The Bar

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Sitting on the edge of my bed I look at the clothes I have hanging out for the day. I smile to myself, a light blush touching my cheeks. I had made it a tradition of stopping after work on Fridays to this restaurant/bar that is in between my house and my work. I would stop and have a few drinks and listen to whatever musician was playing that night. It was a sort of unwinding thing for the weekend.

A few weeks ago I saw this woman and she was amazing. She had short brown hair, stunning blue eyes, curves in the perfect places. Long story short she really got my pulse racing, my heart pounding, and all my thoughts on her. She was with a few friends the first time. I was trying as hard as I could not to ogle. She smiled my way a couple times. I tried to play cool and just nod my head.

I was thankful at least I was in my work clothes, a professional business suit most of the time. By the time she saw me of course my tie was loosened, sleeves rolled up, jacket crumpled in a heap on the chair next to me so I wouldn’t have any intruders. Nonetheless, I could have been in much worse condition. I sat there, rubbing lotion on my freshly shaved legs recalling watching her for hours.

The next week I came to the bar and at six she walked in again, alone this time. I took care to keep my appearance at least somewhat decent to be presentable in case she decided to come again, one never knows. I saw her look around casually as if she was looking for someone but didn’t want it to be obvious. I took a sip of my drink and kept an eye on her, she looked in my direction and our eyes connected. I think my insides might have flipped a few hundred times but I didn’t let my face show it, I curled up one side of my mouth in a half smile. I turned away slowly to act as if it was just a passing glance.

I saw that she got a table for two, but by herself. I sat back and admired her for a while, mouthing the words to the familiar songs that the bar band was playing. I saw a young lady walk up to her and whisper something in her ear; I saw her smile, blush, and giggle. It took all the strength I had not to rip this girl’s hair out. Then again, I wasn’t making any sort of move so who could blame her. I crossed my legs as I watching this girl lead the woman of my dreams out onto the dance floor and press her rather unimpressive body against her and begin to gyrate like some excited school boy.

A moment later I saw my dream girl look at me. I stared back, rather uninhibited. I got up from my seat leaving money on the bar and walk out. My black stilettos clicking the slick wood floor as I made my statement. Going home that night all sorts of thoughts were racing through my head. In my car I blasted my music trying to push her from my thoughts. I walk through the door to my apartment, which looks like something right out of a modern deco magazine. Black leather furniture, glass tables, grayscale sketches of naked women’s torso and broken vases.

I threw my brief case on the table and flipped through the mail. I went to my bedroom and stripped of my clothes and stood before the mirror naked, running my hands over my shoulders, arms, breasts, and stomach. I get into a hot shower etiler escort soaking myself, well at least the parts of my body that weren’t soaked prior to this. I picture her naked in front of me. My mouth on her breasts, nibbling her nipples. I imagine my hands roaming every inch of her, dipping my fingers into her sweet hot pussy. When I open my eyes I have my fingers against my clit rubbing in small circles. I lean against the wall I slip my fingers inside of me, feeling my g-spot immediately. I imagine her sitting on my face. My mouth buried in her hungry cunt, her juices pouring on my face.

I grab the removable showerhead and hold it against my throbbing swollen clit. I cry out. I imagine grabbing her ass and pulling her down onto my girl-cock watching her ride me. Watching it sliding in and out of her, over and over again. Guiding her up and down, pumping from beneath her, watching her face as she nears her orgasm. Wanting her to pound against me and explode on me as she screams my name. I want to fuck her like she never has been and never will be fucked again. I want her pussy to always remember me. With that thought I explode, my juices running down my thighs. My whole body shakes with this orgasm. It takes me a few minutes to regain my composure and shower. It would be another week before I could possibly see her again.

Let me tell you that week was torture I found myself locking my office door midday because there was no way I could wait to get home to take care of this ache, I would masturbate sitting in my chair behind my desk. I had even done it through a conference call; they were talking numbers as I fucked my pussy hard and fast with pictures of her kneeling under my desk using her tongue to drive me to ecstasy.

Now it’s Thursday night and I am putting together an outfit because tomorrow is when I’m going to take her. I smile to myself as I set everything out. I climb into my bath and picture what she may be wearing and what she will end up not wearing when I take her. I shave myself until all of my body is smooth and soft. I get out and lather myself in lotion and wrap myself in a silk robe. I lie on my bed and reach in my nightstand for my favorite vibrator. I begin letting it vibrate on my clit, slipping my hand underneath the robe and slightly pinch my nipples. I bring myself close to orgasm and thrust it into my cunt with a swift hard motion and scream out. I begin to bang myself with my little friend and bring myself close that way as well. I keep switching until finally my entire body explodes into one gigantic orgasm.

I fall asleep dreaming of the things I would do to her. I wake up with my alarm ripping me from her thighs. I let a frustrated moan come out into my pillow until I realize it would be a mere few hours until I get to have the real thing. I know she wants me. She wouldn’t have come in so many times, nor have stared at me quite so intently. That was part of my game with her, to make her want me. To make her drip with passion for me. While I may have tortured myself in the process at least I knew I could take her at this point.

I tie my blonde hair back into a low bun, put on black eve gelen escort eyeliner and red lipstick (very Marilyn Monroe), and spray myself down with my favorite perfume. I chose my jock-strap type harness with my nice 7-inch flesh colored cock. I adjusted it and pulled on my white Calvin Klein boxer/briefs adjusting my dick to the left. I pull on my black slacks and black leather high heel boots. I turn to the side to see my bulge and smile. I put on my black lace push up bra and white men’s dress shirt, finishing it off with my black tie. Before I walk out the door I stroke my bulge a few times, moaning softly as it rubs against my swollen clit.

Off to work I go, my mind geared on seeing her. I plan to come late to the bar so that she is there first. Our little game of cat and mouse continues. I go through my meetings, people complimenting me all day on my appearance I thank them accordingly when all I can think of is letting my girl-cock free and shoving it inside this sweet little sexpot. I almost explode at the thought. Five rolls around and let me tell you, it took its sweet old time doing it. I stay for a while longer, sorting through files to kill the time so I wouldn’t be there early. I stay till 6 and leave.

I park my car in the parking lot at the bar and get out. I’m not even sure she will be there; I know that if she is that she will be mine, that she wants me. I walk in through the small crowd of people. I complete my look with a black Men’s dress hat, pulled down a little to the front and side for that mysterious look. I don’t see her and for just a moment get discouraged. I spot her across the room her back to me, listening to the band. I see her look over to my typical seat at the bar every few moments. She is wearing a tight pair of jeans and a plain white T-Shirt, her hair spiked in the front and a black bra I can see right through the shirt. I smile to myself and walk up behind her and place the softest of kisses right in the crook of her neck. She turns rather quickly and I see her eyes dance when she realizes it’s me.

I take her hand and wrap her arm around my neck as I lead her in a dance, seductively and passionately pushing my body against hers, careful not to reveal my bulge just yet. I show her how a real woman dances with a woman, not like that twit tried to the other night. I lean over and gently nibble her earlobe with a small moan.

“You do know what you got yourself into by coming here tonight don’t you?” I whisper.

“I hope I do.” She moans.

I take her hand and the bartender throws me a set of keys. I take her into a back bathroom that is clean and immaculate. I push her up against the wall and slide my tongue into her sweet mouth. She tastes even better than I could have imagined. I moan as I slide my tongue in and out, circling her tongue, tracing her lips, nibbling, teasing. I grip her breasts and nibble them through her shirt before I pull her shirt off and un-hook her bra. I could not tell you what amazing breasts this girl had. I took them in my hands and sucked the nipple of each, nibbling, tasting, and making love to them. I take her and force her to turn around fatih escort against the sink; she looks in the mirror at me.

I smirk at her in the mirror, she is flushed, her chest neck and face red with passion. Her eyes were sparkling, and uncertain. Was this to be once? Or was this to be what she really wanted? Every day, every morning and night. I grip her breasts and pull her ass against me finally revealing my hard girl cock to her. I let out a moan as she does the same.

“I’ve wanted to bury my cock deep inside of you all week baby, I can only imagine how good you feel.” I say in a sultry voice.

I turned her around and I begin kissing her from her neck to her navel and everywhere in between. I let my tongue trail every crevice and each lick tasted better than the last. I reach the waist of her jeans and I pull those off as well, revealing that my little minx was wearing no panties. Her thighs were soaked and I almost melted at that moment. I could smell her scent and it was amazing. I licked the juices from her thighs, savoring every drop before moving to the next small inch of skin. Once her thighs were licked clean I moved to her pussy lips, which were shaved clean, I licked them and sucked them into my mouth, she is leaning back against the sink.

The moment comes and I slide my tongue from the top of her slit to the bottom. I press in at the bottom of her delectable pink pussy and enter her. She moans out, and I slide up, my lips circling her clit, bringing her into my mouth. I suck on her as I flick my tongue at her pleasure center I slide two fingers deep inside her pulsating cunt feeling a rush of hot juices fill my palm. I moan into her, within moments she is cumming and cumming hard. I stand up and lift her, sitting her on the edge of the sink, one hand leaning against the mirror as the other undoes my zipper and reaches in pulling out my shaft and wrapping my hand around it. I wipe my hand against her dripping pussy and circle my cock, jerking it slightly to cover it in her juices. She unbuttons my shirt and pulls my bra down to let my breasts free. She stared at my hand as I stroke, the friction rubbing my clit making me moan.

I lean into her and whispered, “How badly do you need me to fuck you babygirl?”

She responded with a moan into my neck “Please I’ve needed you since I laid eyes on you, I need your cock inside of me, I need to feel you.”

That was all the encouragement I needed and I introduced the head of my cock to her tight awaiting pussy and with a small smile I thrusted deep into her out of sheer carnal pleasure. She cried out, however not knowing my name yet, she called me Mistress. I began pumping her little cunt with everything I had. My pussy dripping and pulsating, the end of my girl-cock rubbing my clit furiously I knew I would cum with her. I gripped her hips and wrapped her arms around my neck, using her weight to drive myself even deeper into her. She felt amazing, she cried out as her sweet little body exploded and I exploded with her.

“Oh yes! God…Mistress!”

“Fuck! Yes Babygirl that’s it cum for me baby.”

She collapsed against me and I held her for a few moments. I kissed her forehead and tucked my cock back into my pants. Straightened myself up as she dressed. I reached into my back pocket and grabbed one of my cards and handed it to her with a smile as I put my hat back on and nodded and walked out of the bathroom, tossing the keys to the bartender with a wink.

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