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PhilanthropyPhilanthropy. Part 1.Giving back to the community. That’s the basic definition of philanthropy. I consider myself a philanthropist…I got an early start in business. Always had tremendous drive and ambition, from the time I was a teen. I had multiple jobs at the same time in school, always striving to earn, to be successful. I guess it paid off. Almost 30 years into adulthood and I can look now and see my ambitions have been fruitful. A string of successful businesses, a large collection of real estate holdings, a significant investment portfolio. I don’t think I’m old enough to retire yet, just don’t feel it, but selling this last business seems right. It’s time to start taking time for myself, time to start giving back.Despite being seriously addicted to sex and porn, I have been able to manage the two seperate lives of business and pleasure. Now, I have the time, the money to concentrate on the pleasure part full time. I’ve always dabbled in different sexual kinks, one kink leading to a bigger , better one. When things got too much “the same old thing” at home, I ventured out, found my kinks outside the marriage bed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve put the Mrs. through her paces and she has been a willing participant, but I always needed more and as I went, it got darker and more out of bounds. I’m talking serious BDSM, more than the casual “tie up the wife, fuck her in the ass” , 50 shades routine.I’ve found these encounters through that blessing and curse, the web. It started with the old file shares and as the business of online porn grew, so did my attraction to the darker side of porn. I had profiles on all the sites, always looking to hook up with that masochist looking to have her tits worked over. There are plenty out there and I have had dozens of them. I kept honing my craft as a tit sadist, one hookup at a time. Sometimes – most times – it was a one time deal. These things rarely turned into relationships because most never know what they really want. You also never get what you really hoped for – she didn’t look the same as the picture, she was too scared to really try, no personality, you name it. It was a lot of work.Getting back to philanthropy, I figured out that giving back could also get me what I needed. Here is how it’s working.As you surmised, I love to torture tits. I live for it. If I don’t have a ready pair to abuse, I surf endlessly looking at tit torture videos, pictures, whatever and get instantly rock hard at the sight of big tits in trouble. It’s not unusual for me to jack off 3-4 times a day looking at tit porn, Just walking down the street, I analyze every set of udders I see. Hmmm…they look big enough…nice sag to them…ohhh! Look at those thick nipples starting to poke through! Wow ! What could I hang from those!….you get the idea.Every woman on the street was simply transportation for the fun bags that lay below the clothes. I sometimes get so hard and worked up seeing the perfect specimen, I need to immediately jack off and cum just at the sight of something as simple as a big, wide 4 hook bra strap showing through a blouse while I stand in the Starbucks line.So what I’ve discovered is that I need the “every woman” . the regular, every day, work about MILF going about her daily business. I don’t want the pro, I don’t want the freak. I want innocence. I want naivete. I want the woman with the huge rack that tries to downplay it, embarrassed at the size, uncomfortable with the looks, the leers, the feeling that her udders make her look easy, that they are sexual objects. That’s the experience I’m looking for. Working over a set of tits on someone who didn’t even know that was a thing. Someone that thought staring,jeering, leering, tit groping, fondling and suckling like after the homecoming dance was what men did with tits.I wanted to break in a nice, mature saggy set of MILF udders that had never been used for anything but their intended purpose and maybe an occasional grope by the hubby.OK, OK…I’m getting to it. How is this plan philanthropic? Well, I started a non profit. How does it work? I got some of my wealthy friends as donors and board members to give it some legitimacy. They don’t want to do anything, they just want their name attached to good deeds…and get a big tax break.. Now they don’t know the real reasons here, they are just bleeding hearts for a good cause.I will be the operation. Keeps costs down, keeps it low key. They love it, they can be self important and tell their friends.I told them we are starting a foundation to help single mothers in need. Job training, housing assistance, medical help, that kind of thing. I told them it’s a cause dear to me because I grew up in a single parent home and my mother struggled everyday after my father left. Rather than open a home for these women, this would be a consultative foundation. I would interview the applicants, and if I found one to be truly in need, not a crackhead, someone trying to make ends meet and be a good mom, I’d “sponsor” them, arrange housing if needed, job training,c***d day care, a small stipend to get them back on their feet.With the foundation in place, I started seeking out candidates. I ran some public service ads in local papers, put flyers in the local coffee shops, day care centers, etcetera. It gave the 800 number to call, the website to go to for help. I was the sole phone operator and webmaster. It took only hours before the first calls came in. Then, even more web interest. In a few days , I had 30 some women inquiring. Now comes the work. I need to interview them to see if they qualify. Here are the foundation’s requirements I told them :Must be a single mother, no family or local support system to help, non d**g user,no criminal background, employable with no disability, willing to work or train.Here were my own requirements, quite in this order:DD or larger breasts30-50 years oldAttractive – not necessarily beautiful, but not a worn out hag either.A wholesome aire about them, the midwest, girl next door, life handed me a bad hand, but i’m a good person type.The interview process was interesting most times, boring a lot of the time- all that small talk, down right depressing other times. I interviewed 12 women before finding one that would check my boxes. The others? I told them we’d be in touch if we could help and if they truly met the guidelines of the foundation, I did refer them to job training groups and other social help. I guess I’m a bleeding heart too, because if they seemed like a good person, I gave them $1000 in gift cards to a local supermarket, gas station bahis firmaları and discount department store for showing up to the interview.But it was number 12, as she will be known from here on. She clicked all boxes. 34 years old, a buxom brunette of about 5’4, 145 lbs. She came to the interview in professional business attire. I nice white blouse, grey wool skirt to about her knees,modest heels, her long hair tied back in a ponytail. You could tell she had been professionally employed before the baby came and the clothes fit snuggly now, showing off her now wide, round ass and thicker but still shapely thighs. Her blouse buttons gapped in the middle and I could see she tried to reign in the gaps with a couple cleverly hidden safety pins. Her juggs were massive and hard to hide. From the back, I could see she wore an industrial grade bra with multiple hooks, probably a 4 inch wide strap. From the front I could see it was squashing those monsters into submission with the strong underwire and spandex. I could also see the release clips through her blouse that indicated a heavy duty nursing bra in use. Could it be? Was she still lactating? I was already hard seeing her, but my cock was straining against my slacks now, my desk protecting me from giving away my enthusiasm. That bra strap rode low on her back. I knew released from their confines, those heavy orbs would drop to her waist. She is definitely a candidate for my philanthropy.Number 12 told me she had a 18 month old and that her husband had died a year ago, drowning in a boating accident. She said they had just moved to the area weeks before and had spent all the money they had to move and make the downpayment on the house. He was to start a new job in this city which is why they moved. She was now faced with no money, no family, no contacts and the house was just foreclosed. She had to be out in a week, she could only work part time because day care was too expensive. She was willing to learn, to work – anything.Anything? We’ll find out, won’t we… I told her I was sure I could help. As matter of fact, with her professional experience, I amy be able to use her in my business. First, though, we need to get you a place to live, get you back on track so you can take care of that baby.Step one is done. The candidate has been chosen. Now, on to step two. I knew I needed to put those tits to use and it needed to happen soon. As soon as she left the interview, I pulled out my cock and blasted a load within only a few minutes just thinking about her! Oh, I wish I had made a mess on that blouse right here in the office.I told her to report to work the next day, I arranged paid day care for the baby at a highly accredited and expensive center. She was ecstatic to have her daughter in such good care – she had been relying on craigslist babysitters and never felt good about it. First things first, I told her, “we need to find you a suitable place to live”. She said she needed to know how much she would make before she could pick an apartment. I told her not to worry,the foundation would pay the rent. As I already owned several properties, I took her to see the one I wanted her in. I wanted her there for a specific reason. This small home was a little play place for me at one time.I had been renting it out the last couple years, but kept the garage for “storage”.It was a two bedroom town house, about 1400 SF. I had converted that garage to a playroom. Essentially, it was a sex room/dungeon. Fully equipped with every device of sexual pleasure and torture known to man. I had several different benches built, securing points in the walls, the floor, the ceiling. Hoists, tool boxes full of clamps, ropes, hooks, chains. A whole bench of electro stimulation and torture equipment and electronics. A rack of breast pumps from mild hand pumps to double electric hospital grade to a full on goat milking machine. Wall racks of dildos, vibrators, cuffs, gags, masks, hoods, you name it. When I would meet someone online, I would take them here to play. This was now going to be number 12’s “On the Job training” classroom.She just didn’t know it yet. I took number 12 to the house, as expected, she was elated at the prospect of living there. I told her to have a seat and I wanted to talk to her. I told her I didn’t expect to find someone so deserving of help and that I had really been taken by her story, her desire to provide for her baby and move forward. It says a lot about her character. I also said I wasn’t planning to go to this length to help, but…I had been smitten by her. She looked somewhat surprised and shocked, even a little speechless. I told her to hear me out and if she wants to just run far away, I get it – no hard feelings. I’d give her $5000 and she could get a good fresh start. Now she looked confused and frightened. I tried to calm her, I took her hand. “ I know this may sound outlandish, but I didn’t expect to have you walk in my foundation” . I continued… “this is going to sound very strange, I know, and I’m embarrassed to ask….It just seems so inappropriate, I shouldn’t even go there… oh never mind” I said, looking away ashamedly. Now here is the part where I test my ability to read people… and I proved I can…“Please”, she said, taking my hand “Please tell me. I won’t judge.I promise I won’t be mad. Just tell me”. “Ok” I said, sheepishly as I could feign. “Please don’t get mad… but…but… the sight of you and your baby today…ummm” I hesitated to gauge her reaction. She moved even closer, wide eyed, innocent. “Please, continue” she said. “Well , I wonder if you would….nurse…me?”This was going to go one of two ways. She started to speak, but lost her words. She got up slowly, I thought she was going to just walk out for a second. She didn’t. Instead, she turned away, unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse. She then started toward me slowly as I sat on the edge of the sofa. As she approached, she reached up and unhooked the cup of her nursing bra, letting the giant orb tumble from it’s holster. As she approaches me, her udder at eye level, hanging near the waist of her skirt, I see the dark, distended nipple for the first time, better than I imagined. The other tit still firmly cocooned, was easily sitting 8 inches higher in its perch, a cock stiffening sight to behold.She directed the nipple gently toward my mouth and I opened wide in anticipation. I felt the warm flesh on my tongue and then pulled as much of that teat in my mouth as I could, the wet drops of milk already adding a sweetness to the taste. I started to suckle, pulling the long, rubbery kaçak iddaa nipple back in my throat. As I did, the milk started to literally gush into my throat, overflowing my mouth. I released briefly for air, looking up at her. She was looking right in my eyes, then stroking my hair.She said, softly “ you don’t have to stop. You can keep going, take all you want”. She almost purred, it seemed.I suckled for a good ten minutes an the flow started to slow to a trickle. Her nipple had swelled in my mouth from the intense suction, my mouth seemed numb. As I released the teat, I looked at it so engorged, now the size of a thumb. My cock was going to explode out of my slacks, I could feel the pre-cum wetness. She reached up and unhooked the other side and it, too, tumbled. She turned slightly and guided it to my mouth like she was refueling a fighter jet. I performed the same operation on this teat, guzzling all her warm milk till empty. I wanted so much to pull out my cock, but was trying to appear almost submissive in my needs. When I had emptied her milk bags, she leaned back and I saw the sight of those saggy, well used udders, the long nipples pointed down and outward, the breast having been stretched by 9 months of pregnancy and another 18 months of milk production. At the same time she looked down and saw my raging boner at full mast in my pants. She looked shocked for a moment, maybe not connecting what just happened here as sexual in nature. Again , a good choice on my part. I read her right. She is that innocent and naive!To my surprise, she came back to me,knelt down and started to undo my belt, then zipper. My cock had escaped its confinement of the silk boxers and as soon as she unzipped me, my 7 inch rod sprang out like a jack in the box! I closed my eyes as I anticipated her mouth slowly taking in my shaft. But she didn’t – instead she wrapped her hand around, and started to gently stroke. “ I’m so sorry this happened – I didn’t want to arouse you while you nursed” She said. Huh? What?I’m thinking? Is she for real? “ I know this could be uncomfortable, so I hope I can help” she said in a concerned voice. She started jacking me faster, very intently watching my cock as she stroked. I watched her hand and then her face, as she beat me off. In only seconds, it seemed, I exploded in her hand, cum now splashed down on my suit pants. “Oh Damn!’ she exclaimed.”Im so sorry!! I ruined them, didn’t I “ I thought she was going to cry. She grabbed her purse, pulled out a baby wipe and started to blot the mess. I gently started to get up and zip as she finished cleaning. She got up, very embarrassed, and started repackaging the udders for transport. “I guess that went different than we thought, huh? I chuckled to her, trying to lighten the mood. She nervously nodded and then started to give a little smile. “I hope this doesn’t change anything and you would still like the foundations help?” I asked. There was a long pause, but she looked at me and said “If you are still offering, I would appreciate the opportunity”. Very professional. I told her I would draw up a contract. It would cover what I am offering and what she needed to do to on her end. I would lay out a work schedule, a training schedule, the rental agreement, a salary and the daycare piece.I told I would have it drawn up by the foundation attorney and present it tomorrow. She would have ample time to review it before signing.As expected, she said “ I don’t need long to review, I just appreciate the help and will honor the agreement, no problem.” I can’t thank you enough” she continued. “ I just hope my actions today don’t make you think less of me”. I assured her it was forgotten, and I was still embarrassed I even asked her to do that.” She then said “ not as embarrassed as me acting like a cheap prostitute in there while you just needed some comforting – Again, I’m so sorry and I’m sorry about your clothes” . I held back the grin that would have announced that no one could be that pure nor gullible. What a find.As the the townhouse was furnished, I told her she could move in immediately. I drove her to pick up the baby and then dropped her at her house. She was packed up already and said she would move everything over tonight. We agreed to meet at the office at 9:30 after she dropped the baby at daycare.I drew up the contract myself that night. As promised, number 12 was at the office promptly, even a few minutes early the next morning. She was professionally dressed in a yellow dress that, again, was probably now a couple sizes small since her baby weight. It was not necessarily low cut, but it was not originally designed to hold those king size flesh pillows, so there was a nice view from the top of her squished cleavage. Her dress stretched nicely over her butt, but you could tell she was gingerly sitting down to avoid splitting a seam.I motioned her in to sit down. I slid the contract across the desk. It was four pages. I told her it would require of her 40 hours per week of a combination of office work and on the job training. The hours would be flexible, but daycare would be provided at any necessary time. We would develop a schedule of days and times that would be mutually beneficial. Her salary would be $20 per hour, her insurance benefits paid by the foundation. The townhouse rent and utilities would be paid by the foundation. It was expected that most of her salary would be in a savings account for when she was ready to start fresh. I explained that in the contract, there are clauses that describe the repayment of some of these expenses,but that it was not cash, it was a work contract. We would have first right of refusal to give her a permanent position. Part of that employment would be a “Sweat equity” repayment to the foundation. She was smiling and nodding “ this all sounds great to me. Thank you so much!” she said.Not so fast, I told her. “This is a big commitment we are in together” “I suggest you really read it over. If it’s not for you, I understand.” “ You’ll practically be an indentured servant!” I laughed.She giggled and blushed. “Oh, I doubt it will be that grim – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for me! “She exclaimed. Oh, that it will be, I thought….HeHe…I said, “well, I’ll leave you to read it over. When you are ready to sign, I’ll have Mr. Richards, our attorney, come in and witness the signing.“I’m ready now” she said , quite determined. I said ok, I will get Mr. Richards”… “Ben” I called down the hall “ can you come in for a minute?” As second later Ben Richards, our attorney, walked in. “Ben, this is xxxx ( number kaçak bahis 12 ), she would like the foundation to help her. She wants to sign her contract” I told him. Ben didn’t even see the contract, but as with my other deals, he knew his role was only as a witness and if a breach, to help littigate it.Ben said “ Do you understand this is a contract and, if you break it, we will ask for repayment?” “Oh yes, I understand” she said. “Ok” Ben said, “if you are familiar with terms, sign here. I will be the witness”. Number 12 signed immediately with no hesitation. Ben politely excused himself and I filed the signed contract.I stood up, extended a handshake. “Congratulations. You are now on your way to a new life!” Number 12 started to tear up “ oh, thank you, thank you! I will not let you down!” she said. “Now, I have a list of duties on your desk for you here in the office. Why don’t you get started with that” I told her. She went off with a bounce in her step.A couple weeks went by. Everyday, number 12 diligently showed up on time, ready to work on the menial filing and secretarial tasks I had for her.I played the good boss, not getting too close. But…those tits were making me crazy every day. Just a little more time… Then, one day she came to my office first thing, knocked softly at the door frame. “Sir, may I interrupt” she asked. “Sure – come on in. How are the first few weeks on the job?” I responded. “ Oh, very good, I love it here. I just wanted to ask when we might start some of the on the job training?”. “You know what, it is about time” I said. “Let’s start today”. She smiled. “ I keep my training materials in the garage at the townhouse. Why don’t we drive over and dig around in there and see what program we should start” Number 12 was excited and agreed we should head over right away.We made pleasant small talk on the way. How’s the baby? Weather is getting so nice, just tried this great sandwich place for lunch. She is such a nice girl, I thought, I almost feel bad about the next step.But not that bad.We arrived that the house. She let me in the front door and to the right is the garage entrance, with two deadbolt locks. “ I store expensive equipment here. I didn’t want the previous renters to have access” I told her. She nodded in understanding. I opened the door and let her in to the dark room. Before turning on the light, I closed the door, a combination lock deadbolt latching behind me. I flipped on the light switch. The room lit dimly. I watched her reaction. The room was actually very well appointed with dark red velvet curtains covering two walls, dark grey painted brick the others. As her eyes adjusted to the light, I saw them get wide. She said nothing and looked directly at the wooden stocks front and center, the black iron clasps hanging unhooked, but menacing. Her eyes moved to the wall rack with the assorted dildos – big dildos -and the cuffs, the ropes, the whips. Her head spun around to me, a look of confusion.“What…is … this… place” She asked, he voice soft, creaky, shaky.I replied “ This is the on the job training center. This is where we start training today”. She started backing up to the door, shaking her head in confusion, disbelief. Her voice got shrill “What do you mean!?!?” What is this ?!?!?”I calmly said “ this is the new life we talked about”. “No we didn’t! You said job training! Get me on my feet again” What IS THIS…PLACE?!?!”At this point, I knew I needed to gain control. I grabbed her arm firmly and set her on a bench, while deftly grabbing a handcuff attached to the wall and clamping her wrist in on emotion. She screamed out “ NO! What are you doing!?”I sat next her, very calmly opened my folio. I took out the contract. I handed her a copy. “ I know you already said you read and understood, but let’s read along together, starting on page three.”“ section 6 – OTJ training requirements and curriculum:In signing this contract, I agree to the following:My breasts, now heretofore to be referenced as “ the udders” “The udders” now belong, as the sole titled property, to the foundation.The foundation will determine the appropriate use of “the udders”As a foundation contractee, you will be responsible for the care of “the udders” and make sure they are in proper condition for the training.As a contractee, you will be required to be a transportation and life support device for “the udders”For proper training of “the udders”, it may become necessary to utilize other parts of the life support system. These parts may include, but are not limited to, the contractees cunt, mouth and asshole.Part of OTJ training includes certain dietary guidelines.As a life support system, you will be provided a diet that will promote the health, and at times, the healing of “ the udders” . Part of this diet will include, but is not limited to a) Semen b) milk directly from “the udders”At anytime should one or both of “ the udders” become unusable, the damaged udder will be removed. In the case of both of “ the udders” becoming unusable, both will be removed, the contractee will be released from the contract for failure to comply. Contractee will be given 2 weeks severance.Should milk production cease or slow, it will be at the foundations discretion to impregnate the life support system to allow for continued milk productionAs a foundation asset, “the udders” may be used as collateral in business arrangements, leased, rented or sold based on the foundations needs.Examples of OTJ training for “the udders” may include:Tying with rope, cord, wire, string, metal straps, etcNipple training with clamps, pumps, suction devices, needles, saline injections, nails, screws, pliers, hammers, meat tenderizing tools, etcUdders may be punched, kicked, stomped, beaten, pierced and skeweredUdders may be burned with hot wax, soldering tools, torches or electrically shockedThe contractee may be suspended from height using only “ the udders”Milk may be extracted with a variety of suction devices, like breast pumps, vacuum jars, livestock milking apparatus, hand expression ans suckling. Contractee will be required to self suckle on a regular basis, providing at least one daily meal for the contractee.Any fresh milk not consumed by the foundations trainer, will be consumed by the contractee. A portion of the milk will be frozen for later use or for sale.To maintain a high protein and immune defense diet, your trainer will provide daily portions of semen for you to consume orally. This will be in addition to ejaculations inadvertently deposited in the rectum, the vagina, “the udders” and on the face. Should there be a dietary “cum shortage”, due to misapplication of sperm to other parts of the contractee, the foundation agrees to procure supplemental semen ( cum ) from outside sources and at the foundations expense.To be continued in part 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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