Olivia – A Costa Rican Girl’s Story

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A Costa Rican Girl’s Story



Olivia looked down between her legs as she sat on the toilet. A few drops of deep red blood dissipated to a light pink as they slowly spread out over the surface of her dull yellow urine.

“I didn’t think I was due to start until tomorrow,” she muttered to herself. Reaching for her cell phone on the vanity top, she checked her calendar. Sure enough, she was a day early, or at least twelve hours or so. Now her cramps would begin while she was in class the next day.


Not that it mattered much. She didn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend or lover of any sort other than her fingers…and they didn’t care about a little blood…though they did seem to have a mind of their own at times.

As she started to wipe herself, she felt a familiar tingle race through her groin. She leaned back against the toilet bowl, her legs trembling slightly. Her clit swelled against her finger. She rubbed harder…faster…until a quick sharp orgasm flooded through her body. As the climax ebbed away, she slumped back, satisfied and unsatisfied at the same time.

She really needed a lover, someone kind and tender…and most of all…knowledgeable and experienced. All her friends had boyfriends or were married already, except for Isabella and Rosa. They were roommates and Olivia suspected they were lovers as well.

Her friends all told her she was good looking, with firm c-cup breasts, slim waist and taut ass. Her dark brown hair flowed down to the middle of her back. Her grandmother hectored her constantly about finding a man, getting married and making her some grand babies.

At twenty and in her third year in the university, Olivia was still a virgin…mostly. The flimsy membrane that was the definitive proof disappeared long ago with a tiny pinch at the end of a hair brush handle.

There had been a guy in her first year at university she really liked. After a couple of dates, their contacts became more intimate. A thrill coursed through her whole body the first time he gingerly touched her breast and again when she first brushed her hand across the cock bulging in his jeans when they kissed. At last one night, he reached down between her legs and she gladly spread them for his hand to rub her warm pussy through her very wet panties.

Yet, she was afraid to let him fuck her. She gladly jerked him off, even sucked his cock a couple of times, but as much as she wanted to, she never let him slide his hard cock into her pussy. Frustration grew for them both, with hand jobs and finger fucking leaving them aroused but unfulfilled.

While thrashing against his tongue one evening, her hips raised up and he slipped down to rim her ass. She shuddered and pushed back against the probing tongue. He rolled her on her belly and ever so gently rubbed the tip of his throbbing cock against her tight asshole.

Olivia groaned her approval, pushed back and he slipped into her ass a short way, pulled out and pressed in a little deeper. She moaned, the pain and pleasure both overwhelming and arousing. She reached back and fingered her clit and fucked him back hard. He grunted and after a half dozen thrusts, she could feel his warm cum gush into her and seep down her thigh.

They remained lovers for the rest of that term. Every chance they had, he would lick and suck her clit and pussy until she climaxed on his face, then fill her ass with sticky warm cum or sometimes pull out to jerk off on to her dark pussy hair while she fingered her clit. He left at the end of the term and didn’t return.

She never saw him again nor did she ever tell anyone else how much she enjoyed being fucked in the ass or feeling warm sticky cum gush on to her pussy. Since then, her only lovers were her two hands, but her pussy often clenched, and many times she masturbated, remembering that hard cock pounding in and out of her as cum dribbled down her leg.

The Introduction

Her reverie was broken when her mother called her to the kitchen. She fished a tampon out from under the sink and slid it inside her pussy, not for the first time wishing it was a man’s hard cock.

Her black party dress hung on a hook on the door. She slipped it over her head and smoothed it down over her hips and around her perky breasts. The front dipped provocatively down between her tits with a seductive hint of their true fullness. The hem ended at mid thigh, framing her slim legs. She giggled thinking how her grandmother would frown, considering such a dress a wanton display.

They expected a large number of family and friends for a party in the garden and her mother needed some help. The kitchen was already crowded and bustling with three neighbors chopping and dicing a huge pile for fresh vegetables and fruits. A few younger kids carried the loaded dishes out to the tables. Other neighbors were arriving carrying covered dishes or coolers with beer and soft drinks.

She sarıyer escort knew everyone, of course. The entire street was like a huge extended family, from the older women who changed her diapers to the youngest kids she had cared for at one time or another herself. She moved easily from one person or group to another, a tender touch here, a shallow hug there, always a kind word and a broad smile. Even the occasional pat on her ass from the old men as she passed was a joy.

From across the way, she saw Humberto talking to someone she didn’t recognize with his back to her. Humberto was about ten years older than her, lived across the street and down two doors. She knew him her whole life. He was a plumber who probably had been in every kitchen and bathroom in the entire neighborhood at one time or another. She also knew there were a few bedrooms he frequented during the day when other men worked elsewhere.

When he spotted her, he waved excitedly, beckoning her to join him. As she approached, the stranger turned and her breath caught in her throat. The man looked to be in his early forties, about 1.8 meters tall and compactly muscled. His curly black hair had a touch of gray at the temples. His face was rugged and deeply tanned, with dancing blue eyes that smiled as brightly as his mouth.

Humberto happily introduced him as Benigno, the owner of a Peruvian restaurant in the arts district near the university where he had recently done some work. Benigno took her extended hand, bowing deeply as he brought it to his lips for a light kiss. A bolt like electricity went from her hand directly to her pulsing pussy.

“The pleasure is all mine,” he crooned letting her hand fall from his and standing straight again. “You are a very lovely young lady and a gracious host.”

It was all she could do to maintain her composure as the banal conversation welled up around her and Benigno. After a few moments, she excused herself to attend to other guests. From time to time she sneaked a look in his direction and every time his eyes were locked on her. The few times their eyes met directly, her pussy clenched and throbbed.

Her duties kept her busy for the next hour or so. The next time she looked, neither Humberto or Benigno were anywhere to be seen. By that time, many had already left and the others assisted her mother clean up and put things away.

In her room, she stripped off the black dress and carefully hung it in the closet. She was tired and felt the first twinges of the cramps that would make the next day miserable.

As she lay on the bed, her mind wandered back to those piercing blue eyes and rugged face. She slipped one hand inside her panties, her pussy warm and wet beneath her fingers. Pinching a nipple just increased the growing arousal in her groin. She rubbed her clit harder and harder, stretching out the orgasm as long as she could while muffling her cries with a pillow. The climax helped ease the discomfort of the cramps and she fell asleep with her hand still inside her panties.

The morning light slowly brightening the room through the sheer curtains over her window. She awoke with a shadowy vision of Benigno’s bright blue eyes dancing in her head. A cramp clutched her stomach and she breathed rapidly until it subsided. Her panties were damp, pulled slightly into her pussy slit by the growing moisture.

She groaned and let her fingers roam until the hard bud of her clit tingled, a familiar pleasure seething out from her pussy to engulf her legs and arms and entire body. She stifled a cry by biting the back of her other hand as the morning orgasm peaked and held her in its grip for more than a minute.

The warm shower washed away the sleep still in her head and the accumulated blood and juices seeping from her pussy. She dressed in tight jeans and a brightly colored blouse that showed off her lithe body, firm tits and taut ass then headed off to her morning classes.

It wasn’t until four days later that she saw Humberto again, bent over with his head and arms buried under the hood of his old truck. Since the party, she masturbated at least once a day, telling herself it helped relieve the cramps that stopped after the second day. Each time, she thought about Benigno, his striking eyes, his rugged tanned face, his taut body.

Her pussy clenched as she walked over to talk to Humberto, slapping him on the ass to get his attention. His head shot up, banging the bottom of the hood.

“Wha …what,” he howled rubbing his head. “Oh hi Ollie, why did you do that?”

“I wanted to get your attention.”

“Well you did. So why?”

“Tell me about the guy at the party last weekend.”

“I did tell you, owns a restaurant in the arts district,” he responded then smiled devilishly before rummaging around in his truck for something.

“”And I almost forgot. He asked me to give you this, his cell number, and to ask you to give him a call anytime.”

“You waited four days to give me this?” sefaköy escort she practically screamed at him.

Olivia grabbed the bit of paper and punched Humberto in the arm before turning to her house. She heard him laughing in the background before going back to banging around in his truck.

Her pussy twitched as she quickly walked to her room, closing the door and stripping off her jeans before even getting to the bed. She lay looking at the small piece of paper. Her other hand found its own way down her belly and under the waistband of her panties. She moaned lowly and rotated her hips against the finger rubbing her tender clit. As her orgasm began, she slipped two fingers inside her pussy pumping harder and harder to keep the climax at its peak for as long as possible.

The Meeting

It took Olivia two additional days and three progressively more explosive orgasms to work up the nerve to contact Benigno. After the last, she texted him a short message while still quivering in a puddle of her own pussy juices. He responded enthusiastically before her trembling even stopped.

They typed back and forth to each other for a few minutes, finally agreeing to meet for a drink at his restaurant on Sunday afternoon. She masturbated again with the now silent cell phone resting between her tits.

For the next few days she was in a constant uproar trying to decide what to wear. At one point or another she pulled out and tried on every outfit she owned, in just about every combination imaginable.

Sunday morning came and she couldn’t resist fingering herself again before getting up from her bed. She pulled the blanket up to cover the wet spot before going into the shower. She had at least three hours before she needed to catch the bus that would take her to Benigno’s restaurant. She wasn’t at all sure that would be anywhere near enough time to properly prepare herself.

Olivia finally settled on a short dark green skirt that billowed out from her hips slightly and a bright yellow blouse she could leave unbuttoned to the very top of her frilly dark red bra with matching hip hugger panties. Choosing a perfume proved another momentary challenge but after dabbing a bit of her most expensive behind both ears, she just tossed the small bottle in her purse. It was not a short bus ride.

Walking the last two blocks from the bus stop seemed to take forever. The street was fairly crowded with couples and groups and families, window shopping and coming and going from the many restaurants and bars lining both sides of the street. At last she spied Benigno’s place half way down the block across the street.

She was momentarily blinded walking into the dark entrance when leaving the bright afternoon sun. Blinking as her eyes adjusted she saw Benigno look up from the dais in front of the main dining room. He broke into a dazzling smile and rushed over to her, extending his hands to grasp both of hers before bending over to kiss the back of one.

“I am so happy to see you,” he exclaimed, “you look absolutely beautiful…a goddess!”

Olivia blushed with the flowery greeting, but her pussy clenched looking at the handsome older man gushing over her appearance and presence. He led her to a small alcove off of the main dinning room. A tall waitress with long black hair, ample tits and a round ass appeared at their side to take his order for them both. Her drink never quite emptied the rest of the afternoon as they talked.

And they talked and talked.

With a gentle ease, he inquired about her family and her school, her goals and ambitions and probed without intruding about any relationships or boyfriends.

He expansively told her about himself as well. He was divorced the past three years. His former wife tired of the long and demanding hours of his business, the lack of personal time and literally ran off with the mailman. They had no children so the break up was remarkably amiable, he even occasionally hosted her and her new husband at the restaurant. Olivia sat enthralled and aroused listening to him. He was so charming, funny and intelligent.

The afternoon turned to early evening before she knew it. She noticed the growing darkness as she walked from the restroom where she dabbed her damp panties partially dry again before returning to the table. Benigno stood talking to the tall waitress as she approached.

“I really must get going, the last bus to my neighborhood leaves soon,” she said with a sigh.

“Oh no, no!” Benigno exclaimed, “I would not think of letting you take the bus home alone at night, not a pretty young girl like you. I will drive you.”

“That is not….”

“I insist,” he interrupted her with a wave of his hand, “and besides it gives me a precious few more minutes to bask in your presence and inhale that marvelous perfume!”

Olivia blushed as she allowed him to lead her to his car in the back parking lot.

When he stopped the car in front of her house, şerifali escort he turned to look at her. She could feel the dampness building in her panties.

“I want to thank you for a wonderful afternoon…and evening,” she said as calmly as she could manage, her heart thumping in her chest.

“The pleasure was entirely mine, beautiful lady,” he murmured, taking her hand and raising it to his lips for another kiss. “I would be honored if you would have dinner with me on Thursday.”

Her breath caught in her throat, her nipples stiffened and her pussy ached as she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. She thought she caught a glimpse of a bulge tenting his pants.

“I would love to,” she sighed.

“Splendid, I’ll pick you up around 7:00. There is a new place I want to try and we can do so together.” He kissed her hand one more time before she stepped out of the car and watched him drive away. She didn’t know when or how, but she was determined at that moment that this was the man to whom she would gladly give her virginity.

She could hardly tear her blouse and skirt off fast enough once in her room. Her pussy ached as she fingered her clit. Reaching into the drawer by her bed, she pulled out the vibrator she bought a few weeks before, rubbing it up and down in her sopping slit. It felt so good rimming her asshole that she kept it there while she rubbed her clit for her first orgasm, then climaxed again with the vibrator pressed firmly against her g-spot.

The Dress

By the time Tuesday afternoon rolled around, her mood alternated between deep depression and sheer panic. She had pulled out every item of clothing in her closet…twice…looking for just the right combination for her date on Thursday night.

Nothing suited.

She tried wandering around in a few shops, but all the dresses and other outfits were either just not right or way beyond her means. She despaired the entire evening of her fantasies would be a total disaster.

Olivia sat on a bench under a tree near the building in which she had her last class for the day slowly sipping on a soft drink. She was close to tears when her long time friend Isabella walked over and sat next to her.

“OK, Ollie, what’s the problem?” Isabella began without preamble. They had known each other since grade school, so there was no hiding her feelings from Isabella.

She stared past the soda can at the ground beneath her feet as the tears began rolling down her cheeks. Sobbing uncontrollably, she told Isabella about Benigno and their upcoming date and her lack of suitable attire.

Isabella laughed.

“Is that all?” Isabella exclaimed, trying to suppress another laugh.

Olivia was so stunned she stopped crying and looked at her friend in horror.

“All….my life will be ruined!” she cried, the tears again beginning to fall.

“Oh stop being silly,” Isabella said soothingly and patting Olivia’s shoulder, still hardly able to contain a giggle. “Come with me, you wear the same size as we do, we’ll find something that will be perfect.”

They walked together the short way to the apartment Isabella shared with Rosa. It was pretty obvious her two friends also shared the only rumbled bed in the place.

“Strip off your clothes while I find a few options,” Isabelle instructed her before starting to rummage around in the walk in closet. Olivia slipped off her jeans and shirt. Her pussy pinched a little when she noticed the vibrator laying on the night stand just as Isabella returned with an armful of dresses.

Olivia held a half dozen up in front of her looking in a full length mirror before even trying one on. Isabella stood off to one side watching her critically before retrieving even more outfits from the closet.

Finally, she tried one on, then another and another. They were pretty but not just right in her eyes. She and Isabella chatted about each item before she handed Olivia one last dress. It was bright blue and the moment Olivia held it up in the mirror, she knew this was the one. Isabella moved close behind her, a hand gently touching her shoulder. A pleasant chill coursed through her body.

“You need to take off your bra for this one,” Isabella murmured huskily, her hand lingering on Olivia’s back after she unsnapped the clasp and Olivia’s bra fell to the floor. Isabella help her put it on, taking special care to adjust the bodice around Olivia’s pink puffy nipples.

The dress was perfect.

Olivia twirled and turned, looking at it from all angles. The front opened just far enough down into her cleavage to perfectly accent her perky breasts. The back plunged to just above the top of her hips. The thin straps holding the front were less than two centimeters wide, tying into a bow at the back of her neck and the frilly hem ended more than half way up her thigh.

“It’s beautiful! “Olivia gasped, “Just perfect.”

“So are you,” Isabella responded, her tongue lightly running over her lips as she spoke. When she unzipped the back and helped Olivia take the dress off, Isabella noticed the threads of dark pussy hair peeking out from the sides of Olivia’s bikini panties.

“We should fix this as well,” she muttered, running her finger softly under the edge of the panties and Olivia’s inner thigh. Olivia’s nipples stiffened with the touch.

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