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***Authors Note***

This was written by a friend of mine and I told her I would post it here…I made a few edits and changes, but the story is all hers…Be sure to leave public feedback for her…maybe you can convince her to post regularly and become a member. Love always, Alexis

* * * * *

“So what are you gonna be doing for this new company?” Jazmyn asked DeWayne, as they were finishing up the lunch date she invited him to celebrate his new job. She was upset though that he was leaving because he was the only good piece of eye candy to make her day go by quicker.

He went into details about the new position as she watched his thick juicy lips move. Not hearing anything he was saying, she fantasized how they would feel against her wet pussy that had been salivating since he opened the car door for her when they were leaving for lunch.

“Oh really, that should keep you busy,” Jaz replied as she sees that his lips are no longer moving.

Dewayne said, “Yeah pretty much.” He paused. “So Miss Jaz, it absolutely intrigues me that you wanted to take me out to lunch. We’ve barely spoken to each other since we moved into the new office.” Jaz bit her bottom lip and smiled as he looked at her with those sexy brown eyes. It made her wet.

“I asked thinking that you would say you wouldn’t be able to.” She paused and then continued, “I also think you are pretty sexy, and wanted to see if I had the courage to say goodbye to you on my own terms.”

Showing his Colgate Smile Dewayne replied, “Is that right? Well maybe later I can thank you by inviting you to dinner at my place tonight.” Jaz looked at him blushing, feeling her ball piercing start to move back and forth against her clit.

She had wanted to fuck Dewayne in more ways than one since the day she had seen him get out of his pretty black Mercedes with wind blowing against his sexy body. She remembers clearly seeing the beautiful imprint of what seemed to be a huge cock against his pants, and now was her chance to see it in real life.

Feeling her juices get stronger, she answered him. “So what time should I be there?”

Dewyane smiled and said, “Is seven good for you?” Jaz felt herself explode in her panties praying it wouldn’t run down her leg. She replied with a sigh.

“That works for me.” Jaz signed the receipt and they walked out to the car. As she turned to get in the car she “accidentally” brushed her double D breasts against his shoulder and looked sheepishly into his eyes with a smile on her face. Dewayne paused before leaning over to kiss her.

The moment his lips touched hers, she felt her knees go weak and the ball start to move again. She pulled away, smiled and said, “I plan to get more of those tonight.” All the while, she was rubbing his semi hard dick with her palm. The ride back to the office was a mix of comfortable and uncomfortable silence and idle chatter. Before getting out of the car, the two exchanged phone numbers for later in the evening.

Jaz bahis siteleri was penned up in her office for the rest of the afternoon proofing a contract for her assistant to make changes to, when the bell on her computer announces she had new email.

Her heart racing, she read the incoming message from DeWayne. “I need some help packing a few boxes. How about you taking a break and coming down to my office to help?” Smiling, she replied and told him to give her 10 minutes to wrap up what she was doing. Jaz set the contracts on her assistant’s desk and walked in the bathroom to freshen up.

Jaz had to keep up her rep at the office when ever she walked around. Men craved her perfect double Ds, small waist and an ass shaped just like an onion that would have men crying for days. She knew she was one the finest black women they had ever seen or came across in the office and she knew it.

Jaz used a moist towelette to freshen up her perfectly waxed pussy so that it would be fresh just in case Dewayne wanted to sample what he was gonna be getting later that evening.

“Good afternoon Ms. Harris, what can I do for you today?” Ashley, Dewayne’s assistant asked, walking back to her desk with a bottle of water in her hand.

“Ashley I need to see Mr. Humphrey, if he is available.” Jaz said, as she noticed Dewayne’s door closed. Ashley picked up her phone to buzz into her bosses office, and did so without taking her eyes off of Jazmyn, admiring her beauty and physique. Her eyes flickered away when Dewayne picked up on the other end.

“Mr. Humphrey, Ms. Harris is here to see you. Shall I send her in?” Ashley asked. She paused as she listened to his instructions, nodding her head at the same time. “Fine I’ll reschedule that for the morning Mr. Humphrey. Will there be anything else?” She paused again, waiting for his response. “Okay, send I’ll her right in.”

Ashley hung up the phone and told Jaz to go ahead in. Jaz smiled and walked past Ashley’s desk, knowing Ashley was watching every stride. What Jaz didn’t know, was that Ashley was creaming watching her in her Navy Blue Pinstripe suit fitting her curves just right. Ashley shuddered at the thought of being alone with Jaz for an evening.

Jaz opened the door to find a few boxes scattered and some Will Downing playing. Dewayne was sitting in his chair watching her enter, thinking of how he wanted to rip her shirt off and suck on those pretty perky nipples. He had never looked at Jaz in this way before. He often thought she was just serious about her work and caught up in her career, but he had always wanted to know if she was as delicious as she looked.

Right now he was determined to suck and fuck her till Sunday morning. Feeling his dick stir around in his pants, he asked casually, “How has your afternoon been?” Getting up from his chair he walked over to her.

“Busy as usual, this time of year as always,” Jaz said looking around. When she turned to face him he kissed her juicy soft lips.

“I’ve canlı bahis siteleri wanted to do that since I got in the car.” He whispered in her ear when he pulled away. Jaz felt her little clit ball move again. She walked a circle around him while moving her hands all over his muscular body and rubbing his dick and feeling it get hard.

“I told you, you would get more at seven,” Jaz replied and sucked in his earlobe. It was soft and smooth, just as Jaz thought it would. Looking down to see a monstrosity pointing out of his pants, she began rubbing her hand across it, reaching to unbutton his pants to get a real grip. She continued smiling and kissing him at the same time. His pants fell to the floor and Jaz’s hand reached in to let his pulsating dick out, jerking it off at the same time. She felt the button on her pants come open and his hand going down to the creases of her luscious wet pussy lips, his fingers finding her clit.

When he felt her piercing hidden in the soft folds of flesh, she felt him stop and his dick jump in her hand. He arched an eyebrow, but Jaz only giggled. It always seemed to get that same reaction.

Dewayne removed his hand, pulled up his pants and walked over to his door to lock it. He turned and walked over to Jaz, pulling then sitting her down on his Italian leather couch. He began to gently remove her Jimmy choo shoes and Marc Jacobs pants. He thought he was in heaven when he saw her lace garter panty holding up the thigh high pantyhose.

He started kissing the inside of her thighs moving up to the lace. Jazz could feel the ball moving back and forth like Venus and Serena were having a war on the tennis court. Dewayne pulled Jazz down to the edge of the couch and looked up at her, seeing she had opened her blouse and bra and was playing with her titties. Dewayne slid off the Victoria secret panties to see what hidden. He found a gold ball with a half carat diamond in it, moving back and forth on such a pretty clit that he imagined tasting like Sunday dinner. Dewayne put his head down to sample.

No sooner than Dewayne’s breathe blew across “Diamond” (Jazz’s name for her pussy), then she was about to let ecstasy come from within her body. He kissed her pussy lips and then looked at it, then her, shook his head, and said “Damn, are you busy this weekend, cause I’m not gonna be able to finish this in one sitting.”

Jazz smiled and replied, “Oh, no. I promise you this is just a snack.” And she began to flick her tongue against her nipple. He was licking and wrapping thick lips around her hot pussy like she knew those lips would. She could feel herself getting wetter and hotter by the second and she felt the big mound building up.

Dewayne lifted his head to look at her then down at her wet salivating pussy, pulsating like it was asking for more and blew on it. Jazz let out a long and intense moan just as he stuck his finger in her tight dripping wet pussy while gently kissing and sucking her clit. It smelled canlı bahis and tasted like something tropical. Dewayne started kissing harder, the harder he kissed the more Jaz’s mountain rose.

Dewayne sucked all of Jaz’s pussy in, feeling her body tighten up and with a few flicks on her clit with his tongue and his finger in her pussy, Jaz started to shudder as Dewayne’s mouth filled with a delectable sweet cream. He removed his finger and stuck his tongue in her pussy and starts lapping Jazz’s cream like she was tootsie roll pop.

Once Dewayne felt Jazz’s body slow down from the convulsing and her flow of cream stop to a dribble, he looked up at her.

She asked, “Did you like your snack?” With Jaz’s honey glistening in his close shaved goatee, he looked down and put his finger back into her pussy, rubbing her clit. His only response was, “Did you enjoy your break?”

They both laughed as Dewayne stood up, his dick still standing at attention in her face. Jazz leaned forward with her hands on his muscular, smooth and soft ass and the monster she had only seen an imprint of until 5 minutes ago, and took every last inch of it in her mouth, tasting his precum.

Sucking and kissing his pretty dick, hearing Dewayne moan she knew he also needed a break; a break she should have given him a long time ago. Jazz worked his dick into and out of her mouth, Dewayne’s hands smoothing her hair back into the pretty oriental bun she had atop her head.

Gripping her tight, he said, “I’m about to come.” Jazz moved to the top of the shaft and flicked her tongue against the vein one good time and took only the head into her mouth. She sucked his dick like she was milking a cow. Jazz made sure she wasn’t gonna let any of his sweet milk spill from her mouth. She swallowed all of it, just having to wipe the corners of her mouth in a very lady like fashion.

Dewayne’s cock was still rock solid as she stood up put her suit and shoes on. She walked to bathroom in his office and rinsed out her mouth. She looked into the mirror, fixed her bun, and then walked back over to Dewayne. She put her hand on the back of his head, pulled him towards her and stuck her tongue into his mouth, kissing him hard and heavy.

Moaning as she kissed him, she stopped and looking at him said, “So since we had our afternoon snack are we still on for dinner at 7 or will it just be dessert?” Dewayne licked his lips, looking Jazz up and down.

“You can damn well bet there will be a full course meal.” With the dinner invitation on the table, Jazz walked over to open the door with Dewayne behind her. He kissed Jaz’s neck, breathing in her perfume. The one that he could always smell if the elevator door opened and she had been on it. Jazz looked at him, straightening her face out to act like business as usual.

“I’ll taste you again at seven.” Jaz said, walking out the door. She looked over at Ashley, smiled and told her to have a great afternoon. Ashley’s only reply was to do the same thing. As Jaz got on the elevator, Ashley began to get wet thinking of Jaz’s perfect little onion ass gliding down the hall. And if Ashley had anything to do with it, gliding all over her face as well. Smirking, Ashley went back to work.

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