Oh Doctor.

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Oh Doctor.Everyone has their so called “home” doctor, the one that they always go to when they need an MC or when they are legitimately sick. I have mine too. But recently, they expanded, and now I have a new doctor – Dr Jillian (not her real name). The first time I saw Dr Jillian was when my “home” doctor was unavailable and I was automatically queued to see the new doctor instead. I was down with a flu and thus dropped by to get some meds. As I walked into room for the first time, a beautiful, spectacled lady in her early 30s looked up at me and greeted me pleasantly. “Hello Tim, how can I help you today?” She smiled cheerfully at me as I sat down on the patient’s seat. She smelled nice, and she was pretty. Her cheerfulness was contagious and I found myself smiling back at her whenever I answered her questions. As time went by, we managed to built some sort of rapport due to recurring visits because of a health problem that required follow up appointments. Nothing eventful happened until the day I injured my ankle while running. As I hobbled into the room, Dr Jillian rushed to my side and helped me to the chair, asking me what happened, her eyebrows furrowed in worry. I smiled at her and told her that I think it was just a sprain and that I was going to be alright. She instructed me to get onto the patient’s bed so that she could inspect my ankle.As I did so, Dr Jillian removed her coat for comfort, placing it on her chair before making her way over to me. She was wearing a purple blouse and a dark skirt. I was lying on my side, with my left ankle facing towards her, my right shoulder propped me up as I spoke to her, explaining what had happened. She moved towards my ankle and bent forward to examine it, touching it softly. As she bent forward, her blouse popped open, revealing the top of her soft white bosoms. My eyes grew wide and my heart canlı bahis şirketleri started pounding. Oh shit, I thought to myself, that is so fucking hot… As Dr Jillian continued to check my ankle, my mouth started to turn dry, I was in a moral dilemma – to adjust my position to get a better look, or to turn away. It seemed that my actual head was not working well as I propped myself up using my elbows and I shifted my head forward pretending to get a better look at what she was doing with my ankle when in actual fact, I just wanted to see down her blouse. With the new position, I stared at her breasts which were held in place by a cream coloured bra. By this time, the fire in my loins had awoken lil Tim and he was growing… This continued for about a minute or two as Dr Jillian nursed my ankle while I stared down her blouse, observing her breasts rise and fall as she breathed. Suddenly, she shifted back a little, causing the right side of her bra to open up a tad, revealing her brown areola. I gasped as this happened and she looked up at me…Even though she asked me if she had hurt my ankle, my face flushed red with embarrassment as I knew that she had seen me looking down her blouse. I awkwardly replied, not knowing what to do. She shifted back, and told me that she needed to get some bandages to wrap my ankle, smiling at me before heading off. I sat there, thinking if I should say sorry, but before I could come to a decision, she had returned. “Could you sit on the edge? I need to bandage your ankle.” She asked softly. I shifted and let my ankle hang down. She started to squat down in front of me, taking hold of my ankle and starting to wrap it. With me seated on the edge of the bed and with her squatting below me, I once again had the vantage point of looking down her blouse. I stared at her closed blouse, willing it to open up so I canlı kaçak iddaa could once again stare at her beautiful breasts, when she suddenly reached up and adjusted it, opening up the blouse and giving me an unobstructed view of her cleavage. “It’s pretty hot today isn’t it Tim? Is it like 38 degrees out there today?” Dr Jillian mentioned in a soft voice whilst staring directly into my eyes. I gulped, unable to reply. My mind was racing, did she want me to look down her blouse? What should I do?! She continued staring at me as she bandaged my ankle skilfully. I tried to maintain eye contact, but my gaze dropped down for a second to her beautiful cleavage and stayed there, mesmerised. She laughed. “I knew it. You were looking down my blouse weren’t you Tim? Earlier on when I was checking your ankle? I’m flattered to be honest.” I blushed even harder and murmured “I’m sorry… you’re just so hot! I couldn’t help myself.”Suddenly she stood up and walked to her desk, opening the flap which allowed her to talk to the staff. “Dorothy, I’m going to need another 15 minutes, there’s some complications with this patient, privacy required.” She glided back to me and whispered “I never knew you liked older women, if not I would have made a move on you a long time ago Tim.” This was it, I thought to myself. My fantasy was finally coming true! I stared at her for a second, her eyes met mine, but lowered a little, staring at my lips. I stared at hers. She inched closer and closer, I could smell her sweet breath as her lips enclosed around mine. Her hands were resting on my chest, but mine were by my side, unsure of how far I could go. As we kissed, she grabbed my hand and moved it to her breasts. I fondled them and she moaned softly. Taking the hint, I massaged her tits as we kissed passionately when she suddenly broke off contact and whispered, “We only canlı kaçak bahis have 10 minutes left!” I looked at her puzzled. Dr Jillian started to lower herself as she kissed my cheek, then neck. Her hands ran over my now raging hard on as she lowered herself once again into the squatting position. She hiked up her black skirt, revealing a pair of black silk panties while she proceeded to massage her clit a little. “You don’t know how wet you’ve made me Tim. Let me suck on your penis!” She grabbed my shorts and pulled it down, letting my cock spring out in front of her face. She stared at it in amazement, her left hand rubbing herself faster as she took in my size. “Wow. Never expected 6 inches from you Tim!” Her right hand grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off while she continued to rub herself. I moaned softly as she pleasured me, her lips moved forward and engulfed my head, her tongue running circles around the tip. Inch by inch, she slowly took me in, before she could not fit me, then she started to suck me, up and down, with my hands guiding her head in rhythm. She moaned softly as she blew me, her hand now below her black panties, furiously fingering herself. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and told her I was about to cum and tried to pull out, not wanting to cum in her mouth but she would not stop, in fact she bobbed her head faster and sucked harder, forcing me to ejaculate in her mouth as waves of pleasure rushed through my body. I moaned loudly, not caring whether the nurses could hear me as she sucked every last drop from my cock before swallowing it all and smiling naughtily at me. She popped my flaccid cock back into my shorts as she stood up and whispered “We have to do this again. Come see me for an MC on Friday at 1130. I finish work at 12.” She went back to her seat and started typing away on her computer as if nothing had happened. As I hobbled out of the room, she said out loud “Take care Tim, I hope you feel better!” I smiled to myself in disbelief at what had just happened – my beautiful home doctor had just given me a blow job in her office. What the fuck?!

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