My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses

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My Mom and Sisters are my NursesThis story is part of a series, please start reading chapter one before going through this if you are new to it!Welcome to the final chapter of My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses! I think this piece of work has the longest sex scene I have written so far, over seven-thousand words!As usual, sit back, relax and enjoy it!*****I watched and listened to them.I watched as the three most important woman in my life laid completely naked around me on mother’s king-size bed, listening to them talking about the birds and bees.Mom laid to my right, her mature beauty clinging onto me as she giggled at the things my youngest sister was telling us.Casey laid to my left, just like Mom her beautiful curvy body clinging onto me. She held my hand onto her belly with her own on top of it, making sure that our unborn daughter could feel the touch of both her parents close to her.Debby laid in the middle of us, her youthful fit body on top of my own belly to be exact. As usual she was rambling on about what funny things happened between her and her friends during their match outside of town.After everything that had happened we finally found peace, happiness and closure. A new chapter of our lives had started, us, together without any worries about what the future would hold for us.After Debby finished her story the girls started to focus on me, their sparkling eyes telling me everything. Seductive, lust and love filled gazes stared right at me as I felt their bodies clinging onto me tighter and tighter.Mom pulled herself up a bit higher, her voluptuous breasts now next to my head. With her soft hand she turned my head towards her impressive erotic bosom. “Go on darling, do what we always do, help yourself and let Mommy feed you.” She purred with her motherly voice. And so I did, my mouth clamped around on of her hardened nipple before I started to suck her breast gently.Casey only moaned quietly, her actions speaking louder than words. She slowly guided our hands that were on her belly lower and lower, I felt us brushing through her thin streak of pubic hair before she placed my hand on her most sacred place. She let out a giggly moan as I spread her soaked pussy carefully with my fingers before I sunk them into her tight hole.Debby had lowered herself, her tongue slithering over my belly-button before it found its real target. I could feel her soft hands wrapping around my fast growing erection before the same slithering tongue started to rotate around my cockhead, licking up every glob of precum I produced.You could say that I was dreaming, but no… This time… This time everything was real as can be. Me, my mother and my sisters, closer together than ever, closer together… Just like the four of us had dreamed about.*****It has been three weeks since Casey and Jake returned from their trip to Old Hendrickson, a trip that would change their and their family’s lives forever.At the night of their return they had a heartfelt and very open conversation with their mother Cynthia. It was time for no more secrets, no more running away from the true feelings that everyone had for each other, no matter how wrong they seemed to be to the public. This was about their lives and how they wanted them to continue.Even Debby, who was asleep on that night could feel that something was about to change. She woke up from her sleep, hearing her mother and older brother and sister speaking to each other in the kitchen. Without any hesitation she joined them and she too poured out her true feelings, which in the end, came as no surprise to her mother, brother and sister.To put it simple and conclude that night; They loved each other. They all loved each other in such a way that was meant to be wrong, but for them it was the only true, right way. Emotionally and physically they were all on the same line, true pure love for one another without a sprung of jealousy between each other. It was as the four of them were destined to be together for the rest of their lives, a statement that the four of them gladly stood by.So what exactly changed and happened to the Wilson family after that night? Well, a lot did and in a positive way for sure.Casey was confirmed pregnant after the test results came in a week or so later. She and Jake would become parents of a baby girl in the near future. Cynthia and Debby were overjoyed when Casey and Jake shared the news. Cynthia had always dreamt of becoming a grandmother, something she often discussed with her best friend Judith. Debby couldn’t wait for her niece to be born, she wanted to show her older siblings that she would be the next best person to take care of her if needed, this all thanks to her experience babysitting Olivia and Jeremy.Casey also finally started working at her new job, together with her best friend Stephanie and Vanessa at their photography studio. Stephanie and Vanessa were overjoyed when her she shared the bahis firmaları news of her pregnancy with them, privately she had told Stephanie the full story of what had happened between her and Jake. Stephanie reassured that her secret was safe with her as she trusted her best friend to keep her own i****tuous relationships a secret.Cynthia went back to work at the hospital as a head-nurse like she used to do, although this time she would be working part-time under the supervision of her best friend Judith, who, after speaking with her son Matthew, was also returning part-time on her own old doctor position. Just as Casey and Stephanie, Cynthia shared every detail with Judith about the pregnancy of her oldest daughter.Debby went on with her sports and studies like she used to do, only changing a few things slightly. She had given up on entering competitions and other events that would have taken her to travel outside of town. Instead of that she picked up coaching alongside coach Barry at the university, meaning that she could spend more time at home with her family. Her older sister’s pregnancy also had an impact on her, deep down she could feel a bit of jealousy, secretly craving for her older brother to impregnate her as well as she would love to have a c***d of her own. But she knew that that would be a possibility in the future.Jake returned to his studies, although this time he would study and work from home instead of attending the university again. He also helped around the house as much as possible while his mother and sisters were either at work or at school, making him ‘the man of the house’ in each and every way. Him and Casey would learn everything about parenting from either their mother or other tools in their spare time.Finally, there was the sex, the i****tuous lovemaking between the Wilson family that had changed their lives forever. All three women would occasionally have sex with Jake whenever it was possible, sometimes Jake fucked both his sisters and mother on the same day. Like said before, there was no sprung of jealousy between the three ladies when Jake spend time with one of them as they all knew that he loved them equally as they also loved each other equally. Until this very day there haven’t been any threesomes or foursomes between them, but this would be changed very soon…*****”Debby, did you bring the present for Mom with you?” Asked Casey as she and Jake were giving their own baked birthday cake it’s finishing touches.Debby walked up to them and held out the present proudly. “Yup, and all wrapped up perfectly in the wrapping paper we chose.” She said with a cheery voice. “Need any more help with the cake?””No need for that, we’re almost finished decorating it. Maybe you could hang that remaining party garland above the table?” Responded Casey.Debby nodded and did as her sister asked, decorating the already cheerful looking kitchen area even further.Casey turned to Jake and gave him a quick but passionate kiss on his cheek before returning to work on the cake.Jake smiled and looked in her direction. “And what was that for, my darling sister?” He asked.His sister turned her head again and smiled back to him. “For being here with us… I love you Jake.” She answered with a slight blush on her cheeks.She then felt Jake pushing her short tank top slightly upward before he placed a long, soft and love filled kiss on her belly. “And I love you too… Both of you.” He whispered up to her.Cynthia’s birthday had always been the most important one out of the four of them, at least that was the case with her c***dren. The three of them had high respect for their mother, working all hours around the clock to keep them fed, a roof above their heads and everything else before the accident happened. Today was another one of those special days.The three of them had decided to keep the photos that they shot at Stephanie’s studio a secret for a little while longer, coming to the conclusion that it would be the perfect birthday gift for their mother. You might be wondering, what happened to that cheque of five grand that Debby and Jake received at the gala all that time ago? Well, they decided to share it with their mother and sister after Casey’s pregnancy was confirmed one-hundred percent.After a bit of discussion what to do with it they decided to split it fifty-fifty. One half for a vacation to Old Hendrickson for at least two weeks at the same hotel Casey and Jake stayed on their trip. The other half would be used to decorate the room for the upcoming baby and any additional baby items they would need for her.Just as Debby finished hanging up the garland they heard the door to their mother’s bedroom open, followed by her humming to herself as she went for the bathroom.Casey added the last bits and pieces to the cake before both she and Jake were satisfied with the result. They placed it in the middle of the kitchen table, facing kaçak iddaa the doorway where Cynthia would be entering the kitchen.”And now we wait… Debby, will you give Mom our present after we wished her a happy birthday?” Asked Casey as she and Jake stood into position, waiting for their mother to arrive.Debby nodded and took place beside her siblings.A few seconds later the humming sound of their mother came closer and closer to the kitchen, the three siblings standing ready to wish her a happy birthday.And then she came in with her usual happy morning smile spread across her face, dressed in her bathrobe attire showing off her curves and the always present cleavage of her immersive breasts.”HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Shouted the siblings at the same time, startling their mother.”Oh my, What an entrance you three!” She said following by a giggle. “I have to admit, I sort of forgot about my birthday, comes with the age I guess!””Oh come on Mom, you turned forty-two today and you still look like you’re twenty years old!” Said Casey as she walked up to her mother and kissed her.Debby quickly followed her sister and gave her mother a big kiss as well. “Casey is totally right Mom! No matter what age you are, you will always be a hottie!” She added to her sister’s compliment.Cynthia started to blush of the sweet words she received. “Thank you sweeties! That means a lot to me.”Jake wheeled up to her as last and looked up with a bright smile. “Happy birthday Mom!” He said again.”Why thank you darling!” Said Cynthia as she leaned forward and gave her son a big kiss on his lips, slipping her tongue along his flesh.She stood up and looked at the table to see the impressive cake that her c***dren made for her. “Wow! Credit to you guys for making that beauty, I assume that Casey showed you two her hidden skills of cake baking?” She said excited.Casey started to giggle. “I only learned from the best Mom!”The four of them took a seat around the kitchen table and got ready to enjoy the freshly made birthday cake. They chatted and smiled with each other, making it look like any other morning they had together. Only this time there would be a very special present for their mother.”Uh Mom… It wouldn’t be a birthday without a present, so we want to give you this from all three of us. I hope you will like it, we thought it would be the perfect gift for you.” Said Casey after a while. She nodded to Debby to give her the sign.Debby took the package she had been hiding for a while now and placed it in front of her mother. “Go ahead Mom, be careful with opening the package, we don’t want the present to be damaged.”Cynthia nodded to her youngest daughter and took the package in her hands, starting to open it carefully.The three siblings watched their mother open their present, waiting for the response they would get from her after she would see the photos.After removing the package, they could see that her hands trembled a bit as she held the large frame in front of her. Tears started to form in the corner of her eyes as she scanned the picture of her now adult c***dren resembling the one she had from them all those years ago.Jake gulped as he heard his mother sob quietly from the emotional moment. He took a glance at both his sisters and could see that they both too had tears dribbling down their cheeks.Cynthia placed the big framed photo carefully on the table and stood up. “I… I can’t… I can’t…” She sobbed, trying to tell her c***dren what she wanted to say.As if it was a que both Casey and Debby also stood up and walked up to their mother, embracing her with a tight hug while the three of them quietly cried together. Jake too wheeled up their embrace and managed to take a hold of his mother’s hand. He intertwined his fingers with hers and could feel her grasping him with a strong, tight grip, not wanting to let go off him.They just stood there for a while. Letting their emotions run wild and feeling the love they had for each other. This time their family was truly back together and nothing would separate them from each other ever again.*****”Any idea where you want to place the frame Mom?” Asked Jake as he watched his mother clinging tightly to the photo frame.Cynthia nodded and pointed to the living room. “I was thinking about putting it on the wall above the television so we can see it from every angle. I also want to digitalize the old photo of you three and frame it so I can put it next to the new one.” She answered.”Stephanie and Vanessa can help us with that, I know that they will gladly do it.” Said Casey who was washing the dirtied plates.Debby started to giggle. “That’s the place we went to on that day when we told you we would be shopping at that new store, you had no idea that we would be shooting these for you.””Soooo, the three of you lied to your own, poor mother?” Said Cynthia with a playful purr.She looked at the picture again with a sneaky, seductive smile kaçak bahis on her face. She spun around and looked in the direction of both her daughters. “Sweeties… Mommy wants to talk to you two for a bit, care to join me in my room upstairs, pretty please?” She purred to them.Both Casey and Debby stopped dead in their tracks with what they were doing. Their faced turned red and they slowly turned to their mother. “Y-yes Mom… We are ready… For that.” They said to her at the same time.Jake, who was bringing away the garbage outside wheeled back into the house just to see his sisters following his mother upstairs. Cynthia noticed him coming back inside and stopped before turning to his direction. “Darling, your sisters will be helping me with some chores in my room for a bit, could you be a sweetheart and bring my washed clothes to my room after the washing machine is done with its cycle, it should be done in about ten minutes.” She asked him in a flirty way.Jake could hear from the tone of her voice that something more was going on. “Uh… Yeah, sure Mom no problem!” He answered her with a smile.Cynthia gave him another smile before resuming walking up the stairs, his sisters following her close.He heard them walk to his mother’s room before the door closed behind them. Jake wondered what was going on with the three of them.”This sure is some strange birthday… I thought we would be going outside instead of doing chores.” He thought to himself.Jake shook his head and went back to the kitchen to place a new garbage bag in the bin before he would wait a bit for the washing machine to finish.As he waited in the living room he could swear that he heard giggles coming from upstairs, more precise, from his mother’s room. It wasn’t unusual for his sisters and mother to giggle around each other but these sounded a bit off, they sounded… Erotic.Jake turned on the television to counter the sounds from upstairs, waiting the last ten minutes or so for the wash to finish.Fifteen minutes later he was on his way upstairs. Thanks to his strong body and experience living with his handicap he had no problem maneuvering himself upstairs with his mother’s washed clothes. On the upper part of the house he had a separate wheelchair to help around.He climbed onto his wheelchair and wheeled himself towards his mother’s room, apart from what sounded like breathing he heard nothing else, the giggles had been faded so he had no clue what was going on inside.Jake knocked on the door once to let them know he was coming in. “I got your clothes Mom, coming in.” He said as he turned the door’s handle and pushed it open.He looked up and immediately grew silent as his jaw dropped. He could feel his cock harden to full mast in an instant, throbbing wildly against the fabric of his already tight shorts.In front of him, in full view, were his mother and sisters fully naked, spread on the big bed. Cynthia laid back against the headboard moaning softly as both her daughters, each at one side of her, were caressing her body and sucking on her erect nipples. Her legs were parted slightly giving Jake a perfect view of her tight, juicy, nectar leaking pussy.”Oooh… H-hi darling! We were wondering when you would ‘catch’ us.” Giggled Cynthia as she looked at her son with a seductive, horny expression.Casey let go of her mother’s nipple with a loud plop before watching in his direction too. “Please join us little brother… Let’s give Mom her true birthday present.” She purred to him before latching herself onto her mother’s nipple again.Jake pinched his own arm to see if he was not dreaming. He then looked up to his family members again, realizing that it was as real as it gets. With a big grin on his face he wheeled himself towards the end of the bed. “Guess our family bonding times will turn into foursomes from now on?” He asked.Now Debby let go of her mother’s other nipple with a loud plop. “To be honest big brother, Mom and us planned this a while ago. We already knew that this would happen today, we only let you out of the idea to give you a nice surprise.” She said before she too nibbled back onto the nipple again.Cynthia let out a shriek of pleasure before looking her son deep in the eyes. “So baby, will you also participate in Mommy’s ‘birthday party’?” She purred to him while her legs spread open further as she traced her fingers over her soaked pussy lips, teasing her son.”Mom, there’s no way I’m missing out on this ‘birthday party’, besides, someone has to teach you naughty girls a lesson for keeping a secret from me.” He said as he removed his shirt, revealing his strong torso to the woman he loved to death.Jake could swear he heard the three of them squeal in excitement as he pulled himself onto the bed, especially his mother as he continued to maneuver himself towards her exposed soaked cunt.Without warning he mashed his mouth against his mother’s pussy and started running his tongue across her aroused slit, licking every sensitive outer spot of her it.”Oh yes darling! Yes! Suck Mommy’s pussy!” Moaned Cynthia loud, throwing her head back from the intense pleasure she received from her c***dren.

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