Tea and Crumpets, a Student’s Tale

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I was fortunate to have been taught the techniques and art of sex by an older woman when I was a first year student at university. It happened more than twenty-five years ago, but I remember every detail.

I was eighteen, it was my first term at university and I did not want to live in a hall of residence or do a flat share, so I found lodgings in a house close to where I was studying.

My landlady, Mrs Pennyman, was a widow, her husband had died four years previously. She was a wild spirit with long flowing hair, arty, with dresses to match and with a bosom best described as ample. I never asked her age but I guess she was in her mid forties, about the same age as my mother. Mrs Pennyman worked in a local bookshop, (I learned much later she owned it.) I liked her on our first meeting and we got on well together as landlady and tenant.

My living area was in an annex in the garden of the house, it was self contained and for my first time living away from home it was perfect. I did not see much of Mrs Pennyman in the first weeks as she was in a separate part of the house and was busy in the shop. She made it clear when I moved in there were to be no drugs, I must keep my rooms clean and tidy and she had no objections if I had friends around but no noise please after midnight. She was a perfect landlady.

I was young, virile and promiscuous with a portfolio of girlfriends. I had sex with most of them but the act itself was always conducted using condoms because that’s the way the girls wanted it. I brought a few young ladies back to my rooms and once Mrs Pennyman brushed past one of them as they arrived with a knowing smile in my direction. I had also seen her with some male friends who visited her but thought no more of it, we were leading our two separate lives, the common denominator was the house and my annex.

It did not occur to me to view Mrs Pennyman as anything other than my landlady, despite her two obvious attractions, she was old enough to be my mother. We had brief conversations in passing, mainly about how I liked my accommodation and our relationship was easy going and relaxed. That was how we passed our first months as tenant and landlady with no hint of attraction from either side.

Early one Saturday afternoon in late November I was at home and she knocked on my door to see if I would like to join her for some tea and crumpets, she said I should come over to her part of the house at five. This was one of those rare occasion where there were no student parties arranged or girl friends who were free to hook up with. My evening was free and her invitation gave me plenty of time to shower, smarten up and pop to the local shop for a box of chocolates. I arrived promptly at five. I love tea and crumpets!

Mrs P had changed from her usual flowing kaftans to a smart blouse, a tight skirt and was wearing high heels, which I thought odd as this was just a informal social occasion. I had originally thought she was plump but I could now see that this was not the case. She was much slimmer than I realised and I could not help noticing how prominent her nipples were as they jutted out from under her blouse. Her legs were stunning; this was a very good looking woman.

I followed her into the living room, she left behind a trail of sublime smelling expensive perfume and led the way to an area with a small table surrounded by a sofa and chairs. There was a log fire burning and it looked very homely. The table was laid with a beautiful antique tea set and I commented on the fact that I loved drinking tea out of bone china cups.

She sat on the sofa and as she did so her skirt rode up slightly, perhaps deliberately, showing her legs to their best advantage and I noticed that she was wearing what I took to be sheer black tights. Her blouse was unbuttoned at the top showing the undulations of her bosom and for the first time I realised that I could really fancy her in a big way. That was my usual initial ‘laddish’ appreciation of all attractive females and was for me purely academic as it never occurred that she might have a similar agenda.

Our conversation was polite, it flowed easily from subject to subject and as I asked her about her husband she brought out her wedding album to show me some photos. By golly she was a stunner. Lucky husband, I thought.

I was invited to come and sit with her on the sofa and for the first time I realised that tea and crumpets may not be the only thing on her mind as we skimmed through the pages. All the time she was edging closer and as I leaned forward to see one of the pages my hand accidentally brushed one of her breasts. It lingered there a second longer than it should and I stumbled out an apology, but she assured me that was not necessary and took hold of my errant hand and placed it back firmly on her tits.

For me that was the green light indicating I should proceed with caution to paradise. I was on the sofa with a very attractive lady who had just indicated that I could play with her tits, almanbahis where could this go wrong?

My cock was already stirring as I leaned across and caressed her breasts with both hands. There was no objection. That green light was a beacon shining ever brighter. Her breasts were large, firm and very touchable and she did not protest when I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Instantly my cock inflated to full size as her tongue probed inside my mouth, her lips were wet, juicy and oh, so, inviting. She could not have been unaware of my erection which was now displaying in a very obvious manner. I put a hand on her knee and moved it slowly upwards under her skirt, slowly because I was still not totally sure this would be ok and it was deeply arousing to linger and run my fingers along her smooth silky legs. There was no attempt to stop me, which I took as permission to move to the next stage.

Up to now I was on familiar territory as I had done this with my girlfriends many times. As I moved up towards her thighs an electric shock of delight ran through me as I realised these were not tights she was wearing but stockings and suspenders. I lingered at the top where the stockings stopped and the soft creamy flesh of her upper thighs took over, I savoured this moment, this was one not given to many young men of my age.

It was the forbidden, erogenous zone, once you were allowed to cross then the ultimate delight was in sight and achievable. It was clear that she had no objection and as my hand moved towards her pussy I could feel how hot it was under her panties, I caressed it through the thin material and probed inside her with the tips of my fingers. I could feel the wetness that she was producing. Now there could be no doubt about how this would end. There was no turning back for me, even if I wanted too, which I did not.

I ran my hands under the straps that ran from her garter belt to her stockings and marvelled at how soft her skin was in this most intimate area. It felt cool and supple like a soft peach. I wonder if she was feeling as cool inside, because I certainly was not? I was hot and about to get much hotter!

Her hands moved quite naturally to my cock and she let out a gasp of surprise as she undid my trousers and it sprang out, eager to join in the fun. I know I am well endowed and many of my girlfriends have told me how big I am, but of course Mrs Pennyman would not have known that; or would she?

“Wow what a whopper” was her reaction’ “this really is king size.”

As she caressed it in both hands she suddenly looked up and said, “Shall we fuck here on the sofa, or in my bed?” This was an explicit invitation that far exceeded the original one for tea and scones and I realised that this had been a seduction expedition on her behalf from the word go.

Being a bit prudish, (at least I was then), I opted for the bed rather than the sofa.

Mrs P stood up, took my hand and led me towards her bedroom. My cock was still sticking out of my trousers, preceding me as I walked and she said, “No need to put that away, it will only be out again very soon” which covered any embarrassment I felt and made my arousal that much greater.

Her bedroom was large and beautifully furnished in a modern style, although why I should notice it at that moment was beyond me. She sat on the edge of the bed with her knees and legs wide open, with me in front of her and expertly undid my belt and pulled down my boxers and trousers. As I looked down I could see a small bead of pre-cum forming at the head of my cock which was curving upwards toward my belly like a glistening scimitar. Mrs P leaned forward and licked it off. I was extremely aroused!

“Can you undo my bra” she said as she unbuttoned her blouse which just fell off her shoulders. I was trembling so much that I fumbled with the clasp and needed help with it.

As if fell away the full majesty of her creamy white tits were revealed like two gigantic blancmanges with a cherry topping. As I sucked at her nipples I was aware that no blancmange could ever taste as good as this. I wanted to lose myself in the valley between her tits as I nuzzled into her like a lost puppy dog.

“Take off your shirt” Mrs P ordered and as I did so she undid the zip at the back of her skirt and wriggled out of it, her panties followed. She lay back on the bed, now wearing only her garter belt and stockings and it was a sight I have never forgotten. As she leaned back her legs opened even wider as if inviting me in; which is exactly what she was doing. One thing I noticed among the jumbled thoughts racing through my mind was that she might have had more pubic hair, perhaps she shaved most of it off, there were just a few tufts around her pubis and her beautiful inviting pussy was on full display, glistening, moist and awaiting its new arrival.

“Oh, hell Mrs Pennyman, I don’t have any condoms with me, it never occurred that I might need them.” She replied “you don’t need them, I have never almanbahis yeni giriş been able to have children so there is no danger of you putting me in the club” This was a new experience for me and one I had been hoping to encounter for a long time. Unprotected sex at last!

By now I was at a fever pitch, inflamed, lustful and randy as a rutting stag, my erection felt bigger than I had ever experienced. If I could have seen my face I am sure it would have been drained of blood because it was all going to my cock!

As she leaned back on the bed, I leaned towards her on my knees, taking my weight on my arms and she held my cock so that it nuzzled against her labia and the delights beyond. I was all set for my first experience of bareback sex, I was going to fill her up and drive her to height of ecstasy.

And then a terrible thing happened!

As I pushed gently forwards the end of my cock just barely entered her and I ejaculated in a sort of muted and stifled orgasm!

My seed which was destined for her inner parts shot all over her thighs, her legs, stockings and bed linen. Very little of it went inside her and I was utterly, totally mortified. My first attempt at unprotected sex, my first fuck with my voluptuous, sexy landlady, had been a dismal failure. I was ashamed!

My cock which seconds before had been like a raging poker of hot flesh now started to go limp as it slipped out of her, it was no longer under my control. But even semi flaccid, it continued to jerk and spurt streams of semen, jerking like a fireman’s hose out of control.

Mrs Pennyman was superb, she was kind and understanding, despite being totally unsatisfied by this premature ejaculation. “Don’t worry this happens, let’s go and finish off our tea and then see if we do better next time.” With that she got up and reached for some tissues to wipe herself down, took off her stained stockings and suspender belt and put on a dressing gown. I put my clothes back on and we made our way to the sitting room.

The next half hour was the most miserable of my life as we sipped tea and tried to pretend nothing untoward had happened, I wanted big hole to open up and swallow me. Few things hurt the male ego more than to fail at the act of sexual intercourse so dismally as I had.

After thirty or so minutes she moved closer and kissed me, at the same time running her hand gently over my limp cock which had the extreme cheek to still dribble some semen from the end. As she did this I felt deep inside me the familiar stirrings of arousal and when she bent forward and put it in her mouth the stirring became a rumbling reality as once more it shot back to life inside her mouth. It had been dormant, not dead!

Mrs P sucked and teased the end of my cock with her tongue until there was no doubt that I was ready for action once again. She took off her dressing gown and for the second time I was divested of my shirt, underpants and trousers. This time we remained relaxed, naked on the sofa, she lay prone, with one leg overhanging the edge and the other bent at the knee with her legs wide open. I was on my knees between her thighs and as she guided my cock it located the outer lips of her vagina and I fully entered her at last. Her vagina was soft and wet and I guess some of the semen from my first dismal attempt did make it inside which would have added to the sensual lubrication.

I would like to say that this was my most magnificent performance, that she had multiple orgasms and was completely satisfied.

None of that happened. But I did last longer and by the look of pleasure on her face and the tiny groaning sounds she made, Mrs Pennyman may have even enjoyed the experience. This was, despite my utter failure first time, a new experience, to move so smoothly inside a vagina, my flesh, her flesh, joined effortlessly in a creamy liaison. I tried very hard to think of other things, my course work, football, anything to delay the inevitable. When it came, sooner than I wanted it too, I enjoyed my orgasm and was very much aware that my semen ejaculated in spurts inside her.

We turned sideway facing each other, I was aware of how much of me there must be in her vagina, it was warm and rather squishy. My cock was in good shape, it remained erect, it was about ten minutes since I had last cum. As she stroked my hair I began to move rhythmically and slowly once more. She whispered in my ear ” the second time was superb, I enjoyed it, but what you need is some tuition in the art of sex and lots of practice, I think you will make a wonderful lover, are you up for it?” “You bet” was my answer.

I have subsequently discovered that the recovery time, called the ‘refractory period’ is fifteen minutes for eighteen year old males which increases as you get older.

I was ready to go in ten!

I was soon in my stride, moving easily, slowly at first, then faster until to my satisfaction Mrs Pennyan began to writhe and groan below me as she arched her back almanbahis giriş to take me deep inside her to experience the heights of an energetic eye rolling orgasm. This was another first for me, I had never experienced the full extent of a female orgasm while I was still inside. I thought at one time she had almost passed out, such were the throes of her passion. She writhed, moved side to side and pulled me ever deeper inside her as she reached the peak of her climax. Had I just done that? Wow!

That was enough to send me down a similar path and my seed, this time, diminished in quantity still managed a few spurts inside her. After a few minutes we subsided into a post coital bliss on the sofa in front of the fire. I felt happy and smug that I had progressed so quickly from abject premature ejaculation to my partners undoubted ecstatic pleasure. From sparrow to shite hawk in two easy lessons!

“I think you need a good meal inside you after that” she said, we both got dressed and she proceeded to cook a wonderful chicken dish accompanied by a beautiful white wine.

We spent the rest of the evening together on the sofa and then she asked if I would like to stay for the night, an offer that I readily accepted.

That night we made love again, for the fourth time. My sperms must have fully replenished thanks to the food, the wine and my youth, because when I finally came I could feel them gushing into her as they were supposed to do at the first attempt and we both had a simultaneous orgasm. I must be getting better.

I went to sleep, naked, wet, sore, tender and very contented.

With her guidance I learned about what it takes to satisfy your partner as well as yourself. She taught me about foreplay, how to go slowly at first, to make the sex last until both partners are satisfied, not to withdraw my cock immediately after I had ejaculated and not to rush to the bathroom to wash my cock. You are effectively washing the scent and juices off from the woman you have just made love too.

I learned about the clitoris, nipples, belly button, G spot and other areas, all highly erogenous zones for females. I discovered that the first two or three inches of the vagina are where most of the pleasure receptors are located and she also told me what it feels like for a woman to have an orgasm, how females enter a magical world of arousal and sensual pleasure and even about the female ejaculation, which she achieved twice with me. As a result in the coming months and years we enjoyed vigorous, satisfying sex and shared orgasms in every conceivable position of copulation in her house and sometimes in the garden. She quite often wore her stockings, garter belt, even a full bodice, to enhance our couplings and I learned to marvel at the utterly erotic sight, but to control my urge to ejaculate too early.

To see her in full flow on top of me, bouncing on my cock with her huge tits, undulating majestically like two fully rigged sailing ships bearing down is something that will always remain with me. Often she invited me to stay the night in her huge bed, we had very little sleep and I was shattered but happy, the following day. Mrs P was a great tutor and I wish I had been so ardent a pupil as an undergraduate, I may have had better grades.

She told me a few months later that I had progressed quickly and I was a good lover, one of the best she had known. I had a beautiful cock, the biggest she had seen and my ability to give her pleasure was unsurpassed. I cannot tell you how proud that made me feel that this is what my tutor thought of me. It was a great compliment from a wonderful lady!

She never minded if I invited other girls back, she had other partners too and we continued our relationship until I left university. Neither of us asked of each other more than we were prepared to give, we made no demands, it was a perfect relationship which lasted the full three years of my course. It was not all sex either, she was very well read, amusing and interesting. I really enjoyed her company and I like to think she enjoyed mine.

I even came to stay with her during the holidays. That first Christmas when my parents were off skiing and her relatives had left, I stayed nearly a week. We saw the in the New Year together. I was sitting naked with my back again the sofa, she sat across my legs also naked, facing me with my cock inside her as we sipped champagne in front of the fire. This was the first time I had drunk champagne like this, not easy to choreograph, but well worth the effort. We had tried to coordinate our climax with the strike of midnight, I am not sure we got it spot on, but it was a hell of a way to see in the new year!

That was just one of the occasions I still vividly remember. Every New Year’s Eve at midnight, wherever I am, whoever I am with, I always remember the ‘first footing’ with Mrs Pennyman.

I got a job in Australia immediately on graduation so I did not see much of Mrs P in the years that followed, but we kept in touch. I returned to the UK about three times annually and always visited her. She had a steady partner by then, an older man, someone she was very fond of. I had met the woman of my dreams in Australia, we had married and our first baby came along not long afterwards.

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