The dinner with sis became something more…

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The dinner with sis became something more…I grew up alone with my mother since she and my dad separated when I was very young. My dad got more c***dren with another woman, one son and daughter 5 and 7 years younger than me. They grew up and they lived a few hours up north from me and my mom. Mom never got any more k**s than me. Until I was 10 years I hardly never met Jenny and Brian so I always referred to them as my “half siblings”. But as the years went by I established better contact with both my dad and my “half siblings”. As we all got older the difference in maturity and all of that got smaller and we all started to enjoy hanging out with each other as really good friends. I think I was about 23 when I started to realize that my sister Jenny, at then 15 years of age was growing into a really cute and good looking girl, the worst part of her teen hormones – making her a real pain in the ass little girl – was starting to stabilize. She was blonde, about 5” 8′ and skinny as most other girls at that age. I am 6” 1′, well built thanks to playing hockey as a teenager and nowadays running and hanging out at the gym. Jenny is really energetic and social, she has always been the one taking the most space in our divided family even though she was the youngest. She was from what she and my dad told me – in different versions – very early in going to party’s and meeting guys. If this was the 70’s she would most definitely be a hippie. When I visited my dad there were not so much space left so I often stayed in the same room as my brother or sister. No one walked around naked but I had seen my sister in only underwear countless times. I always found it fascinating to see her from time to time since it could go half a year between the times I saw her. She always wore different haircuts and didn’t seem to mind if she showed a bit more flesh most fathers would recommend their daughters to wear. When she got closer to 20 she got more female in many ways. The extra pounds she had gained from being a skinny teen seemed to end up in the right places. Mostly causing more voluptuous hips and heavier breasts. I checked on her bra size as often I could and she now was using 75C and 70D. That in combination with her dressing style made it hard to not think about her body, It was somewhere here I started to fantasize about her. And it happened that my eyes wandered from being fixed on her curves to her noting eyes, seeing what I was looking at. If she ever would have disliked it she seemed to be hiding it well.Later on I moved to my own apartment in the city. Since Jenny grew up more on the country side in a small town she really liked to come to the bigger city. During the years she had met other people there so liked to come and visit, not just to see me. Sometimes she would stay at her other friends and sometimes she could call me around lunch time to ask if she could sleep at my place for a few days. Since I were the structured brother with a good job at an IT company I made more money then she did as a student. So I of course was very generous towards her, paying for eventual dinners and beers down town and not requiring any money for her emptying my fridge. One time when we ate out on this romantic Spanish place we had a great time, a lot of laughs and a lot of red wine. As always she poured out thoughts about about her boyfriends that she didn’t like and so. All of a sudden the waiter came up and asked if “you and your girlfriend wanted any dessert?”. The mood was good and Jenny said to him that this is our five year anniversary and since we have came here each year, maybe she would give us something extra. We actually got a free drink for the dessert. So the atmosphere was even more relaxed. She asked me if I would have hit on her if she wouldn’t have been my sister. When we went out from the restaurant she gave me a very warm and hard hug. Hanging on to me, i really liked it, feeling her warmth and her body. Suddenly she leaned her head backwards and kissed me on the mouth. The kissed sarıyer escort was a bit to long and hard to be a joyful kiss to a really good friend or sister. She said “sorry b*o if I am clinging on you, I couldn’t help it, I just love you so much”. It’s okay, i love you too s*s. We walked trough the street back to my place. It was late and we where both somewhat drunk and tired. She said she would take a shower and went to the bathroom. I heard the water start pouring and I felt so much for going in to her and wash her naked body and then taking her to my bed. My hard on built up quickly. Suddenly she shouted from the shower, “hey, can you bring me a towel!”. I woke up from my fantasy and went to the wardrobe and brought a towel into the bathroom since the shower was still running. My shower curtain was of thick plastic and semi transparent and I saw a lot of the curves in her body and the darker area between her legs. She said: “I am going to sleep like a baby tonight. What a five year anniversary we had she said and smiled”. I handed her the towel on the side of the curtain and saw her drying her body with it. Yeah, it was a great evening, really nice to have the time to talk with you one to one. You know you can always come by her, in fact, since we celebrate 5 years it is time you move in here. We both laughed. My cock was still in a cramped state and I thought about if I should just leave or stay and chat with her hoping for the events to evolve in my favor. I didn’t dare do anything since it just  would be wrong and potentially upset my sister. She pulled the curtain to the side with the towel wrapped around her. Her skin was a bit red and moisten from the hot shower and I just stood frozen not really. She looked at me smiling and said, what is the matter? You look like someone just died? I stammered, no, eh, sorry, i was just thinking about something and to be honest, I think I should have skipped the last drink. Good that there are nothing planned tomorrow”. I went out from the bathroom and after a few minutes she came out with one of my old out washed white t-shirts on her. Apparently she had skipped her bra since her nipples stood out clearly and the natural hang her nowadays quite heavy breast had was hard to hide. The t-shirt was not that long revealing most of her legs. What should I do, I was so horny for the moment. I said that I would go and brush my teeth, In the bathroom I undressed to my underwear to relieve the pressure from my jeans. She suddenly just opened the door and walked in to grab her own toothbrush in her vanity case and went out again. I rapidly sat down on the toilet cover trying to hide my erection. I am quite sure she noticed it, but she didn’t say anything before walking out with while brushing her teeth. When I had cooled down I went out finally go to bed. She usually slept on the sofa when visiting but now she was already on my bed. It looked to cozy and I don’t have the energy to pull out the linen, so if you don’t mind I will borrow this side tonight, okay with you? We had slept in the same bed before and really close in a tent while camping when we were younger, so it was no big deal. But for the moment I had a hard time not letting my thoughts slip away. I climbed over her to the side against the wall. We talked about what we should do on the next day, none of us had anything in plan. Jenny asked me if I could check on something in her hair that was bothering her. I lit the bed light and started going through the hair on the back of her head. I saw the goose bumps appear on the skin of her neck. “Ouch, she said!” “Found it, it is one hair follicle that has gone mad, just let it be and will go away tomorrow.” “Thanks b*o'” She turned around facing me, our faces was only 6 inches apart. Time froze as we looked in each others eyes. I rubbed her arm gently up and down, “I guess it is time to sleep.” “That feels so good, can you just scratch my back now when you just hurt me”, she said somewhat flirting and esenyurt escort turned away from me. “Sure” I said when my thoughts again started to get dirty. I scratched her back with my finger tips, I heard her moan. Don’t stop she said. My cock hardened once again. I let my hands wonder up her arm under the t-shirt, not going to far, back down on her back again over the t-shirt. My hand guided itself now, I scratched her lumbar region gently with my fingernails. Wandered up under her t-shirt, I could feel her shiver and felt thousands of goose bumps rising to my touch. She was completely still, enjoying. If I hadn’t been under the influence of wine and drinks, I would never have dared do what I did, but my hand went down, over her underwear , she was wearing a thong which I hadn’t noticed with her t-shirt covering it before. I usually wore more comfortable underwear so I was surprised to feel her skin instead of fabric. I was so hard now, feeling my own pulse pumping in my crotch felt the backside of her thighs. She arced her back pressing her butt backwards pressing against my hard-on. But she and I kind of jumped from the touch, as if it was an electrical pulse igniting between us. She moved her hips slowly from side to side, rubbing over my crotch. My hands went up over her belly, feeling her belly bottom. “Oh, your hands are amazing, I’m going crazy”. I felt one of her breasts in my hand, I had problem grabbing the whole it when i gently squeezed ut.. Her nipples were hard and she panted. She reach for my back with her right hand, pressing my stomach against her back and butt harder. She moved her hand towards my crotch feeling my cock trough the fabric of my underwear. “It is so big and hard.” I believe I am a bit over average equipped, measuring 7,5 inches. I kissed her neck kept caressing her soft body. She turned towards me and kissed my, the kiss was deep intense and our tongues met each other for a long time. I felt her thong being totally soaked from her hot pussy. She moaned and pressed her face on the side of my left shoulder breathing more heavily. She pulled my underwear down grabbing my cock with one hand. My cock was as wet as a cock can be before cumming  i thought about what I was doing. Lying her with my sister, not wanting anything more than to fuck her in my arms. It was so very wrong but the coming events was now impossible to stop. She climbed up on top of me, kissed me more and rubbed her pussy on my hard erection. I grabbed her thong and pulled it down and she help me get rid of it. Since we were both so warmed up and I so hard my cock entered her without any assisting hands. She moaned loud when sinking down halfway over my cock. I slid my hands under her t-shirt and fondled her warm breasts, she grabbed my hands trough the fabric and started to move her hips up and down. I joined the movement and soon she had all of me in her. I removed her t-shirt so we were totally naked. I sat up and she stopped riding me for a while when I sucked on her nipples. Oh how much I have dream about this moment. I bent her forward so I was on top and started to move my hips on her. Each time I reach the bottom of her she spoke with the rhythm “fuck”, fuck”, “oh fuck me harder”. I obeyed her and pressed on harder making a loud smack each time. Since I was so close now and I didn’t want it to end yet I stopped after a while and relaxed my arms and kissed her again. She whispered, make me cum, please, make me cum”. I crawled down between her legs and started to caress her pussy with my hands. She groaned as I started licking her while my fingers were in her. She was completely soaked from this ecstasy we both were enjoying. After a while she increased the pitch of her moans, panting faster. She pressed my head on her pussy hard while my tongue moved as much as it could in this narrow space. Her orgasm was forceful and she cried out, shivering and convulsing her entire body until she fell down on her back panting. I stopped for a while just avrupa yakası escort to look at her. She flipped over standing on all four arching her lower back. Now it is your turn she said. I grabbed my cock and pushed it into her and started to fuck her from behind with my hands on her hips moving in the opposite direction from mine. It felt so good being inside her and I once again grabbed her breasts hanging from her chest until I pushed her down so she was flat on her belly. It was getting close now, I loved this position since it allowed me to get so deep into her. She almost cried out since I got so deep that I reached bottom. While I pushed her lower back down and fucked her hard I could hear her breathe heavily. I didn’t dare to come inside her so I pulled myself out and came over her back. The ejaculation was fierce, covering her from butt to neck with strands my cum. I laid down beside her and whispered, “that was so fantastic, you are amazing”. We laid there just breathing softer close to each other. I suddenly woke up, light was falling into the bedroom and I looked at my watch, it was 9 in the morning. Jenny still slept, with her back towards me. I could see marks from dried cum and realized that it was no dream I have had. We where also completely naked, so something had happened here. I got up silently, felt that my head was a bit heavy from not drinking any water after last nights events. I walked to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water thinking of how I should act. Should I mention it or just pretend it never happened, what would she do? I went to the shower to clean myself, I smelled like a mix of many body fluids. Showering would give me time to think and get my head in better shape. The hot water ran down my body, I sighed and then I heard the toiled door open. Jenny came in and I heard her sit down on the toilet peeing for a long time. “Good morning b*o’! Did you sleep well?” “Yes, like a rock!” She pulled the shower curtain aside and entered the shower without any hesitation or questions. I looked her in the eyes and scanned her body. This is not happening. She pushed me aside and smiled, “we are two here, okay?” stealing all the water now coming down over her wonderful body. “Now let me wash you, you piece of sweat!” I stammered, “please do!” She took some shower gel in her hand and started massaging it onto my upper body. “Hands up”, I raised my hands and she got closer while she washed my my armpits and upper arms. Her upper thighs touched my semi hard dick which worked as an injection making it rise to be even harder. “I can’t control it I said, but you seem to know how?” I grabbed for her but she pushed me away,” I am in control now, just relax and enjoy” She turned me around and washed my back and my butt thoroughly. Then she sat down on her knees working my legs on the front first, then all other parts including the inside. From there she crabbed my balls from between my legs and wandered up to the hard shaft of my upright cock. She started to jerk me off shortly before she stopped. “Now let get rid of the soap and you will be clean.” I felt somewhat robbed but after that she had washed the soap of she sat down in the shower again facing me. I redirected the shower nostril so it wouldn’t flush her eyes. She grabbed my cock and took it in her mouth. Started to work both with her hands and mouth. I could see her soft breast move as she worked hard to pleasure me. I caressed her back a hold her head as she sucked me deep. Me grabbing her head made her moan and look at me with horny eyes. I pressed her head towards me gently fucking her mouth. I saw that she was fingering her self between her legs while this was happening. When my orgasm came closer I tried to push her away hoping for a chance to fuck her again, but she kept working my cock very deep. I came in her mouth, pumping hard almost cramping. She welcomed all of my load and swallowed. She stood up looking all reddish but joyful. I said “thanks”, it sounded silly but it was all I could come up with for the moment. She started to soap her body and said that breakfast number two would be nice together with coffee, I’ll be right with you. I got out from the shower… I hope you liked my story. Since I am neither English or American I hope you can forgive my non perfect English.

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