My maid guided me how to fuck

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My maid guided me how to fuckI was a young tall smart boy with sexy looks. We had a part time maid. Though married and a bit heavy yet she was quite good looking . She was 19 where as I was just 17 and had no experience of intercourse. She started taking interest in me. I noticed she passed smile whenever she find me alone or passing by me. It embarrassed me in the beginning but one day when I thoroughly looked at her physic I find, her boobs were very sexy and appealing. It molded me towards her. Now I also started to reply her smile. A few days latter when I was alone she came and suddenly grabbed my penis in her hand saying whats wrong with you boy? Why are you so cruel to it? Its an a****l of waters, why don’t you let him swim in some stream? It shocked me., before I could come to my senses she pulled my trouser down with a jerk, and my penis was in her command. My penis was rock hard and she was stroking it according to her will. I grabbed her into my arms and she bend me down and put her lips on mine. I stared kissing her passionately. She throbbed her tong in my mouth and now our tongs started wrestling. I pulled her clothes away making her all nude. I get hold of her long wished sexy boobs in my hands. Her white round boobs with dark brown nipples were enough to make me crazy. I was sucking and biting her breasts when she pushed me towards the bed and made me laid on my back she was licking my dick and rubbing her body against me. We were heaving so heavy that it was hard to breath. She suddenly rolled me around and now she was on her back and bahis siteleri I was on her belly. I was kissing and licking her breast and lips quite madly. She raised her legs up and apart asking me to start the game. I was surprised what to do as i never had sex prior to it.We don’t have sex education in our country so, I was quite blank and puzzled. She realized and pulled me between her legs holding my dick against her wet pussy and asked me, ” Push your it gently in me. Ohhhhh thats was enough to get mad. I pushed my ramrod with a jerk in her pussy. Jerk was so hard that my iron-like penis deep into her wet pussy and hit the wall of her love nest. She cried oahhhhhhh are you going to kill me! slow pleaseeee slow. but I got mad and started pumping my dick deep and deeper in her slippery street. My penis was very hard and swollen. I was pulling and pushing my dick in her hole while she was screaming with a little pain and joy. Soon, felt it was about to cum, I could not get a chance to get my penis out and sprouted in her pussy as she felt the cum she grabbed me tight with her legs around me saying let it fill my tunnel……… hunmmmm. After getting load off I was standing so surprised how and what happened. Mentally I was not ready for it. I remained in a shock for days. It was my first ever fuck. She asked me with a wink of an eye “did you like it” I smiled kissed and said, “Yes it was great”After the weekend when the maid came back she smiled and asked “do you remember the lesson or I need to tell you again.” I smiled too and replied, “lets take canlı bahis a test to asses am I a good student or not !” She had a laughter and kissed me while her hand slipped into my pant and started to take a ruthless test. She once again pulled my jeans down and I did the same. We were all nude and getting crazy once again. I pulled her like this that her back was with my bally and my hands were rubbing her breasts. I started kissing her neck and biting at her ears. It was making her too hot. I put a little weight on her making her fell on the bed. Now she was under me while my dick was between the creak of her ass. I asked her to try to fuck in her ass. She was reluctant first then agreed telling she never experienced it. I started to rub and pat her hips. As we got tooooo hot, I put a pillow under her bally and raised her ass. I put my penis against her hole and started pushing but it could not get in while she cried it is hurting her. She suggested to apply some lubricant. I had a jar of petroleum jelly in my drawer. I jumped out of bed and brought the jar applied between creak and on my shaft too. I started to let my penis wonder between her hip and a bit hitting the asshole. Now I was not able to control myself anymore so, pushed her head down in the bed raising her white ass high and thrusted my shaft with full force. Jelly made it slippery and thus my dick crossed her ass ring with a jerk. She cried out of pain ouuuuyyy ahhh, no please no it is killing me. I kissed and suggested her to be calm for a while. I could not stopped myself and started güvenilir bahis pushing my shaft as deep as it could go in. I had gone wild and was not ready to listen anything to her. Soon I felt my penis was tightly fit into her asshole and my balls were slapping her with every forward movement. I was pumping deep and deep. I was also feeling the warmth of her inner. Now she had also become to normal. She asked to pull it out. I gently pulled out and cleaned the extra jelly. Grabbed her in my arms she embraced putting her legs around me. In this style my penis was rubbing her cunt. I pulled her tight and close to me and pushed my swelled penis in her pussy. hunmmmm “yeah baby yeah push it hard n deep into me” she was moaning and crying out of joy. I pulled my cock out of her pussy. Put her legs on my shoulder holding them tight and before she could asses my intention I once again pushed my ram into her asshole she once again cried “Nooooo” but by then rocket hit the target and went deep into the dark valley of love. I was holding her so tight that she could not move an inch away. I was wild again as the tightness and warmth of her hole was making me impatient. I was pumping my ramrod hard into her, she also started responding now. She was also pushing against and kissing when I feel hunmm……. I asked should I cum in you or out. She said “No please don’t pull it out. Keep pumping till the last drop of your milky water. And hunmmm here it goes …. ahhhhhhh a powerful sprout of my manly shower filled her ass and her asshole was dripping as I pulled my penis out. She was still moaning and getting breathless and complained ” You have torn my ass”. When we got to our breaths I asked about the grades of the test. “8 stars” she smiled and plugged my mouth with her kisses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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