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Subject: My Roommate’s Toy Box, Chapter 2 Comments, questions, gripes? Email ail. Follow me on Twitter @BryceManningFic to see when I post new stories. ————————————————– My Roommate’s Toy Box, Chapter 2 By Bryce Manning A couple weeks later, I’m sitting in the first of three classes that are blocked together on my schedule for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. An email from the professor who teaches my second class appears right as I’m about to close my laptop, announcing that the class is canceled and apologizing for the extremely short notice. I’m thrilled that I won’t have to sit through an hour of boring lecture on English literature as I pack up my computer, starting back toward the dorm room with a smile on my face. I push my key into the lock without thinking anything of it, twisting the knob and swinging the door open. I freeze instantly at the threshold, my mouth gaping open. Alex is there completely naked, squatting in the middle of the floor between our beds, the soles of his bare feet half planted on the tile, his fingers at his pierced nipples. Most of the obscenely girthy dildo I’d handled when I trespassed into his toy box is buried up his ass. Alex looks up at me immediately, his mouth gaping open too as his hands drop to his sides, his eyes wide with terror, his whole expression panicked. For once he has absolutely nothing to say. I don’t have to fake looking shocked. I’d never truly believed he was riding the monsters until I finally found him in the room with one impaled in his hole. “Uh, shit,” I mutter, looking down at the floor. “Shit, I’m, uh, really sorry.” I instantly turn around and cross back out the door, pulling it shut and literally jogging to the lounge on our floor. How was I ever expecting catching him to turn me on? Alex’s horrified expression is vividly emblazoned on my mind, the image impossible to escape. I settle on a couch in the lounge, stripping my backpack off and setting it beside myself, trying to think about anything else, but I can’t stop picturing my roommate’s stunned face. My whole body is tingling uncomfortably, my heart racing. I can feel adrenaline pumping through my veins. That definitely wasn’t hot. That was awful! I feel embarrassed for him realizing that I’d finally confirmed the secret I was never supposed to know about, already doubting that our relationship would ever be the same again. My phone vibrates in my pocket. I know it must be Alex texting me, but I’m too anxious to read the message. I sit there for half an hour trying to calm down, Alex’s terrified face still crystal clear in my head, before I’m willing to pull my phone out. /You’re good to come back to the room/, Alex had written. /I’ll explain/. I’m happy to see that he doesn’t seem mad, but another wave of anxiety overtakes me wondering what he’s going to say. I spend another hour sitting in the lounge, barely able to focus on anything, before I decide I’m ready to trek back to the dorm room. I could spend the whole day sitting on this couch, but that wouldn’t spare me from having to eventually face Alex. I walk glacially toward the room, pressing my key into the lock as quietly as I can, my hand hesitating to turn the knob. I take a deep breath and open the door, finding Alex fully dressed in his bed for a change, looking just as uncomfortable as I feel. I bow my head down trying to avoid his gaze as I throw my backpack beside my desk. “I’m not gay,” he says immediately. “Ok,” I acknowledge without glancing at his face, tumbling into my bed. “Seriously, I’m not gay,” Alex repeats again urgently. “I know you are, but I’m seriously not, man. I just like having stuff in my ass because it feels good. That’s all.” My apprehension instantly skyrockets. He knew I was gay? He’d never mentioned it at all until now, not even hinting until this moment. “What?” I ask, sounding horrified myself, still not brave enough to look over. Alex scoffs. “You think I’m dumb? You’ve been blatantly checking me out since the day I first moved in. It doesn’t bother me, dude, and it never has. You’ve been a cool friend. But I’m definitely not gay.” Even hearing him say that it didn’t bother him, I’m silently regretting every frequent lustful stare I’d allowed myself. How had I deluded myself into believing my sexuality was a secret after eye fucking my roommate all semester? I should have owned up on the first day and told Alex the truth. “How often have you seen me checking you out?” he demands, not waiting for me to say anything. I sigh, anxiously rubbing my hand over my closed eyes, still picturing the way my roommate’s face looked when I walked in on him earlier. “Never,” I admit. “Because I’m not gay,” Alex repeats another time. “So what you saw…yeah, I like having stuff up my ass. I love having stuff up my ass, honestly. But I’m still only attracted to women. I’m not gay. You understand me?” The idea seemed totally contradictory to me, beyond my comprehension. Did he want girls to shove massive dildos in his ass? I couldn’t fathom a straight man desiring that. But whatever, I went along with it. “Yeah,” I agree. “Dude, there are tons of other straight guys into that stuff,” he claims defensively. “I’ll show you right now if you don’t believe me.” “I believe you, Alex,” I say gently, hoping to calm him down. He huffs. “No, you think I’m gay after seeing me with that dildo in my ass, but I’m not.” His desperate repeated assertions are the reason I’m actually questioning his true sexuality now, but I don’t betray that. “I believe you!” I try to assure him. “I, um, like having stuff in my ass too. I get it. You don’t have to be gay to think it feels good.” Alex tosses loudly on the other side of the room. “You think it feels good too?” he asks more diplomatically. “I get it,” I repeat. “I’m not judging you. I love getting fucked. It’s the most pleasurable feeling in the world to me. I’ve always felt like most straight guys don’t appreciate what they’re missing out on.” “Look at me, dude,” he insists. Peering over at my roommate’s face is almost painful, but I do it anyway. I’m going to have to look at him again sooner or later. “Do you mean that?” Alex demands, his brown eyes boring into mine. “You don’t think I’m gay? You don’t think I’m crazy for liking it?” I shake my head. “You know how many people think I’m crazy for being honest about what I like?” I have to look away again, feeling like I’m about to cry. I hate that I let my fears about facing another homophobic man derail my plans to be an authentic person. “I’m sorry I never told you, but I was afraid we wouldn’t be friends anymore if I did.” His sheet rustles on the other side of the room. “Why wouldn’t we be friends? Because you’re gay? Who cares?” Hearing my roommate say that, I find the courage to glance back over. “Well, who cares about what you like then? If you like it, that’s all that matters.” Alex smiles at me for the first time since I’d come back from the lounge. “So we’re cool? Things aren’t going to be weird between us?” “I’m not going to start trying to fuck you,” I reassure him. “I’ve always known you were straight, since the first time we met. That’s why I was scared to tell you that I’m gay.” He laughs, finally seeming at ease. “Like I didn’t instantly pick up on that! At least we’re both being honest with each other right now. Can I be honest about something else, man?” I can see his sheet jumping up rhythmically above his crotch, certain that Alex is jerking off right now. My heart skips a beat thinking my roommate is going to declare that he actually is gay, or at least bi, that he’s about to ask me over there to give him head despite everything he’d just claimed about his sexuality. “What?” I wonder, ready to step over to his side of the room. Alex lifts the sheet away, revealing that his shorts are already peeled down, his hard cock sticking up. “You know why I never said anything before? Because I fucking love being watched,” he hisses, staring straight at me. “Why do you think I’m always getting naked in front of you and just wearing boxers here in the room? I love knowing that you’re over there desperately trying to sneak glances. I fucking love it, dude. Seriously.” I’m frozen trying to respond, thinking about all the times I’d shamelessly looked at his body. My roommate had known exactly what he was doing from the very first day, and he’d enjoyed it. “I’m not gay,” he says again, “but I’m definitely an exhibitionist.” I don’t even really know what the word means, feeling my own dick growing as I observe him boldly jerking off in front of me. “I don’t…um…know what that means,” I stammer. Alex pulls his sheet back further, moving to sit at the edge of his bed, his hard eight inches jutting out. “It means I get off on people looking at me. On the sidewalk, in the showers, everywhere. I love being watched.” He grins as he starts stroking his shaft again. “Want to hear something really wild?” My face turns away the second he asks. He’s confusing the fuck out of me, openly touching himself with me looking on after emphatically declaring that he wasn’t gay over and over again. Part of me wants to run back to the lounge, to escape this conundrum, but I have to know what he’s going to say. “What’s that?” “I’ve been the number one guy on Chaturbate half a dozen times since you moved in,” Alex boasts, still obviously working his huge cock. I’d run across the site a couple times before, knowing that he must have had at least 1,000 people watching his stream for the claim to be true. My roommate wasn’t kidding. Imagining how pissed his dad would be if he knew that thousands of people were looking at Alex’s naked body, I totally believe him. His feet hit the floor, his steps creeping toward my bed. “So if you want to watch,” Alex starts, “go ahead and watch. It turns me on, dude.” I twist my head to find my hot straight roommate two feet away from me, stroking his dick with his shorts now pulled down to his ankles. Gazing at his face, into his eyes, he looks like the one who’s living out a fantasy. “Seriously?” I whisper. Alex smirks, working his length even harder. “You think I have a nice body? A big dick? You been thinking about me all semester? Tell me about it, man. I’ll be so fucking turned on.” Seeing him eagerly jerking off in front of me like this is definitely still confusing, but having my roommate so close, hearing his demands for compliments, I’m certain he really means everything he’s saying. I take in his whole body from his beautiful face to his slide-tanned feet, trying not to be reluctant about it, my eyes panning up and down Alex as he’s unashamedly touching himself, wishing I were brave enough to grip my own painfully hard shaft. “You’re fucking hot,” I finally answer. He laughs like he’s longed to hear me admitting it. “Yeah, man?” Alex whispers. “Ridiculously fucking hot,” I continue. “You have an amazing body and a massive dick, the hottest ass I’ve ever seen in my whole life.” Alex grins as he jerks his length even more fervently. “You ever fantasized about getting with me before?” I look away again, afraid to actually own up to that, even though he surely knows I’ve dreamed of it since he moved in. “Come on, dude, I’m not going to be pissed about it,” Alex says calmly, his voice close to my ear. “Have you?” I guiltily glance back up at him. “How could I not?” I whisper. “Nice,” he hisses. “That’s so fucking hot. Want me to shoot my load on your face right now?” My head recoils at the invitation, shocked that he’d just offered to paint me with his seed. I’ve spent the whole semester imagining having my roommate’s cum on my face, yearning to taste him, and now his dick was closer to me than ever before. I want his load more than I’ve ever wanted it, but I’m overwhelmed, my eyes wide, my mouth struggling to form words Alex doesn’t gaziantep travesti hold back, pacing even closer, holding his eight inch cock right in front of my head. “Turn away right now if you don’t want it and I’ll bust on the floor,” he growls. I don’t move, my heart thundering in my chest, barely believing that my roommate is really willing to give me exactly what I’ve fantasized about. My dick is ridiculously hard in my shorts, pulsing wildly. He strokes his length a few more times, my eyes fixated on his huge shaft, his hand suddenly freezing as he moans loudly, lurches forward, and starts spraying cum all over my face. The ropes of warm jizz splatter across my skin, landing on my forehead, my nose, my cheeks, across my lips. I gaze up at Alex to find him grinning as he inspects his work. “I bet you’ve always wanted to taste that,” he says suggestively. “I’ve seen the way you look at my cummy boxers in the morning. Now’s your chance, dude.” Peering back to his softening dick, his bushy black pubes, I snake my tongue out, lapping at the seed painted on my lips and stretching the tip up as far as I can reach, collecting as much of Alex’s cum as I could. My roommate’s load could have tasted worse than anything in the world and I still would have greedily devoured all of it, but I’m delighted to find that his cum tastes slightly sweet, taking the edge off its natural saltiness. He tastes amazing. “Nice,” Alex hisses from above. “That was honestly pretty hot.” He pulls his shorts from his ankles, stripping his shirt off as he walks away and climbs into his bed naked, quiet for a minute. “Hey, man, don’t read anything into what just happened,” he calls as he turns away from me. “Chicks never want to let you bust on their faces, but I figured you would. You got that?” “Yeah, Alex,” I say barely above a whisper. “Thanks.” Thanks? I wasn’t even thinking when the word slipped out of my mouth, like I was appreciative of him doing me a favor. I guess I was. I stand up and grab the towel I’d showered with that morning off the floor, using it to wipe the rest of my roommate’s cum off my skin. I wanted to taste more of it, but I didn’t want to freak Alex out either, now that he’d gotten off. Not that he would have noticed. He ignores me for the rest of the night, not saying another word. I’m not brave enough to be the one to talk first, even as I’m slightly panicking that this might now be our new normal. I hope not, knowing how much I would miss being his friend. After enduring my roommate’s silence, I fall asleep wondering if I should have turned my head away, feeling like we’d crossed a line Alex definitely wasn’t comfortable with, despite his insistence in the moment. I don’t bother trying to shoot my own load that night, too preoccupied worrying about what might happen tomorrow. *** When I wake up the next day, I can still taste Alex’s cum in my mouth. I’d gone to the bathroom with my toothbrush before passing out but never actually did the deed, worried that I wouldn’t have the chance to taste him ever again. Now I’m savoring his flavor, my morning wood urgent remembering the way he’d boldly plastered my face the day before. My eyes flutter open, Alex staring at me from across the room. “Morning, bitch,” he calls authoritatively from his bed, looking completely serious. The word stings, instantly making me feel like our relationship won’t ever be the same. He’s still freaking out about what happened, and I know we need to talk. “Alex–” “Who said you could speak?” he protests, cutting me off. “I’m going to be in charge of this room from now on. You understand?” I look away into my pillow, hating the way he’s treating me. I know Alex regrets everything. Why did I let myself fuck up? I should have known it was too good to be true. I should have turned away before he busted all over my face. “You hear me, fag?” Alex insists. That word hurts even worse, making me feel like that’s all I am to him now. My roommate had been fine with me being gay from day one, but my lust for him had destroyed our friendship. I ruined everything giving in. I feel myself cringing. “I’m sorry–” “You’re sorry about what?” Alex interrupts. I hear him launching out of his bed, his footsteps approaching me. “Look at me,” he aggressively demands, his voice right there beside me. “Look at me, Tyler.” “I’m sorry, Alex!” I say loudly into my pillow. “I know we shouldn’t have done that, Ok? It won’t ever happen again.” I’m already imagining the awkward conversation I’m going to need to have with my RA about switching rooms. He’s laughing above me. “Look at me, dude,” Alex says more gently. I’m hesitant to glance over, but at least he isn’t scaring the shit out of me anymore. I slowly twist my head to Alex, surprised that he’s completely naked, his dick rock hard in front of me. When I see his hand approaching me, I think he’s going to hit me, but he playfully slaps my face, his fingers barely making contact. “Well, I’m definitely not sorry,” he murmurs softly. “I hope you aren’t serious about it never happening again.” I have no idea what’s going on, but I feel myself glaring at him, hating the way he’d made me panic. “What the fuck, Alex?” “Relax, roomie,” he whispers. “I was totally fucking with you, man. I don’t feel guilty or anything.” “Ok,” I mutter weakly, not believing him at all, worrying that he’s going to snap again at any moment. Alex grips my shoulder, his fingers lightly stroking it, almost affectionately. “Seriously, dude, I was just joking. We’re totally cool. I’m not going to treat you any differently. We’re still friends, right?” he asks like he really cares about the answer. My anxiety is starting to recede but I’m still scowling at him. “Please don’t ever call me a ‘fag’ again, Alex. I really didn’t like that.” He actually looks guilty staring down at me. “Sorry,” he apologizes. “I won’t ever say it again. I don’t know what the fuck I just did. Seriously, sorry I’m so fucking dumb sometimes.” “I know what you just did!” I snap at him. “You’re fucking compensating because you felt bad about last night! And you scared the shit out of me!” Alex sighs above me, biting his lip, his face still awash in guilt. “I freaked out a little last night, yeah. You’re absolutely right. Give me a little credit, dude. I’ve never done anything like that in my life. Can you forgive me? I promise I won’t be an asshole like that ever again.” My roommate seemed so sincere now that I couldn’t deny him. “Yeah, Alex,” I answer. “If you mean that.” “Don’t be mad,” he begs urgently. “I got over feeling weird. And then I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. And yeah, I want it to happen again.” Knowing that he wants more is killing me, but my anger retreats. I look into his warm mahogany eyes, hating what I feel like I need to tell him. “You know you’re my best friend here, right? Having you ignore me all night was awful, and this morning…” I shake my head. “I don’t think we should be doing sexual stuff together.” Alex looks pensive, gazing out the window. “You’re my best friend too, man,” he whispers. “I guess that’s why I felt so comfortable with you.” “So let’s not mess that up being horny,” I try to insist. Alex’s eyes find mine again. “What did we mess up?” he asks softly. “I told you I’m fine. I’m actually glad everything is out in the open now, you know? No more secrets between us. We can be completely honest with each other about everything from now on.” The fact that he’s the one resisting me on not being sexual together again is really fucking with my head. Is he trying to tell me he wants to go further? I don’t even know what to say, feeling completely torn when I notice Alex smirking above me. “You know what I think we should be doing? Making some new rules for the room.” I decide to play along with him, curious about what he’s going to propose. “Like what?” “For one, clothing is completely optional,” Alex suggests. I crane my head from his bare feet up his whole naked body. “I don’t think that’s a new rule, Alex,” I joke. He laughs. “Well, you should feel free to relax around me too! I don’t care about seeing you naked. No big deal.” Alex pauses for a second. “How about this one: we can both jerk off whenever we want. You don’t have to wait until I’m asleep, or whenever you’re doing it. Who cares? And you can watch me if you want. That would actually turn me on.” I couldn’t imagine myself jerking off in front of him, but I’d already watched him enjoying his nightly sessions countless times. Being free to watch whenever I want is definitely intriguing. “Are you really cool with a gay guy watching you like that?” “I’ve had thousands of gay dudes look at me jerking off,” he says matter-of-factly. “And it’s not like you haven’t already done it a ton, man. I told you, I like being watched. I always busted more when I noticed you spying on me at night.” My face flushes with embarrassment. “Sorry about that,” I apologize. Alex is smiling. “Sorry about what? How many times do I have to tell you? I eat that shit up. Now about the toys…you want me to keep limiting that to when you’re out of the room?” The whole situation feels surreal. “Are you, uh, inviting me to watch you play with your ass too?” “I wouldn’t complain about having an audience,” he says, sounding completely serious. “But if that’s too weird I’m totally fine with keeping it to myself.” I’m nervous just imagining my roommate openly using his massive toys with me there in the room, but my hard dick takes over, wanting to see him in action. “I’d be curious to watch,” I admit, immediately hesitant as soon as the words escape my mouth. “But…you won’t regret it, will you?” Alex looks at me seriously. “I promised not to be an asshole again, didn’t I?” His dick, having gone soft after beginning our frank discussion, is more rigid than it’s been all morning. “Just hearing you say that you want to watch is boning me up, man. How about we try tonight?” Even my rational brain is struggling with the offer. Part of me wants to shut this down right now, to safely limit us to being friends like we always were. Another part seizes on how insistent Alex is, like he’s eager to share his sexuality with me, hungry to somehow be closer to me even if it doesn’t involve us fucking. I know that’s what I really want, to be closer, but not if it means throwing everything away. “Dude, you’re thinking way too hard,” Alex interrupts. “I’d love to do this, but you can say no. It’s cool.” Hearing the hint of disappointment in his voice, I make up my mind. “No, I’d love to watch you,” I decide. “If you want me to.” He grins, turning and walking away, his massive ass cheeks bouncing with every step until he bends down and grabs his towel, wrapping it around his waist. “You realize I was barely getting started yesterday when you barged in? I want to finish, and it would be so much hotter with you here.” He struts toward the door, suddenly stopping and twisting back around. “Why did you come back early anyway? I totally forgot to ask.” “My second class got canceled,” I explain. Alex shakes his head. “How did I not even fucking think of that being possible? Well, now I’m glad I didn’t!” *** We interacted like nothing was out of the ordinary when I came back from class that day, Alex splayed out on his bed naked. He’d obviously been serious about clothes being optional, smirking when he noticed me shyly checking out his package. “So,” he calls out randomly after an hour of banter, none of it breaching what had transpired that morning, “you still down to have some fun tonight?” I can barely believe this is actually going to happen, already feeling nervous. “I mean, if you want to,” I say without looking at my roommate’s face. I hear him climb out of his bed, the shipping box dragging against the floor. “Come on, gaziantep masaj salonları roomie, come over here,” Alex insists. He’s kneeling in front of the box I’d trespassed into, his furry ass on full display as I jump out of my bed and kneel down next to him. My roommate glances into my eyes before he throws the flaps open, looking back clearly expecting me to be surprised. I feign the reaction to the best of my ability as I’m surveying the impressive collection of sex toys for the second time. “Holy shit, these are all yours?” I ask, pretending to be stunned. Alex is beaming like he’s proud. “Yeah, dude. Which one do you want to see me take?” I scan the assortment, my eyes fixating on the huge gray plug, the thickest toy of the lot. I grasp it and hold it up, making a show of not being able to fit my hand around it. “There’s no way you can get this in your ass,” I challenge. He pulls the plug away, wrapping his fingers around it. “You would pick the thickest fucking one. I’m still working on taking the whole thing, but I can get half in after some warmup,” he boasts. My dick is throbbing imagining my straight roommate burying half the massive thing in his hole. “Are you really going to show me?” Alex grins, a glint in his eyes as he drops the toy back into the box. “Yeah? You want to watch me take it?” I turn away, feeling anxious about this whole situation again. “It’s cool if I, um, jerk off while I’m watching you, right?” “Definitely!” Alex agrees excitedly. “I’m sure all the guys watching me on cam were! Give me thirty minutes and I’ll be back.” He jumps up off the floor and lurches toward his closet, the huge globes of his ass looking magnificent as he pulls a crinkled plastic water bottle from the corner. He grabs another huge jug of water with his other hand, stuffing both into the backpack that he throws over his shoulders. He dons a pair of boxers for the first time since I’d come back from class. I’m amazed. My straight roommate has devised his own discreet system for douching in the stalls of the dorm bathroom. “Give me thirty, but hopefully I’ll be back sooner!” Alex says from the door, passing into the hallway clad in nothing but his boxers and a backpack. Still sitting on the floor in front of my roommate’s toy box, I think I must be dreaming. Alex is douching in the bathroom right now, hell-bent on swallowing up half the ridiculously thick gray plug with his hole. I pull my shorts off imagining the sight, slipping my hard dick out of my underwear as I pick up the massive toy again. I press my shaft against it, the plug easily three times wider than my cock. Even after witnessing Alex’s enthusiasm I couldn’t believe he was capable of taking half the thing. I start jerking off imagining him fitting the whole beast in his ass, losing myself in the fantasy. He bursts back into the dorm room fifteen minutes later, smiling widely when he notices my dick hanging out of my underwear. “You finally getting comfortable for once?” he asks as he steps closer, pulling his backpack off and slipping his boxers down. I stand up, resisting the anxious urge to hide my hard cock, exposing it to my roommate for the first time. “You might as well get naked!” Alex encourages. “I don’t think we have anything left to hide from each other now.” “No, I’m good like this,” I assure him as I settle on the edge of my bed. Maybe I’d feel comfortable enough to get there, but maybe not. This is still all so bizarre. Alex shrugs, seeming disappointed as he plucks a nine inch flesh-colored dildo that looks only slightly thicker than an average dick from his toy box. He grabs a huge bottle of lube out of his dresser, climbing into his bed and rolling on to his back, his feet sticking up in the air with his huge, hairy ass spread wide at the edge of the mattress. His hole definitely doesn’t look like the untouched tight ring of a typical straight guy, but it’s surprisingly normal considering the toy I’d seen him riding. Alex squirts a dollop of lube into his hand, rubbing it all over his furry opening, and then he spreads a second dollop all over the dildo. “Here we go!” he calls, pressing the tip of the dildo to his butt and slowly sliding it in. He’d already given me permission to touch myself, my dick aching for attention, but I’m still hesitant, my eyes fixed on the length penetrating Alex’s ass. He’s moaning softly as the whole thing steadily slips inside, until the plastic balls are pressed up against his butt. “Wow,” I whisper, amazed at how easily he’d swallowed up nine inches, knowing how much I would have struggled. Alex grins as he starts effortlessly pulling the dildo in and out. “This one is fucking easy now, man. One of the first ones I bought.” He fucks himself for a couple minutes, his moans growing increasingly intense as he pistons the dildo more forcefully in and out of his butt. When Alex withdraws it, the pink ring of his hairy hole is gaping open. “Time to step it up.” He leaps out of his bed, standing the nine incher on the floor and picking up the ridiculously girthy dildo I’d caught him riding. He slathers the huge thing with a generous amount of lube, planting it on the tile and facing me as he squats down over it like I’d seen him the day before. He grips the middle of the toy as he presses the ridiculously thick head of it into his crack. I’m still afraid to touch my dick, but watching my roommate is already hotter than any porn I’d ever seen. An intense look of concentration fixes on Alex’s face as his ass lowers down, the head of the massive beast slipping into him. “Oh, fuck!” he grunts, halting and holding himself there, looking intensely into my eyes. “Feel free to jerk off, dude,” he gutturally invites again. “You know I don’t give a shit.” Alex takes a deep breath and starts pressing down again, more of the huge shaft sliding into his hole as he moans wildly. He stops halfway down, reaching up to his pierced nipples and twisting them hard. I can’t resist any longer, finally touching my dick as I observe him, my shaft painfully hard seeing the dildo I couldn’t even fit my fingers around half buried in my roommate’s ass. “Yeah, there you go!” Alex murmurs, his whole face lighting up as he’s still tweaking his nipples. “You like seeing me ride this big fucking cock? Tell me how much it’s turning you on.” “It’s really, really fucking hot,” I whisper back timidly. He grins for a second, his expression quickly concentrating again as Alex slowly takes more of the massively thick toy, until the huge balls at the base are pressed against his furry butt. He grunts powerfully when he bottoms out, resting for a moment before he raises his ass back up and plunges himself down. “Fuck yeah,” he murmurs, starting to fuck his ass with the dildo, the skin of his hole stretched impossibly wide around it, gripping the plastic and rippling around it every time he raises his butt up. There’s a long string of precum hanging from Alex’s half hard dick, his shaft bouncing with every thrust. He’s breathing heavily, softly cursing to himself, his moans passionate and sensual like he’s experiencing the greatest pleasure in the world. My roommate is making sounds I’d never imagined a straight man capable of making, moaning the way I’d blissfully moaned getting fucked. I’m furiously and unashamedly jerking off now, emboldened by what my roommate is sharing with me, already on edge watching Alex effortlessly conquer a dildo I doubted I could ever fit inside my body. Alex stops, resting with the beast lodged all the way inside him as he touches his nipples again. “I think I’m ready for the plug,” he announces, lifting off the dildo with a forceful groan, his pink hole gaping wide. He pulls the huge dildo off the floor, the suction cup detaching with a loud pop, setting it aside and rising up to grab the plug. There’s lube all over his hairy ass, the string of precum still stretching down from the head of his cock as he sticks the gray monster in the same place on the floor. I want to plunge my mouth down on his dick and taste that precum so badly. This is simultaneously the hottest sexual experience of my life and the most annoying tease I’ve ever suffered, but I don’t want it to stop. “You should come closer,” Alex suggests after generously coating the plug with lube and squatting over it. Without a conscious thought I stand up and come closer to my roommate, suddenly feeling his warm fingertips against my skin as he digs them an inch into the waistband of my briefs, yanking the fabric down. Just feeling his fingers briefly brushing against me lights my whole body on fire. “Come on, roomie, lose those!” he begs. “Let’s just be two naked dudes having fun tonight!” After feeling Alex’s touch, all I want to do is please him. I slide the briefs down, kicking them off, and I pull my shirt off too, laying it on the floor. I lower my naked body down, planting my butt on the shirt and sliding my legs out, our feet mere inches from touching. “That’s so much better,” he says with a grin. “We shouldn’t ever wear clothes when we’re in the room. Your dick is so fucking hard, man!” I start jerking off again. “This is seriously the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, Alex.” There’s burning lust in his eyes. “Yeah?” he whispers. “Let’s see how much of this one I can handle tonight.” Alex holds the base of the huge plug against the floor, starting to lower his ass into the monster toy. There’s no tapered head like on the dildo, the thing almost uniform in thickness, but it penetrates his hole with another intense burst of effort, Alex groaning more loudly than he had all night. “Big fucking motherfucker!” he mutters, moaning constantly as he manages to lower himself halfway down. “Fuck yeah,” he hisses, taking his half hard dick into his hand. It starts filling out as we’re jerking off across from each other, Alex looking into my eyes. I don’t know what I’m seeing staring into him. There’s a primal fury, a fervor I feel like I don’t even comprehend. I suddenly feel his hand brush against mine, glancing down and realizing that my roommate is trying to touch my dick. I let go, feeling his warm fingers envelop me. He doesn’t stroke my cock at all, just holding himself there with my length pulsing against his skin. “You’re turning me on so fucking much,” Alex growls. “I love seeing how hard you are. I think I can finally do it.” I look up at his face when he lets go of my shaft but his eyes are closed, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead when his mouth gapes open and he literally starts whimpering. I gaze back down at the plug, watching the last half of it sliding into Alex’s ass. “Fuck!” he yells at the top of his lungs as the last inches press inside him, the circular base jumping up off the floor. “God fucking damn!” The neck separating the base from the insertable part is lodged in the wide-stretched ring of Alex’s hole. He reaches his hand down, feeling that the plug is all the way inside. “I took the whole fucking thing!” he shouts ecstatically. He only holds it in for a few seconds before the massive plug shoots back out of his butt, violently thumping against the floor as a squirt of piss streams out of his dick, Alex’s puffy opening gaping wider than it had all night. I shake my head and smile, still in disbelief that my hot former football player roommate had taken something I’d initially judged impossible. “I can’t believe you did that,” I whisper. He grins proudly, his hole still slightly gaping open, wiping the sweat off his brow. “Me neither. You’re good luck, man!” Alex hungrily grabs the plug again and repositions it, starting to mount it a second time, the big gray mass slipping inside him more easily for round two. He plunges to the base almost instantly, riding the plug aggressively as he moans, groans, and whimpers. “It gaziantep escort bayan feels so fucking good, dude!” he murmurs, greedily bouncing his butt up and down. “So fucking good!” I’m furiously working my cock watching his hole relentlessly devour the huge toy, knowing I can’t last much longer. “You’re going to make me bust,” I warn him. “Wait!” he orders, seizing as his hand grips his dick. “Let’s come together!” Alex rides the plug viciously, loudly moaning without a care in the world, his eyes shutting again, his face blissful as he plunges all the way down to the neck, his stretched ring slipping around it, gliding his butt up and slamming himself back down. I let him catch up with me, constantly on edge, struggling to keep myself from creeping over. “You ready?” Alex asks desperately, his eyes fluttering open and staring into mine. That last eager glance pushes me over. “I’m cumming!” I grunt, my whole body spasming as my load starts to spray out across the floor. “Me too!” he yells in the same instant, freezing at the base of the plug. “Fuck! Fuck, man!” Volleys of cum splash out of his dick and meet mine in the air, Alex almost screaming as he seems to experience a climax infinitely more pleasurable than what I’m feeling. He’s panting hard as he raises off the plug a final time, another big squirt of piss shooting out of his cock, his hole gaping wide enough that I could probably effortlessly shove my hand in his ass. “Fuck! That was the hottest toy session I’ve ever had!” He collapses on the floor, stretching his legs out and resting them on top of mine, a huge puddle of our jizz comingled together on the tile between us. I feel like things could get awkward at any second when he comes down from the orgasm and realizes that he’s still touching me. Or did he want to touch me? He’d touched my dick. I try to stop thinking, just enjoying feeling Alex’s body against mine. He lifts his head up off the ground and glances at me. “Sorry if that was weird when I grabbed your dick,” he apologizes. “I just had this sudden impulse to do it.” I laugh nervously, surprised that he was bringing it up. “I think I’m good with weird at this point. Everything about this was awesome.” Alex smiles. “Yeah, man. I hope you want to do it again some time,” he says hopefully. “Like tomorrow?” I volunteer. He laughs, throwing his head back. “I’ll need a few days, dude! You know how sore my ass is going to be in the morning? I can’t believe I’m fucking saying that to you.” He finally lifts his heavy legs off of mine and stands up, gazing down at the loads, lube, and piss all over the floor. “Shit, we made a huge mess, didn’t we?” He turns to grab a crumpled plastic grocery bag from underneath his bed, depositing the used toys into it and dropping them into his backpack. I’m still shamelessly watching his naked body while I sit there, my eyes fixated on his fat, fuzzy ass, some of the hair wet and matted with lube. “You need any help?” I ask, finally tearing my eyes away and lifting myself up. Alex twists around and waves his hand dismissively as he reaches for a roll of paper towels, wadding a few together and wiping up the liquid that’s spread everywhere. “You know how many times I’ve had to clean this floor up in the past couple months? No worries.” I sit at the edge of my bed as he’s spraying some kind of cleaner on the tile, still checking him out as he wads more paper towels together and rubs them against the floor. I don’t feel guilty about staring anymore, thinking about how many times he’d repeated that he liked me looking, knowing that thousands of other gay guys had looked at him too. “Going to grab a shower and I’ll be back,” he announces, standing up and wrapping his towel around his waist. He picks up his backpack, obviously intending to wash his toys off in the shower too. When the door shuts, I start obsessing over the fact that he’d grabbed my dick and rested his legs against mine as I pull my clothes back on. All those emphatic recitals of “I’m not gay” are playing in my head. He never said “I’m /straight/,” only insisting that he wasn’t /gay/. Maybe I was reading way too much into everything. My roommate was definitely an exhibitionist, my mere presence enabling him to swallow up the impossibly massive gray plug he’d never managed to conquer before. I don’t know what this is or where it’s going, and maybe Alex doesn’t know either, but I’m willing to find out. He’s hot as fuck and I love us being sexual together, still thinking of having his fingers wrapped around my dick, his warm legs on top of mine. I can’t believe I’d almost foreclosed any of this from happening. He walks back into the room after five minutes looking smug and satisfied, peering at me as he sets his backpack down. “Everything good, roomie?” he asks. “Yeah,” I answer. “Everything good with you?” Alex rips his towel off and throws it to the floor. “Yeah. That might have been the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Thanks, dude.” He climbs into his bed without bothering to put boxers on, lifting his phone up to his face. I can’t believe my roommate is the one thanking me now, like I’d just done him a huge favor. We’d barely touched each other, but he’d just granted me the hottest sexual experience of my life. “Can I ask you something?” I wonder. He looks over nervously like he’s expecting a question about his sexuality, letting his phone hit the bed. “Sure,” Alex says a little reluctantly. Seeing his hesitancy, I think through my words carefully. “How did you get into doing this? I’m really curious.” Alex seems to relax appreciating that it wasn’t a question about him touching my dick. “Hard to explain,” he starts, looking toward his closet. “I randomly shoved a finger up my butt when I was 16, maybe? I don’t even know why I did it, but it felt good. So yeah, I started doing it with other stuff. Pens, glue sticks, the end of a hair brush.” He laughs recalling it all. “I’d kidnap a box of plastic wrap from the kitchen so I could stretch it around stuff and shove it up my hole without anything getting dirty.” I’m amazed that we’d followed a similar path. My anal exploration had started with a random finger too, slowly expanding to everyday objects. “At some point I freaked out a little,” Alex continues. “It’s weird for a straight guy to be sticking things in his ass, you know? But I still really liked looking at girls. I had a fucking girlfriend when I was doing all that shit. So yeah, I tried to quit for a couple weeks until I couldn’t resist the urges anymore. There’s this really sensitive spot in my ass, dude, like insanely sensitive, and jabbing something into it would almost make me cum. Almost. I fucking love that feeling.” I know he’s talking about his prostate even if he’s never realized it. “Your prostate?” His head finally twists over. “You know what that spot feels like too?” Now I’m the one laughing. “Why do you think most gay guys are bottoms?” Alex looks away. “Must be nice.” Feeling like we’ve drifted into awkward territory, I decide to ask about his impressive collection of dildos and plugs. “How do you have so many toys anyway? I don’t even have a dildo!” He smiles at me. “Honestly, it’s addictive as fuck,” Alex starts to explain. “It’s like a competition with myself. Every time I get comfortable with a new toy, I start craving something bigger. I don’t know, it’s satisfying to finally get something all the way in after trying for a few sessions. It’s like playing a sport, like winning a football game, but way better.” His smile turns into a smug grin. “My dad sends me some money every month since he thinks I bowed to his wishes studying finance. Where do you think it goes?” He laughs. “He’d be so fucking pissed if he knew how I was spending it. The next batch is going to pay for my second tattoo.” “You’re getting another tattoo?” I ask. Alex lifts up out of his bed, casually approaching me completely naked and crawling into mine, kneeling beside me and lifting his left arm up behind his head, his bushy pit a foot away from my face, the smell of his sweaty odor penetrating my nostrils immediately. He pats the skin beneath his pec, the part of that would usually be covered by his arm, tracing his fingers over it. “It’s going to say ‘I am the master of my own fate,’ in two lines,” he announces. My roommate showered every morning, presumably doing it again every time he went to the gym, never coming close enough for me to notice his scent until right now. He smells so manly it’s overwhelming. “That’s cool,” I mutter, barely able to pay attention as I’m awash in his pungent musk. Alex looks annoyed that I’m not more enthusiastic about his plan. “What, you think that sounds lame?” “No!” I object, hesitant to admit how much his scent is turning me on before I remember that we’re supposed to be embracing total honesty. “Your sweaty fucking armpit is distracting me, that’s all.” He bends his head to sniff himself, instantly recoiling as he laughs. “Yeah, I really only washed the lube off my ass in the shower and I just sweated a ton so I’m pretty rank right now. You like it, man?” “Yeah,” I confess. Alex grins. “Did you ever sniff my dirty shirts when I was out of the room?” he wonders, still holding his pit up. I adamantly shake my head. “No, but I definitely thought about it.” “You know I’d get off on that, right?” he says eagerly. “You want to smell me? Fucking go for it, dude!” Alex’s dick is filling out again as he’s kneeling there beside me, lowering his pit closer to my face, right above my nose. “What does it smell like?” I don’t even know how to describe how intoxicating my roommate’s scent is. “Strong, masculine…perfect.” He suddenly grips my head with his free hand, stroking his fingers affectionately against my cheek. “Smell my dirty stuff whenever you want,” Alex invites. “I’d love to catch you doing it. Seriously, that would bone me up so fast.” He glances down at his cock. “As you can see.” My shaft is hard as steel too, even though we’d both just gotten off, Alex climbing off my bed and jumping back into his. He looks over, obviously stroking his dick before he stops. “Was that weird, man? I don’t want this to be weird. I’m sorry if that was weird.” He keeps repeating /weird/ like he’s the one who thought it was. “No, I thought it was hot,” I answer, turning away as I worry that he’s starting to feel regretful. How were we ever going to make this situation work? Then I hear him start jerking off again. “You want to bust another load with me?” Alex asks. I peer over, seeing my roommate working his solid dick intently and staring back at me expectantly. I like this so much better than being ignored, remembering the way he’d freaked out after busting his load on my face. “Come on, dude,” he encourages. “I know you want to get off again. This is hot. We should be doing this all the time.” With my roommate’s pungent musk still lodged in my nose, I lower my shorts down, letting my rigid cock smack against my stomach. “I knew it!” Alex calls from across the room. “What are you waiting for?” I grab my dick, both of us watching each other stroke, my roommate grunting after a few minutes of jerking off. As soon as I know he’s cumming, my second climax overwhelms me too, the image of the streams of our cum crossing together earlier flashing through my brain as seed sprays out of me a second time, landing all over my shirt. “Nice,” Alex pants, reaching down to grab the boxers sitting on the floor beside his bed and starting to wipe himself off. “I can’t believe we’ve lived in this room for three months without doing this every fucking night.” He looks totally content as he throws the boxers back down on the tile. “You can lick them if you want,” he invites with a laugh. We carry on like everything is completely normal as I stand up and strip my shirt off, throwing it into my hamper. Staring down at the shorts I’d modestly pulled back over my dick, I realize I finally feel completely comfortable around Alex. I discard those too, slipping my underwear down with them. He’s beaming as I stride back to my bed from the closet. “You sleeping naked tonight too?” he asks excitedly. “Why, would that be weird?” I crack a huge smile.

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