My Wife’s Students Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This is an act of fiction. For those who like this type of fantasy/situation, please enjoy! For those who do not, I hope you find something on this vast site that DOES interest you. None of my stories, this one and any follow up chapters included, are intended to be what every member of the community are looking for. If you simply don’t like the scenario I have set up here, please move on and stroke to something you do like. Thank you!


My wife is a professor at a small liberal arts college in the Midwest. She teaches students who are going into exercise-related fields – physical therapy, personal training, health promotion, etc. She loves the field and took staying in good shape very seriously. She just turned 40 but has a better body than most 20 year olds anymore.

While not always quite as dedicated as my wife, I also enjoy fitness and take healthy living pretty seriously and am also a pretty attractive guy, if I do say so myself.

I work for a company fairly close to my wife’s school. We had developed a partnership a year or so ago where a couple of my wife’s students each semester would prepare and present a “wellness” topic to the staff at my office. This gave them the opportunity to gain experience that could be useful in their future careers while benefiting the health of our staff.

Now while not universally true, given the field these students chose to study they are generally in good shape and healthy themselves. Even still, I was taken aback when I opened the door to welcome our latest speakers into the office. A guy and a girl stood at the door. He was very polite, and ended up doing a nice job on the presentation, but the girl, Michelle, was stunning!

She was about 5’8″ tall, blonde and had a pair of fairly large, perky breasts squeezed under her tight black shirt. I lost my train of thought for a second and stood in the doorway before coming to my senses and let them in. I did my best to not simply stare at her during the entire presentation, but I couldn’t help myself from taking long glances throughout the half hour they spoke. “Great,” I thought to myself, “she probably thinks I’m a perverted old man.” But then I started getting the sense that she was checking me out, too!

Their presentation ended, I walked them to the door and thanked them, stole a last glance at Michelle and figured that was it. The only other way I’d see this beauty was in a shower jerk off session!

The rest of the day continued on like any other and I headed home from work. My wife and I spent time talking about our day and she asked how the speakers did that afternoon. I said they did a nice job, gave some feedback on things they could work on and asked if she got any feedback from the students.

“Well,” she started, “the very first thing Michelle commented on was how young you looked and how nice you were!”

My wife was a little bent about this and continued, “I asked her if that meant she thought I looked old and was a nasty bitch.” She was half laughing as she recounted the story. She knew that wasn’t what Michelle had meant, but it bothered her a little nonetheless.

I couldn’t resist making a small joke and quipped, “No, she just wanted to say she thought I was cute but couldn’t say that to my wife / her professor.”

We changed topics and moved on. Every now and then over the next few weeks, my wife would recount this story to a friend and I couldn’t help throwing in my joke at the end each time. My wife seemed mildly irritated by this but nothing serious. Finally, though, I must’ve said it one too many times.

“You know what,” she started, “I actually have a meeting with Michelle tomorrow at 4 to discuss her schedule for next semester. Why don’t you come around 4:30 and we’ll ask her directly if that’s what she meant.”

Like this girl was going to admit she thought I was cute right in front of my wife! But fine, I agreed to come. It wouldn’t really change my opinion on what Michelle really meant, but it would stop bothering my wife that way.

The next day dragged on forever. Regardless of the fact that my wife was going to take joy in Michelle denying she thought I was cute and rub that in my face, I still got to see Michelle. I really hoped she’d be in something tight!

She didn’t disappoint in that respect! I showed up at my wife’s office at precisely 4:30. They were finishing their conversation and my wife welcomed me in.

“Oh, ulus escort sorry,” Michelle said as she started to get up, “I’ll leave you two …”

My wife cut her off before she could finish. “Not so fast, Michelle. We are actually hoping you can settle a debate for us.”

“Oookaaay …” Michelle said and sat back down.

I came into the office, closed the door and sat next to Michelle. It just seemed odd if another professor would hear my wife ask if a student thought I was cute.

My wife stood up and walked around her desk and kind of half stood, half sat on the edge of her desk. She wore a black skirt and white blouse to work that day and looked pretty sexy!

“So, remember what you said after your presentation at my husband’s office … how he was young looking and nice?”

Michelle said she remembered.

“Well,” my wife resumed, “we keep debating if that’s all you meant or if it was kind of code for more.”

“Code?” Michelle asked.

“Did you actually mean that you find my husband attractive?”

I was shocked by my wife’s bluntness, but even more surprised by everything that came next.

“Yes. Very,” was Michelle’s reply.

“Ok then,” my wife responded plainly. “My husband obviously finds you attractive. He can’t stop stealing glances at you right in front of me.”

I couldn’t help it. Michelle was wearing a tight, low cut workout tank top and little running shorts. She had obviously planned on heading to the gym after this meeting. I’m a pretty tall guy so I had a pretty decent angle to look at the well endowed cleavage next to me.

“How attractive do you find him, Michelle? Attractive like, ‘Ok, he’s pretty cute.’ Or, ‘dang I wish my boyfriend looked like that.’ Or, ‘damn, I’d love to fuck him.’?”

I sat there dumbstruck at what my wife had just asked her student. Michelle also sat there, surprised, weighing her options.

Finally she responded, “The third option. That I’d like to fuck him.”

“Then go ahead. This is your chance. If you don’t take it now you’ll never get it again. Fuck my husband right here. In my office. In front of me. Right now.”

Well, that escalated quickly! I had never cheated on my wife and we certainly had never discussed swinging before. I gave her a puzzled look.

“Same thing for you. This is your chance. I don’t know why, but I’m rather worked up at Michelle’s honesty and her desire for you. I’m not sure if I’ll ever offer this again. Take the opportunity or lose it.”

The twenty something next to me was insanely hot, my sexy wife was in front of me giving me permission, and I’m no fool. I blindly reached next to me and put my hand on Michelle’s soft thigh. I turned and looked at her.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked. She responded that she did so I leaned over the chair and kissed her. We both shifted a bit but there was no getting around this being an awkward position. I broke the kiss briefly to stand up and Michelle followed suit. I moved directly in front of her, standing a good 7 inches taller, and bent down to resume our kiss.

I placed my hands on her hips, but they quickly moved to more exciting terain. My left hand slid up to her breasts — boy were they amazing! — and my right went to her ass. I fondled and squeezed the girl’s body to my liking. I grabbed her ass hard and she moaned into my mouth.

I again broke the kiss and glanced over at my wife. She was still leaning against her desk and was biting her lips watching us. She saw me look at her and looked me right in the eyes. I noticed a look of lust and she wasn’t even an active participant.

“Undress her,” my wife softly commanded.

I turned back to Michelle and placed my hands at the bottom of her shirt. She raised her hands above her head as I peeled the tank top off of her body. Her sports bra quickly followed and the beautiful breasts I had been dreaming about for weeks were exposed to me. They were just as perky naked as they seemed under her shirt. It truly is amzing being young! My hands darted to feel the soft skin and squeezed and caressed her globes. I gently pinched her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and then bent down to suck her breasts. While I did this, my thumbs hooked into her shorts ad panties and pushed down until they fell to the ground. She was completely naked now.

“I want to see her,” I heard my wife say. I stopped what I was doing and stood up. Michelle and I both turned to face yenimahalle escort my wife, only one of us naked. My wife had undone a couple of buttons on her blouse and was fondling her own breasts, though they weren’t exposed.

“She is beautiful and has an amazing body, I’ll give her that,” my wife commented. “I hope you enjoy fucking her.”

“Are you enjoying watching so far?” I asked. “Is it making you horny? Do you want to watch me fuck her?”

My wife gasped a little and just shook her head yes, seeming a little embarrassed at her enjoyment.

“Suck his cock, Michelle,” my wife said. “He never gets head at home and is dying for it. Get on your knees and suck him. Now.”

We turned toward each other again. Michelle did as she was told and knelt on the carpet in my wife’s office. She unbuckled my belt, unfastened my jeans, and lowered them and my boxers to the ground. My cock popped out springing to life. I took off my shirt as Michelle reached out and took my cock in her hand. She stroked it a few times and then licked the tip. She proceeded to lick my shaft a couple of times and then opened her mouth and took in my cock head. She slid her lips along my shaft, taking about a third of my length while stroking the rest with her hand. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back and moaned in appreciation. It felt so fucking good to have my cock in a wet mouth again. My wife wasn’t lying, I never got head at home.

I looked over at my wife and saw that she had removed her panties, which were laying on the ground. I could see a wet patch on their crotch. My wife had her skirt hiked up a bit and was masturbating, but I couldn’t get much of a view.

“Spread your legs, I want to watch,” I told her.

She lifted a leg up onto her desk and I could see her working a finger slowly into her pussy. She had it curled a bit so it ran over her clit when she slid in and out. It was totally hot to watch. Her blouse was now fully unbuttoned as she played with her breasts, giving a decent view to another set of tits I adored.

I returned my attention to the younger girl sucking my cock. “Look at me,” I demanded.

She strained her eyes upward and I stared into her greyish blue eyes while she bobbed on half my cock. I put my right hand on the back of her head and slipped my fingers into her blonde hair. I wasn’t trying to choke her with my rod, but I did push her mouth slightly farther down my shaft. She took the extra length without issue.

She rubbed my balls with her other hand a little, which felt amazing. After a minute of that, I asked her to rub my taint a little. Her hand slid forward to the little patch of skin between my balls and my ass. She rubbed it slowly to not get me too worked up. Fuck, that always felt so good and was even better as she slobbered on my dick a little. I needed a break before I exploded in her wet mouth.

A little reluctantly, I pulled away from the girl. “Time to repay the favor,” I smiled at her.

“Oh, fuck,” my wife said, “you’re going to love this! His tongue feels amazing!” She had two fingers working her cunt now and was completely naked.

Michelle laid on the carpet and spread her legs. I eagerly positioned my face between them and immediately began lapping at her lips. She was soaking wet already and tasted delicious! Part of why I was so good at eating pussy was because of how much I loved doing it.

Michelle moaned, leaned her head back and closed her eyes as I licked. I used the full length of my tongue, starting at the very bottom of her pussy and licking all the way to the top. After a minute, I pressed the pad of my tongue against her clit and went to town. All the while my hands explored her body. I slid my hand along her calves, then up her strong thighs. Next my hand caressed her hips, then her tout stomach and slowly crept up to her amazing breasts. Naturally, my hand stayed there and played with her breasts, alternating between them; tweaking her nipples, squeezing the mounds and softly fondling the flesh. My free hand moved between her legs and I slid a finger into her sopping pussy. This put her over the edge. As I manipulated her body with my tongue and hand, she began bucking her hips against me, building to an orgasm.

I stopped licking and just sucked hard on Michelle’s clit while still sliding my finger in and out of her. I watched as she pursed her lips to hold in her scream as the orgasm hit. Even though it was past the time that my eryaman escort wife’s colleagues would have left for tthe day, you never knew if someone else had stayed late and we didn’t want anyone walking in. Michelle’s body stopped jerking as she came down from the orgasm.

“Fuck her,” I heard my wife practically demand, lust in her voice. I never thought those words would come out of her mouth before this day, but she absolutely meant it.

I slid my body up Michelle’s and my crotch was now in front of hers. She reached between us and grabbed my throbbing cock, guiding it to her pussy. The moment my tip made contact I pushed forward and slid easily into the girl’s tight but slippery opening. We both moaned as I entered her; the first girl I had entered other than my wife in roughly a decade.

I was on top with my back facing my wife, giving her a view of my cock sliding in and out of Michelle through our spread legs. I looked over my shoulder to see my wife staring at my cock pistoning into the college girl’s pussy while pumping her fingers into her own.

“Do you like watching me fuck another woman?” I asked.

“So much more than I thought I would,” she replied. “Fuck her. Long strokes. All the way out and all the way back in.”

I complied, leaving just the very tip in Michelle before sliding all the way in til our hips ground together. I lifted Michelle’s legs onto my shoulders and spread my legs a little wider so my wife had a better view. I also shifted forward a bit so my cock slid straight down into Michelle, causing my cock to pass directly over her clit. Both women moaned in appreciation. I looked back at Michelle and raised myself a bit so I could take in the view of her body. A minute later I lowered my head to her right breast and sucked her nipple.

I wasn’t going to last much longer and I wanted something else. I whispered into Michelle’s ear.

“I want you to eat my wife.”

“I’ve never done that before,” she responded. “I don’t know …”

“Neither has she … We’ve never done this before either …”

“Ok,” she agreed after some thought. “How do you want me to do it?”

“Baby, close your eyes,” I said to my wife. “I have a surprise for you.”

She was so turned on that she didn’t even question it. My wife closed her eyes and I pulled out of Michelle. Michelle knew what to do and got on her hands and knees and crawled between my wife’s legs. I positioned myself behind Michelle and entered her doggy style. I could see Michelle extend her tongue from her mouth and lean her head forward. She paused for a second to reconsider but finally made up her mind and licked my wife, putting her hand on my wife’s thigh for leverage.

Recognizing the difference from what my hand would have felt like, my wife’s eyes shot open. I was certain she would pull away, but surprised me when she moaned and ran her fingers through Michelle’s hair. Then she moved her right hand down to cup Michelle’s left breast.

“How’s she doing?” I asked as I picked up my pace from behind the girl.

“Good. Real good. Damn does she have a nice rack. Her breasts feel incredible. Feel mine, Michelle.”

Michelle’s hand moved from my wife’s thigh up to her breast and played with her tits. This was finally too much for me. I grabbed Michelle’s hips and started thrusting hard inside of her. I watched her bubble butt shake as I pounded her from behind. The increased pace pushed Michelle over the edge and she moaned into my wife’s pussy as she came.

As she orgasmed, Michelle’s pussy tightened around my cock, squeezing it. I thrust into her deeply one last time and began spurting deep inside of her womb. I leaned forward, reaching around with my right hand to grab the tit unattended by my wife’s hand; both of us now fondling the girl’s breasts. I spurt into her five or six more times then left my cock inside her, not wanting to leave yet. My wife finally hit her limit, too, pulling Michelle’s face into her pussy to finish her off, throwing her head back as she came.

I finally pulled my cock from Michelle’s pussy, a little of my semen dripping from her used pussy. We all stood, exhausted.

Finally, Michelle spoke. “Um, can we do that again sometime? That was incredible!”

I was screaming, “Fuck yes!” in my head when my wife replied, “Maybe. We’ll let you know. But you can leave for now.”

I stared at the girl as she dressed, taking in her body in case I never got to see it again, and then she walked to the door. She stopped as she started to open it, turned to us and opened her mouth to speak. Instead she closed her mouth, turned and left.

“Don’t worry,” my wife assured me, “we’re gonna fuck her again. Just wanted to keep her guessing. Now, come here and fuck me!”

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