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Subject: SLUTTY NAUGHTY JOCK – Riverdale Please donate to Nifty to make sure that we keep on cumming from the hot stories on the site! DISCLAIMER: Hey guys. As some of you might already know, Tumblr decided to ban all explicit pictures, videos and gifs from the site, and although my blog is still there, I decided to post all of the stories and captions I wrote there here on Nifty, for your pleasure. Some of these stories have a different format and length since they were accompanied by a picture, gif or video on the blog, but I tried to adapt them to the Nifty format as best as I could. Hope you like! I’d love to hear what you think of them, so if you want, please shoot me an email ail. Also, I received tons of emails from lots of people and I’m deeply grateful for that. Some of those I answered, some are still pending, but I’ll try to properly answer everyone in time. Nevertheless, thank you all so much to everyone who sent me emails with your thoughts and suggestions! ***** SLUTTY NAUGHTY JOCK – Riverdale “Jesus, Archie. That’s a big fucking dick bro, and so hard too. Isn’t Ronnie giving you some sugar? It’s even dripping pre-cum!” I said, while lazingly putting my fingers on the hot redhead’s steel hard prick and collecting a small amount of pre-cum. He moaned and shuddered while my fingers grazed his fat cockhead. We were the only ones left in the locker room after football practice, and the minute the hot redhead took out his skimpy jockstrap and got buck ass naked for the shower I was mesmerized by the sight of the hard 9 inch cock that came out, escort bayan slapping Archie’s rock hard abs. He really was the hottest stud in all Riverdale. “Yeah bro, don’t even mention… Ronnie is kind of mad at me about some stuff with her dad. I’ve been working with him for a while and we barely see each other anymore. I’m so fucking horny all the time” Archie grunted, finally getting a little of satisfaction from my expert hands. “Well buddy, it’s not healthy for a superjock like you to have blue balls like that. They might affect your performance. What would the Bulldogs be without you? You should be cumming everyday!” I exclamed, while jacking off sweet, dumb Archie’s big dick faster. The stud was so entranced by our conversation he didn’t even realize what I was doing. “Well bro, I tried everything already but she doesn’t even want to look at me. I guess I’ll be jacking off a lot for the moment…” he said, looking sad. Archie was such a cute guy. “Nah, don’t sweat it bro. I’m here for you. Here, let me help” I said, while I quickly took his strong shoulders in my hands and straddled his lap, sitting down on his huge dick with one quick movement. I sighed with pleasure feeling Riverdale most wanted dick stretching my tight jock pussy and Archie’s red, trimmed pubes touching my ass. I started to bounce up and down on his cock slowly. “Ah, ah, ah.. shit, oh my G… ah, oh, shit, Pauly, what… what in the hell are you doing bro? We aren’t, ah, supposed to be doing this… I’m with Veronica…” he said guiltily, but his body said otherwise. He took booth kocaeli escort bayan my asscheeks in his hands and started to grope me hard, all the while heping me bounce up and down on his big cock and getting faster by the minute. “Oh, you mean this, Archie? Oh, this is nothing bro. Just two jockbros for life helping each other out. This is not cheating, this is actually quite common in the sports world. It’s unsafe and unhealthy for a jock to go without cumming for so long, so it’s only normal for a fellow jock to offer his hole for you to cum in. Do you think I like this? I’m not gay, bro, and so aren’t you. I’m actually quite surprised you didn’t know about this tactic, I thought you were the greatest jock around!” I said, shamming him for his ignorance. Archie’s head was so clouded with lust and pleasure that he took my word for it, not wanting to look like some idiot jock who didn’t even know how teammates are expected to help each other on the locker room. So he went along with it and acted like he knew what was happening all along, just so he wouldn’t look lik a fool in front of me. I grinned while I picked up the pace and went up and down on his cock faster and faster, feeling his delicious dick reaching that special place deep inside of me. “Of course I knew bro, I was just kidding with you. I do this all the time with the other jocks!” He said gasping, while he met every movement of my ass with a hard thrust from his cock. “Then we should do it more often, bro. I mean, I’m not only doing this for you, you know, kocaeli escort tho you’re such a great friend of mine. But I actually need to improve my lower body training for track team and this will do wonders for my ass and legs. Yeah bro, just like that, fuck me harder, you got such a big dick!” I moaned, fully impaled on that teen stud cock and riding the hot readhead jock like my life dependend on it. “Shit, your hole is so tight. Veronica never lets me do this with her…” he moaned too, delirious with lust. “Yeah bro, she’s such an uptight catholic girl. But don’t worry, you can fuck me harder with that big dick of yours. This is not really sex, it’s just an innocent exercise between jocks like every other we do at the gym. Oh shit, yeah, just like that bro, really pound me with that big cock!” I screamed. “Like this? Can you take it harder? Uh? Can you? Oh my God, fuck yeah, tight, juicy hole bro. That’s such a great exercise. Think we should do it everyday. Don’t really wanna hurt the team if I get sick from blue balls. I’ll go harder on your ass now… yeah, fuck, tight fucking ass!” While he talked, Archie quickly picked me up and shoved me against a locker, holding my twinky body on his arms while he bounced me up and down on his big cock. After fucking me for what seemed a whole hour, Archie started to mumble: “Shit bro, think I’m gonna cum… gonna expel all that frustration out of my body. Shit, finally. You’re so tight, fuck, how did you take my cock so easily before bro?” He whispered in my ear. I grinned. “Oh, I was already lubed bro, so to speak. Jughead shoved that huge dick of his up my ass and pumped me full of his cum before first period in the bathroom” I whispered back. With a loud grunt, Archie bred my ass to the fullest with his tasty cum. Guess he was as frustrated as he said…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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