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Promanade.It was way back in te 1950s that my story begins, it was a hot summers day, the breeze off the sea was warm but every now and again a gust would hit, I was out looking for a girl or a woman, I walked along watching the holiday makers enjoying themselves on the beach and in the sea my attention was drawn to a woman walking casualay a few feet in front of me, a gust of wind had riped along the promanade blowing up sand and also the kirt of te woman in front of me revelling two beautiful legs covered in silk stockings held up by four white suspenders connected to what looked like a corselette there was also a pair of brightly coloured nylon knickers, but there was also something else that made me look even harder before her skirt fell back, there was something inside those lovely pink knickers which I could not work out, as the skirt fell back the woman turned and looked at me I smiled and surprisingly she smiled back at me, I qickened my pace until I was along side her and introduced myself, her words when they came out nearly took my breath away for she actully appologised for what I had seen, I said please dont appologise your so beautiful and what I saw I would have gladly have paid for, her face went red and she looked about then she said in a very quiet tone, but you must have seen the towel did the fact that Im on my period not put you off, so that was what it was in her knickers a Dr Whites sanitary towel, no I replied in fact I found it sexually exciting, her face was scarlet and as she spoke her breath on my face canlı bahis şirketleri was hot, I looked at he fingers to see if she was married and sure enough there was a gold band with a single stone white diamond ring below it, the wind blew again and i watched as this time she put her hand behind to protect herself, I smiled and said could I buy you a cofee and was surprised when she said yes that would be lovely, we wondered over to a coffee shop and I ordered two cups and we sat looking at each other waiting for one of to break the ice, I decided to be the one and looking her straight in the eye nowing that a slap around the face could be imenent I said in a near whisper, how long have you been on, she replied without hestitation, two days and today is my heaviest, we starred at each other for a few moments then the coffees arrived, soon after we left the cafe and continued walk along the promanade as we did so another gust of wind blew and again her lovely cotton dress blew up but this time it was me who quickly put my hand on her skirt to save her further embarresment as I did so I noticed her nipples start to harden through her blouse, slowly I let my hand caress her butocks before slipping it between her legs feeling the towel, careful she said, you will make it leak, I decided to take another chance and said, my flat is just back along the way you can change it and put a fresh towel on if you wish, Im a married she said, I just smiled and ran my tongue over my lips, without another word I took her hand and mobilbahis we walked back to my flat.Once inside the flat I wasted no time and took her in my arms pushing my lips hard against hers my tongue pushing up against her lips waiting for he mouth to open, I didnt have to wait long, soon my tongue was in her mouth playing with her tongue and wallowing in the spittle within, my hand once again went between her legs but this time from the front and as I caressed her she tried to break the kiss but couldnt so instead she opened her legs wider, my hand worked the hem of her dress upward and soon my hand was on her knickers playing with the towel, my free hand went behind and slowly I lowered her zipper then I pulled the dress from off her shoulders and took a breast covered in spandex in my hand and lovingly squeezed it, I felt the nipple harden against my touch and I knew she would go all the way, breaking the kiss she put her face against mine and whispered, have you got a rubber I lied as I replied yes, and we kissed again then I took her hand and guided her towrds the big double bed, I got down one knee and pulled the dress down and as it lay at her ankles she lifted her legs one at a time allowing me to remove it, I pushed my head in between her legs and inhailed the aroma of this womans menstruation it was so intoxicating, I stood up and removed the straps of her slip from her shoulders, oh the feel of the nylon was so over powering, I looked at the woman standing before me in her playtex corselette, mobilbahis giriş stockings and pink nylon knickers, I wasnt sure but I thought she was in her thirties it would be a year before I found out, I went to the bathroom and returned with a large bath towel which I laid on the bed, then I helped her to lay down on it before removing my own clothers and then her knickers, as I starred down at the sight before me sporting a huge hard-on she said help me out of m corset, laying there almost naked she put her hands down between her legs and I knew it was to release the towel, quickly I stopped her and said, please let me, the towel was black with menstural blood but it did not deter me, what followed was an afternoon of sheer unaduterated sex, sex like she had never endured before, her orgasms were so intense tears welled in her eyes as one by one they hit her and each time she would scream out, yes,yes,yes, by the time we finished her nipples were red from the sucking I had given them and as she dressed and covered them with the cups of the coreselette I knew she was also in pain between her legs, as I watched I saw her take a fresh towel from her handbag and hook it onto the back of the belt then placing it very gently between her legs she hooked it onto the front and as she did so I noticed a large droplet of semen dri p from out of her blooded cunt.I walked with her back to the guest house where she and her husband were staying, she had told me how he had gone out fishng fo the day, before walking away I asked her if we could meet again, no she replied we must never meet again, not knowing that in just over a year she would be back and this time it would her looking for a man not any man and not the other way around, me looking for a woman, will she find him, you will have to wait and see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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