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Subject: Showing the Twins How It’s Done Pt. 3 SHOWING THE TWINS HOW IT’S DONE PART 3 CONTENT WARNING: This story contains depictions of consensual incest between fathers and their sons, which some might find disturbing or offensive. If you’re not allowed to read this where you live, don’t. Otherwise, get comfortable and enjoy 😉 Also: Don’t forget to donate to Nifty at fty/donate.html! Every little bit helps keep the stories (and cum) flowing. ***************** The next morning, I once again woke up alone in bed. Phil must have been up making breakfast. When I reached for my phone, I saw I had a text from Kyle, sent just a few minutes ago. “that was so hot last night” I texted him back: “Oh yeah? Did you enjoy the show?” While I waited for him to respond, I pulled back the covers and looked down. I was naked and my cock was looking nice and plump. I thought about Kyle and Jimmy watching their daddies fuck, then going back to their room to do the same. I bet I could get Kyle to tell me about it. It didn’t take him long to respond. “yeah we went back to our room and jimmy fucked my brains out” “Your brother sounds like a good fuck.” “and i’m a good bottom” “I bet you are.” He didn’t respond for a minute so I sent him another text. “Tell me about you and Jimmy last night.” “why didn’t you watch this time” “Your dad and I fell asleep.” “well i actually sucked jimmy while we were outside your room. got on my knees and sucked him good while you came in dad.” Kyle then sent me a picture. It was a selfie he took while on his knees sucking his brother’s cock outside our bedroom door. Fuck. “You like sucking your brother’s cock, son?” “i fucking love it” “Did he unload in your throat right there outside your door?” “oh no i didn’t want him to cum yet 😉 i wanted it in my ass” “Like a good bottom.” “yeah 🙂 so after you guys came we went back to our room and i got on my hands and knees in bed so he could fuck me.” “Doggy? Like your daddies did?” “yeah i love to get slammed from behind” Kyle sent me another selfie. It looked like he’d propped the phone up on a pillow to get a close-up shot of his face as well as Jimmy’s face behind him, fucking him. Both boys looked like they were in a state of bliss. I was so hard. “is that making you hard, daddy” he asked. “You have no idea,” I responded. Now a video came in from Kyle. I clicked the play button. This time, Jimmy was holding the phone, pointing it down for a clear view of his dick going in and out of Kyle’s hole. Slick and wet, you could even hear the sound of his cock sliding in and out, along with Jimmy’s breathing and quiet grunts. Kyle’s hole looked like it was sucking and slurping on Jimmy’s cock, he was so into it. “Fuck, son…your pussy looks so good with that big twin cock going in and out of it.” “i’m so hard rn daddy,” Kyle said. “Let me see.” Kyle sent me another kaynarca escort selfie. In this one, he was sitting up against the headboard of his bed completely naked, hard dick in hand. It was close enough that I could see a drop of precum on the tip. “Nice. That’s hot, son. I can see your precum.” “let me see you dad” “Why don’t you come in here?” “your room? are you serious” “Yes, just hurry and be quiet.” Kyle wasted no time — I heard my bedroom door opening in a matter of seconds. Kyle walked in wearing just his basketball shorts. A bulge was clearly visible in them. I was sitting up in bed, slowly stroking my big dad dick. For a few moments, he stood there in silence watching me, while I watched him. “Where’s your brother?” I asked. “I don’t know. Living room, I think.” “Where’s dad?” he asked. “Living room, I think.” More silence. I liked stroking my cock while he watched. Kyle wasn’t touching himself but his dick was clearly hard in his shorts. “Why don’t you get more comfortable, son?” Kyle shucked off his shorts and his hard dick sprang to full attention. He stood there, naked in front of his daddy. Rock hard and horny. I kept stroking. “Can I see it closer?” he asked. “Of course.” Kyle slowly walked over to the bed, coming to a stop about a foot or two away. He started to stroke his cock as he watched me stroke mine. “I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and love to be watched while I stroke,” I said. He looked up at me. “So is Jimmy. He teases me by jerking off and not letting me have his cock.” “Do you like to be teased?” I asked. “Fuck yes. It gets me so worked up.” “I’ll keep that in mind,” I said as I smiled. Kyle smiled back. “Why don’t you get up here on the bed?” I asked. I scooted over to make room and Kyle got onto the bed on his hands and knees. He bent down and got close to my dick, watching as I continued to jerk off. “I can smell it,” he said. “Smell what?” “Your dick. Your balls.” “How do they smell?” I asked. He didn’t answer, just moaned and kept stroking his dick. “That good?” I asked. Again he didn’t answer, just moaned and reached his hand back toward his hole. “You really are a bottom boy, aren’t you?” “You have no idea, dad.” “I have a feeling I’m about to find out.” He looked up at me with a pleading look in his eyes. “Want to make your daddy feel good?” “Fuck yes I do.” “Feel how hard my big dad dick is for you, son.” With that, Kyle reached out and grasped my cock. He gently stroked it up and down while he stared at it, transfixed. “Mmmmmm, feels so good in my hand, daddy.” “Yeah? You like stroking that big dick?” “Fuck yes.” I was starting to ooze precum. Kyle noticed. “Can I taste it?” “Taste what?” I asked, playing coy. “Your precum.” “Do you like precum?” “I fucking love it.” “Go ahead, give it a taste,” I said. Kyle wasted no time sticking his tongue and lapping orhanlı escort the pearl of precum off the tip of my dick. “Mmmmmmmm,” he said. Then he took the whole head of my cock in his mouth and started sucking on it. “You’re such a hot little cocksucker,” I said. Kyle kept his mouth on the head of my dick and looked up at me. “Show daddy how you suck dick,” I told him. Kyle went to town, slurping on my cock like it was the best thing he’d tasted in his entire life. He used one hand to slide up and down my saliva-soaked cock and held onto my balls with the other. “Does daddy’s cock taste good?” I asked. He pulled off briefly. “So good, daddy.” “That’s the cock that made you.” Kyle moaned on my dick. “This cock shot the cum that made you and your twin brother.” Now he whimpered. “You want the cum that made you, don’t you?” Kyle pulled my dick out of his mouth and looked up at me. “You have no idea, dad. I don’t want it, I need it.” “Need it where?” I asked. “In my cunt. I need you to knock me up.” This was so twisted and I was so turned on. “Oh, you want that virile daddy seed in your pussy? That baby-making daddy cum?” “Fuck yes, daddy,” Kyle gasped. With that, he got back onto his knees and lifted his ass toward me, spreading his cheeks. He wanted it bad. “I fucked your daddy doggy last night but I want to look at you while I breed you,” I told Kyle. “Get on your back.” He did as he was told, smiling the whole time. I was about to fuck my son for the first time. I couldn’t believe it. I positioned myself between Kyle’s spread legs and looked down at his hole. It looked ready to fuck. But first, I reached down and circled it with a finger, making Kyle shiver. Then I reached over to the bedside table, grabbed the bottle of lube that was still out from last night, and slicked my fingers up. I inserted one slowly, teasing his hot boy hole. “Mmmmmm,” Kyle moaned. I started fingering him in earnest and put a second finger in his hole. It slid in easily. “Another one, daddy,” Kyle said. I smiled and started inserting a third finger. God, his hole felt so good wrapped around my fingers. I couldn’t wait to get my cock in there. I fingered my boy for several more minutes and then pulled out to get my cock lubed up. “Alright, daddy’s gonna fuck you now,” I said. “Fuck yes.” I slicked up my cock and lined the head up with Kyle’s hot pucker. “Fuck me, dad.” I started pushing in, loving the feel of his ass ring opening up for my hard, thick dad cock. I took it slowly so I could feel every inch of his hole while he felt every inch of his dad’s dick filling it up. “Your dick feels so good, dad,” Kyle said. “So does your pussy, son.” When my pubes hit his ass, I held my cock there, filling him all the way up with dick. I was so hard and his guts were so hot. “Mmmmmmmm, fuck…” I said. After a few seconds of silence, tepeören escort Kyle started to move back and forth, fucking himself on my dick. I chuckled and reached down for his hips, grabbing onto them and starting to thrust in and out of his ass. As I started to pick up speed, Kyle started to a make a sort of whimpering sound. “You okay, son?” “Oh fuck yes, daddy, keep fucking me,” he said. With that, he started actually gripping my cock with his hole, practically sucking and slurping with his ass lips. “Fuck, boy, you’re good at this.” “I told you I’m a total pussyboy. I can’t get enough.” I looked down and he was hard as a rock as I fucked him. I reached down for it and Kyle flinched slightly when I made contact with his dick. “Be careful…I don’t last long like that,” he said. “What, like this?” I replied as I began stroking his dick with my lube-covered hand. Kyle whimpered. “Does my boy shoot his load when he’s getting his pussy stuffed?” Kyle was moaning and squirming slightly as I fucked him harder and faster, stroking his cock the whole time. We kept up like that for several minutes, but I wasn’t going to last long, either. Kyle’s hot, smooth cunt was gonna pull my load right out of me, whether I liked it or not. Kyle looked at me with a desperate look in his eyes and said, “I’m getting close, dad.” “Me too, son.” “Are you going to breed me?” “Fuck yes, I am. I’m gonna fill your pussy with daddy seed, baby.” “Oh fuck.” Kyle closed his eyes and I felt his cock start to engorge even more in my hand. He was about to cum. So was I. “I’m gonna cum, boy!” I said. “Me too, daddy!” He started to climax and ropes of cum shot from his dick, landing across his smooth chest. “Ungh, fuck!” I groaned as I started to unload in my boy. “Knocking you up, buddy!” “Give it to me, dad!” I collapsed on top of Kyle as I finished dumping my load in him. “Oh my god,” I said, trying to catch my breath. “Did you like that?” Kyle asked. “Fuck yes, did you?” I asked him back. “You have no idea.” I lifted my head and looked at him. He was smiling. So was I. “Alright, let’s pull ourselves together and go see what your brother and dad are up to,” I said. We got dressed and walked out of the bedroom, heading down the hall toward the living room. As we walked toward the living room, we could hear something that sounded like grunting. “Ugh, fuck,” someone said. We turned the corner and there was my husband, Phil, on his back on the couch with Jimmy in between his legs, shoving his dick into his dad’s hole. Phil was furiously stroking his cock while his son stuffed him with. Kyle and I both looked at each other with wide eyes. Then we smiled at each other. “Hello, boys,” I said. Phil looked up and shot his cum as soon as he and I made eye contact. “Fuck!” Jimmy said. Jimmy shoved his cock all the way and held it there, unloading in his dad. He looked embarrassed and started trying to pull out, but Phil held him firmly in place and pulled him down into an embrace. “Don’t worry, kiddo,” Phil said. “Your dad’s ok with it, right, Mike?” I just nodded and smiled. *END OF PART 3*

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