Summer of 86 Part 3 ‘Linda’

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Summer of 86 Part 3 ‘Linda’So the summer still went on. School hadn’t even finished yet for the holidays and as a horny young teenager all I wanted to do was tell my mates about my encounters with the women so far but I had sworn to keep it quiet. Well I managed to get a different shag out of it so I opted to remain tight lipped while all my other mates were talking about their fantasies and what they would love to do. Inside I giggled to myself saying in my head ‘been there, done that’ over and over again. it was kinds fun and soon enough through putting up with days of unbearable heat we started our last week before summer term and normally the last week is kinda quiet and we got to play games and do generally no work at all so while tossing it off one day like everybody else I somehow ended up sitting alone with Linda.Linda was the same age as me and we had know each other since we were knee high to a grass hopper and we were really good friends. I tended to be the shoulder she cried on when she had an argument with her arsehole of a boyfriend and normally she would be there to hear me rant about nothing as I usually did. Linda was around 5ft 8″ with brown hair in a bob. She was not a slim lass nor a large one she was just average nothing to shout home about just plain average. As we had grown up together over time she too became good friends with our Tracey and her entourage and as a result spent quiet a lot of time at our house over the years. I we grew up we played out together went to the beach together we had seen each other naked on numerous times but being the age we were it was all innocent and had been a long time ago since this happened.While alone with Linda she leaned over and put her head on my shoulders and she asked me about what I had planned for after school broke up. I told her that me dad was working all summer and we had no plans to go on holiday any time soon. She put her hand on my knee and gently stroked it. I told her to be careful as I might get to like what she was doing. “We have known each other for such a long time and you are like a brother to me yet something feel wrong” Linda said as she turned to look at me. ” What do you mean ‘feels wrong'” I replied, trying to work out what the hell she was talking about. She stood up and started to walk towards the old cemetery that boarded our school. “Walk with me, I don’t want to be alone”. So standing up grabbing my bag we walked off together towards the cemetery. It was on the way there that Linda informed halkalı escort me that she was going to split up with her boyfriend. I was pleased as he was, as I have already said, an arsehole. I told Linda as to the reason why to which she informed me that she had been talking with a bunch of my sisters friends and what she was told had lit a fire inside her and she just couldn’t keep subdued. “What the hell are you going on about, your talking a lot of miss mash and not making sense” I more or less shouted out. “Come and walk me home” Linda asked and off she walked towards her house. I stood there looking at her as she walked off and I don’t know but I was starting to look at her in a different way. Her curves, the way her arse swayed as she walked weird shit really but I ran after her and caught up and soon we were at her house. Her mum was in the kitchen doing mum stuff and we went straight upstairs o Linda’s bedroom. It had been along time since I was in there and it had changed a lot. Most of the toys had gone except the few she had kept for memories but still the same bed. I sat down and took my shoes off and laid back on the bed. Linda left the room and then I heard her mum shout up that she was off to work and that she was to behave and she would see her tonight when Linda’s dad picks her up on the way home from his work place. As Linda was such a good friend I never thought anything yet here we were together,alone in the house. I placed my hands behind my head and looked down at my shirt all hanging out, I had a hole i my sock god I was a scruffy bugger. The door opened and Linda motioned me to close my eyes which I did thinking she had brought me in some food but no. I heard her step in and then stop. Open your eyes she said and I did. She was stood in front of the window and the sunlight was blaring through, all I could see at first was a silhouette then as my eyes focused Linda was standing in front of me in what I can only describe as one of her dads t-shirts and nothing else. I could see her nipples sticking through the shirt and the whisper of hair between her legs just under the hem of the shirt. “Wow! You look amazing” I managed to get out still transfixed on her tits and fanny area. Never in my dreams did I ever have naughty thoughts of Linda but now that was changing and the bulge in my pants verified my excitement.She came over and sat on the bed next to me and started to şişli escort unbutton my shirt. No words were spoken it was just silent all we could hear was our breathing getting heavier and my heart getting louder, beating in my chest. My mouth was so dry which Linda put to rest as she leaned in and kissed me. It was a long hard kiss and there was passion there you could see the way she signed and gentle moan while engaging in a snog. At first it was just normal kissing then the tongue got involved and soon she was licking my face, tonguing my ears everything. We eventually broke and I managed to get some air. She held my face in her hands and spoke ” You don’t know how long I have waited to do that” and she gave me a quick kiss and unbuttoned my trousers and whipped them of before I knew it i was naked. My cock was so hard it was painful. Linda grabbed hold of it and kissed it before putting it in her mouth. The feeling of her warm moist mouth going down on my cock was heaven. It was so relaxing that I let out a large loud sign this got Linda going as she started to suck faster and she managed to move her body to get to my cock better, It also let me have a grope of her tits. By heck they were firm and I was just playing with the nipples when she stopped stood up and pulled of the t-shirt and was there naked. God her tits were so firm they almost looked fake, i took the opportunity and started to suck on the nipples really going to town.I worked my hand around to her arse cheeks and gently massaged them while still sucking on her nipples and slowly working my hand around to her pubic mound. Linda was now breathing heavy and load and I could see her chest had become red. Her nipples sticking out enticing me to carry on sucking but I had my eye on another target. I ran my finger lightly over her mound and I could feel the wetness leaking out. Finding her slit I located her clit and rubbed it lightly while kissing and licking her belly button. She started to shudder and her legs started to shake and she suddenly erupted shouting and moaning very load which took me by surprise and bloody glad I was that the house was empty. We changed places and Linda laid on the edge of bed and I got on the floor lifting her legs up I started kissing her from her feet down to her pubic mound then back up to her other foot and again down to her mound. The heat down there was un-natural. I paused at the opening of her pussy taking in the view and the aroma sarıyer escort of her sex was just beautiful. I leaned in breathing in deeply as I went and shoved my tongue straight into he hole. I was that engrossed on sucking and licking that it felt like her pussy had a suction on me and I could get off. Rubbing her clit and licking her pussy soon brought her off t another climax again just as load and again with the legs shakes and shuddering and with the load moans. It wasn’t a lot but there were a little squirt while she was in the throws of excitement and there she lay. Her chest heaving heavily and bright red as were her cheeks. Linda was breathing heavy it looked like she was panting. She looked so lovely I could of stayed there looking at her all day but my cock was still rock hard and had received no attention for a while so I positioned myself ready.I lined up and Linda opened her legs even wider and in I slipped. There was not tension there I went straight in up to my balls but god she was so wet she squelched on entry. I started to pump in and out of her and slowly munching on her toes. Her had came down and started to play with her clit and she started to really go for it. I started to speed up and she started to rub faster until I couldn’t hold on any more I exploded my cum into her and while i’m pumping my jiz, Linda starts to cum again we both moaned very load and then I collapsed on her. The sweat was pissing out of me and I was totally spent. I rolled off to the side of Linda and we both laid there looking at the ceiling. Linda eventually got onto one arm leaned over and laid so much on me and kissed me deeply. ” Are you alright” I asked her. She smiled and said that she had decided to let me be the one to make love to her as she didn’t have any feeling towards her now ex-boyfriend and did not want him having the satisfaction of being her first. “Thank you” I replied ” But why now”. She got up and as she did she lightly slapped my cock which was wet from her and my own juices and now had shrunk to a size I was more comfortable with. Linda put back on the t-shirt and said that she had over heard Celia and Sarah talking about their shagging sessions and it started to get me worked up and when I found out it was you they were talking about made me feel weird it was like an eruption of feelings had gone off in my stomach and all I want was to have you by myself. I looked at her and said that we should of got together ages ago cos were would be shagging like rabbits now. Linda laughed and said we just did. Me and Linda were to get together again a year later where were remained an item for a couple of years and had lots of shagging. We lost touch over the years but still are very close friends and last year we met up again for some more fun. If you want to hear that story subscribe and If I get enough I will tell it

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