Snow Bunnies

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Mai Na Tin, I fucking hate her, No matter how well I do in any of the ski jump competitions she is always better than me and takes the trophy right out of my hands. I am always second best to her and she rubs it in whenever she can. That’s what really got under my skin. She was better and we both knew it. So why does she do this to me? She can’t even simply not show up and let me take a trophy home. I have a room full of silver medals and trophy’s that say second place. She has been taking first away from me since we were only fourteen years old. I have spent the last ten years living in her shadow. This time was just like all of the others and probably many more to come. I was standing on the second place podium with Mai Na standing in the first place spot. I tried to smile and pretend that I was thrilled to death of my second place medal but I just wanted to smack her with it. “Don’t worry girl, one of these days you will beat me,” She whispered as she waved to the people watching. “Maybe when I am too old to ski.” As soon as I could and not look rude I jumped off bahis şirketleri the podium and walked away. I walked faster than I should have carrying my skis and tossed them in the trunk of my car and headed home before I started to cry. My house was just a few miles away from the competition site which was a good thing. Any farther and I ran the risk of being pulled over for speeding. I just wanted to get home; I wanted a Coke and a bath. It was the only thing that helped other than getting laid. But being single and gay in a small town there was little chance of that happening. I had known I was gay for most of my life but did everything in my powers to hide it from everyone except for my sister who was always supportive of my choices. As soon as I walked through my front door I headed right for the refrigerator and grabbed a ice cold Coke and started stripping off my competition clothes as I headed for the bathroom to start my standard second place ritual. I hopped into the tub before there was even an inch of water in it and lay back with my soda sitting bahis firmaları on the edge of the tub. As the hot water slowly filled the tub I sipped at the soda and started running a finger along my leg wishing once again that I could have someone in the tub with me or even better, in my bed. I knew that I was well on my way to a full on masturbation session. “An orgasm would do me a world of good right about now.” I thought shutting off the water and placing one leg over the edge of the tub. I began slowly running a finger along the outside of my pussy feeling tingles run up and down my whole body as my excitement grew. A few low moans had just escaped my lips when I heard the doorbell ring. I groaned as I got out of the tub and tossed on a thick robe. I grumbled to myself knowing that the orgasm I wanted so bad was not gonna have to wait as I walked to the door and looked through the peephole. I chuckled when I saw my sister Sammie standing outside the door. I knew exactly why she was there. I opened the door and stepped aside letting her in seeing that she kaçak bahis siteleri was carrying a case of Cokes that she had scribbled out the name brand and had filled it in with “Runner up Cola” written in thick black letters. It had been a long running joke between us and it never failed to make me laugh. “And once again my darling little sister comes in a chilly second place.” She said putting the case on the counter and coming over to me looking me up and down and smiling. “Did I interrupt the ritual?” “It was just getting good too.” I said turning down the hall to get dressed. Sammie followed me into my room and laid back on my bed as I dropped my robe and started getting dressed. I snickered when I bent over to put on a pair of panties and heard her whistle. “God if you were not my sister I’d be all over you right now.” She joked. “What would your husband have to say about that?” I asked continuing to get dressed. “Shit that pervert would cum in his pants in no time if he saw me with another girl.” I laughed again as I pulled a shirt over my head and went and lay next to Sammie and slapped her on the thigh. She laughed and slapped me back before getting up and heading for the kitchen. “So how many second places is that for you?” She asked coming back with a couple of cokes. “Well let’s see.

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