My Long Lost Twin Brother and Me: Chap 1 The Truth

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Chapter 1: The TruthHi, my name is Jonni Love, and this is my story of how I loved my twin brother and how he loved me. It was the end of my junior year of high school. Everything was perfect. I was 5’ 3”, had C-cup boobs, long wavy brown hair with natural red and blonde highlights, skinny, great legs and a perfect ass. All the boys wanted me, the girls all wanted to be me or be my best friend, and the adults loved me but for me there was only one person. He wanted me, he was my best friend, and we loved each other. His name was Jonathan Love. (Yes, we had the same last name but we weren’t related like everyone assumed… or so we thought.) Jonathan; or Johnny, looked a lot like me. He had long wavy brown hair also with natural red and blonde highlights that I finally convinced him to cut into the most adorable skater type hair cut ever. He was about 3-4 inches taller than me. He had the perfect build for a guy, not to skinny, not to fat, just perfect. All the girls lusted for him, the guys all were a little gay for him whether they would admit it or not, and adults loved him too, but he was mine, all mine. We were in love, but we were secretly in love. Even though my parents loved him like he was their own, I wasn’t allowed to date him even though I was allowed to date other boys. But I had never wanted any other guy that wasn’t Johnny. So, on the outside, we were just the best of friends, but on the inside istanbul travesti we were madly in love. As I had said before, everything in my life was perfect, but then disaster fell. Johnny was out driving to come see me. He was going a little bit too fast around a sharp corner and didn’t see the semi-truck until it was too. He swerved off the road and rolled his truck about three times. Thank God that he had just had that roll cage put into his truck. After his parents, I was the first to know of the accident. I had just put on my PJ’s wondering where the hell he was when I got the call from his parents. I yelled to my parents that I was going to the hospital as I grabbed my truck keys and rushed towards the hospital. We had only planned to sit and watch a movie. How could this have happened? When I arrived at the hospital, I found him to be in bad shape, according to the doctors. I wanted to see him so bad but the fucking doctors wouldn’t let me see him because ‘I wasn’t family’. I was like a sister, mother, daughter, and girlfriend rolled up all in one. I HAD A RIGHT TO SEE HIM. Finally, Johnny’s parents (which would always be my second set of parents) got the doctors to go screw themselves and let me in. I walked in to see him looking like he was sleeping, but he had cuts and bruises all over the parts that was visible. I started to cry a little bit, it hurt so much istanbul travestileri to see him like that. I asked the doctor how he was doing. “Well, truth be told, not so well,” the doctor told me. “Well… to me it just looks… like he’s well… beat up… anything else?” I asked between sobs. “I’m not supposed to tell you this but… he’s losing blood fast and we can’t give him any blood. We’re afraid he might not be able to make it.” I wasn’t sad anymore, I was pissed. “This is a fucking hospital, how the hell don’t you guys have blood to give him? Does he have some rare type of blood that you can only find on the moon?” I yelled. “Well no, his blood type is AB+ but…” “That’s my blood type. Here take as much as you need to save him,” I said while rolling up my left sleeve and crying out of madness and sadness. “It’s not that Jonni. Jonathan has a rare blood disorder that makes it so he can’t receive any blood from a person who doesn’t share the same blood disorder and blood type.” The doctor had told me what it was called but I forgot what he said. I wasn’t really listening but I knew one thing was for sure. Johnny and I shared the same blood disorder and blood type, I had totally forgotten that when we were around eight we went to the doctor and they had said that we had the same disorder. Now that news could save my beloved Johnny. I was jumping up and down smiling with travesti more tears in my eyes but these were from happiness. The doctor looked at me like I was a nut, so I told him, “I can save him!” “Really? But how?” “I have the same blood type and disorder. I can save him!!!!” I held out my exposed arm for them, “Take as much as you need!!” About 20 minutes later I was laying in the extra bed in Johnny’s room having the room spin around me. They had taken so much blood that I couldn’t think straight, but even though the dizziness clouded my mind I knew that I had done right. I saved the boy I loved with all my heart!! I sat up to see that only Johnny and I were in the room. I saw that it was around eleven at night. Then I heard Johnny’s parents’ voices, they were talking to the doctor about something. I heard my name, and I know it was me because of the way they were using Jonni. They were talking about me. “Oh, just let Jonni stay in case Johnny wakes up.” “Sorry Mrs. Love, but we can’t let Jonni stay. She’s not family and it’s against the rules to let her stay her.” “Why the hell not? They have never been really separated from each other since the day they were born. They are way more than just best friends; they’re part of each other. They would probably be together if it wasn’t for… never mind, but let her stay, if he wakes up then this is when he’ll need her most. I also have a feeling that she’ll need him. It’s final, she’s staying, alright?” “But…” “Nope, she’s staying.” I heard footsteps walking away. I wondered what she meant by ‘They would probably be together if it wasn’t for…’ Oh so you did notice that she said ‘since the day they were born’? Yeah, we were born on the same day.

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