S*ster in law (flashing, she took some pictures)

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S*ster in law (flashing, she took some pictures)I have been married for about 6 years and have recently moved back to Colombia. My wife and I bought a flat and decided to refurbish it in order to move in. We came to stay here for a few years so my s*ster in law came to visit to spend christmas with us.We don’t really get along too well, but we try our best so that my wife doesn’t get upset with our arguments. They are both really close and I have always had to make an effort to keep a good relationship… but the truth is that, I can’t stand her more than a few days. However she is 2 years younger than my wife and although a bit heavier than her, she has a good ass and nice perky tits (it is the only consolation). She had a boyfriend for 7 years but they split up almost a year ago and she hasn’t’ been dating anyone. So that naturally made her a bit more needy and ended up spending an awful lot of time with us. She stayed with us this Xmas and as I mentioned before we were changing a few things in the flat. We had new flooring installed and also got the bathrooms redecorated, one at the time so we could use the other.That meant that we all had to use our on suite bathroom for at least a week, including the shower. (If you have read any of my previous 2 stories, you know that I like being naked and showing my dick); so this was a great opportunity to flash my dick to my SIL -(I had attempted to do it before but never managed to get a good one, although she had seen me naked once, I didn’t had a hard one). I started planning on how to do it and decided it would be either at night or after a shower. I couldn’t walk naked at home while she was there but I could sleep naked, and my wife wouldn’t suspect anything. One night after we had a few bottles of wine I went to bed early hopping to get a chance to flash my dick from bed, as I knew she would have to come into our bedroom. My wife had decided earlier she was going to sleep with her sister and my chances had been improved. I had to keep myself from falling asleep but the thought of finally flashing my dick was powerful enough maltepe escort – (I also kept the bathroom light on with the door slightly open). My wife came first to use the bathroom and also brushed her teeth, I had to cover my dick to avoid being told off, so I covered it with the bed sheet. Soon after she left I gave it a few strokes trying to get it hard again hoping for my SIL to come into my bedroom. It must have taken her 5 minutes but it felt like an hour. She first knocked quietly and asked if she could come in, but I pretended to be fast asleep and didn’t answer… I pulled a little bit of the bed sheet down so that it would be visible and then covered part of my face so she wouldn’t know I was wide awake and with my eyes partially opened. She then opened the door and walked towards the bathroom, my heart was pumping so fast I thought she would hear it, the room was dark but I could see her well, she made a small noise as if she was shocked but to my surprise she kept staring at it for almost 10 seconds (or at least that is how I remember it). She then walked into the bathroom and closed the door – the room was darker and I had to wait until she finished. She opened the door and kept the bathroom light on, and spend a few more seconds in the room. This time I had my eyes closed so I am not sure of what she did, but she walked out and I took my time to open my eyes, scared of being caught.Then a couple of minutes after, I hear the door open again.. and thinking it was my wife I pulled the bed sheet up to cover my dick – but kept my eyes partially open. She surprised me again, she had come in again and had her phone in her hand as I could see the light from the screen. At first she didn’t move and I started to think that she knew I had done on purpose.. but after 20 or 30 seconds I thought that she was a bit drunk, because I could hear her giggling to herself and trying to be quiet. She then started to pull the bed sheet from me until my dick was visible (meanwhile I could feel all my blood pumping really bahçelievler escort fast and my heart was almost making sounds). I closed my eyes and suddenly hear the sound of the camera… she then must have turned the volume down but the flash on, because the next thing I feel is a powerful flash in front of me! I’m not sure why I did it, but this time I opened my eyes. I pretended to be shocked and confused… she then tried to hide the phone and giggled some more. I covered myself with sheet and turned the light on, then asked if she had just taken a picture… she walked towards the bathroom again and denied having taken a picture but kept smiling. I then asked her to show me her phone to prove it, but she got really nervous, I asked her to close the door so I could get my boxers on, which she did. Once I put my boxers on (with a pretty obvious hard on), I asked her to open the bathroom door and insisted on checking her phone. She finally confessed she had taken a picture of my dick, she said she thought it would be a funny joke. I was really turned on but wasn’t sure how to act, I tried to sound upset or shocked but I couldn’t hide my hard on, then I said to her that I really didn’t mind her seeing me naked but I didn’t want that picture, she then said to me that she had liked my dick and said it should be a compliment. I asked her to delete the picture and she promised she wouldn’t show it to anyone… I kept trying to sound really embarrassed but I asked her to put herself in my shoes – what would you do if it was me with a picture of your pussy in my phone – she then replied saying that she would kill me, but that if I really wanted the picture deleted she would. I then asked her to show it to me, which she did. I saw the picture and realised that it was really blurry, the flash had made the picture look too white and the reflection of the light was too strong. She then asked if I really wanted the picture deleted and said yes. I told her how my wife would react if she knew she had a picture of my adana escort dick in her phone, she gave me a naughty smile again and said that she would delete the picture if I showed her my dick again.. she asked if she could take another picture without my face, I accepted but asked her to keep this between us and she said that my wife would never know about it. I pulled my boxers down and was so hard that I started to look at her in a different way. She smiled again and made a comment about how thick it looked, she took 2 or 3 photos and kept looking at it with a bit of disbelief.. she said that it had been a while since she had seen a dick, and told me that my wife had mentioned it was thick. I felt quite nervous but asked her if she had seen me naked before, to which she replied – yes a few times -. I then asked her if she minded showing me her body, it took her a few seconds but then without an answer she put her top up, showing me her tits and gave me a good view of her panties, she had really small nipples and very perky tits… she touched her tits for a moment and then pulled her top down. I asked if I could see her pussy, she nodded her head and raised her top while pulling down her panties, she had a very neat landing strip, her pussy lips were thin and looked very similar to my wife’s.. I couldn’t contain myself and stroke my dick 3 or 4 times, but she stopped me and pulled her panties up and said that it was all so wrong. It kind of hit me and I realise that I had just stroked in front of her. I apologised and blamed the wine. She insisted in keeping this incident as a secret and I told her that I would gladly keep this game secret. She left the room and I had not choice but to jack off. The next day was really awkward and we both kept ignoring each other. I played it very casual and she did the same, we haven’t discussed it or mentioned it, but I have been flashing her since that night and every now and then she gives me these looks… I am not sure if it will ever happen again but our relationship has improved a lot. She has gone back to the UK, but when she left I told her she was always welcome to stay with us when visiting and when she said good bye she gave me an unusual hug, followed by a kiss closer to my mouth than it was on my cheek. I had recently added her on skype and facebook… after almost 8 years. I hope to see that body again…. apparently she will visit us next Xmas again.

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