Sedona Heat Ch. 03

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Before we knew it hours had passed, we had talked about everything from the blues to existential meanderings while the sun had moved across the sky.

“Damn, where did the time go?” I said as I noticed the colors changing “What do you say we go get your bike?”

“On one condition.” You said with a flash of that handsome grin.

“Ok.” The flames were licking outward from my core.

“You have to let me take you to dinner.”

“That would be great but I have a condition of my own.”

“Well, ok, sure.” Your eyebrows rose in surprise and I saw the hint of lust.

“I get to drive the panhead. I’d ride bitch but you’ve got no pussy pad.” I continued “You can drive the stang… deal?” I rattled the keys and stuck my hand out to shake on it and your touch sent a warm rush to my clit.

“We’ve got a deal. I’d love to take you to my favorite place… are you a vegetarian or anything like that?” You asked as we walked outside.

“No not even remotely a vegetarian; I’m a meat and potatoes kinda girl.”

“That’s perfect!”

“Sure wish I had my chaps.” I said absent mindedly; you went back in and came out

“Here, try these.” You held up a pair of black leather chaps with chino’s lining up along the side seam.

“They’re perfect!” I said as I finished the final buckle; my jean shorts leaving parts of my thighs exposed and making me feel sexy as hell.

“They look great on you!” I blushed and you continued “Let me get the gas can and we’re off.”

After gassing up you put the can in the back and held your hand out for the keys; I smiled and tossed them to you. I eyed your escort bostancı bike… the shifter and rear brake are on the opposite side of my British Triumph. It was beautiful and the big rounded seat looked comfy and I couldn’t wait to find out how it would feel pulsating beneath me especially where the saddle horn rose in the front… that would be lodged against my clit as I rode.

“Look we’re going to head north towards Sedona and we’ll stop at a place just passed Bell Rock, got it?” I nodded “Ok, Katie, let’s see if you can keep up with me.”

At that I mounted that sweet hog and opted to kick her over instead of using the auto start and put her into first gear while you revved the mustang; your eyes dancing, you were impressed and I was hot.

Off again with a trail of dust; we rode side by side for a little way and then you kept your pace up around 60 after I slid in behind you. You know this road by heart but without street lights, out in the middle of nowhere a stranger could easily get into trouble.

I pulled the throttle and raced up next to you on your left, you looked over with surprise.

“Hey, Dude, you’re blocking traffic… think you can pick it up a bit?” I yelled over the motors and you laughed and pushed the black mustang harder.

I saw Bell Rock come into view against the darkening sky and I was reminded of that day several years before when I’d nearly died on that mountain and yet it remained one of my favorite places on earth. I couldn’t wait to hike up to that sacred circle near the top and my spirit began to vibrate to the rhythm of the roaring piece ümraniye escort of machinery growling between my thighs.

By the time we pulled off into the parking lot of the Mexican Cantina my body was completely rattling from the ride and I dismounted with a loud Woo Hoo as you came around to stand next to me. I jumped up and threw my arms around you nearly bursting with exhilaration. If you only knew I’d just had 3 stomach shaking, pussy twisting orgasms while riding that saddle.

“Wow, Hawk, that ride is amazing… the smell of the desert… the sage… and that piston pounding hog has my entire body vibrating!” I continued to dance around as my burning pussy started to relax.

“Glad you enjoyed the ride. Your little pony wasn’t too bad herself.” We laughed as we entered the cantina.

It wasn’t much of a place, small and dark, but the smells were unmistakably delicious. We settled in a booth in the corner and ordered a couple of Corona’s and dinner.

“Man, I can’t believe I’m finally back in Sedona!” I was so energized and tingling but not just from the atmosphere but also from the pure animal poise that exuded from every inch of you from your head right down to your ass kicking boots.

Our conversation never faltered until dinner was served; I wiggled around in the booth, tucking one leg up under my bottom and in doing so my foot bumped against yours under the table. I apologized, you winked and we dove into our dinner with robust enthusiasm. There were several accidental feet and knees touching; each one sending tendrils of fire surging up my thighs. Full and sipping on kartal escort bayan a third or fourth beer I became bolder and said I wanted to see your tattoo; I moved over next to you and turned to face your shoulder, my finger tracing the hawk that had been pierced into your skin by a thousand needle pricks. You leaned towards me and brushed my lips with yours, our eyes locked in that heated moment. I moved closer and brought my hand to your face… tracing your full lips before kissing them. In that moment we were everywhere and nowhere all at the same time… there was nothing except the call of two bodies and the sweet smell of desire. Our kiss grew deeper, nipping at each others lips, tongues dancing and diving, and we were nearly breathless when I pulled back, eyes still closed and whispered

“If you do that one more time….” And you did and I was helpless to resist. I knew you felt my body quiver and tense as you wrapped me in your arms… I moaned softly into your mouth as the gentle wave of pleasure sent a hot thrush from my sex to the tip of my gem. “Damn, Hawk, if you can do that with just a kiss I can only imagine…” My eyes were glass, my body one large single cell that was centered between my thighs.

I stood to move back to my seat but you grabbed my hand and tugged until I sat back down next to you. I became liquid inside as our eyes and fingers fused, my breathing shallow causing the creamy peaks to heave as I struggled to breathe.

“So,” you said quietly “where are you staying? We really should get you checked in” you said as you paid the bill; my heart jumped at the word “We” and I cleared my throat to recover my voice.

“That would be great; it’s dark out there… I might get lost or something.” And with a wicked grin I add “I call the hog!” We laughed enthusiastically as I ran for the door and straight for your hot rod riding machine.

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