Sex in the park

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Sex in the parkDon’t know how i got there but here was, lying awake at 3 at the night. Everyone slept long ago but, not me. It not new, its normal. I always have a rule that if you are not asleep till 4 then you have to get up and start your day. It was still one hour till 4 but i didn’t care and still got up to write. When you write early then you probably will finish early. That did happened with me that day. It was 5 and still everyone was far from awake and will be for next hours. With nothing to do i decided to do something which i had never done before. It took a long time for me to prepare myself to get out of the house and go to the park. Park was good at that time. Not a lot of people were there & those who were there, i didn’t knew who were they. It was like a whole new reality. I had always thought that park is for middle aged people but, the scene here was completely opposite. I can only see young, hot and fit people at this time here. Majority of people at the park were surprisingly girls (don’t know how that happened). Most of them were wearing, a lot less clothes that what i had always seen women in. Everyone was full of sweat and seeing them run had made it impossible for me to walk in the open.Until my thing would cool down, i decided to rest on a bench. It didn’t take long for someone to sit next to me. A girl, probably 24 years old sat next to me. She was probably running for long and must have sat to rest for a bit. What she was wearing was a little too much for me. I could see her naked legs, shining with her sweat. Everytime i would try to take a look at her breasts she would caught me watching her. She probably had seen me as a pervert, who would come to park to see all the girls. I wanted to get up but i was first, if she had problem with me then she would have to go. As i was having too much fun, my cock decided to show his full powers. I was sure that it hadn’t gotten that erect ever. I tried to hide it by covering it with my other leg but, then i remembered, even if i’m showing her my boner, she’s exposing herself way more that me and if i have a boner, its because of her. It took me a lot of time to take my leg of my boner and expose it to the lady sitting beside me. It took her a minute to get pendik escort her eyes off her phone and notice me. As i was showing the world who i truly was, she opened her phone camera and decided to record me. Knowing that i’m getting recorded it felt good at first but then i remembered, perverts like me often get caught doing this and then end up on internet. Realising what mistake i have just made i panicked and told her “what are you doing”. She didn’t felt like she was the one doing something bad “what were you doing” she asked me. I had no answer to her. “I don’t know. I’m sorry” i said while trying not to cry. I was certain that she was going to upload and then my whole family would know about me, so i had to try at my full capacity to get her to delete the video. Hearing my response she was also surprised. She must have thought that i’m a thug but instead i happen to belong to a good family. “Why were you doing this” she asked me. “I felt attracted to you. Then i thought that seeing my boner you would have sex with me” i said. “Well now you’re in trouble” she said. “Please delete that video. I can’t afford, someone to have this” i said. There was a silence but then i heard “show it to me”. I was instantly happy, hearing that. I knew what could happen now but still i decided to play dumb, just so she can feel like she’s winning. “What” i said. “You know what i’m talking about. Show it to me or else i’ll show the video to everyone” she said. “I can’t do it here” i said. “Well you didn’t had any problem showing your boner to me so i don’t think you’re gonna have a problem putting your dick out here” she said. Trying to control my smile, i put my hand in my shorts and put my dick out. I had always thought that when i would show it to a girl she would be mind blown by it but that didn’t happened. Instead she decided to inspect it by her hand like they do but they’re buying a fruit. Luckily in my case i was on no fap, it means that i was having no sex, not even masturbating. So my dick was filled with sexual energy. She also liked the warmth that she felt when she touched my dick. The next minute went with her doing this to my dick. It didn’t take long for me to get full erect, only question that was remaining was escort pendik what could happen now.” a lot of people have watched us. Can we please stop” i said as i was getting afraid that someone else might take my video.”You want this to stop” she said. “No, i want something to happen but a lot of people are getting to notice us” i said. She then finally took her hand out and sat back “what do you want to happen”. Sex was the only word i needed to say but it still took me a long time to say it to her.I could tell that she wasn’t interested in me but as she had an upper hand, i was sure that she wanted to get advantage of me. “Where could we have sex here” she said as she started looking around. I wasn’t sure that she was joking or not but as she kept looking i was sure that i was about to get some sweet sex. Then she pointed to a big tree and the park’s corner and told me to go and wait there. I instantly went there and started preparing myself mentally for this. It took a while but she did came behind the tree. At that time she was looking was hotter than any pornstar i had ever seen. All i wanted was to touch her boobs and kept touching them. As she walked to me i grabbed them and kissed her. She also kissed me. Since i was inexperiemced whatever i would do, would set off the mood so she was making all the moves. She took my hand and put it on her sports bra. Without hesitation i uplifted it and finally saw her boobs. It was really the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. Then all i did was kiss them and hold them at different angles. As time was crossing i was getting more and more comfortable around her and she was getting horny as i was making the moves on her.Then i finally put my hand on her pussy. It was even better than boobs. Then all i did was rub it for five minutes. My obsession with exploring her was making her more horny by minute. As i have played enough i decided to undress her properly and me and then do what i had came here for. I removed her shorts and her bra. As she was fully naked i grabbed her clothes and her phone and then ran away (just a joke).As she was fully naked i also removed my clothes and out of nowhere she puts her mouth on my cock and gives me a blowjob. Again it felt like heaven pendik escort bayan when she was going at my cock. For the first five minutes i decided to just relax but then i decided to deep throat her. I grabbed her by head and pushed it and pushed it until there was no more of cock left. After having more fun with facefucking i decided to remove the face and let my cock meet her pussy. She was also in sync with my emotions. She got down on all fours and as she waited i also got down and inserted my cock in her. It took me a while to adjust to something new but soon it felt like home. As she was getting fucked i was having the best day of my life but soon i got the feeling that i was about to cum. I wanted to go until i had to but didn’t want to cum in her pussy because it had it own problems. I didn’t wanted to give her a facial. I decided to fuck her until i had to come. Another minute went by and i was still fucking her. As it was time for my load i quickly put it out. All the cum went straight to her asshole. It didn’t go inside, it was still above. I still had about half a minute until my dick would got to sleep. Making one of the best decision of my life i decide to fuck her in the ass. All the cum i had worked as a lube and helped by dick get into her tight asshole. She was surprised that i was fucking her in the ass. With me she was also having the best time of her life. After getting our clothes on she gave me a long kiss and told me to remember her. As she was leaving i asked her to delete the video. She ignored me and started to walk away from me. She must have thought that she could wrong me and then use me but she didn’t knew who i was. As she was leaving the park and caught her and asked again to delete the video. She denied straight away. As she was going away i pulled out my phone and played the video that was recorded while we were having sex. I knew that she was going to do this so i had hidden the phone from where she couldn’t see. As she got paranoid and charged at me i got out of the way and told her that i will delete the video if she would delete my video. Then we both deleted our videos and decided to go our seperate ways. As she was going away i told her to remember me. Going away with heroic feelings of victory over evil, i only had to do two things. First was to write this in a sex story and upload it on a porn site and the second was to get the video from my other phone which i have sent just after i she had left after having sex.

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