Sister-In-Law Vacation

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A few years ago I came into some money from a favorable business deal. My wife Jessica and I decided to move to the east shore of Maui to get away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. She still had a passion for her job as a nurse and decided to continue to work at the local hospital on the island.

As you can image, because of our location we had visitors coming around all the time from the mainland. We didn’t mind much, we had enough room in the guest quarters to sleep a few extra people. The location of our home was on a cliff that overlooked the Pacific Ocean and a virtually private beach. The next house is almost a mile north of us and the area to the south is a protected wildlife preserve.

This past summer my wifes two younger sisters came to visit for a week during the summer. The older of the two, Megan, had just graduated college the year before and was able to find a job at a salon almost immediately. The youngest, Courtney, was still in college in the Los Angeles area and belong to a prominent sorority.

The girls landed at the airport and we were there in the baggage claim to meet them, we went and got something to eat and went to the house right away. The girls had only been to the house one other time, when we were still under construction, so we were all staying at one of the local resorts at that time. This was the first time they were able to see it completed. We even have the pool and landscaping done. Needless to say they LOVED it! As soon as we arrived I got behind the bar and started making some Mai Tai’s for everyone to get started with while the girls put their stuff away in one of the guest rooms. They insisted in staying in the same room, even though we had plenty of space for them to each have their own room, I guess I never realized how close the two of them were.

By this time everyone had their bathing suits on and were out laying by the pool. It was just another beautiful day in paradise for us!

The next day we were all sitting down for some breakfast and Jessica got a call on her cell phone, it was the hospital. One of the other nurses (who was pregnant) went into labor on her shift and they needed another nurse right away to take her patients for the next few days. This meant that we would barely see Jessica for the next few days. The hospital was near the airport, almost an hour away. Frequently after long days she stayed at the local hotel to avoid driving home on a dark highway, and sense she was going to be working three days in a row I went ahead and made the reservations for her.

Megan and Courtney were disappointed but the trip wasn’t a total loss. I didn’t really know the girls all too well since I had spent most of my time working long hours in the past I had never really spent consecutive days with them at all. After Jessica left we went out by the pool again and lounge around in the sun for a while. Eventually we made our way down to the beach and took out one of the paddle boards into the surf. Courtney, a tall brunette with a slender and fit body had no problem with the board, she popped up right away and started paddling towards the reef. Megan, a little shorter than her sister and blonde had a little more of a problem with the board and fell off a few times. Both girls had rather skimpy bikini’s on leaving little to the imagination in both the front and the rear, this was not really an issue for Courtney since she didn’t have much to hold up in the front in terms of breasts, but for Megan, her slender bikini female agent porno was definitely not built for activity. The second time she fell off the board she came up out of the surf without her top, I was standing right next to her and saw everything! Her breasts were amazingly perky for their size, better yet, she didn’t realize that she had lost her top for a good ten seconds. She quickly put her hands over her breasts and searched feverishly for her bikini top. I helped her look but we didn’t find it anywhere, it must have gotten sucked under by the wave and would probably wash up on the beach eventually. I asked her if she wanted to go back up to the house to get another one but to my surprise she said that because no one was at the beach besides us she didn’t want to make the hike up to the house and she would keep going without it.

Megan was finally able to get her balance and got up on the paddle board and she and I went out to meet up with Courtney. When we got closer Courtney was obviously shocked to see her sister standing on a paddleboard in the middle of the ocean with no bathing suit on. We explained the situation to her, we all had a laugh and started looking for some turtles in the water. We found a few and followed them around for a while and finally went back in. I stowed all three boards in the beach house and we made the hike back up to the house to jump in the pool and get some more sun. I was surprised when we got back up there that Megan didn’t bother to put a different top on, but no one was really complaining, especially not me who was having a difficult time hiding my erection in board shorts.

We had a few more drinks while hanging out in the pool and eventually made our way to the lounge chairs. All three of us laid down on our chairs and Courtney removed her bathing suit top announcing that she does not want to have any tan lines. Now I have both of my wifes sisters laying topless on lounge chairs in my backyard, I was in heaven!

As the day went on we had more and more conversation which lead to boys and relationships, neither of them had any kind of boyfriend and they were okay with that. They simply said “we have each other”.

Early afternoon came and we all went inside to get out of the sun for a while. I had a few things to do around the house and the girls wanted to take a nap. They went to the guest bedroom and I went to the garage to work on a few projects around the house. We had a late breakfast and had not had lunch yet, so I let them nap for a while and then went to get them to see what they would like for lunch. I did my typical two knuckle knock on the door and opened it without waiting for a response, figuring that they would be sound asleep. To my surprise when I walked into the room I found them still topless on the bed making out! Megan had one arm around Courtney and the other was under the thin sheet but I had no problem telling what was going on between Courtney’s legs, Megan’s hand was obviously very busy! Both girls looked up, surprised to see me and quickly pulled the sheet over them to cover up.

I explained to them the reason for my visit, their faces were bright red with embarrassment. Megan was the first to speak, asking me not to tell Jessica about what I saw here. Keep in mind at this point I was fully erect and still wearing board shorts which didn’t leave much to the imagination. I told her that I would not tell her sister and that their secret was safe with me. Courtney then spoke up female fake taxi porno explaining how turned on they were from earlier, saying that they had never been naked outside before and that seeing how turned on I was throughout the day just added fuel to the fire. Trying to make her feel better I told her that I was obviously turned on seeing both of them topless and that what I saw in the bedroom really didn’t bother me and that it actually turned me on also. Courtney quickly replied by saying that was obvious, nodding to my erection. Then I decided to take a chance, I asked if they wanted to see mine since I had seen theirs, Megan immediately said YES, Courtney just nodded her head up and down.

I untied my board shorts and my penis sprung up, the girls giggled a little bit. Megan was again the first to speak saying that it was impressive compared with what she has seen. Then I took another chance. I asked if they would like to continue where they left off and would they mind if I watched, they looked at eachother for a moment and then said “why not” almost simultaneously. So I sat down on the chair in the room while the girls assumed the positions that they were in when I had walked into the room. Courtney took her free hand throwing the sheet away, giving me an unimpeded view of the action. They continued to make out and Megan’s hand was slowing stroking Courtney’s clit. It was amazing how similar Courtney vagina looked to my wife’s own vagina. Courtney quickly came and immediately pushed Megan onto her back and pulled off Megan’s bikini bottoms exposing a short landing strip to a very aroused vagina. Courtney bent over and started kissing her near her belly button, quickly working her way down. From my angle I could see Courtney totally bent over and exposed as well as Megan’s neatly trimmed exposed vagina. Courtney went for it, using a long stroke of the tongue on her sister’s sweet vagina. Megan was grabbing her breasts, playing with her nipples and biting her bottom lip, looking like she could cum at any second. Courtney surprised me after eating her sister out for a while going a little further south and swirling her tongue around Megan’s anus, eventually darting it in a little then sticking two fingers right up her vagina in unison. Megan immediately started to cum, her body convulsing hard. At that exact point I also let loose streaming cum out of the end of my penis and onto my chest and stomach.

Both girls collapsed onto the bed in a heap of sweat. All I could say was WOW that was amazing! While they were catching their breath I went into the attached bathroom to clean myself up. We left the bedroom shortly after, leaving our clothing behind, we all figured we had see everything on each other by now, what was the point of even wearing anything. We had a quick bite to eat and then jumped into the pool to watch the sunset over the water.

I was leaning on the edge of the infinity pool with my arms up on the spillover and Megan came up behind me wrapping her arms and legs around my torso. I could feel her ample breasts pressing into my back and her legs wrapped tightly around my stomach, amazingly I was actually starting to get hard again. She simply said into my ear, “thanks”. I turned around and looked at her and said “thank you! I will never forget that”. I then asked her how long they had been having sex and she looked at Courtney and said about 6 months off and on. They figured that this trip would be their chance to really explore fuck in traffic each other’s bodies to the fullest extent. Megan said that today was the first time Courtney’s tongue had been in her butt but that she had put a finger or two up there in the past. Courtney then swam up and explained that they were not “lesbians” or “bi-sexual” but that they were that way with each other, they had never even thought about having sex with any other girls so far and they both still liked men, which is why they let me watch. Courtney said even though she could not really see me she enjoyed that I was masturbating while watching the two of them. Then Courtney went up behind her sister and straddled her (the same way Megan had straddled me a few moments ago), cupping her breasts and kissing her lightly on the neck. I immediately got hard again.

Megan noticed my growing erection and reached her hand underwater and stroked it lightly. I became aroused even more as Courtney stroked Megan’s nipples and kissed her on the mouth. They broke the kiss and Courtney dismounted her sister and came back around to find Megan stroking me underwater. Megan then started to kiss me on the mouth and I heard Courtney submerge underwater and I felt a sensation on my engorged penis, she was sucking it into her mouth, after about 15 seconds she came up for air. I placed my hand on her butt indicating to her to come closer, she placed her arm around me and her hand on her sister’s butt, gently massaging it as we made out. We then moved closer to steps and started to exit the pool, Megan sat on the edge while Courtney and I stayed slightly submerged. Megan and I were still making out and I slowly started to kiss down her body, stopping at her breasts and taking some time with each nipple, Courtney started to massage and kiss the nipple that I wasn’t as I moved down her body. I made my way to her stomach and abdomen and finally to her hot, wet vagina. I could feel a shiver go through her body as her sister played with her boobs and I used my tongue on her vagina, I could feel her getting close to cumming so I stopped with my mouth and started push my now very hard erection into her entrance, she came almost immediately but pulled me in closer, she obviously wanted to come again. As I slowly fucked her Courtney’s hand started to massage her clit and I could tell that Courtney’s other hand was going for her own vagina at the same time. With me on top of Megan and Courtney bent over next to me I reached up and started to massage Courtney’s butt, I didn’t want anyone to feel left out of the process, I even reached back to start rubbing her pussy from behind. As I rubbed her pussy she surprised me by reaching back with her hand and shoving a finger in her anus, slowly moving it around in circles and then adding a second finger, this girl really likes a little dual penetration.

As Megan came a second time I pulled out and came myself, all over her chest. Her sister quickly mopped it all up with her tongue and kissed Megan to share the load. Realizing Courtney hasn’t cum yet, Megan started to suck me off and get me hard again, this worked and in a few moments I had another erection. I started to rub my dick on her pussy, getting it nice and wet but she stopped me after it was lubed up and said she didn’t feel right with me inside her vagina. She then pulled the two fingers out of her anus and just pointed. I took the hint and slowly started to put my dick in her ass. Megan looked very shocked by this but rolled with it asking Courtney if she felt any pain. Once I was all the way in I could see her eyes roll back in her head as I started to fuck my wife’s sisters ass. Megan started playing with her nipples then started eating out her sister’s pussy as I fucked her ass. It was a sight to be seen!

To be continued…

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