Phones Ch. 03 – Molly Finds Out

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Everybody’s 18 blah,blah,blah.


Molly finds out

I pulled up the sheet to cover my cock as Molly shut the door and came over. She slapped my belly hard.

“You asshole!”

I guess mom told her.


She sat down, “You fucking know damn well what.”

I doubled down on denial. What else did I have?

“No, I don’t. What are you doing here?”

My sister was struggling to keep her voice down, “Mom told me about your phone video.”

Shit, “It was kinda an accident. I’m sorry, I heard you and…”

“You asshole. Why did you video me changing my clothes?”

WHAT? I wanted to say, ‘no I videoed you fucking your hairbrush and cumming.’ But I didn’t.

“I’m so sorry sis. That was so wrong. I guess mom showed it to you?”

“No, she deleted it, you perv. If you showed that to any of your creepy friends, I will literally kill you and mom will throw your phone in the garbage.”

I swore I had not, which was true. Since we are twins we can tell if the other is lying, it’s freaky but true. Besides, I wouldn’t and couldn’t share that. She seemed satisfied and went back to bed. I couldn’t sleep, just wondering.

Dad finds out

I got home from my side job. Tessa hugged me and kissed me, whispering ‘we need to talk, later.’ My mind, because of my job always goes to the worst-case and Tessa knows that. She whispered, ‘it’s not bad, but very interesting.’ All through dinner and while watching the ball game with John, my mind tried to imagine what Tessa had to tell me.

The kids went upstairs and Tessa and I retired to the ‘master suite’. I’d put a bathroom on the first floor bedroom, big deal. I showered second and slipped into bed, naked, like my wife. Since our introduction to swinging, we’d gotten very ataşehir escort into each other and sex was an almost nightly occurrence. But tonight, I was curious.

Tessa lay next to me, the sheet around her waist. Her small breasts shadowed by the one bedside light. She held her phone.

“So, this morning there was a mix-up. I ended up with John’s phone and he got mine. At first, I was annoyed and then curious. What mom wouldn’t like to have a peek at her kids’ life, right?”

I just sat and waited, sensing that this could be very interesting. Kids these days video everything and I was expecting to see John humping the shit outta some girl or her with a mouthful of his cock.

She handed me the phone. On the screen was a stopped video. The frame looked like somebody recording a ficus tree. The big white arrow beckoned and I pushed play.

Tessa had told me about her romp with Laura Thursday night. Of course, it got me horny as a goat and we fucked like teenagers. We had to change the sheets a one in the morning, giggling like idiots.

Here, spooling off in a badly framed video was that romp, with sound. My cock rocketed up. It looked better than her description and I was yearning to see it in person. Tessa, uncharacteristically just sat next to me, keeping her small warm hands to herself. The video ended.

“Why didn’t you tell me you recorded that?”

“I didn’t. Your son did.”

“What? How?”

Tessa shifted in the bed, “You know how sneaky he is. That fire alarm thing, he got out early and slipped into the house. He set up his phone in the plant on the pass-through and took off. I copied this off his phone and put it on mine.

“Can I get a copy?”

Tessa slugged me, “This isn’t funny, you ass. Plus, since he had my phone kadıköy escort bayan he saw a text string between Laura and me about our little group with pics of Laura and me naked. He knows everything.”

It finally occurred to me that Tessa was right, this could be a problem. This kind of stuff ends up on the net all the time. Wouldn’t matter to me, but Lars has a local business and being a swinger is not going to do a thing for his reputation.

“Has he posted this or let anyone see it?”

“I don’t know. I found all this out today.”

“You want me to go ask him?”

Tessa threw the covers back and walked around the bed, “No, I found it, so it’s best if I ask.”

She got to the door.

“Ummm, Tessa?”

She stopped, “What?”

I waved my hand up and down towards her body. She looked at herself and laughed, “Oh shit. It’s dark but not that dark!”

She threw her robe on and left. I picked up her phone to watch the vid again and my finger hit the back button. I the same folder was a second vid ‘sis’. I opened it.

Up until that moment, Molly was just my daughter. As I watched, I couldn’t help it, my cock got hard. Daughter or not, she was beautiful and exciting as I watched her masturbate. My cock was rigid. I masturbated, jacked-off, watching my daughter do the same. I should hate myself, but I don’t. Not one bit. When she yelled out as she climaxed, I came too, really hard.

I copied both to my phone, then called to Tessa.

John and mom have a moment

As I lay naked on my bed, the sheet down on my legs, the room totally dark, I tried to wrap my head around the fact that I was found out. Just thinking about Molly, naked, masturbating got my cock hard. It was wrong, but it felt so good. I love her and respect escort maltepe her, but… I heard the knob on my door slowly turning.

As the door opened, I expected it to be Molly, but on what mission? I wasn’t sure how I felt about this. The dim night-light in the hall silhouetted my mother in her gauzy robe as she stood in the doorway, listening. I could see the outline of her compact body and the memory of seeing her soaked, dildo-filled pussy returned, resulting in my cock getting harder. I said nothing, hoping she’d leave. She stepped in and closed the door, submerging us in darkness.

A few seconds later I felt the bed shift as mom sat next to me. The robe had opened and I felt the bare skin of her thigh against me. Her fingers brushed my thigh, really close to my cock, which was rock hard and not under my control at all. She pressed lightly into my thigh, “John? John baby, wake up. I need to ask you something.”

“I’m awake mom, what do you need?”

She didn’t answer right away. I knew what this was about and I wasn’t going to volunteer any information.

She sighed, “Those videos, they were a tremendous violation of privacy you know.”

“Yes, I know. I’m really sorry.”

“This is very important, John. Did you share them with anyone? Post them, you know, or show them?”

That was easy, “No, I did not. Molly already asked me.”

No answer as to why she didn’t tell Molly the truth.

Her hand moved, fingers nearly touching my cock, “Why?”

Another easy one, “Because it’s my family.”

A sigh of relief. She leaned over and her dry lips brushed my forehead, “Thank you. UM, what did you…?”

I heard dad’s bad whisper, calling mom. She pulled her hand back and it fell on my hard cock. She gasped, gripping it through the sheet for a nanosecond, then quickly stood, and moved to the door, “We’ll talk later.”

After she left I could still feel my mother’s fingers brushing my hard cock. I stroked, remembering what my mother looked like having her pussy licked. I came in seconds, wiped up, and passed out.

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