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Big Tits

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck” you moan as you approach your orgasm.

It had been a long night of drinking after a long day of work, and when we got home we started drinking. As we both know, I turn into a colossal horn-dog when I drink, very demanding and kinky. And as we drank I got kinkier and kinkier, and I grew more and more demanding until my cock was rock hard and I was done teasing. It was time to fuck. And I was going to take my woman, and make her realize all over again just why she was mine.

“Anne. Go put on your shields, get naked and wait for me. I’ll be there shortly.” I tell you.

You scamper off to the room to do as I ask and get your tight pink pussy wet for me. I go shower real quick, to get nice and fresh before we get dirty as fuck. I shower, shave my balls quickly so they’re nice and smooth for you and come to bed. Rock hard and completely nude, I come to the room to find you sprawled naked on the bed. Twisting your nipples and rubbing your clit, your pussy already glistening, eyes closed as you wait for me to come fuck your brains out. I walk quietly, enjoying the sight of my woman preparing herself for me. I come up, grab your legs pull you towards me. I drop to my knees to have a taste of that sweet pussy juice. You cry out a little in surprise, and then moan a little from the oral. I’m only there for a taste for a quick taste though.

“Get up, and get on your knees.”

“Yes suh” you say excitedly, eager to get on your knees and suck me off.

I stand there and you get up, get on your knees, stare me in the eyes and begin to pleasure me. You trace your fingers up and down my shaft, lightly, just grazing it with the tips of your fingers. You trace my ridge with your index finger, staring me in the eyes the whole time, your eyes just glazed with lust. You flick your tongue out, tracing each of my balls with it and then slowly lick up my shaft, slowly covering every inch until you reach the head. My head is swollen and twitching in anticipation. You trace the ridge of my head with your tongue, covering it in your spit. You then flick your tongue across my slit, causing my head to jump in desire.

“Please baby. Stop teasing and suck my fucking cock.” I moan breathlessly. You then swallow my head, to just the ridge swirling your tongue around it sucking on it. “Ohhhhh fuck” I moan in pure pleasure. I can’t stand it anymore. I grab your head and shove my cock down your throat suddenly.

“I told you to stop fucking teasing me. Now I’m gonna be in control.” And I start fucking your face, making you gag on my cock with every thrust, ensuring that every thrust makes you swallow every single inch of my cock.

I pull out “Get the fuck up, bend over slut.” I command you.

“Mmm, whatever you want baby” you moan back to me.

“Shut the fuck up and bend over.” I moan in lust. You get on the bed and do as I ask, eager to please me. I get up, grab your ass, spread your cheeks and lick your pussy briefly, making sure it is wet for me. I trace my tongue across your asshole to just tease it a little gaziantep rus escort and watch it tighten up before I place my head at your pussy. I rub it against your slit, my head rubbing against your clit until my cock is covered in your pussy juice. Once my cock is coated, I place it at the entrance to your pussy.

“Mmmm, is this what you want baby? Do you want me to fuck you? To shove every inch deep inside your tight wet cunt?”

“Yesssssss” you moan back.

I start putting just the head in. Watching your tight pink cunt spread for me. Over and over and over again, just watching it swallow my head down to the ridge.

“Fuck baby, I love watching your cunt spread and swallow my head. It’s so fucking sexy.” I moan breathlessly to you.

“Mmm, it’s yours baby. Yours for the taking.” You moan back.

“Fucking right it is” I say as I shove every inch in and start fucking you hard and fast, my balls hitting your cunt with every stroke. “I will always take what’s mine baby. Don’t ever forget that.”

“I always expect you to, now shut up and fuck me.” You retort.

“Your wish is my command slut.” As I start fucking you with renewed vigor. We continue like this for a bit and then I suddenly pull out. I lay down and tell you “Get on. I want to see your titties bouncing as you bounce yourself on my cock.”

You climb on top of me and I grab your face and kiss you. I hold you there, we make out for a quick minute before I slap your ass and get you onto my cock. You start bouncing your ass on it, just taking every inch in the get go, your pussy juices glistening on my cock.

“Mmmm, that’s my girl, ride my fucking cock.”

“Oh fuck baby, fuck fuck fuck” you start moaning as you start peaking. You keep riding me, getting closer and closer to your orgasm, your eyes closed in ecstasy. Until suddenly, you feel that my cock just isn’t quite as hard. You look down, and I’m asleep. Passed the fuck out, had too much to drink. You keep riding, to see if my dick will at least stay hard in my sleep, but I’m done. You aren’t getting any of my thick cum tonight.

“You motherfucker; I’ll get mine, don’t worry.”

You toy yourself to your climax and then set to work on getting your man’s cum in the morning. You tie my hands above my head. You tie my feet, spread, to the bed. I’m passed out, I offer no resistance. You cover me up, and then you curl up to go to sleep.

I wake up. “Ughhhhhhh good morn-why can’t I move.”

“Oh good. You’re awake whiskey dick. How’d you sleep?” You say, with more than a little bite in your tone.

“I slept well honey why am I tied up? What did we get up to last night?”

“Well, you fucked my face, fucked my pussy, had me ride you, and then you passed out. And denied me my cum, and set my orgasm back.”

“Oh. Fuck. I’m in trouble aren’t I?”

“Fucking right you are.” You say with an evil grin. You get on top of me, and start rubbing your pussy on my semi-hard cock, bringing it all the way to life. Then you blindfold me. “You don’t get to see anything. You don’t get to demand a fucking thing. I did as you asked last night, and you denied me my thick fucking cum. So now you’re going to sit there, and be my fuck toy. I was yours last night and you didn’t give me what I wanted. Now you’re going to be mine, and I’ll get what I want. And what I want is every. Single. Fucking. Drop. Of your fucking cum.” At that you get up and leave the room.

“Anne????” I cry out, desperate to fuck you. 5, 10, 15 minutes go by before you come back. My cock has gotten soft, and oozed out a little precum.

I feel you get on the bed, but have no idea what you’re going to do to me. Suddenly you’re on my face, rubbing your cunt against it. “I’m going to grind on your face. You aren’t allowed to lick my pussy. You’re just going to lie there.” And then you lick just the tip of my dick, getting the precum from my cock. “Mmmm, there’s the beginning of it. I’ll get more of that.” And you start sucking my cock, while you just grind of my face. I moan and groan, but keep my mouth shut, fearful of what will happen if I lick you. You’re determined on breaking my will though, you sit up, rub your cunt with your fingers, and put them in my mouth. “Mmmm, don’t lick my fingers, I’ll spread it on your tongue. Just fucking lie there.”

“Mmm-hmmm” I moan, savoring the taste of your cum on my tongue. You take your fingers out of my mouth and continue grinding on my face. You start sucking my cock with renewed vigor as I moan into your cunt. Suddenly, I feel a finger at my ass. “Ahhhh!” I cry out.

“Shut the fuck up Corey. You’re mine to do with as I please.” You slowly start putting it in my ass, and I can feel my asshole tighten with every movement. You put it in to the first knuckle, and move it just right to hit my spot. “Mmm” you moan around my cock as you feel it jump and twitch as you hit that spot.

“Ohhhhh Anne. I’m getting close” I cry out.

“I know Corey, I can taste your precum. It’s so fucking delicious. Guess what though? You aren’t fucking cumming.”

“WHAT?!?!?!” I cry out as you slide your finger quickly out of my ass, and stop sucking my cock.

“That’s right bitch, you didn’t give it to me last night, so I’ll decide when you get to today.” you tell me.

“Oh baby, please, I’m so close.” I beg.

“Yeah, so was I last night. Fuck you Corey.” You retort, and you play with your pussy until you cum, and cover my face with it. “I’ll see you later lover boy, when I’m horny again.” You kiss me, nibble my ear, and start to leave. I hear you stop and my cock twitches in hope. “Mmm, I see he’s desperate too. Too bad.” You come up to the bed. You kiss my cock, licking off the oozing precum. “You’re mine Corey.” And I feel your butt plug at my ass.

“Baby no.” I say.

“Bitch, you’re mine today. I’ll do as I please.” The plug is wet and lubed up and you slowly slide it into my ass.

“Fuuuuuuckkkkkk youuuuuu” I moan as I feel it violate my ass.

“Yeah, if you had fucked me, we wouldn’t be here right now.” You suck off the precum that putting that in made me ooze, and leave.

20-30 minutes go by before you come back. “How’s your ass feel? Violated? Just constantly aware of it? Mmmm. Yeah baby. Who’s the slut now?” My cock is rock hard upon you coming back, hopeful that you’ll let me cum.

“I am baby. I’m your slut. Please. Please let me cum.” I beg.

“Mmmm, you want to cum slut? Is that what you want?”

“Yes baby, please let me.”

You chuckle “We’ll see slut. I’m going to fuck you. I am going to ride your cock until I cum. And if you try to cum before I do, then fuck you slut. You won’t get to cum. I’ll sit on your face and cum on your face again and leave you here again.”

“Okay baby, I won’t cum until you do.”

“Haha, we’ll see slut.” You get on top of me. And you don’t put my cock in your pussy. You start sliding my head in your lubed up ass.

“FUCK! Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” I moan. I didn’t think you were going to use me to stretch and pleasure your ass. I wasn’t prepared for that.

“Better not fucking cum slut.” You snap at me.

“Mmmmmmm” I whimper. You start riding my head, having just the head penetrate your ass, over and over.

“Ohhhh fuck baby. I love spreading my ass for you.”

“mmmm” I whimper, unable to say anything more I’m concentrating so hard on not cumming. You slide my cock all the way in. And you just sit on it. And I hear a vibe turn on suddenly. You’re using me as a butt plug, to fill your ass, while you play with your cunt.

“Oh fuck baby. Oh fuck.” I moan, trying my best not to cum.

“What slut? Shut the fuck up. If you can hold out until I cum I will fucking ride you until you put my hot thick load in my ass.” You tell me.

“Okay baby I’ll hold it.”

“Mmmm that’s my good little slut. Now shut the fuck up and let me cum. Mmmmmm…..ahhhh….fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck” you start approaching an orgasm, and I can feel your ass tightening around my cock. I just lay there straining to hold my orgasm. “That’s it baby hold it. Fucking hold your load, I can feel your cock straining in my ass. Hold it…hold it…Fuuuuuckkkkkkk” you cum and your ass clenches on my cock.

“Oh please baby let me cum.” I beg.

“Cum slut. Pump your fucking load deep in my fucking asshole. Cum for me.”

“Ahhhhhhhh fuuuuck!!!!” I cry out as I pump your ass full of cum. I can feel my ass clenching on the plug as I pump you full of cum, and it empties me. I pump every single drop in your ass, and it extends out your orgasm, and I can feel your pussy juice dripping down onto my stomach.

“Oh fuck baby. That’s right give me all your cum” you tell me. And you yank the plug out of my ass and I cry out.

“Fuck!” and that pushes the last few drops out of my cock into your ass.

“mmmm” you moan, and untie me. You kiss me. “Thank you baby, go clean up. Don’t ever fucking pass out on me again. I hope you learned your lesson.”

“Mmm, I did indeed baby. I might pass out on purpose though” I say with a wink.

“Haha, you kinky fuck. Go shower, I’ll make lunch I’m sure you’re starving now.”

“Thanks baby, I love you.”

“I love you too goonberry.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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