My Hermaphrodite Girl Friend – Part 1 of 2

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My Hermaphrodite Girl Friend – Part 1 of 2Please be patient dear reader with this long story – I’ll get you there before the end!The bay was a kilometre long curve of white sand fringed by low dunes. The access track from the nearby town passed along the back of the four cottages s**ttered behind the dunes, one cottage where the track reached the bay, two roughly in the middle, and the one we’d had rented at the far end of the track. Our cottage was the most isolated of the four, which suited us fine. It was the late spring and we expected all the other cottages to be packed with people. As we slowly idled down the track on that Saturday morning we were surprised that all the places were obviously deserted.We parked the car in the carport beside the large shed at the back of our cottage. Of one mind we both walked around to the front veranda. I put my arm around Kat’s waist and we took in the view of our surroundings for the next four weeks. The water looked cool, clear and unpolluted as small waves rolled onto the clean sand. Our end of the bay was the most sheltered from any wind, protected by a rocky headland that jutted far out into the water. And we’d been told about a hundred meters off shore was a reef that enhanced the fishing.I retrieved the keys from their hiding place and we opened up our holiday home. A small basic laundry, toilet, shower, washbasin and a cupboard with cleaning equipment were just inside the back door. The living area was fairly large, the kitchen at the rear with a small gas stove, a long dining table with lots of chairs adjoining it. We turned on the kero fridge then continued our inspection. The lounge was massive and directly accessible to the front door, the veranda facing the dunes and the water. The main bedroom was at the front of the house and the large double bed looked comfortable. The second bedroom was bigger and filled with single beds and bunks. There was no electricity but there were plenty of lanterns all already full of fuel. Fresh water came from a large tank out the back. I knew I’d have to check that later even though rain at this time of year was still likely.The cottage seemed clean, the furniture protected by dust covers. Kat organised us. She wanted to give the place a quick wipe over before we removed and folded the dust covers. I could take the storm shutters off the windows then unpack the car. She’d put our things away and I was to organise the shed; get out the dingy and fishing gear. And yes, she’d call me if she needed a hand. Just as I was about to follow orders she stopped me. “I need a kiss,” she said with glinting dancing eyes. Our embrace was tender and loving, our kisses passionate. Kat broke away. “C’mon, we’ve got work to do. But before you go let me ask you something?” I looked at her questioningly. “Do you think its okay for us to get around in the nude?” she asked. “I think we’re pretty safe even if we get neighbours. And even if we do, who cares what they think?” “Good,” she said, “I’m going to strip off right now.”I followed her into the bedroom. We removed our clothes and put them way. “Give me your panties and I’ll put them in the laundry basket as I go out,” I told her. Both naked we looked at each other. As always I thought she looked gorgeous. “I love you,” she whispered and stepped up close for another hug and kiss. This time I broke away from our hot clinch. “I’d better start work before I get us into trouble,” I said. “Yes,” she replied, “but let me tell you something, something I want you to think about. Before we get too far into this holiday I want you to make love to me. I refuse to go home a virgin. I love you and I know you love me. And it’s about time we did something about it. You are the best man I know and I want you to be the first man to make love to me. Okay?” I nodded dumbly. “By the way I see you still shave but you need to know that’s my job while we’re on holidays. Now let’s get this unpacking out of the way,” she suggested with a laugh and a pat on my bare bum.The storm shutters came off easily and I stored them in the shed. I emptied the car of our clothes, a reasonable quantity of food and alcohol, a jerry can of fuel and a large esky of frozen goods. The water tank was nearly full so I knew we were okay if it didn’t rain. There was an amble supply of stacked firewood for the old copper in the backyard. The owner told me it was the best place to cook any crays and crabs we caught. Even though I still had work around the shed to do I decided to check how Kat was going.She was working hard and appreciated my help in folding all the dust covers off the furniture. I swept the front veranda clear of blown sand and removed a few cobwebs. It looked good once I’d set up the outdoor furniture, a table with four chairs and a couple of lazyboys.Kat readily helped me too. I needed a hand to carry a gas barbeque from the shed to the veranda. And together we slid the aluminium dingy down the dunes to just above the high water mark. I continued my work washing the dingy, checking and sorting all the gear. The cray pots, drop nets and lines were all in good condition and I knew I’d have to leave them that way.As I worked I thought about Kat. Our families were close friends and I’d known her since she was born when I was four. She was now eighteen and I guess I’d always been a big brother to her. I’d certainly treated her like a younger sister, though once she reached her mid teens our relationship had changed and become much more romantic. We were close and intimate but, up to this point in time, had not been sexually active, except for some petting, mutual exploration and masturbation.Kat had been a very sick person who had struggled to survive, and finally began to thrive only over the last two years, with wonderful good humour and plenty of laughter. She’d been so ill throughout her young life she’d never been to school, yet she was highly educated through the work of her clever mother as her teacher, and she was very intelligent. I knew Kat’s life expectancy was poor. Like her, I wanted her to have as much experience of life as possible within the limitations that seemed to abound in her life. Unfortunately she could never have babies. Given her recent and unexpected run of good health I’d thought, and everyone else agreed, that a month at the beach might be good for her. Our location at the bay might be remote but we were only two hours drive north of the city, home and doctors. It was my job, a job I loved, to keep her well and help her get fit. The fresh air and the sea would be just the tonic.Kat’s physique in some ways reflected her difficult life. Diminutive was the best word to describe her. She was not tall, slim with fine bones, small hands and feet, sky blue eyes, an attractive face with perfect teeth, and a wide radiant smile. s**ttered around her body were a number of postoperative scars, but most were now fine white lines, which were only evident if you knew where to look. Her breasts were beautiful, lovely round firm orbs tipped by small pink areolae and nipples. Her arse was gorgeous, two small tight globes at the top of shapely legs. She had two physical attributes that differentiated her from the rest of the female population. Her hair was white blond, caused by her past medical traumas. She wore it short and fringed. On her lower belly her triangle was small and sparse, but white. Her second unique attribute, not known or obvious to many people, was her possession of a beautiful penis. She was an hermaphrodite.Any problems associated with her dual sexuality had been resolved by her and others long ago. It had been years since we’d bothered to discuss the subject. My acceptance and love of her in her totality had occurred long long ago. It was not an issue between us. She knew I was more concerned about her overall health and well-being, rather than the fact that she had a penis above her vagina and clitoris.At last all my outside jobs were complete for the moment and I went inside to see if I could help Kat. The cottage looked spick and span. The fresh sea air circulating through the place had taken away the faint musty smell. She was in the bedroom hanging our clothes in the wardrobe. “I’ve put your shaving kit in the laundry, our sunscreen on the front veranda and a bottle of wine in the freezer,” she told me. “And I’ve put the bottle of baby oil and three tubes of lubricating gel I found in your bag in the bedside chest of drawers,” she added with a leer. “Is there something I should know about, something you’ve forgotten to tell me,” she asked. I smiled sheepishly at her teasing. I put the empty bags in the second bedroom. At last we were really ready to begin our holiday.We decided to have a swim and a brief lie in the sun, bahis firmaları even though it was the middle of the day, and have lunch later. Given our fair skin we didn’t want to get burnt. Our plan was to suntan for short periods early morning and late afternoon until our tans were good enough to be out longer. Hand in hand we walked down the faint path through the sand dunes to the water. We left our towels on the sand and took the plunge. The water was refreshingly cool. Side by side we swam into the near sheltered corner of the bay and back again. As we rested waist deep in the sea in front of our cottage we embraced. Kat wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. Our kisses were tender and passionate. When the cold of the water seeped into our consciousness and we splashed through the shallows towards our towels we both had erections. About fifteen minutes sun on the front and back of our unprotected bodies was enough.I’d put a large plastic container full of seawater beside the front step up to the veranda. “What is that for?” Kat asked. I told her it was there for us to wash the sand off our feet so we’d keep the inside of the cottage relatively sand free. “You are not just a pretty face are you,” she told me as she happily kissed me once more.It was absolutely wonderful eating our sandwiches and sharing a wine naked on the front veranda. We had the view of the sea and each other to look at. At last we realised time was on our side, to enjoy each other in this beautiful place, uninhibited by the expectations of other people.“How are you feeling,” I solicitously asked Kat. “Actually I feel fantastic, only a bit tired from our early morning drive, our work and the sea air,” she assured me. “I’m a bit tired too and thought we might have a siesta for an hour or so before we put the cray pots and drop nets out near the reef,” I suggested. “That sounds good,” she agreed.In the bedroom it was Kat’s turn to be a bit sheepish. She’d put a spare sheet over the top of the made up bed so we wouldn’t get salt or sand in our bed.Side by side we both lay facing each other our bodies touching. Our hands caressed the other’s face as our lips met. Our kisses were soft, tender and exploratory. But slowly the passion built between us. My cock betrayed me. It quickly stiffened. Kat put her leg over both of mine and readjusted her position. Her tiny hard nipples pressed against my chest. Our bellies pressed together. Her hard cock rested against mine. I rolled her onto her back and covered her body, her legs spread, the base of my cock resting in the groove of her seeping moist slit, my shaft pressed against the underside of her shaft. Our tongues intertwined. Our passion soared and turned to lust. She wanted me, right now. I slid my cock through her groove and the knob wedged in the entrance to her vagina. We looked into each other’s eyes. I slid slowly and gently inside her, bumped against her hymen. She held my face in her hands and mashed her mouth against mine. My cock eased forward, her hymen parted and Kat gasped in my mouth. I slid all the way inside her and paused. “I think I’ve got all of you now,” she whispered in my ear.Our first fuck was lovely and slow. Kat’s vagina was tight but nevertheless easily accommodated my length and girth. My belly ground her erect cock against her belly. As we got used to each other the intensity of our fuck built of its own volition. Then the breath gasped in her throat and she groaned. Her hard cock throbbed against my skin. The ejaculation burst out of her hotly and wetly, and sprayed over both of us. Unabated I continued my slow deep thrusts. Kat responded eagerly, rocked under me and now gripped my backside with her hands. She climaxed with deep passionate groans. Her legs straightened out in a high vee on either side of my body as her pussy clasped and unclasped around my shaft. Wetness flooded her snatch and flowed over my balls. My cock pulsed and I came deep inside her for the first time. I lay on top of her, supporting my weight on knees and elbows, embraced in the cocoon of her arms and legs and pussy. We gazed at each other in wonder, and love. Eventually I went to move. “Stay inside me. I love holding you like this,” she whispered.Soon I felt her cunt muscles grasp my shaft. My cock sprang to renewed life and slowly but steadily hardened. Our second fuck was fiercer and harder, faster and deeper than the first. She came twice, each time her legs stretching up straight on either side of my body, her gash flooding us with her juices. As she subsided from her second orgasmic cloud I eased my hard cock out of her pussy. It was slippery wet. My knob pressed against the base of the underside of her shaft. I slid my cock along the length of her cock, over her knob, back and forth, enjoying the touch of hardness against erection. Kat groaned. Her cock throbbed against mine. The cum spurted out, splashing over my knob. Her sexual excitement was infectious. My cock pulsed and I came over her cock.We lay side my side in a tangle of arms and legs, our bodies hot and sweaty, covered in drying spunk. Kat fell asleep in my arms. I slept too. It was she who unintentionally woke me. I was on my back with her between my legs. She held herself over my body with her arms on either side of my chest. Her erection slid along mine. As my eyes opened her smiled at me with her mixture of love and intense lust. The sensation of the hard underside of her shaft moving back and forth over mine was awesome, and erotic. Immediately I could feel the surge of pleasure through my belly. In the heat of the moment I couldn’t stop myself. My prick erupted. She watched me rock under her, looked down between us as the spunk sprayed and spurted. Her head went back and she gasped. Kat’s cock throbbed and her cum splattered hotly over my tool and belly. She collapsed forward into my arms our wet pricks pressed together, our spunk spread over our bodies. After another long rest we agreed it was time to attend to our outstanding tasks.I baited the pots and drop nets with scrap meat we’d bought from the butcher as we’d passed through town earlier in the morning. We eased the dingy into the water and I got Kat seated in the stern on an old folded towel. She’d had no experience with fishing so she was excited about this adventure. I took my seat in the middle and slowly but erratically rowed us out from the beach. It took me a little while to get into the rhythm. Kat soon saw why I told her she was the navigator. About a hundred meters from shore we saw the water colour change as we came over the reef. I backed off a few meters and we successfully alternatively laid our string of pots and nets. As I bent over the side lowering the final pot Kat commented on the nice rear view she had of my bare arse and balls. The plan was we’d check and rebait them each morning.I rowed the dingy parallel to the shore, still inside the reef, towards the more sheltered waters of the headland. I baited hand lines for both of us. Kat hoped she’d catch a fish. So did I. As we sat there relaxed in the afternoon sun clad only in old hats and sunnies I looked at her anew. She concentrated on her line in the water expecting something to happen at any moment. I took the opportunity to run my gaze over her body. In my eyes she looked perfect. Her white blond hair beneath her hat was beautiful. Her breasts curved just so on her chest. The smudge of her small pubic triangle left her cock and pussy bare. Her cock was a little less than what would be considered average size in length and thickness in a man. In her relaxed state it hung from her belly just above her slit, down over the upper part of her pink split. It was uncircumcised and the foreskin was heavy and long beyond her knob. Her testicles had never descended, and nobody thought that mattered anymore. From what I’d experienced earlier that afternoon there was no impact on her performance. Her pussy was small and delicate, with only a hint of pink labia apparent. She caught my gaze. “Are you perving on me?” she asked. “Yes,” I laughed, “you caught me.” “You must have perverted thoughts,” she commented, nodding towards my erection. I blushed. Our banter was interrupted by a jerk on Kat’s line.Our collective excitement was enormous. She eventually got the pan sized fish in the boat. I showed her how to remove the hook. We rebaited her hook and over the next ten minutes she caught four more. I managed one before it was time to row home.We cleaned the dingy and dragged it up past the high water mark. I showed Kat how to clean and fillet the fish, saving appropriate bits for berley and bait. We were going to eat well that night, plus we had some fillets to freeze.Though it was late in the afternoon kaçak iddaa we agreed we should keep our promise to ourselves and have our walk along the length of the bay and back. It was simply lovely walking and splashing hand in hand through the shallows in the nude without any real risk of sunburn. Having a whole kilometre of beach to ourselves was awesome. We had a final quick cold swim to finish our day on the beach.Dinner that night was barbequed fish fillets on the front veranda. A salad and cold wine made the meal complete. It was cool enough to wear shorts and T-shirts. The darkness all around us was complete except for our kero lamp. As the evening turned cooler we decided it was time for bed. Anyway we both knew there were other more important things to occupy us. A brief shower together washed the salt off our bodies.Our bed was huge and cosy in the coolness of the night, the cosiness enhanced by the light of the lamp. Our initial embrace was full of love but this soon turned to lust. I rolled Kat onto her back and slowly kissed my way down her body. It was wonderful feeling and seeing the various bits of her body respond to my mouth. My touch on her eyes, ears and throat had hardened her nipples by the time I’d reached her breasts. As I travelled down her belly I deliberately passed her cock and snatch, though the former was erect and the latter wet. I kissed my way down her thighs and legs to her toes. It seemed the nerves in her toes connected directly to her pussy. When my mouth arrived back there via her thighs it was very wet and splayed open, her inner pinkness glistening wetly in the lamplight. Her labia were fine fat delicate pink flaps of flesh on either side of the small aperture to her pleasure palace. I dipped my tongue into her musky wetness, swirled over the hard nub of her love bud. I reached my hands up along her body and caressed her breasts and nipples. Kat’s response was instantaneous. She sighed and groaned loudly. Her belly quivered and she rocked her gash at my face. She came quickly. Juice gushed over my lips and tongue and into my mouth.My movement along her body did not go far. I trailed my wet tongue over the underside of her hard shaft. The foreskin was drawn back, exposing her pink swollen little leaking knob. I laved it with my tongue, and then sucked her into my mouth. Kat’s body jolted. I totally engulfed her shaft in my mouth and throat, swirled my tongue over the knob. Her prick hardened even more. Her body thrashed under me while I clung to her cock. It pulsed and throbbed hard against my lips. Her cum spurted over my tongue, splashed against the roof of my mouth, and emptied into my throat. I squeezed the last few droplets out of her with my lips. Mmmmm, she did taste good.I lifted her legs along my chest tilting her cunt upwards and moved my body up over Kat. As my hard cock slid across the open cleft of her snatch I looked at her face. “Go in me, go in me now,” she begged in a breathless whisper. She felt tight as I entered her, tight and hot and wet as my tool dipped into her depths. Our fuck was gentle and caring yet my thrusts were firm and fast. In the passion of our youth Kat climbed quickly to her climax. Her hot twat grasped my shaft as she spasmed around me. My own body lost itself in the excitement. My cock pumped into her.We lay together in a sweaty juice dribbling tangle, enjoying the aftermath of our newfound sexual experience. Concerned about my weight on her small body I rolled onto my back, taking her with me, laying her on top of me while I remained embedded in her juicy cunt. I kissed her and ran my hands over her back and backside enjoying the smoothness of her skin. Even I was surprised when my erection returned, though her soft rocking on my lower body and her passionate kissing no doubt contributed to my lust.Without any argument Kat responded to my suggestion that she straddle my body and use her thighs to raise and lower herself over my prick. She soon got the idea and found the rhythm of her fuck. Her breasts jiggled. I reached a hand down to the juncture of our bodies and fastened it around her erection. As she fucked me I masturbated her. She bounced her body all over mine as she speared her cunt on my prick. It was beautiful watching the change in her face as her orgasm surged then peaked. She ground her little cunt over my pubic bone while she mewed her feelings. She cock stiffened in my fingers. Her spunk sprayed out over my belly. Kat slowly fell forward onto me, my hard cock deep inside her. I held her tightly. Again we rested until she felt the need and energy to move again.“Lay there,” she told me, “there’s something else I have to try now.” Kat knelt between my thighs, held my erection in her tiny hands and ran her tongue over my smooth balls, up along my shaft and sucked my big knob into her mouth. A shiver ran through my body. More and more of my cock disappeared into her mouth until she gagged. I went to speak but the look on her face made me silent. It seemed better to let her establish her own physical and mental comfort level without my interference. She experimented until she found she could swallow about half my length without discomfort. The experimentation was most pleasant and I struggled to control myself. My success did not last long. We both felt the impending explosion of pleasure. The spunk burst through the core of my cock into her mouth. Kat sucked and swallowed. She took the lot. And laughed in happiness at her own success.I held her to me. We talked softly and happily about the wonders of the first day of our holiday together. She turned off the lamp and we slept, sometimes in each other’s arms, until dawn.Next day we quickly established what was to be our routine. Our morning walk soon after dawn was initially cool, but we’d decided to walk with pace now that our initial exploration of the beach was completed the day before. Though this time we wandered around the three deserted empty cottages to satisfy our curiosity, to see what they could see of us from their perspective if anyone moved in there. We realised that the nearest two cottages were a long way from ours.Breakfast over and dishes washed we shared the joy and fun of covering each other’s nude body with sunscreen. Nipples and dicks hardened. I rowed us out to our nets and pots, and together we shared the excitement of our first catch. The crayfish in each pot were magnificent. I showed Kat how to extract them with a gloved hand. Naturally she was nervous on her first attempt but her confidence grew until she was able to do it alone. And she was pleased I took the trouble to examine each crayfish for roe, with the intent of putting the females with eggs back in the water for another day. The two crabs were a bit more problematical. Neither of us wanted to feel one of their claws on our fingers. Nevertheless she learned how to deal with them safely. The catch would see us eating well. We decided then to only put out the drop nets while we were fishing. But would certainly leave the pots over night. We refreshed the baits with the remains of the fish from the previous day.I rowed our dingy over towards the headland and lightly berleyed the water. Kat displayed her fishing skills and caught five to my two. That was more than we needed but we took them to build our fridge stocks in case it rained. I used two buckets from the shed to fill the copper with seawater and lit the fire. While waiting for the water to heat we cleaned the fish and the dingy. An hour later the crays and crabs were cooked and cleaned too. We both smelt and decided it was time for a swim to clean ourselves, and have a sunbake before it got too hot.Inevitably we finished our tanning session making love. We just couldn’t get enough of each other. And so the first few days at our beach rolled slowly by.We’d decided that we’d visit the nearby town twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, to stock up on our fresh food, buy a paper, phone our respective families, and do our little bit of washing, mainly sheets and towels, in a coin operated machine at the back of the local pub. The locals were friendly, a bit nosy, but really unobtrusive. It was good to see some other people and find out that the world was progressing well without us. The visit also reassured our families that we were okay, particularly as far as Kat’s health was concerned. But we both agreed it was nice to come home to our cottage, put our purchases away, remake the bed with clean sheets, fold our freshly laundered towels, and get rid of our clothes and be naked again. Our skin care paid off too. We both were gradually losing our whiteness and slowly turning brown.Wednesday night brought an unexpected bonanza of fresh water. Over dinner on the veranda kaçak bahis the first storm of our stay rolled in from the sea. The rain belted down on the tin roof. It was cold enough for us to put on tracksuits while we watched, before we snuggled naked together in our lovely big bed. We made love to the noise of the rain.The tank overflowed so we were well off for water. We checked out the cottage, the shed, our car, the dingy and the pots. All was well, except that morning I learnt the lesson of turning the dingy upside down at the end of each day. It was hard work rolling it on its side to drain the rainwater!Friday night brought a significant change to our idyllic existence, for the better as it turned out, though of course at the time we couldn’t know that. We were eating our evening meal on the veranda when we saw lights lit inside the cottage at the far end of the bay. As the lights stayed on we correctly assumed we had neighbours. We discussed the likely impact on our nudity. Kat was concerned about her differences should whoever it was see her nude. This aspect of her life we discussed seriously for some time, until she reached a conclusion satisfactory to her. We decided to exercise caution until we knew who the neighbours were, and what they were like. We’d do our walks with care until we ascertained the situation. We went to bed and forgot about them, until next day.On our morning walk we saw no one, though the car out the back meant the place was occupied. We carried my togs and Kat’s bikini bottoms in our hands, just in case, but need not have worried. On our return to our end of the bay we went about our usual business naked. We were fishing in our usual spot, happy that our three pots had delivered up four crayfish, when I noticed two small figures walking on the beach at the far end of the bay. Kat had caught most of our half dozen fish, as usual, and I was rowing us home, as usual, when she pointed out that our neighbours were obviously walking towards our end of the bay. Kat also pointed out that our bathers were on the front veranda. It was too late to worry about that oversight now. In fact they were more than half way along the bay. From this closeness of about four hundred metres we noticed they held hands. They looked like a man and woman, and we both agreed it looked like they were naked. Their apparent nakedness eased our concerns somewhat, but Kat was worried about how they might respond to her appearance. “Be proud, and don’t give a stuff what they think, but above all be proud of your sexuality,” I suggested. “You’re right,” she agreed, “why should I care what they think! If they don’t like us they can bugger off!”Just as we’d unloaded our catch the naked couple walked up to us. Like us all they wore were hats and sunnies and suntans. “Hello” and “beautiful day” were their combined cheerful greetings. We just as cheerfully returned their greetings. We all got to look at each other as they introduced themselves and we all shook hands as we told them our names. We stood, talked and examined each other from behind our sunnies. Christine looked somewhere in her early thirties. She was of medium build, not heavy but certainly not slim, and sported a gorgeous dark tan. Her breasts were large heavy melons and her tummy rounded down to a shaved split peached pudendum. Brown hair hung to her shoulders from under her hat. Mark looked just a little older than myself, maybe mid-twenties. His too had brown hair. Certainly he had a reasonable amount on his chest and lower belly. His uncircumcised cock hung down from his belly and gave an impression of above average size. Certainly his balls hung impressively in the warmth of the day.Initially I could not ascertain their thoughts about us as we talked about the weather, the bay, the cottages and our catch. I felt though they looked at Kat and I carefully enough. Certainly, like them, our respective assets were on display for all to see. In the course of the conversations I looked at Kat. She looked beautiful with her light tan, diminutive figure, white blond hair and lovely penis drooping down over her bare slit. There is no doubt Christine and Mark could see what I saw. I mentally shrugged as Kat’s final thoughts on the subject the previous evening came into my mind. Somewhere in our chat on this fabulous but lonely beach on a fantastic day the chemistry changed between the four of us. I never fathomed what the catalyst for the change was, but the electricity and chemistry was present, palpable and crackling between the four of us. I felt it. My body involuntarily felt it too. It was obvious the others experienced the same sensation.As I stood there listening to Christine tell us they were staying in their cottage for a fortnight I noticed Mark’s cock slowly come to life. It ever so slowly thickened and elongated, slowly worked itself into an erection that curved up towards his belly. I glanced at Kat to see if she’d noticed. I was surprised to see her cock already hard and her slit glistening with moisture. I looked at Christine carefully to gauge her response to this display of excitement in front of her. To my eyes the peach of her pussy had opened, her labia now more obvious, distended and swollen. And while I looked and listened to the group my own cock jerked to life of its own volition.Christine and Mark decided to leave us to our fish cleaning and continue their exploration of the rest of the bay. Kat went to our cottage to get a container for our fish fillets while I cleaned and distributed guts and heads and so forth into our bait and berley buckets. She returned with two containers and asked me what I thought about sharing some of the fillets with our new neighbours. It seemed a nice gesture so I readily agreed.By the time Christine and Mark returned I had the crays cooking in the copper. Kat and I were finishing washing the dingy and cleaning our gear. Mark in fact gave me a hand to drag the dingy up the beach and turn it upside down. Kat gave them the container with four fillets. They were pleasantly surprised. Again we stood and talked for some time, and again the chemistry crackled between us. Everyone displayed positive physical response to that unspoken feeling of excitement. The sensation was incredible.Mark asked our reaction to them coming down to our end of the beach when the sea breeze was blowing too hard at their end of the bay. Kat told them of course there was no problem, that we’d be happy to share the beach with them and looked forward to seeing them there whenever they chose to come by. In fact she recommended on the really windy days they consider one of the deep flat valleys in the dunes that we’d already discovered. She assured them it offered wonderful protection. They finally left us, and our bodies returned to some semblance of normality.As we organised our lunch we discussed them. Yes, Kat had certainly noticed the sexual tension in the air. She believed they were an interesting happy couple that not only accepted her, and us, but also felt in fact they were excited by what they saw; in turn, that excited her. Our perceptions and feelings were the same.The sea breeze was definitely in that afternoon when we awoke from our siesta. We walked as usual naked along the bay and back, and gave our neighbours, who were on their veranda, a wave as we went by. The swimming later was cool but excellent. We decided to dry off in the sun and spread our towels in our hollow in the dunes. I got up to my usual trick of kissing and licking the saltwater droplets from Kat’s body. That eroticism naturally led to more intimate games. She laid on her back, knees bent and legs drawn up on either side of her chest, pussy tilted upwards, erect cock pressed between our bellies while I slowly thrust in and out of her hot twat. Our fuck was slow and loving. Kat climaxed once with her heavy mewing and cunt clutching. As I continued to slide in and out of her she moved her legs, wrapping her ankles behind my rocking backside. Kat climbed slowly but steadily into another orgasm. Her legs straightened and stretched out into the air on either side of my body. I came as she came, groaning heavily as my cock pumped inside her tight twitching cunt. As we kissed each other in gratitude and love there was a polite cough nearby.We were startled and looked for the source of the sound. Mark and Christine stood close by at the top of the dune looking at us. They were apologetic, very apologetic and depreciating. We were embarrassed and very sheepish. Christine suggested they go elsewhere. Beneath me Kat said it was fine if they stayed. Any other response would have been churlish. They happily agreed. As they stepped into our sandy hollow I noticed they were both obviously excited by what they’d seen, and wondered how long they’d watched us. Given Mark’s erection and Christine’s gaping gash I assumed they’d seen everything. I moved out of and off Kat and lay next to her on my towel.

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