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My Night With HotwifepolThis is another fantasy story involving another Xhamster user, this time it’s hotwifepol. Her link here: was spending another lazy afternoon browsing Xhamster and I was trying to find something to jerk off too when I found her picture. She was gorgeous and I was mesmerised by her beautiful eyes and enchanting smile. She was so beautiful so I sent her a friend request. To my surprise she quickly accepted and I was very happy but I thought that she wouldn’t want much to do with me.I sent her a message thanking her for accepting and I told her that she was very beautiful. She thanked me for telling her this and I blushed, even though it wasn’t face to face, and we got idly chatting. She was very sweet and happy to chat with me and I found out that she wasn’t too far away from me and we agreed to meet up somewhere for a drink. I put off jerking off for now and wait until after I had met her in person, not expecting for anything to happen between us.I hopped in my car and drove to the bar that we had agreed to meet.After a short drive I arrived at McHale’s Bar. I was slightly early and so I ordered a drink and sat down in the corner. I watched the door with anticipation and she soon came in. She was so stunning when I first saw her in person. She was so hot as she took off her jacket. She went up to the bar and got herself a drink and she turned around and looked around for me and I waved to her and she smiled at me as she saw me.She came over to the table. “Hi, I’m Edith” she said as she reached out to politely shake me by the hand, I didn’t stand up as I shook her by the hand as I was already getting a little tight in the pants by her presence. “Good to meet you, Edith” I said with a broad grin. “I’m glad to meet you in person. canlı bahis You are more beautiful in person” I said, which was no lie and her eyes and sweet smile were more than enchanting.”I don’t usually do this” I said.”Don’t you usually meet girls?” she innocently asked.”I mean that I don’t usually do the whole internet dating type thing but I in your case I’m willing to make an exception” I explained.Edith smiled her sweetly beautiful smile at this. “I’m honoured. I’m glad that you decided to invite me out” she said ever so sweetly.I smiled a broad grin. I think that she thought that it was obvious that I was deeply attracted to her and that I was excited to meet her.We got speaking over a couple of drinks and we got to know each other. We hit it off and she leaned over the table and whispered in my ear: “I need some sex”. I gulped. She knew that this is what we really both wanted and I was super hard now.She took a long sip from her drink as she waited for my response and she happened to look down and saw the bulge in my pants and she winked at me. “I can see that you want to as well”.I blushed. “Sure” I sputtered out and this is when we thought it would be a good time to leave for my place.I drove us both back to my place where things got even more heated between us. I had barely closed the front door before she was on me. She had jumped up and had grabbed a hold of me. Her arms were around my neck and her legs around my waist and she held on tight as she embraced me and we were kissing fervently. I managed to take us both to the bedroom and I placed her down onto the bed. I watched as she stared lustfully at me with her beautiful eyes and as she then took off her shirt. Her body was amazing and I was super excited to be with her.As she then unbuttoned her trousers bahis siteleri I raced to get undressed and fuck her. Once undressed she looked at me from the bed as I stood in front of her with my cock super hard. She smiled as she looked upon as she lay naked on my bed. I knew that she wanted it and I approached. As I got near she took a hold of my super hard cock and she guided it to her mouth. I was standing next to the bed and she was on her hands and knees, sucking my hard cock. She really knew how to suck and her tongue around my cock was awesome.To stop myself from getting too excited I withdrew and I gently pushed her onto her back. She instinctively opened her legs, exposed her pussy. She had an awesome body and she was getting ready for me to get on top of her. I did so and I guided my cock towards her pussy. I looked deep into her eyes, which widened as I gently penetrated her deeply in her pussy. Our eyes locked as I went deeper and deeper inside her wet pussy. I loved staring into her eyes, I just never thought that it’d be with me fucking her.She had wrapped her legs around my waist tightly and she had dug her nails in my back as I slowly started to fuck her in the pussy. Our eyes remained locked as I was soon pounding her and she gasped and squealed as I couldn’t help myself but to fuck her hard. She was amazing. She knew my rhythms and she anticipated my every move and thrust. She was pressed up hard against me and she had an awesome body with silky smooth skin that felt so warm and soft against mine.We went on fucking in my bed but soon enough she we had rolled over and she was on top now. She looked deeply into my eyes as she grinded away with my cock deep inside her pussy. I held onto her waist. She lost no rhythms and she was going fast and I was sure that güvenilir bahis I was going to shoot my load any second now with all the excitement and she knew it.She pulled off, leaving my hard cock in the air. She reached over to her handbag and pulled out some lube and handed it to me. I wasn’t sure what she wanted it for at first until she laid down on her front and she slapped her ass. Now I knew and it was a hard job not to cum right here and now. So, I removed the cap of the lube and I applied it to my cock while she spread her ass cheeks apart and I applied plenty around her tight asshole.I climbed back on top of her and soon enough my cock was going deeper and deeper into her ass. I couldn’t believe my luck at this pull. She was so sweet and beautiful with an awesome ass, of which I was now fucking. She groaned deeply as I went further and further into her ass. It was a tight fit but I had applied plenty of lube and I was soon all the way inside her ass and before I knew it I could feel her fine ass cheeks pressed up against me. I couldn’t resist the natural urge to really start fucking her in the ass.Edith groaned as I started to fuck her in the ass. It felt awesome as I started to fuck her deeply in the ass. Even though I couldn’t stare into her eyes as I fucked her in the ass from behind but I could see as she looked over her shoulder at me she was very much enjoying the pleasure of my cock in her ass.As time went on I was fucking her in the ass harder and harder and I couldn’t help myself in getting faster and faster. The excitement became too much and I found myself about to cum. I was just about able to pull out in time and flip her over and shot my load over her wondrous tits. She laughed and smiled as I came with a great sigh of relief.Feeling so out of breath I lay back down next to her. We looked deeply into each others’ eyes for a moment and smile. She planted a great kiss on my lips and she snuggled up to me and we rested for a while. I was in no rush to let her out of my arms for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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