Shilpa and English teacher

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Shilpa and English teacherCollege was a busy place for me, shilpa pandey. Next class history, wait, or was it English. Agh! I can’t remember! I check my schedual and realize that it’s chemistry next. Ok so, from where am now it will only be two more flights of stairs. BANG BANG! Shit! I dropped my books. Quickly, I gather the heavy things and scramble to my next class.Mr. pathan looks at me curiously. His sexy blue eyes always make me melt. “Sorry, Mr. pathan.” I apologized and hurried off to take my seat. “As I was saying…” He continued, but still eyed me a little bit. Shit, again! I have been trying to make with Mr. pathan ever since freshman year. But it really hasn’t workked.Mr. pathan was young. I was young and in love. With him and his irresistible body. I was pretty, I’m not gonna lie. I have raspberry red hair and emerald green eyes that compliment my ivory skin and angular features. We would be perfect together with his brown hair and blue eyes. I heard somewhere that brown haired people are more compatible with red haired people. I wish.”Miss shilpa?” I heard Mr. pathan’s deep voice call my name and I absolutley lotusbet güvenilirmi loved the sound.”, yes?” I stuttered.”May I speak with you after class?””Ye-yeah” I responded. This may just be the moment I have been waiting for ever since I started college.Much too long after, it seemed, the bell chimed and everyone stampeded to the door, as I stampeded to Mr. pathan in nervous titters. I’m not virgin but I can guess Its gonna be hard to fit my tiny hole onto his cock.”Hi.” I greeted him sheepishly.”Hello, shilpa.”Aaaaah! I screamed inside my head. I loved it when he said my name.”What did you want to talk to me about?” I asked.”Well, you seem a bit on edge and you are my best student. I guess I was just worried. Are you ok?” he explained. Mr. pathan just made my fuckin day.”Yes, I’m ok.” I said. It was hard to control all my giddiness in my tiny form.”That’s good, very good. I wa-” I couldn’t take it any more and dove right in on his sweet full lips with mine. It surprised him but soon he got where I was going with this and agreed to proceed.I moaned a bit as his tongue entered my mouth. lotusbet yeni giriş We explored each others mouth and I felt like was in heaven.He pulled away to my disappointment. “Let’s go for a quick one?”I nodded, happily and he flipped up my skirt to reveal my hot pink thong. My juices had already soaked the fabric. He put his nose to my covered lips and inhailed deeply.”You smell so good.” He told me. I ground my pussy into his nose and he got the Idea.He pulled the thong to the side and tongued my Plump clit.”Hmmmm..” I moaned in a dreamy state. He stopped but rubbed my clit and hole as he stood up.He undid his pants with his Other hand and a giant 8″ cock lept out and smacked his shirt. I took it in my hand and stroked while he still rubbed my pussy.”Oooh. Your a good little student aren’t you?” he asked me.”Mmhmm.” I replied sweetly and licked the tip of his head. Pre cum was already spurting there.He lifted me effortlessly and sat me down on a clear spot On the desk.My pussy was still exposed and he spat on it sending chills up my body. He tookthe head of his dick and rubbEd the head lotusbet giriş on my clit.”You want me to fuck you, little girl?” he said.I nodded .”Say it, whore!” he demanded.”Yes! Yes, I do want you to fuck me!” I shouted.”Good.”He positioned his dick in front of my slick cunt and pushed in. I whimpered, in a little pain but soon he had his cock inside me buried in my juices. He began thrusting in out with so much force and pleasure I thought I might explode. In a good way of course.”Ooooh, yes! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I screamed and he obeyed going harder and harder. He grunted and moaned in lust in time with me. Juicy smacking sounds and the smell of our wetness filled the lab.”Fuck oh fuck…” He said. “Your so…so tight.”My body humped his cock as I pushed my self down to meet him. His lovely ball sack was smacking my ass cheeks each time.”Oooh Mr. pathan!” I screamed “I’m cummmmiing!!!””Me too! Cum with me babe, cum with me!””FUUCK!” I shouted as my hot semen spurted all over our clothes. Loads of his cum penetrated my pussy over and over as I was on cloud nine.Finally, it was all over. Mr. pathan, or, as I call him now, Bruce rested on top of me his dick still inside my cunt.Something tugged at me in the back of my mind. “Mr. pathan?””Yes, shilpa?”” What were you going to say to me before I kissed you?” I asked.He pulled out of me with a juicy ‘pop’. “I was going to say that I wanted to kiss you.”

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