Naughty Pee Tales: Prologue

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Amanda opened the button of her jeans. As she was pulling down her zipper, a voice asked from behind:

“Excuse me, do you have a tissue?”

Surprised, she turned round to see a tall, slim college student standing in the alley behind her.

“Let me see.” she replied and rummaged through her bag. “Here you go.”

“Thanks!” The girl smiled, lifting her not quite knee-long brown designer skirt.

“Actually, do you have one for me, too?” Clarissa inquired on her other side. Her friend had suggested using this alley as their toilet. She was already squatting on the cobbled ground and a golden torrent was spraying from between her legs.

“Where had the other girl suddenly come from?” Amanda wondered silently. Her thoughts still full of the impression left by the stranger’s long legs in their black stockings, she picked another Kleenex from her box and handed it to Clarissa. “What a puddle, already…” she thought to herself as she glanced at her friend. The gushing pee fascinated her as it was shimmering in the twilight.

Just a couple of meters behind her friend, people strolled along the busy pedestrian high street, unaware of what was happening almost under their eyes.

“So you peed in your parent’s greenhouse?” Clarissa picked up their previous topic, still continuing her toilet on the pavement.

“It was about ten years ago, the summer after high school graduation.” Amanda confirmed, her jeans halfway down to her knees.

Watching her older friend uninhibitedly flooding the public space with her pee and at the same time recalling those ancient memories turned her on. Her own desperate need to empty her stretched bladder got lost between those dominant feelings.

“It was because you were grounded?” Clarissa pressed on, looking up at her.

Amanda had her eyes fixed on the dark triangle of pubic hair from which sprang her friend’s golden stream beşevler escort as she replied:

“Mom had kicked me out after I’d tried to rush into the bathroom before her. The cold summer morning air drove me to the mild greenhouse.”

“You weren’t used to peeing outdoors, were you?”

Clarissa’s urine was running along the pavement, down the slight slope, a nice little rivulet of yellow liquid. Yet the clatter on the stones diminished as her bladder was emptying fast into the puddle between her legs.

“Pee was all over my legs! It was a real mess…” Amanda remembered.

She concentrated: She needed to get going otherwise Clarissa would be ready to leave before she’d even started. Her jeans and cotton panties around her knees, she bent forward, lifting her ass high up into the air. Her pussy was pointing backward, directed away from Clarissa, more or less towards the wall of one of the buildings framing the alley. Holding her pants with one hand, she used the other hand to spread her inner labia. Looking between her legs to guide her first squirt, she saw the other girl standing behind her. She had lifted her skirt, now pulling down black lace thongs still partially covering her crotch.

“With the dry soil it must have been quite a muddy mixture around your feet… I hope your panties stayed clean?” Clarissa smiled, interrupting her friend’s musings.

A sharp jet of hot piss shot from between Amanda’s lips, arching well aimed to the triangle formed by the wall, a rain pipe, and the ground. She knew this avoided unnecessary backsplash.

“Panties? They were hanging on one of Mom’s tomato plants!” Amanda laughed. “I was straddling her bed of basil, I couldn’t spread my legs far enough with them around my ankles.”

Laughing made Amanda’s hard jet strain from its course and the sound of splattering pee filled the alley.

Clarissa büyükesat escort chimed in her laughing, observing her friend’s thin but firm stream of urine shooting out behind her to hit the wall at almost a meter’s distance.

Trying to aim her squirting pee, Amanda was still looking through the triangle between her crotch, legs and trousers, moving her hips ever so slightly and opening her slit with her fingers. Behind the haze of the spraying pee she saw a movement: The stranger had stopped dead as Amanda had started to urinate; and now her thongs slipped out of her hand and fell to the ground as she was staring at the woman in front of her.

Unconsciously, Amanda’s hip and fingers followed her line of sight and again the well-aimed gush of golden nectar deviated from its aim. It was now hitting the curved end of the rain pipe where it opened to discharge its floods into the alley. Her piss was splashing everywhere!

“Evidently!” Clarissa still laughed. “I just imagine 18 year-old you standing before the basil bed with your panties around your ankles and pondering your options. Can’t quite get around to believing you didn’t know how to pee outdoors at that age!”

Both ladies laughed even harder. Indeed, it was a strange thought! They had enjoyed peeing in public ever since they met a couple years ago. Clarissa was still rubbing the Kleenex against her pussy, stimulating herself at the show before her eyes. She enjoyed being naughty in public and with Amanda around, they were always having fun. The perplexed look on the stranger’s face, her gaze fixed at Amanda’s private parts, added to her arousal.

“I’d been brooding over the injustice of my parents and the world in general for quite a while before my desperate need to pee came back with an urge.” Amanda continued. “This provoked the wicked idea of punishing my mom for denying me my morning çankaya escort pee: I would do it on her beloved plants!”

Slowly, the pressure on her bladder was declining. She’d been pissing hard for about a minute now, and despite her tight urethra even a full bladder wouldn’t last forever. Bending her knees and getting into a more upright position, she made sure her light-golden stream didn’t wet her pants as it weakened.

“So you looked around, dropped your panties, and stepped over the basil?” Clarissa wanted more details.

“At first, I wanted to go on the tomatoes. But I couldn’t quite figure out how to straddle them.” Amanda giggled, pulling a tissue from her bag and wiping her trimmed vulva.

“You’d certainly know how to get around that problem today.” Her friend commented as Amanda threw the used tissue behind her and straightened herself.

Clarissa loved this moment: she was still squatting low on the ground, naked from the waist to knees, looking up at her younger friend. A well-defined triangle of short pubic hair not entirely covering Amanda’s protruding inner labia was on display just a few feet from her face…

Yet it was time to leave. Dropping her tissue right on the spot, soaking wet with pee and vaginal juices as it was, she got up. Her little more than knee-long dress fell from her waist as she released it and she was ready to go: she hadn’t bothered wearing panties today. Meanwhile, her tissue was crumbling in the puddle of pee she had left in the middle of the alley in front of her.

As Amanda bent forward to get dressed, in a naughty inspiration she made sure to fully expose her pussy one last time to the girl still standing behind her.

Fully dressed, the friends left the alley, still discussing Amanda’s greenhouse adventure:

“This has got me so horny! Would you mind telling your story once again from end to end?” Clarissa said.

Before she began, Amanda turned round to have a last glance into the alley: The girl had shaken off her paralysis and was now squatting with her skirt held up and her thong around her knees. From her pink pussy sprang a vivid arch of pee glistening in the sun…


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