My Friend’s Mom-closet pervert

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My Friend’s Mom-closet pervertThis story happened when I was a lot younger. It was when I was in my late teens and for a guy had a real sexy, muscular body. I had spent the summer working out because I wasn’t able to find a job. I’m thin and tall, but the summer work out sessions (weights, squats, pull-ups, sprints, etc.) had made my body quite defined. My arms were cut, I had nice abs and my thighs and butt were muscular. I sometimes would get the eye from gay men or possible bisexual types. I was even propositioned that summer by some married bi-men in my neighborhood. I was flattered, but have always been pretty hetero. I would fantasize about the women in the neighborhood that summer and sometimes might catch one of them sunbathing if lucky. At night I would masturbate thinking of the married women in the neighborhood and how their bodies might feel. Oh my god I was full of lust.I also thought about what it might be like to suck a man’s cock or have one shoved up my ass while being sucked. I bought a vibrator and practiced sticking it up my ass while masturbating. The sensation was amazing. I wasn’t attracted to men, but wanted to feel a cock inside me or see what it was like to suck a cock. The vibrator really enhanced my orgasms. Being out of work seemed to make me extra horny as I was bored a lot and would spend a lot of my down time looking at pictures of nude women and playing with the vibrator. It got to the point I masturbated almost every day, and the feel of a vibrator against my prostate was amazing as I stroked.The woman I was the most attracted to was my best friend’s mom Sandra. They lived next door to me. She was a brunette and a little bit overweight. She had big thighs and ass but the thing that just overwhelmed me sometimes was the size of her tits. They were really big. I fantasized about seeing her nude but knew that would never happen as she always covered up and I would never be in a position to spy on her changing clothes. She didn’t even wear shorts in the summer. It was always long pants and a regular blouse or sometimes a t-shirt. She always wore a bra too and was quite modest.One day it was especially hot and I was shirtless, only wearing a pair of short cut offs. I was working in my back yard doing some yard work. I was covered with sweat. My tan muscular body came in handy as I worked hard lifting rocks, digging, pulling weeds etc. It was probably close to 100 degrees that day, I stopped for a moment, rubbed the sweat from my eyes and happened to look up catching my friends mom looking out the window watching me. She quickly moved away from the window, but it made me horny thinking she might have lusted a bit after me. I kept working a tried to look out of the side of my eyes to see if she looked at me any more but it seemed that she didn’t come back to the window.I stopped for lunch, went in the house and took sahabet güvenilirmi a cold shower and then ate some food but wasn’t all that hungry due to the heat. After getting cleaned up I changed into my swimming suit and put some tanning oil on, then went outside to work some more on my tan. I was laying on the ground and peaking up from time to time at my best friend’s house hoping to catch a look at his mom. Well, it wasn’t long and she came outside, wearing a one piece bathing suit and proceeded to lay on a reclining chair and work on getting a tan. I was astounded to see her bare legs and catch a glimplse at the tops of her big tits. I lay on my stomach because I started to get a hard on.After a few minutes, she yelled over to me “Hey you, you getting a tan too? It sure is hot. I’ve got some lemonade over here if you are thirsty.” I excitedly got up and walked over, a bit of a bulge in my swimming suit was probably evident to her but I didn’t care, I wanted to see her closer up. I walked over to her and oogled her body. My god she was sexy. Those tits were enormous, and her nipples even seemed to be hard. She offered me some lemonade and as she bent over to pour it I got a look at her tits that just sent my boner on edge. She knew I was looking but didn’t even seem to care, in fact, she stayed bent over after pouring and talked to me, making sure I had a full view of her tits. She then turned around a bent over to get back in her reclining chair, when she did that I got a good view of her big ass and even saw the top part of her crack. I wanted to fuck this lady so bad! She was not acting modest at all. This was a side to this lady I had never seen.We sat in the sun and talked for awhile. Sandra told me that her husband had taken my best friend with him fishing and she was home alone all day. She had nothing to do but try and get a tan. She complimented me on how good I looked, I blushed and then told her she looked amazing in a bathing suit. I told her she should probably not cover up so much as she had nothing to hide, she had an amazing body. I kept eyeing her body. Wow. Nice thighs, curvy legs, curvy calves, sexy arms, etc. I could even see a bit of pubic hair sticking out from her tight swimming suit. She wasn’t shaved down there obviously. This just made me more horny.After a while she said that was probably enough sun. She asked if I would do her a favor and come in the house for a minute and help her with something that needed done. I obliged. As we went in the house I eyed her body from behind and tried to fight my cock from getting bigger. She then said “Let’s go in the back for a minute. I’ll show you what I need help with.” I followed her down the hall, we went in her bedroom. My head was pounding, I was really excited. My dick was starting to swell and I couldn’t hide it. She then turned around and sahabet yeni giriş said “I’ve been attracted to you for a long time Julian. You have a really nice body. My husband and I don’t have sex any more. Can you keep a secret? I need a man to make love to.”As she was facing me, she rolled down the top of her one piece bathing suit. Her enormous breasts jiggled in front of me. “Do you like these?” she said. I told her I had never seen anything so beautiful in all my life. Her nipples were big, and erect and brown. “You can touch them Julian, go ahead.” I did. I then started to suck on her nipples and play with them, she seemed to love it. It wasn’t long and I was rolling down her swimming suit, working her ass and cunt. She was hairy, but had nice cunt lips. I rubbed her and started to get on my knees to lick her cunt. I had fantasized about doing this for a long time. She pulled her clitoral hood back and asked me to suck on her clitoris. This made her quiver and her tits jiggled as I looked up at her naked body and sucked her. I then stood up and took off my swimming suit. My cock was fully erect and throbbing. She liked what she saw. I was ready to fuck her. Then, to my surprise, she asked me sit on the edge of the bed and spread my legs. I did. I had shaved my legs that summer and my thighs were smooth and hard. She started sucking on my cock and playing with my ass as I spread my legs for her. It was an incredible sight watching her suck me, her big tits jiggling and her mouth salivating over my cock as she rubbed my prostate area and ass hole with her wet finger. She then stopped and went over to her drawer and pulled out a strap on. “You ever seen one of these before?” she asked as she put it on. I was now starting to quiver and shake as my legs were spread before her and my cock throbbed. “No,” I said, “but I know what it does.” She said that she would be gentle with me, that I should just relax and everything would be fine.I then let her mount me, the rubber cock felt good in my ass. She thrust her big hips slowly at first, then a bit faster. “You like having your ass fucked Julian?” she said. I loved it. I held on to her tits, nipples, her ass and played with her sexy, big body as she fucked me. The strap on was stimulating her clit with each thrust into my ass. The head of the rubber dick was rubbing my prostate and I started to moan and quiver and shake. I was in a full profuse sweat, gasping and moaning. She fucked me and fucked me and stroked my dick as she thrust into me. I shot cum all over my chest and she leaned forward as some of it caught her cheeks. She then sucked the cum off my hard dick. My god this was better then anything I had ever imagined. She took off the strap on and laid on top of me. We kissed and kissed, then I started getting really hard again. I was ready for another round with sahabet giriş this lady. I proceeded to lick her cunt and asshole. We did the 69 position for awhile. I loved the smell of her ass and cunt hair above my face. I fingered her while sucking her ass and cunt. Then we turned over, I sucked her clit and then she asked me to stick my dick in her cunt. I loved the feeling. She was so wet and warm. She spread her legs for me and we fucked away. I held on to her big ass and shot cum inside her as far up as I could. When this was done we waited for awhile until I was hard again. This time she turned around doggy style and asked me to fuck her ass. I mounted her and I slowly put my hard dick inside her tight asshole and went slow at first then a bit harder and faster. With time we built this up to a frenzy, I thrust and thrust as she bucked her ass against me “Cum in my ass Julian!” she yelled, and I did. After this third cum shot, we were done for the day, I thought. I went home and cleaned up, basking in the smell of fucking this lady. As I was getting dressed the phone rang, it was her. “Hey Julian, I have a friend I want you to meet, can you come over for a minute?” “Sure” I replied. I ran next door and knocked on the door. It was one of the men from the neighborhood who had kind of made me wonder if he was gay or bi the way he had always eyed me. He answered the door and let me in with a big smile on his face. Apparently these two had been friends for quite awhile. Sandra came back from the bedroom, introduced me to “George” and said “Julian, do you want to try something a little different?” I said “I guess.” We went back in the bedroom and before I knew it we were all three naked. George had a nice shaved smooth body and a really big cock. “Here Julian” he said, “try this.” He leaned back on the bed and I got on my knees. Sandra got on her knees next to me. “Let’s suck him” she said. I started to suck his penis head, licked his cock, tried going down on it and actually in all the excitement loved the feeling of a hard warm dick in my mouth. I figured he had a thick 8 inch dick. Sandra and I sucked him, stroked him and licked the pre-cum off his cock. I gagged a few times and so did she. Then I got on my back, spread my legs and George put his big cock in my ass. I thought I was going to explode, but it felt so damn good! He thrust it in me slow at first then faster and faster pushing his dick head all the way up me. Sandra came over and mounted my face. She rubbed her big ass on my face, I stuck my tongue up her ass hole as George fucked my ass. He then let go of a lot of built up cum and shot it up inside me. It oozed out of me while he thrust some more. When he was done cumming Sandra and George sucked my cock until I shot cum on both of their faces. My god what a feeling it was. They licked the cum off and licked the cum off of me and we just laid there naked together. The whole experience seemed to bond us together. I couldn’t believe what had happened that day. My best friend’s mom had turned out to be a closet pervert, and I had fucked her and been fucked by a man all in one day. It was all too much.

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