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I stood there watching, not sure if you noticed me. Unsure if you even know who I am. As you load the groceries into your car I notice the bulge of muscles in your arms, your shirt pulling tightly across your broad shoulders.

As you get in your car and start the engine, I put my car in drive and wait. I am prepared and won’t let you out of my sight, not this time. I want you too badly.

You pull out of your spot and head out of the parking lot. I follow from the next aisle over, careful not to draw attention.

We head down the road, my car at a safe distance behind yours, and head out of town. I follow you through the country, through the trees, and get closer as you turn off on a secluded road. I see that you have noticed me following, and suddenly you pull over thinking I will go around, but I pull up behind you and start to get out of my car. You are intrigued and begin to open your door as I approach.

I stare at you intently as you get out of your car, feeling moisture between my legs as I watch you. You look me over, not hiding your attraction as you casually move your eyes over my massive bahis firmaları breasts and voluptuous curves. I don’t speak but close the distance between us, reaching out and placing a hand on your muscular arm.

I raise up on to my tip toes and whisper in your ear, “I’ve been wanting you for a long time.”

I smile at you and pull you down by your shirt as my lips connect with yours. My hands trail over your body as we kiss, moving your hands to my breasts as I begin to grope your hardening cock through your pants. I slowly unbutton and unzip them and pull out your engorged dick. I pull my face away from yours as I stroke you and whisper “I want you inside of me.”

You pull off my dress in a quick movement seeing that I am wearing nothing underneath and begin sucking my breasts as your hand trails down between my legs. You push me up against your car and lift me so that my legs are around you and in one quick thrust are inside of me. I cry out and you grin as you begin to thrust hard, deep, fast inside of me. I come hard around you as you continue fucking me, your hands on my round tight ass and your mouth kaçak iddaa on my heaving breasts. You get close and suddenly pull out of me. You drop me to the ground and grab my hair, forcing me to kneel in front of you and take you into my mouth.

I take all of you in down my throat and move back and forth sucking hard. I hear you groan in pleasure and then you explode in my mouth. I swallow quickly as you come, sucking out every last drop. I pick up my dress as I stand and slip it on, but you suddenly grab me and open the back door to your car saying “I’m not finished with you yet.”

You push me down on my back in the seat and kneel down on the ground, pulling up my dress and putting my legs up over your shoulders. You delve your tongue inside of me and I try not to scream in ecstasy.

You flick your tongue relentlessly over my clit, sliding two then three fingers inside of me as you continue your assault. I come over and over again covering your hand in my juices. You remove your fingers and force them into my mouth one by one as I suck them clean.

You stand and I see that you are hard again. You flip kaçak bahis me over and rub your cock over my pussy, dipping in a few times, teasing me. Then you suddenly stick your thumb inside my ass and I moan loudly.

You massage my ass hole as you slowly thrust inside me, now using two fingers. Suddenly you pull out of my pussy and before I realize what is happening you push the head of your cock against my ass hole and begin sliding in still wet from my pussy. You get deep inside and pull out slowly then ram back in hard. You begin roughly fucking my ass as I cry out enjoying every minute of it, coming hard again and again until you erupt inside my ass with a groan and collapse forward on top of me, still deep inside. You kiss the back of my neck and whisper in my ear “Is that what you wanted?”

I moan and whisper “yes,” hardly able to speak. You pull out of me and stand as you button and zip your pants. Then you help me out of the car and kiss me hard on the mouth, your hand trailing over my breasts.

“Feel free to follow me again any time,” you say as you close the back door and head to the front seat, “but next time make it when I don’t have cold groceries in the trunk. I’d like to have you longer.”

And with that you close your door and start your car pulling away and leaving me there suddenly wanting more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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