my wife and her younger brother’s best friend

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my wife and her younger brother’s best friendWhen My wife and I went on vacation her brother asked if he could go along. He was in high school and we told him yes. he wanted to bring a friend so we told him that was fine. We were going to go up north to the sand dunes. We arrived and unpacked the car and put everything away. There were 3 bedrooms and a large enclosed front porch. Tom’s friend Chris was a cute young man of 17 and he was very fit with a swimmers build although he was a bit on the smaller side.As we finished unloading Tom and Chris went down the steps to the beach. We were on the top of a dune and there were about 100 steps going down and then up and over a dune, and then down again to the beach. We finished unpacking the food and putting it away and decided to make dinner. As we cooked our dinner, Peg and I discussed the ride here and she said she kept catching Chris checking out her tits and crotch. she was sitting with her back to the passenger window with her foot on the engine cover and the other one on the edge of my seat. it was giving Chris a great view of her crotch plus she wore a very short loose legged pair of shorts and a tank top with loose arm holes and no bra or panties. I told her what do you expect, he is a young man with a horny body. We laughed and then I asked if she was interested in getting it on with him. she said she was thinking about it. I told her to see what happens and I said I hope you do cause I’d like to hear about it.We finished getting dinner ready and I rang the triangle on the side of the house and tom and Chris turned around to see me and waved to me and began the climb back up. We ate and Tom and Chris finished cleaning the dishes for us and Peggy grabbed a book and laid on the chaise lounge in the front porch wearing the same outfit. I could see her pussy from across the room and noticed that Chris was watching as he did the dishes. she was giving him a good show. As he finished he asked if they got everything and Peggy went in to inspect and gave tom a kiss and a hug and then she did the same to Chris but his was a little more friendly. Chris was flushed and a bit embarrassed when she stopped but she thanked aksaray escort him and grinned and winked at him. Tom said lets go down to the boat. They got the keys and went to the boat and took it out for a ride. As they left I asked if she enjoyed herself. She said most definitely. I asked if she had thought about sleeping arrangements. She said no, but thought we should have a bonfire and allow the boys to do some shots. she said she could pour Tom’s stronger and Chris’s weaker so tom would pass out and Chris would still be awake but feeling no pain. I agreed and We lit a fire. When the boys got back Peggy handed them each a cherry bomb and they chugged it down and then she had a tray full of them and I knew which ones were for tom and which ones were for Chris. I was enjoying mine as well and I figured when I was feeling them, Tom should be trashed. As I had my 5th shot, Tom was standing to go to the bathroom and he walked over to the side of the bushes and began peeing right there in front of his sister. I said hey Tom you should go into the bushes not in front of them. he laughed with a giggle and said he didn’t think he could find his way out of the bushes. Just then he stumbled and i got up and caught him. I said It looks like its time for bed for you buster. Tom said that sounded great to him. Peggy and Chris said good night to him and I said I would probably go to sleep also. I took tom to the farthest room and I removed his clothes and pulled a sheet down to get him in bed. I noticed he was hard and sporting his good old rock hard 7 1/2 inch cock. I was tempted but not willing to waked him and ruin Peggy’s plans.I turned off the lights in the house and that was Peggy’s signal that It was clear to put the moves on Chris if she was ready. She told Chris it looks like it’s just you and me. Chris said yep. Peggy said she was going to stay up and wondered if he would stay up with her to enjoy the fire. Chris said hell yes, This is fun. Then she stretched and her legs were open so her pussy was showing again to Chris. she also stretched her arms and leaned forward so he could see as much of her tits as he wanted. Then she straightened out and said escort aksaray we need a bigger fire and she began stoking it and loading more logs as she bent over in front of Chris and gave him a good view of her ass and those short shorts were riding high. She glanced back and saw him adjusting his cock as eh stoked the fire again. Then she sat on the same bench as Chris and grabbed a blanket and threw it around both of them and said this will keep us warmer until the fire gets going better. Chris snuggled in close to her and she handed him another shot and she took one and they downed them both as they held the blanket around each other. she then said um that made me cold. Cuddle up to me and get me warm and rub my back a little too. Chris did exactly that and soon she was resting her head on his shoulder and sliding her hand along his thigh. Chris was tenting and Peggy could see he had a big dick. Chris pulled her closer to him and said You feel real good to me right now. Peggy said and you feel really good to me too. and then she kissed him and gave him a nice long kiss. As she stopped kissing him she said I am sorry, Chris, I shouldn’t have done that I apologize for making you feel uncomfortable. Chris said don’t apologize I enjoyed that. she said really? And he said hell yeah. She then kissed him again.and this time she put some tongue into it and he responded in the same manner. as they kissed she began rubbing his chest and down his belly to his crotch. Chris was feeling braver and he began rubbing her shoulders and down to her tits. He had his one hand on her breast and was rubbing it slowly as she lowered her hand onto his cock and began rubbing. He said Oh my Gawd that feels so good. and Peggy responded by kissing him deeper and rubbing is cock more firmly. Chris responded by placing his hand under her tank top and really feeling her bare breast as she undid his snaps on his jeans and unzipped his zipper. Chris turned around and slid his jeans down and lifted one cheek at a time as he slid them off and allowed her access to his cock. He leaned over and sucked on her nipples as she gripped his cock and felt a good 8 inches of solid thick cut aksaray escort bayan cock and a nice big set of balls. she leaned into him and said Oh Chris I want you in me so badly. Please fuck me now. she felt him lean her back on the bench and he got up and kicked his pants aside and knelt between her legs as he slid his cock up and down her pussy lips to get it wet and then he slid it in and spread her lips with that gorgeous young thick long cut cock. She said it felt like a hot poker going in her as he slid in deeper and deeper until he finally bottomed out. She was so horny that she gripped her heels in his ass and pulled him deep and kept driving his ass into her as he withdrew he got pulled back in deeper and deeper every time until she finally started cumming and hugging him and moaning loudly as she rolled through a series of several orgasms and he continued fucking her fora good 10 minutes before he finally erupted shooting several hard spurts of cum deep in her pussy and then she collapsed and he gave one finally hunch before falling onto her. the fell asleep for a few hours and then Chris awake and got up to pee and he just stood there naked and pissed on the fire as if marking his territory. then he got between her legs and slid his cock back and forth a few times to wet it again and he fucked her real hard and fast this time and he came in 5 minutes before collapsing on top of her. then as he recuperated he got up and slid his cock along her sleeping lips and then shoved in a bit until she opened her mouth and as I watched from the window I could see he was really making her his whore for the weekend. I jacked off and shot a huge load on the wall under the window and then he hunched and came in her mouth. she must have been awake then because she swallowed and she then got up and licked him clean and she walked naked to the cottage with him naked beside her. They went to his room and locked the door from inside and I could hear them fucking for a few more hours. I fell asleep and when I awoke in the morning, Everyone was asleep. I walked to the fire pit and cleaned up there clothes so Tom wouldn’t see his sisters clothes and Chris’s with cum on all of them. I got some breakfast going and before long Peggy woke up and she joined me by the now re-stoked and glowing fire for a coffee as the bacon slowly baked in the oven. We rehashed the nights events and wondered what was in store for today.

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