to look at Mom. Now that I knew what to look for, I was not surprised by what I saw. My hands were on Mom’s calves. Dad’s hands were much higher up, and I thought he might even have his hand on Nana’s pussy. Oh, boy. This was a night to remember.

About halfway through the movie, Nana announced she had to go to the bathroom. Dad said he could go, too, and they headed upstairs. Why they didn’t use the downstairs bathroom, I didn’t know. Oh, hell. Of course I knew. They were both as hot as firecrackers and they were going upstairs so they could do whatever they were going to do, but in private. I suspected it would be a repeat of what I had seen in the basement.

Mom watched them go and then said, “Come with me in the kitchen and let’s get some snacks.” I nodded, without saying anything. I figured I was in for a good roasting. I had been rubbing Mom’s legs, not going above her knees, but what could have been viewed as perfectly innocent was belied by the fact that occasionally I had pushed down on her legs against my throbbing dick. Yep. I was in for it.

As soon as we got into the kitchen, Mom turned to face me and I thought, “Well, here it comes. Get ready, Lad.”

But she wasn’t mad. She said, “What are you up to? Do you know your Father and Grandmother are right there? What if they see you? Be more careful, dammit.”

I knew I had some time because I knew what Dad and Nana were probably up to, so I stepped toward Mom and took her in my arms. “Mom,” I whispered. “I love you. I can’t help it. I love you.”

“Oh, Honey,” she said. “I know you love me, but I’m your Mother. There have to be boundaries. And I mean it. You can’t let them have any idea of what you’re up to. Okay?”

I nodded and then slid my hand down to rub across her butt. She hugged me harder and laughed. “God, you’re incorrigible. You must be a real menace with the sorority girls.”

I laughed, too. “If they looked like you and I wanted them as much as I want you, then they’d be in real trouble.” There. I’d said it. I told her I wanted her. I laughed as I said it, but now it was out there, in full view. She looked in my eyes and I thought that I had pushed it just a bit too far, but she only sighed.

She spoke quietly, emphasizing each word. “Do. Not. Let. Them. See.”

“I won’t.” No, I wouldn’t let them see, but I noted that Mom didn’t say, “Don’t touch me again, you little perv.” No, she simply said not to let them see. That, in itself, spoke volumes.

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