Our Little Secret Pt. 01

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This is a rewrite of the first story I’d ever written and posted anywhere (originally titled “stranger danger,” and posted on Literotica under the username “youmakemewet”). I hope it’s an improvement on the original. This is a flash story. I write short little flash stories to help me think when I’m writing longer pieces. Enjoy.


Kim had been eighteen for four months now and loved everything about being a senior. She was a really late bloomer and was ecstatic that she finally grew some breasts over the summer before the start of the year. . She always had a nice shapely ass and now she has a nice set of c cups to go with them. Sadly in a school with three or four dozen girls with double d breasts it was hard for her booty to ever really get the attention she wanted. That’s not to say she was a virgin or anything, far from it. She just wasn’t having as much or the kind of sex she wanted to. Now that she wasn’t feeling so self conscious about her body she felt more comfortable with around other people. She was making up for lost time shirking off schoolwork and focusing on boys. She had a few boys she toyed with and was always trying to break men into doing anything she wanted. She loved making them obey or worship her.

One guy she flirted with every chance she got was a security guard named Rodney. He seemed to be one of the only guys who even noticed her ass. But Rodney didn’t just notice it no, he seemed to be mesmerized by it. She always admired her butt and when guys were ass men they couldn’t seem to get enough. Rodney was her dream guy. Tall, dark, handsome, funny, great smile, she especially loved how much he cared about this appearance. He was always neat and trim. He always seemed to go out of his way for her too. There was one time he went to one of her classes to bring her purse back after she had left it in the metal detector. He could have just paged her over the loud speaker but he seemed to like making her smile. It made some of the other girls in her class a bit jealous. He had really soft hands too. She always made fun of him for excessively lotioning them. The truth was though that she would like nothing more than to have his smooth, soft hands all over her.

Every morning Kim would have to walk through metal detectors to get in to school. If she beeped she would have to go to the “stop and frisk,” line as the kids called it. They had one guard for the males and one for the females. She made sure she always left something metal on her so she could go and get patted down. Every morning she would stand in front of the female guard and make seductive faces at Rodney and lick her lips as he watched her. She had a habit of dropping things in front of him and bending over slowly to pick them up in her tight jeans knowing he was watching her ass. He could never hide the bulge in his pants for long after she was done with him. Sometimes when they were alone in the halls or bumped into each other in the staircase he would ask her how long till she graduated with this look of need on his face. She knew he wanted her and she loved it.

Earlier that day Kim had come to school late. She got there just after fifth period. No one else was around the main lobby except for Rodney. His uniform shirt framed his biceps and Pecs so perfectly. She wanted him to wrap his arms around her so bad. She could feel a heat growing within her. “Hi baby,” she said, a cheerfully seductive air to her words.

Rodney looked her up and down. She was wearing a pink dress shirt with her lace black bra visible through the fabric, an immediate attention getter. “You know you not supposed to call me that,” he said sternly. This only served to spurn her on and heighten her arousal. She walked through the metal detector purposely leaving her keys in her pocket. The machine beeped loudly and Kim couldn’t hide the grin on her face. “Since you beeped… again,” Rodney said with a sigh, “I’ll have to call a female guard to come and scan you.” He seemed annoyed.

‘Was he onto my little game?’ she thought. The very idea brought a smile to her face. She knew he wasn’t stupid but up till then he seemed to be all but oblivious. It was time to take this to the next level. Just as Rodney reached for his radio she walked over to the scanning area swaying her hips. His movements slowed to a stop as he watched her plump booty sway side to side. She looked over her shoulder relishing his attention. “But then I’d have to wait for her to show up,” Kim said pouting. “I’m already late for class.” Kim looked over her shoulder at Rodney and licked her bottom lip slowly. “I’m sure you can frisk me just this once. I won’t tell,” she was rocking her hips slowly now almost to a rhythm only Rodney could hear in his head. He was biting his lip as he watched her movements totally entranced.

Rodney felt the familiar stirring in his crotch that she elicited whenever they were together. “A-alright, but just this once.” She could hear in his voice that his resolve bursa escort had weakened and with no witnesses to speak of he was hers for the taking. The very thought of him touching her was moistening her panties nicely.

Kim stood in the scanning area waiting to be patted down as Rodney walked over slowly drinking in all she was. He knew he could be fired for this but he couldn’t help it when it came to Kim. She had some kind of effect on him like his brain didn’t work properly when she was around. She stood awaiting his touch. ‘How professional would he be,’ she wondered. ‘Not too much I hope.’ she grinned to herself as she swayed her hips back and forth deepening the hypnotic effect she seemed to have on him. She felt his hands on her hips as he began the slow slide up. She cooed a contented sigh as she felt his soft brown hands slide over her creamy white skin. “Just this once ok,” he said almost moaning himself. “Our little secret.” that last bit got her juices really flowing. He slid his hands up her sides and began moving them down her arms.

Rodney nearly jumped out of his skin when she suddenly grabbed his hands and pressed them to her breasts. “ARE YOU CRAZY?” he yelled looking around side to side making her giggle. “Are you crazy?” he asked this time whispering. Still though, he didn’t move his hands. Kim leaned back against Rodney drinking the sweet scent of cocoa butter on his neck. “Please stop,” he said. She loved having this power of him. So often it’s the other way around and had been with exes of hers. She relished this.

“Nope,” was all she said back. She pressed her ass into him grinding against his struggling hard on. She could see the distress in his face, the moral dilemma in his head, combating the caged beast in his pants. She felt his hands instinctively begin squeezing and fondling her breasts. She pressed into him more, moaning softly. She did her best to keep her moans quiet as he squeezed them harder. “Just like that baby,” she cooed in his ear. “You like my tits baby,” she asked breathlessly. All she got in response from him was,”Mmmms,” but moans weren’t good enough for Kim. She hadn’t even had breasts a year ago. She wanted to hear him praise them. “Say you like my tits baby,” she said seductively.

Rodney took a minute to respond almost fighting the sexual hold she had on him. “This-this is wrong Kim,” he warned, “Please, stop this.” In one swift motion she lifted her shirt and bra exposing her hardened nipples to his hungry fingers. She could feel his erection straining against his pants pressed between her ass cheeks. “Oh, fuck. Kim I-we shouldn’t be doing this, please stop,” his pleas only serve to make her pussy wetter for him. He was taller and probably six times stronger than she was. She knew if he really wanted to stop her he could. He wanted this, whether he would admit it or not. Rodney kept fondling Kim’s breasts despite his reluctance. She could feel his smooth hands rub all over them as he stared at them salivating. She was in complete control now and she knew it. She could get him to do anything she wanted and she would, just as soon as he said what she wanted to hear. Kim pulled one of Rodney’s hands off her chest and slowly guided him down her body. She moaned softly as his hands glided over her stomach and came to rest at her thigh. Agonizingly she danced his hand up her thigh and under her skirt. Rodney was in such anticipation of what would come next that he completely stopped pinching her nipples and just left his hand lightly cupping her breast.

“You want more baby?” she asked her lips just a breath from his ear. Rodney seemed to be in a lust filled daze, all he could do was nod. “Mmmmm say it baby. Say you want more,” sex practically dripped from her lips. She oozed it with every syllable.

“I…I” Rodney stammered. “I want more.”

Kim pursed her lips and kissed just below his ear lobe. “Say you like my tits,” she commanded in a whisper, hot velvet draped over her words.

Rodney responded all too quickly, “I like your tits.”

Kim brought his hand closer letting him just graze the flames of her arousal as a reward. “You feel how wet I am for you baby?” she teased, “You see what you do to me;” her words breathed new life into Rodney’s hand as he began to grope her with renewed vigor. “Mmmm yes,” Kim moaned. Kim brought Rodney’s fingers even closer letting him touch the damp silk of her black lace thong. Her pussy lips were so plump and wet that every caress of Rodney’s fingers was like squeezing sex from a sponge. Her juices dripped through the fabric on to the floor below. Kim began grinding her velvet lips all over Rodney’s fingers slicking them with her desire. She could hear him smacking his lips just begging for a taste.

She smiled wickedly as she teased him caressing his trouser trapped cock with her palm. She tortured him grazing the tips of her manicured nails over his covered cock head. She relished every second of his sexual enslavement. bursa escort bayan “Have a taste sweetie,” she said guiding his slick fingers to his mouth. Rodney feasted on his fingers starving for her nectar. He slurped and sucked with such gusto she couldn’t help but giggle. She reached behind her and hiked her skirt up bunching it around her waist. Looking down at her luscious plump ass Rodney experienced a new level of sexual agony. His still covered cock twitched and pulsed wedged between her perfect cheeks. He ached for release. Frantically he reached for his zipper fiddling with it roughly. “No,” Kim said as she slapped his hand away from his bulging prison.

“No, Fuck you mean no?” Rodney was puzzled, furious and horny.

“I didn’t say you could fuck me,” she said bluntly. Rodney was taken aback. He looked down at her arched back, her exposed breasts and ass, could still taste her honey on his lips. “But-“

“Look, you fuck me when I say, how I say and only if I say or this is over,” Kim’s voice was all business. She wanted to make it clear who was in charge here. She liked Rodney but not more than she liked her fun.

“Fuck that shit,” he said as he grabbed onto her waist slamming his bulge into her.

“Unhh!” she moaned as her thrust at her again. He reached down and pulled her thong to the side exposing her lips to his hand. Rodney grabbed her hand and placed it over his bulging erection “You want this big black dick don’t you,” he asked, authority dripping from his lips, “Say you want this big black cock in that tight teen pussy baby,” he demanded. Kim couldn’t lie this was a huge turn on. Had he been a boyfriend she would have gladly played along and obeyed his every whim, but she wasn’t playing his way. After all she was grooming him to be her living fuck toy. She couldn’t just have her toys trying to take control. “Say it!”

Kim had to stifle a moan. “Or… I could scream as loud as I can,” she had to nip this before she lost control completely. Threats often work to turn the tide back in her favor when her toys don’t cooperate. Not that she was really going to ruin his life over this but what Rodney doesn’t know…

“W-what” he asked backing up a bit. She really had his attention now.

“You do what I say and maybe I let you get your dick wet,” she smiled devilishly. “You try and force me again or stop before I’ve had my fun and you leave here with blue balls and in hand cuffs,” She said grinning.

Rodney couldn’t believe what he was hearing. First seduction, then denial, and now blackmail. “I-I’m sorry,” he said meekly. She rubbed his pulsing covered cock as if patting an obedient pet on the head. She reached out taking his hands and placing them on her ass cheeks. Kim swayed her hips left and right as she grinded on Rodney’s cock. Rodney hesitated a bit almost afraid of touching her ass but soon he was back to squeezing and bouncing her cheeks on his palms. “Damn girl,” he groaned.

Rodney kneaded and massaged her ass lovingly. “That’s a good boy,” she sighed. She wanted to torture him more. Make him really regret trying to force himself on her and make him earn her sweet slit. Sadly all Kim’s teasing of Rodney had pushed her past the edge of being able to resist him. His suffering would have to continue later. Kim arched her back pressing her ass into Rodney as she gingerly lowered his zipper. His cock sprang forth as if the result of some kind of sleight of hand magic on her part.

“Ooooh,” Rodney cooed to her delight having been rid of the pain of the confines of his trousers. Kim couldn’t resist though and she had to test him one last time. She opened her legs slightly, Just enough so he could see her dripping opening. She spread herself open inviting his cock to greet its mistress. She waited for him to make a move, to act without orders. After several agonizing seconds, she looked over her shoulder and said “you want this tight teen pussy don’t you,” teasingly. Her eyes were locked on his burning her arousal to his core.

“Yes!” he blurted out.

Kim threw her head back in mock maniacal laughter. “Say it! Say you want to fuck my tight teen pussy Rodney.” Whatever resolve Rodney had was washed away that instant running down her legs with her love juices.

“I want to fuck your tight teen pussy,” he said in defeated lust.

Kim lowered herself slowly onto him pressing his cock head to her waiting lips. She swayed her hips making Rodney’s cock head slip in and out of her wet slit. Her juices ran down his shaft pooling in his pants. Rodney became intoxicated by the sweet aroma of her heat. ‘God, I’m so wet,’ she thought. ‘I shouldn’t do this to him but I just can’t help it.’ She slowly began to slide down his shaft.

Her lips spread open stretching to accommodate Rodney’s girth.”Mmmm baby yes!” he moaned as her slick slit slid down one inch, then two. then suddenly just after she had taken three inches of his pulsing dick inside her she pulled back bursa bayan escort letting him slip her pussy with a wet pop. Rodney looked down with a disappointed frown on his face.

“Say please,” she said in a sing song taunting voice.

Rodney couldn’t believe his ears. “What?” The veins in his head pulsed with anger and frustration.

“Say please, may I fuck your tight teen pussy?” Even Kim couldn’t believe how cruel she was being to Rodney. Rodney just stood there looking at her wetness on his cock stunned. “Oh are we done?” She said as she reached back and slowly began sliding down her skirt “Shame”. She swayed her hips wiggling her ass and pussy for Rodney’s aching cock. Rodney grumbled something under his breath making Kim turn towards him. “I’m sorry did you say something baby,” she asked flirtatiously.

“Please… may I fuck your tight teen pussy,” he mumbled.

“Now you know you can do better than that baby,” She was evil, a foul temptress worthy of mention in the good book itself. At least that’s what Rodney thought at the time anyway. He couldn’t deny he was under her spell though. Now and forever.

“Please, may I fuck your tight teen pussy,” he said pleading, begging for her.

“Well…” she said teasingly with a smile. “Only because you asked so nicely.” Kim slid her plump pussy lips over Rodney’s cock taking him deep into her depths.

“Mmm fuck!” he moaned his heart soaring with every inch of bliss. Kim leaned forward bracing herself on the scanner as she slid down Rodney’s thickness. She couldn’t stifle the coos and breathy sighs that escaped her mouth. She could almost feel Rodney smiling. She bucked and rotated her hips as she bounced on his cock coating him fully with her wetness. Rodney could do nothing but look down as his cock disappeared with her bouncing. He seemed mesmerized by the ripples of her ass as she slammed her pussy down upon him. “Damn baby,” he said breathlessly “you gon’ have a nigga hooked to this shit.” She giggled as she fucked herself on his throbbing cock. Rodney reached up pulling her to him as he squeezed her breasts rubbing her sensitive nipples.

“Mmm fuck me,” Kim moaned “just like that.” Kim ground her wetness into him as she leaned back moaning into his ear. She began quickening her pace nearing the shores of sweet release. She bit her lip not wanting to cry and draw fun ruining attention as she came. She soaked his cock balls and pants in her wetness as she shuddered through her climax. Rodney leaned down pressing his lips to hers sliding his tongue in savoring her. Kim moaned softly into his mouth as he slowly began to take over sliding his cock in her fully.

True to Rodney’s word he was rather large. Nothing she hadn’t had before though but still above average. Size wasn’t everything though and she felt it was time to see what he could do with all that man meat he had. She said her pussy down his cock all the way moaning his name “Oh Rodney. Fuck me baby.” Needing nothing more than the order Rodney grabbed Kim’s hips and began slamming into her hard. “Ah-ah!” She moaned unable to keep quiet. Her tits bounced with every hard driving thrust of Rodney’s pulsing dick.

He reached up squeezing her breast hard with one hand and pulling her to him by her hips with the other. “Oh fuck baby I’m getting close,” he groaned with delight.

She leaned back draping her arm over him caressing the back of his neck as he slammed into her. “Don’t you fucking dare!” She ordered. “Not yet, not till I tell you to.” Kim shook to her second climax soaking Rodney even more in her honey. ‘How would he explain this,’ she thought. “Oh Rodney yes fuck me!” She screamed. Rodney snapped to his senses and looked around worried someone would hear them. Kim threw her head back resting it on his shoulder as he fucked her harder bringing his hand up to muzzle the moaning girl. Rodney picked up his pace feeling a burning surge building within him. Kim was thrown against the cliffs of another climax moaning and gasping into Rodney’s hand. He wrapped both his hands around her mouth as he slammed into her with reckless abandon. “Mmmffff nommmfff”

“Uh-aaaaaaah …shit!” Kim’s muffled protests fell on death ears as Rodney erupted in her quivering sex. “Fuck… yeah!” He continued to thrust shooting spurt after spurt of cum in her tight teen pussy. Kim moaned to another orgasm despite her arguments.

‘He’s going to pay for cuming inside me later,’ she thought ‘Especially without permission. Rodney kept slamming into Kim’s dripping soaked pussy. He still held his hands over her mouth and was unable to understand her warnings until it was too late.

“Briiiiing! Brinnng!”

Fifth period was over. The halls of Preston Bradley high would soon be full of students. Kim and Rodney had seconds to straighten up. Rodney frantically pulled out of Kim. So fast that the vacuum pulled out lots of his own cum which spilled onto his pants and shoes. Kim pulled her skirt and shirt back into place and grabbed her bag and ran for the nearest staircase without as much as a glance in Rodney’s direction. She stopped on the third floor to use the girl’s bathroom and clean herself up a bit. By the time she was done sixth period had begun and the halls were once again quiet.

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