Spring Break Cuckold

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Spring Break CuckoldI got a promotion from the company I work with. Some of the money, my wife spent on cosmetic surgery, implants and so on. Shes a hot lady, 35 y.o. blonde, with a body to kill for. I’m 5 years older and yes still super fit. Our 15 years marriage is fantastic maily because we maintained the dialouge and the sex drive. We are doing great all in all. So when my company promoted me, they threw in a 10 days vacation, all expenses paid. We picked a Hotel at Daytona Beach since my wife wanted to soak up some sun, after the long dark winter at where we live. Little did we know that we had landed in the middle of Spring Break and the place was crowded with teenagers. So the first day was discovering and feeling us around the place. The hotel was a very cozy big hotel, and inspite of noisy teenagers we decided to cope with the situation. We went to the beach after breakfast and took a long walk. We finally found a spot pretty much secluded, except from a couple of k**s. There was a trailer with soft drinks and snacks. That was all we needed. Lizzy ajusted herself on the towel and after sunscreening she lay, ready for the sun. I sat in a chair next to her and we started to chat. First about normal stuff froom back home. But then she said out of the blue;- I feel naughty !We had never done anything actually naughty and I was surprised by her outburst. – Naughty, how ? and how much naughty ? – Very naughty, she answered. – So what do you wanna do ? I asked. – I want to be naked. she said. So I told her that I was ok with it. Lizzy took off her already small bikini and was now totally naked. We took up our conversation but I must confess, my dick was growing. She was oiling up her body as we talked. Then it struck me that the few k**s there were looking at her, and the two guys at the trailer was also looking. – Lizzy, if you feel really naughty, I dare you to go up to the trailer and buy us some mineral water ! She laughed, took a 10 dollar bill from her purse and stood up, and walked the 60 feet over to the trailer. She made sure to really wiggle her beautiful ass. Specially on walking back so the guys at the trailer could have a perfect view. She said that after asking the guys,they told her it was ok to be naked at this part of the beach. It was only then that I noticed that she was totally shaven, not a hair on her pubes. Well, I have to tell also that she had just done two full circles of steroids and that her muscles were top toned.Some of the teenagers came over, mainly to ask if we could keep their stuff as they bathed in the ocean. It was 3-4 guys and 2 girls. But it was funny because they all had a super glimpse of my naked wife. At that point I took off my shorts, so I could be naked too at the beach. The k**s took to the water and were having fun. – Hun, I’m going to the water, my wife said, and left. She entered the water near the teenagers, and swam a bit around. Then she joined the k**s and their conversation. Lizzy came back like 10 minutes later, laughing. She told me the boys and the girls had complimented her on her beautiful body and on her boldness to actually be naked on a public beach, in front of strangers. It had encouraged the girls to take their bikini tops off too. The k**s came back froom the water and I could have a full glimpse at the girls boobs. They picked up their stuff and left with a promise to see us at the hotel. We had fun till noon, and went back to the hotel. After all Lizzy had nearly got rid of her bikini marks. She only put on her bikini close to the entrance of the pool area at the hotel. We went to our tuzla escort room and had incredible sex. She was very wet and horny. I had to suck her huge clit for like 20 minutes till she was satisfied. We went down to the restaurant, her dressed in a see tru dress with no panties and no bra and heels. She looked radiantly beautiful. We had lunch, and the k**s were there too, and they must have told everybody about us. Or better, about my wife. We went back to our room and instead of napping, Lizzy said she wanted more sun. So we went to the other side of the beach, walked for like 20 minutes and when there were few people, Lizzy took off her bikini and lied naked again. She had gotten a fantastic tan, and by 5 o’clock noon, we went back to our room. We rested some and by 9 we went down to the bar. Again Lizzy dressed is a super sexy style. A white semi see tru long dress, with a huge cleavage and long slits on the side. It was very obvious that she was naked beneath that dress. We ordered coctails and chatted. Lizzy told me how horny these hormones made her, and she also thanked me for being such a great husband. She thanked me for the cosmetic surgeries she had had over the past months. I must say, I was happy and flattered. Some of the k**s came over and soon we were quite a crowd. Of course, most ot them staring at my wife’s tits. The bar had a dancing floor and one of the teenagers asked my wife to dance. I engaged a conversation with one of the topless girls from this morning and when I searched Lizzy with my eyes, she was dancing and kissing the k**. The teenager has his hand on her ass, from the inside, thru the slit of the dress. Another k** broke in and Lizzy danced a bit and came back. We went to the restaurant and a group of the k**s came after us. So instead of a romatic dinner, we had an 8 people table. The chatting was great and we had lots of fun. Sudenly I realized that the guy sitting next to my wife, was the guy who was kissing her. Still feeling naughty baby? I Asked. More than ever hun. She said with a smile.I asked her what she had in mind and she said to me;- Hun, I want to be a whore tonite. I feel like one and I want to know how it is to be one. We were whispering so nobody could hear us. I said that I was ok with that. The dinner was finished so we invited the group for a few drinks at our room. The group went up with us, exept from a couple, one of the topless girls and her boyfriend stayed and joined their main group. Tom, Mike, Tony, Peter and his girlfriend Krista went up with us. We got to the room, and I dimmed the lights, put on some soft pop music. My wife picked Tony to dance since he was the one kissing her at the bar in front of the patrons. They started to dance and picked up the kissing again. My wife in a smooth move, had her dress falling to the floor, and now she was naked and in heels. Tony was having his hands all over her. She looked so fantastic naked with that great tan and dancing in heels. Tony took his clothes off and was dancing naked glued to my naked wife. Krista had picked up my wife’s dress so they wouldnt step on it. Lizzy got on her knees and started to make love to Tonys black cock with her mouth. Soon Tony had her on her back on the couch and entered her with his fat cock. My wife started to pant and moan as Tony fucked her. They kissed and fucked. I could hear her saying to Tony: – Fuck me, I want to be your whore. My dick got hard instantly. Tony turned her around and penetrated her from behind and slapped her ass hard. He let out a loud moan and came inside her, and there I realized that he had tuzla escort bayan fucked my wife without a condom. Tony went to the bathroom and my wife got up and came over to me. Kissed me with another mans cum running down her leg. My wife went back to the couch, sat and spread her legs to show us her swollen pussy and the cum running out. Tom didnt control himself and went down on her. Sucking her pussy for more than half an hour. Then he ripped off his clothes and started to fuck Lizzy like there was no tomorrow. Tom’s cock was bigger than Tony’s. Lizzy came instantly and nearly fainted. My wife made him stop and sat next to him and started to suck his cock. Slowly she sucked him, asking him if she was a good cocksucker. – I love to be a cocksucker, so If you need your cock to be sucked just drop by. Lizzy was now lying on the couch sucking Tom’s cock, her legs spread, and now it was Peter that lost control. He took his clothes off and positioned himself behind my wife and started to fuck her, slowly and sensously. Krista came over to me as I was watching the whole thing from behind the counter at the bar. She pressed her ass against my cock and I reached around her and took her skirt off. Her panties went down too, so now I had free access to the clit. I massaged her clit till she came in my hand, in the mean time I had my cock out of my shorts and was pressing the cockhead against her anus. My cock went in with no effort. Soon I was pumping her ass for all it was worth. I even managed to undress her totally. She turned her head and we kissed as I played with her puffy nipples. Peter had just cum inside my wife and Tom had cum all over her face. Krista was screaming and moaning as she was cumming on my hard cock in her ass. Peter seem shocked as he realized I had fucked his girlfriend. I had her on her knees as I finished off over her pretty face. But he understood the whole thing and “high-fived” me. My wife stood up and walked over to me and kissed me again, she kissed Krista and Peter. Peter took Krista over to the couch and spread her legs and started licking her pussy. As soon as he got hard, he penetrated her and fucked her. Tony went over to the couch and put his cock in Kristas mouth. My wife took Mike to the bedroom, closed the door, and appeared an hour later. In the meanwhile we took turns fucking Krista. Peter and Krista left soon after I had blown a load in her mouth. Tom left with them. Tony danced again with my cum drenched wife. They kissed goodbye and Tony left with Mike. Leaving Lizzy and me to ourselves. My wife didnt cover herself and sat naked i the tub at the varanda of our great room. I sat with her hugged her and told her how proud I was of her. She asked me if she had been a good whore and I said absolutely. She giggled and asked me to wait in the tub. She went to the bedroom and came back with our laptop computer. She clicked on play and showed me a full wideo of her sucking and fucking Mike. – I want you to edit it and upload it to the internet. Porn sites. This is the proof that your wife is indeed a whore. My dick got hard again. Watching my wife fucking on a video was awesome. It was around 3 AM, so we decided to hit the sack. My wife lay naked beside me, and had not showered. She had cum on her face and her hair. We kissed and she asked me how it was to kiss a cum drenched face. I said it was ok, and then she asked me to suck her pussy. It was swollen, really swollen. There was still cum inside her, inspite of the tub. I didnt have the power to fuck her again, I was too tired. But suddenly our door bell rang. Nearly escort tuzla 4 AM. I went to see who it was. The young man asked if this was Lizzy’s room and that Mike had recomended a visit. Ok, Lizzy wanted to be a whore, so I thought it would be fine if she took this one too. The guy was handsome and some 18 years old like the rest of the teens here. Dark latino type. I went into the room and told my wife about the young man. She said – No Way, I’m too tired. I remembered her that she wanted to be a whore, so it would only be fair if she acted like one. She said ok, wait a minute. I went back to the guy. John was his name. I told him that Lizzy was charging 100 dollars, due to the late hours. But he said it was ok. Took out the 100 dolars. I told him everything included, 1 hour. Just give it to her when you are done. God I was pimping out my wife. John agreed and the my wife came out of the bedroom, she had showered, put on parfume and a totally see thru night gown. She looked fantastic. She greeted John with a kiss on the mouth. Sat on the couch and they started to get to know eachother better. First kissing and petting, my wife waved for me to leave them alone. so I pretended going into the bedroom. I closed the door but opened it again. I got on the floor and crawled into a position where I could see everything. Lizzy was naked with her butt in the air, sucking John’s big cock. She was telling him how big he was and how great he tasted. She then stood up and took off his clothes. She straddled him and started to ride him. As she rode him, she kissed him.- Fuck me baby, do you like your little whore ? she asked ! John said he wanted to fuck her ass too. So my wife, reached out and got the lube. Unstraddled him, lubed up his cock and got on all four on the couch. John fucked mys wife’s ass for a good 15 minutes and came inside her, since he wasnt wearing a condom. He put his clothes on. Gave my wife the 100 dollar bill and left. My wife came into the bedroom giggling, with the bill in her hand. I have never seen her so happy. Before we slept I had do lick her clean again, and then sleep. We slept till 4 PM. when the door bell rang again. That vacation, my wife managed to turn some 2-3 tricks every night. We managed to go to the beach where she could expose herself and build up a reputation. We managed to make 5 great videos of my wife fucking strangers. I had to buy a camera at a shopping, leaving Lizzy back at the hotel fucking Tony silly. When I came back with the camera, Tony allowed us to film him with my wife. His spring break was over. So was our vacation. We got home and the first thing I had to do was to set up a web ad for my wife. I took some awesome pictures and had great pictures from the beach with her lying naked in the sand. Got her a cell phone just for one purpose. We agreed that she should take 3 clients twice a week, charging 500 dollars a trick. So twice a week my wife is a whore, working from 7 PM till midnight. When she comes home, I have to lick her clean, bathe her and then she tells me who and how she was fucked. I only get to fuck her the next day. She has allready fucked a few of my co workers and I know that the gossip is all around the company. My wife know a few of the guys from company parties and she told me that some of them have fucked her as clients. A week ago there was a company party where she went to the restroom with one of my near co workers and fucked him while I was talking to the boss. So my reputation as a cuckold is growing, and I love it. I bought an ankle chain to her with the naming “Hotwife” on it. We had her clit pierced, and on her left ankle and at her back, above the bikini line we had a queen of spades tattoo made since the majority of her clients are black business men. I love my wife, and we live a great life.

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