Prom Fantasy Ch. 01

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Nick and Jessica had been going to the same high school for four years, and they had been good friends the whole way through. They didn’t talk as much as they used to in recent months, but that was mainly because they hung out with different crowds, which grew apart over time. This didn’t bother them too greatly, except for one thing: Nick had developed a big crush on Jessica, only he never acted on it because he felt it would be weird for him to get involved with a good friend. Now that they had begun to grow further apart, however, he felt like his chance of ever getting together with her was slipping away for good.

It was the final year of school, and drawing to a close at that. With the end of the year came the social event that everyone knows and anticipates the year round: the prom. Nick knew that this might be the last chance for him to tell Jessica his feelings, but he was still very nervous about it. “What if she says no?” he thought. “It would be way too awkward… it would ruin things.” Maybe he was just making excuses for himself.

“Just do it,” a voice said, waking Nick from his reverie. It was his friend Danny. They and the rest of their friends were eating lunch together, as they always did.


“Ask her to the prom, jeez. It’s not like you’re asking her to marry you or something,” his friend laughed. Nick nodded his head and smiled weakly; he clearly wasn’t convinced. “All right, look at it this way: you think it’ll be weird to ask her to the prom, right?”

Nick nodded his head. He did. It may have been silly; maybe he was attaching himself too much to the whole idea. Was he putting too much pressure on it? Prom always seemed like such an important night. It would be difficult to put too much pressure on it; it WAS important. “And, let’s face it… a lot of kids use the prom as a gateway for sex,” Nick thought to himself. “It changes things completely.”

“All right. You two aren’t going to the same universities next year. If you ask her and she says no, oh well, big deal. If she thinks it’s weird, you probably won’t see her again anyway. But if you don’t ask her at all, you’ll miss your chance. She won’t stay available forever.”

It was a rather blunt way of putting it, but Nick had to agree; at least, a part of him did. If she did say no, it wouldn’t be TOO weird, he realized. He probably wouldn’t see her after graduation anyway, and they had been slowly drifting apart over the years anyway. But if she said yes… then at least they would have that one last night before it all came to an end.

The boy nodded his head. “All right. I’ll do it.” He still wasn’t sure he could muster the confidence, but he was resolved. Danny laughed and patted him on the back to encourage him.


The difficult part of the rest of the day was actually finding Jessica. Unfortunately she and Nick did not share any classes during that semester, so they only saw each other very briefly between classes and after school. It was a tiring hunt: Nick darted through the halls between classes, visiting her locker as quickly as he could, and never finding her. That is, of course, until the bell rang to end the day.

Coming around the corner from the English hallway, Nick saw her standing at her locker. The halls were crowded with students moving about, getting things from their lockers and getting ready to go home or head off to whatever activities they had planned, but when he looked at her they all faded away and didn’t matter anymore.

“No cold feet now. Just got to do it, that’s all,” he thought to himself.

Slowly – his feet felt like cement bricks – he trudged over to Jessica and waded through the crowd. He gathered every inch of ‘cool’ he could find and leaned back against the locker beside hers, catching her attention.

“Oh, hey Nick!” she said cheerfully, moving a few books from her backpack to her locker and vice-versa. “What’s up?”

“Hey, Jessica, I was wondering…” He managed to get that far, and then trailed off suddenly. She stopped what she was doing and looked up at him quizzically (he was a good deal taller than she was).

“Yeah? Something wrong?”

“Oh, no, I… was just wondering if you’d like to go to the prom with me.”

Nick almost heaved a sigh of relief as the words came out of his mouth, but restrained himself for fear of seeming too ridiculously needy. The nervous pause that came from Jessica quickened his pulse, however. Aside from that, the world seemed to slow down, and he felt as though his worst nightmare was being relived right before his eyes.

“I… I already said I’d go with John.”

Nick distinctly heard the sound of glass shattering in his head: the sound of his one hope breaking into a bahis şirketleri million pieces. John. Of course. He had seen her with him more and more often of late… why didn’t he suspect that they would go to the prom together? He felt like slapping himself across the face right then and there.

Apparently he must have been silent for an alarming number of seconds, because Jessica tilted her head and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Oh, yes, fine,” Nick blurted, attempting to look as though he was totally cool with it. “Ah well. Have fun with John, then.” He smiled cheerfully (as cheerfully as he could, anyway) and walked off down the hall, sinking into the crowd. He didn’t see Jessica’s expression as she watched him walk away.


“That’s tough luck, man,” comforted Lucas, another of Nick’s friends, the next day at lunch. It was only slightly sincere, considering the fact that it didn’t affect him at all, really, but Nick was happy for the comforting just the same.

Danny was the first to try and cheer him up. “Well, it doesn’t matter. I’ve got an extra seat at my table, and you’re welcome to fill it if you like.”

Nick looked up and furrowed his brow. “You don’t think I’d look like a loser going without a date? I’d feel kind of… out of place.”

Danny shook his head. “No, no. Not everyone has a date for the prom, you know. Some people go just to have a good time, though that may shock you just a little bit.” Danny laughed, and Nick chuckled a bit himself.

“All right… sounds fun. I’ve already paid for my ticket, anyway,” he laughed.


The night of the prom finally came, and Nick was at Danny’s house with the rest of their friends, waiting for their limo. Most of them had dates, but some of them met with the same unfortunate end as Nick had, in one way or another. Even so, they were all dressed to kill, and ready for a good time.

Nick was wearing a black suit which he had rented. He didn’t like such fancy attire in general, but given the circumstances, it was necessary; one of his friends’ dates said that the colour accented his short, dark brown hair and eyes very nicely. He was quite tall, and well-built, although he wasn’t a hard-core athlete by any means.

“Finally, he’s here,” Joseph said. He was one of the guys without a date, and he had been looking out the window in his boredom, waiting. The limousine driver walked up to the door and knocked. Danny quickly went to open it.

“Sorry I’m late,” the man said. He had a thickly-accented Russian voice. “I couldn’t find house. Very confusing area at night.”

Danny chuckled and nodded as he handed the man the payment. “I know what you mean.” He turned around and waved everybody over. “Come on, guys, time to go!”

They wasted no time piling into the back of the gorgeous white limousine, and they were all pretty astonished by it. “Oh my god,” Nick said; his voice echoed a little bit, causing everyone to laugh. Lucas had moved over to the side of the limo, and was reaching across for a bar of some kind. His date, Jennifer, went with him. “A bit of bubbly, anyone?”

Danny hadn’t paid for the champagne, but apparently they had forgotten to take it away. Nobody let their conscience get to them, and they all had a glass for the road; not enough to get them hammered before the fun began (as this would also tip off the driver to the grievous error), but just enough to get them loosened up for the night ahead. Seeing his friends laughing and drinking and having a good time, Nick realized that maybe this night would turn out alright after all… just as long as he didn’t see Jessica and John together.


The early part of the evening went swimmingly. They were all sitting together, eating, drinking, dancing, and enjoying themselves overall. The hall was amazingly fancy, the food was good, and the service was the type you would think only existed in movies: waiters and waitresses with fancy coats (coat-tails and all!) and little white gloves, lining up and presenting everyone with their food before serving it. Best of all, for Nick at least, he hadn’t seen Jessica or John at all, and so he was able to completely relax his mind and enjoy himself.

After a couple of hours, however, Nick was starting to get a little hot. Although it was a warm June night, he decided that going outside was more desirable than dancing on a stuffy dance floor if he wanted to cool down for a bit. He headed out of the dining room and through the large, glass doors leading out of the foyer. The cool night air was just what he needed to refresh himself.

After a couple of minutes, however, Nick thought he heard something nearby. The patio on which he was standing was large, and it had pillars of stone bahis firmaları leading up to the roof, creating a very elegant appearance. He searched all around these pillars for the source of the noise – he thought it was some kind of sniffling, perhaps somebody crying. Eventually, as he turned round the last pillar, he saw a familiar face.

Jessica was sitting on the ground, back up against the cold stone, crying as quietly as she could. She was more beautiful than he could ever have imagined her: wearing a flowing gown that was mostly green, but dabbled with rainbow colours, her strawberry-blonde hair was done up nicely and her makeup made her look absolutely breathtaking. Distraught, she hadn’t noticed Nick, until he sat down beside her and produced a handkerchief from his breast pocket (it had been there for good looks, but now served a purpose as well) with which to dry her tears.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, edging himself closer to her and dabbing her face. He couldn’t believe how gorgeous she looked, even through her tears. Her makeup wasn’t running at all; must have been something new from Maybelline or god knows who else.

“Oh, you don’t want to hear about it,” she said through sniffles.

He smiled softly and nodded his head. “I do, I really do.”

She looked into his eyes, and hers twinkled; a combination of the moonlight, the tears, and her adoration of this man in front of her. “Well… it’s John…” Nick remained silent. He didn’t want to pass judgment, but had his suspicions. “I found him… in the washroom… making out with Carrie Trent.” At the very mention of the girl’s name, Jessica burst out into tears.

Nick leaned in close and hugged her. She rested her head on his shoulder, and he rocked her back and forth gently. “That bastard,” he thought. He knew she was too good for him. This, however, was far beyond his expectations. When she had said that John was the problem, Nick assumed that he had stood her up or something. He didn’t even fathom that the bastard would try something like this.

“Is she that much prettier than me?” Jessica asked, somewhat more calmly now.

Nick had to admit, Carrie Trent was hot. But, as Austin Powers once said, “She’s the village bicycle: everyone’s had a ride.” There were rumours that even one of the math teachers had felt her up in exchange for a passing grade.

“Not by a long shot. He doesn’t know what he’s missing. He really screwed up.”

Jessica pulled away and looked up at Nick. He was looking back down at her, smiling. If he could read her expression, he would see that she was astonished by him. Here he was, all this time, her shoulder to cry on. She had come to him about her problems… and here he was all along. She had complained to him about all the guys she had gone out with, and yet he was the guy for her all along.

“Look,” he said after a long silence, “do you want to go back to our limo? You probably want a few minutes to recoup before you go back in there.” Jessica nodded her head, and they moved across the parking lot together. The limousine driver was in the car, but he had apparently fallen asleep; a newspaper was draped over his body as though he had been reading it before falling asleep. Nick quietly opened the back door, let Jessica in, followed, and closed it quietly again.

He hadn’t realized before how dark the limo was, but he could still see Jessica pretty clearly in the dim lighting. They sat across from each other, just looking into each other’s eyes. Nick was just happy to be with her; the night was turning out exactly as he was hoping it would before she rejected him. He became even happier when she moved over and sat beside him. Her hand reached out and grabbed his. They looked out the window for a while, contently staring at the stars.

Soon, however, Nick felt her hand shift. It wasn’t caressing his hand anymore, but his thigh… and then moving in, between his legs, stroking his crotch. There was a look of shock on his face, but Jessica didn’t see it. He turned to her and asked, “What…?” It wasn’t really a question, but it was all he could muster before she put her finger to his lips and silenced him. She positioned herself and pressed her body against his, locking them in a deep, lustful kiss. Suddenly Jessica became something Nick had never imagined. She grabbed at his jacket as they kissed, pulling it open and sliding it over his shoulders and down his arms. When it was free she tossed it aside. In the commotion, they had rolled over and landed on the floor, with Nick on top and Jessica on the bottom.

Now she was reaching up and grabbing – no, clawing – at his shirt. She undid the buttons as quickly as she could and tore the shirt off. His chest was well-sculpted, kaçak bahis siteleri with nice pecs and abs, which she ran her fingers along and kissed furiously. Nick wasn’t about to be the only one without his clothes, however. Getting Jessica’s dress off was a little trickier, but they finally managed it, revealing her silk bra and panties.

They stopped for a moment, looking shocked at each other, but then resumed their furious kissing. Nick’s hands were all over Jessica’s body, caressing her arms, grabbing her breasts, rubbing her crotch. She was doing the same to him, only she was more skilled; she managed to undo his pants and slide them down his legs while they were making out, leaving him standing before her in only his boxers.

They were both in their underwear now, and they stopped again. Last chance, they both thought; last chance to turn back. One more step and everything would change completely. Neither one seemed to care. Nick reached back and unfastened the clasp on her bra, and pulled it away; her full, luscious breasts leaped out to greet him, and he buried his head in them for a moment while he felt for her panties. These were considerably easier to slide down her legs, and the scent of her pussy filled the back of the limo. It drove him wild; not just the smell, but the fact that this was Jessica. His dreams were coming true.

Jessica was not sitting idly by through all this. She had already pulled down his boxers, revealing the 8″ beast inside. It rubbed against her legs, which gave both of them a strange sensation. They sat back and looked at each other. Nick admired Jessica’s gorgeous tits and pussy, while she lusted after his body and dick. She was faster, and leaned forward to take his hard member in her hand. He leaned back; it was such an awesome sensation. He propped himself up by extending his arms, and just watched as she stroked his cock gently in her hand. “Oh, god… yes…” he moaned.

Before long Jessica adjusted her body so that she was in the optimal position for fitting his cock into her mouth. She took it in slowly at once, and Nick was glad that she did. He savoured every second of it, his first blowjob ever. Once she was familiar with his size, she sucked up and down his member’s length, swirling around the cockhead with her tongue and flicking it (he was uncut) occasionally. There was nothing Nick could do but moan in absolute ecstasy. “Please, suck me Jessica… please… oh god…”

The girl just moaned as she started to suck more quickly. Nick could see that she was fingering herself, and as this was also new to him, he watched intently (when his eyes weren’t rolling back in his head at the intense, amazing blowjob). He reached forward with one hand and caressed her breasts, which were hanging out, calling to him. While she sucked, he squeezed and watched. He could see that she was rubbing herself faster and faster, however; he may have been a virgin, but he knew what that meant. He forced her onto her back and grabbed her wrists, pulling them away.

“Please,” she moaned, staring up into his eyes. “Fuck me, Nick… make me cum… cum inside me…”

Nick had no intention of denying her. He slid his erect dick into her sopping pussy. It was an easy fit, and it was the most intense feeling of euphoria he had ever felt. Nevermind the fact that he was fucking his first pussy; it was –Jessica’s- pussy. That made it so much more enjoyable. He groaned with pleasure as he began to thrust his shaft in and out of her.

He leaned forward and kissed her passionately as he fucked her, still holding her arms against the floor of the limo. Occasionally he reared back, and when he did he saw her tits bouncing up and down as he rocked her body. She was squealing with ecstasy every time he pounded her, and he was grunting as well. “I’m so close, Nick…”

“I am too, Jess…” he moaned deeply. “Please… cum with me…”

There were no arguments there. Nick began to grind her pussy faster and faster. Beads of sweat rolled down his chest, which Jessica was grabbing at furiously now that her hands were free; Nick was holding her legs up over his shoulders. The girl played with his nipples, and this must have driven him over the edge, because shortly after she did, he groaned one last time.


Jessica let out a scream that said the same thing, and both of them came together. Nick pulled out at the last second, letting his hot, juicy cum shoot all over her beautiful body. He rubbed her clit as her own juices flowed out onto the floor. Finally, Nick collapsed on top of his friend, his still-hard cock rubbing up against her throbbing pussy. There, they fell asleep.

Some time later, the door to the back of the limo opened, and Danny started to step in. He immediately saw Nick and Jessica sleeping on the floor, naked, however, and chuckled a bit. “Sorry, babe,” he called back to his date. “Looks like somebody beat us to it.”

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