Naked Bike Ride

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Naked Bike RideWhen I was younger I used to ride my bike a lot. On one of my rides on the greenbelt I found a black pair of women’s running shorts. Intrigued at how small and short they where I kept them. Once home I put them through the wash. Late that night I went for another ride. About a block from my house I changed into them and was shocked at how small they where on me. Like almost briefs, Plus the fact they where for women it made me hard instantly. Riding in these where awesome! My cock and balls kept poking or falling out. I loved it! Riding through town after midnight Not sure when or where I would be exposed or to who I would be exposed. Once back on the greenbelt I took off my shirt and tied it into a knot and put it in my water bottle holder. That way its not easy to put on, or quick. bahis firmaları Then rode for a few miles in just the skimpy shorts, And just left my cock and balls out. On a really deserted section out near the lake I took off the shorts and kept ridding naked. It was amazing! I rode naked for another 5 or 6 miles, Occasionally teasing my ass with the tip of the bike seat. At the turn around point, I decided to try and make it as far into town as I could before maybe putting the shorts back on. Still trying to impale myself on my bike seat as I road. Inch by inch my ass slowly took more and more of the seat. I stopped. My seat is quick release, I took the saddle portion off and kept it in my hand as I road. Only about 9in of the seat post riser was what I could sit on. Smaller than the kaçak iddaa saddle itself And with some saliva, I was riding naked with all 9in in my ass! I loved every bump and dip I could find. My cock was dripping all over the place. When I could I would get my pre cum and lick it from my finger. I felt so slutty and dirty riding with 9in of metal bike in my ass and the taste of pre cum in my mouth. As I got near a subdivision I passed a parked car. I didn’t see anyone so kept going on my slut ride. Then I hear laughter up ahead two girls where smoking weed and laughing at the naked guy on the bike. They said hey why are you naked? Its a nice night for a naked ride. Still laughing they asked what broke on my seat? I said it broke. One girl walked up and said why are your thighs all shiny and your kaçak bahis cock wet? I said sweat. then she grabbed the handle bars jolting the bike and I moaned loud. She noticed my cock almost squirt pre cum. And said what the fuck?! She then tried to pull the bike forward towards her. I went with it. she said stand still, again pulling the bike, I went with it. Is the seat post inside you? I put my head down in shame and said yes.Laughter again. she said will you get off the bike? I slid the 9in out of my ass and her eyes where huge! That was inside you?! I just hung my head down. Put it back in. As I started to I hit my prostate and started leaking cum all over myself. She was still laughing calling my a sick pervert, Small dick, likes it in the ass, things of that nature. Then they took off running. As I looked down she had snagged the shorts! Here I am about 5 miles from home and only a shirt. I rode as hard and fast and barly made it to my other change of clothes without getting caught. Another great ride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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