sister in Law calls at inconvenient time. Part Two

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sister in Law calls at inconvenient time. Part TwoI left early for work the morning after the amazing results of the phone call. I called Kathi as I left the driveway. I knew she would be up since we are several times zones behind her in Ohio. She picked up and purred, “Well hello Peter. Are you alone?” I told her I was driving to work and Melody was home in bed. She told me about staying awake for quite a while after the call, masturbating and imagining me fucking her.”I left early for work today Kathi so I could get out of the house and have a more open phone conversation with you. After I fucked your sister last night I couldn’t stop thinking about you and when we visit next month. Are you truly ready for us to figure out a way to get together when we visit?” I could hear Kathi’s smile over the phone when she said, “Oh yes Peter…I want that so much.” I told her then I was pulling into an empty parking lot so we could talk about what we would like to do when we were together. I had brought a towel with me, so I could be sure to keep my clothes stain free for work. Kathi and I talked for forty minutes, both of us coming in time for me to get to work.Melody and I drove to Ohio three weeks later. She is afraid of flying, so we always drive. She would doze off and I would imagine all that might happen. It took two days to get there. As we pulled into the driveway I told Melody she should go in and see her s*s right away while I brought in the luggage. She thought that was a great idea and dashed off to the house. Before I could get the luggage together, I had to rearrange my cock so it wouldn’t show easily how excited I was. I brought the luggage into the house and upstairs to the room Melody and I always used when we were there. It was the family game room with a full sized pool table in the center of the room and a Foosball game over queenbet güvenilirmi in one corner. There were two mattresses on the floor that Melody and I always used. I set down the luggage and went downstairs.The sisters were talking a mile a minute but broke it off when I entered the room. Kathi said dinner was going to be ready in twenty minutes and there would be wine. I smiled at that, went over and gave Kathi a hug as she sat in the kitchen chair. Melody excused herself because she had to go pee and wanted to put her clothes in the chest of drawers in the room upstairs.As soon as we heard her footsteps going upstairs Kathi and I crashed into each other planting sloppy kisses while she moved her hand over my clothed erection. I slipped my hand under her blouse and grasped her tits one at a time as Kathi now ground her groin into mine. “Peter I am so fucking wet!!” I smiled and moved my hand under her skirt. Her pussy was smooth. I felt her mound and commented on how smooth it felt. She told me she had shaved it right after Melody called to say we were only half an hour away.I plunged two fingers into her cunt and she gasped. She was dripping wet. We whispered about how we would get together later. Kathi suggested I go to bed early while she plied Melody with wine. My wife is the original cheap high. Kathi told me that when Melody was asleep for sure upstairs I should come down as soon as I felt it was safe.Dinner was interesting…and so was the food. We had steaks with corn on the cob and Dutch apple pie for dessert. The interesting part of the meal was Kathi moving her bare foot over my crotch while she crunched on her corn. When dinner was over I said that two days of driving had me whipped and I was off to bed. Kathi and Melody bid me good night and started talking again as I left the room.Upstairs queenbet yeni giriş I chose the mattress that was closest to the door. I arranged the pillows and blanket and settled into bed with visions of sugar cunt dancing through my head. I was almost asleep several hours later when I heard Melody coming upstairs. I was ‘asleep’ when she came into the room. She must have really been fuzzy with all the wine because she didn’t even brush her teeth like usual. She bumped into several things and said ‘shhh’ to herself several times. Finally she settled in. I listened, my cock throbbing, waiting for the sound of her sleeping. It didn’t take long. Soon Melody was purring as she does when she’s had too much to drink before bed.I got out of bed slowly wearing a tee shirt and shorts. My cock pointed the way as I descended the stairs. When I reached the ground floor I saw that Kathi’s bedroom door was open and her lights were on. I stepped into the room and closed the door quietly behind me. Kathi didn’t notice me at first, then gasped and stood up by the bed. She was naked and it didn’t take long for me to be naked too. We stood five feet away from each other. Her breasts are slightly larger than Melody’s B cups and her nipples were much darker and stood out like the proverbial finger tips. The dance we did that night had been choreographed by hours of phone sex in the three weeks leading up to the visit. I told her to lean forward against the wall with her hands on the wall and her legs spread several feet apart. She did so, looking over her shoulder at me with a lascivious smile on her face…one that matched mine. I moved in behind her and taking her butt cheeks in my hands lifted while I whispered, “On your tip toes Baby”.Kathi did so. I held my cock in my hand and used the head trace the swollen slippery slit. queenbet giriş The head moved in slowly, deliciously until it was submerged inside her cunt. I slid so slowly into her. She gasped as she felt the head moving against her inner walls and the sobbed as the tip touched her cervix. Balls deep in her now I put my fingers onto her hard nipples, twisting and pulling them as I started working my cock as it plunged faster now but withdrew slowly. We kept this slow fuck dancing going until we couldn’t stand it anymore. I picked her up, my cock still in her cunt, laid her forward onto her bed and pounded her cunt hard and fast. The first orgasm was soon after. It had been a long time since I had shot that much seed.We lay like that, me on her back, my cock slowly softening and slipping out. Kathi’s hand moved down to my shaft and brought it back to full erection. “I want what’s next Peter.” I stood up then as she moved from the bed on her knees on the floor. I took her head in my hands and we both watched the juice covered tip and shaft move to her open mouth. This was her other fantasy about to come true. She had never had her face fucked and had been practicing with a dildo for several weeks so she would easily be able to take my cock down her throat. I pushed it into her mouth, her teeth scr****g the head then shaft lightly. Her eyes up to mine as I looked down into hers. I felt the head meet resistance at the back of her throat then give way as it pushed deeper down her throat. My balls were now at her chin. She looked up at me breathing noisily through her nose. She blinked her eyes twice and I commenced to fucking her face slowly at first. Before we were through my cock was fucking her face as hard as I had fucked her cunt. Tears flowed down her cheeks but she gave no sign to stop. Finally, balls deep my seed exploded in ropes down her throat. There was none in her mouth…it was all past that.After we pulled apart we kissed softly for ten minutes or so then she said, “tomorrow?” I grinned and nodded yes.I washed my hands and cock to get the cunt smell off of me, put on my underwear and walked back upstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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