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Sex and sexHello I am Kanita.I am from Bangladesh but now living in Australia with my husband.Please, don’t laugh at me coz my English is not well as I am not a native speaker.I am 27 years old young lady.I am a bengali and muslim.I am married and we have a boy c***d of 4 years old.Our marriage was arranged by our families as it happens in Indian subcontinent.My hubby is a great person and I am very happy with him.He loves me a lot and same to me.Our c***d is our lives and we love him than any other thing.My hubby came to Australia many years ago in fact before our marriage.He works here and earns quite good.But still I had to live with my in-laws in Dhaka(capital of Bangladesh).Coz my in-laws are very old and I had to look after bahis şirketleri them.But my husband came to Bangladesh every year that time.However 1 year ago my brother-in-law married.So there were people to take care my in-laws.That is why we(me and my son) shifted to Australia with my husband.We were living here happily.But a few months ago something happened in my life that has changed my life.My father-in-law became very sick.So I supposed we all would go to Bangladesh.But my hubby said only he would go to Bangladesh.But my father-in-law liked my son very much as he was the only grand c***d.So he asked to take my son to Bangladesh.Ultimately my hubby and my son went to Bangladesh.So I was alone in Australia.My youwin hubby told his friends to help me as I am alone.His Bangladeshi friends who also live in Australia was calling in mobile to know if there were any problem.The next day one of my hubby’s friend came.His name is Del and is an Australian.He is very close to my hubby and used to come to our home at times.So I knew him well.He also asked if I had any problem.I offered him dinner and he agreed.He talked with me about many things.But I noticed sometimes he was looking at my body and rubbing his pennis.I felt ashamed that time and looked down.Del asked me if he could stay that night as he was tired.I knew he was telling lie but I had to permit him youwin giriş as he was my hubby’s friend.I went to my bed.At the bed I was thinking the scene that Del looked at my body and rubbed his erect pennis.And I was telling to myself “Del is a bad guy and I should get him out in the morning.”But I noticed tha when I was thinking about Del my panty were getting wet by cunt juice.At that time there was knocking at my door.I knew it was Del and he wants to fuck me.I told to myself that is bad,u have husband and c***d.But at the sametime another thought crossed my mind.I told to myself what’s the problem?There is none except Del.I opened the door.Del was going to tell something.But before that I told him”pls don’t tell my hubby.If ok then I am ready to sleep with u”.Del looked at me told nothing just hugged me and laid me down on the couch.He fucked me making total nude.It was the best and best fucking in my life.Even now I fuck with him when my hubby is out of home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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