Stroke of a Lifetime

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Guys have you ever had a jerk so good it ranked up there as one of your best experiences? I did just the other weekend. Now I know I will probably forget about last weekend once I get some more experiences under my belt but it sure was a dozy!

I am nineteen and live with my folks, and have two younger sisters so jerking off for me has become an art. It is usually very quick, always trying to beat the bang on the door to the washroom with someone yelling at me to hurry up. So you can imagine how happy I was when my parents told the girls they were taking them to see the Ice Capades. The closest stop on the circuit was two hours away from our house so I knew at a minimum I had a good four hours of self love.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon when the four of them left and as soon as the car left the driveway I hurried up to my room to grab my favorite porno DVD “Girls love their toys number 5”. It was a beautiful DVD of nothing but girl on girl action with a plethora of vibrators and dildos. There is just something about a hot chick fucking another hot chick with casino şirketleri a strapon.

I grabbed my KY jelly and went down to the basement into the recreation room. In that room we had 50 inch plasma television with full surround sound stereo system. Turning up the volume I put in the disk and quickly undressed. Lying out on a towel I grabbed the controller and pushed play. The credits played and I plopped a fistful of jelly into my hand. As the first scene came onto the screen I slowly stroked my cock.

The scene had this hot redhead rubbing herself all over, when she got bored of that she reached into her bedside table and brought out a monster dildo. She pretended to give the giant cock oral and every time she slid the fake phallus down her throat I imagined it was my cock. Ever so slowly I continued sliding my hand over my hard pole. My cock was fully greased by the time the harlot finally dropped the plastic penis between her legs and started to insert it.

Her box looked so tiny compared to the toy. Her acting was in full affect as she shoved casino firmaları the tool deep into her box. It was hard to believe such a big thing could fit into such a tiny hole. It wasn’t long before she was driving the dildo hard and fast into her now soaked box. I matched her rhythm with my fist. She was soon moaning loudly ending in a wonderful orgasm. I let go of my cock because I didn’t want to waste it yet.

I bypassed the next scene because it was almost the same as the first the only difference was the redhead was replaced by a blonde with oversized knockers. The third scene would be the one that would do it for me. It was two girls, the blonde and the redhead and they were on a bed that was huge.

The two women were making out and all around them were different toys. The two proceeded to use each and every toy on each other. There were little dildos and big vibrators but it wasn’t long before the two reached the double headed dildo. I started sliding my hand faster over my cock as each girl fed an end into there hungry cunts. Pushing into each other they güvenilir casino were soon rubbing pussies. As they pulled back you could see just how much the big tool stretched their beautiful twats. You could tell they were really enjoying it too as the dildo was covered in juices.

The scene was so hot I had to let go of my cock. I didn’t want to blow yet because my favorite part of this hot twosome was coming up. As the grinded each other to an orgasm they finally pulled apart that was when the blonde grabbed a strap-on that had two penises attached to it. She pushed the redhead onto her back and grabbed her legs pinning them to her shoulders. Taking aim she went for broke, as the blonde drove both plastic cocks to their destination I started stroking once again.

It was an incredible sight watching the blonde pierce not only the redhead’s cunt but her tight ass too! Her asshole and pussy gripped at the toy and my hand gripped at my cock. As the blonde picked up pace so did I. When the redhead started writhing and screaming I sped up my fist. It was perfect timing as the redhead’s head tilted back, her eyes rolling to the back of her head and her pussy gushed juices all over the toys, my body jerked and I sent a huge wad of cum flying in the air. Thank god it landed just short of the plasma television.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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