My Dear Brother Ch. 03

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When the excitement of what we had just done had died down we found the nearest rock pool to wash off the traces of Michael’s plentiful emission. We dressed hurriedly and made our way back to where Mum and Dad were sitting on the beach. I was nervous and kept running my fingers through my hair in case there were any wayward blobs of sperm to give the game away. Michael could see what I was doing and leaned towards me and whispered that it was perfectly OK.

For the rest of the day I was in a constant state of arousal. I kept thinking back to what we had done; I could still feel the sensation of Michael’s hard penis rubbing against me, pressing against my clitoris and driving me to a state of quivering ecstasy. What would it be like to have him make love to me properly, to push his penis deep inside me? Would I have an orgasm like he did? When he had touched me with his fingers or I had pressed against his penis I had felt the thrill growing and growing – if it continued long enough would I have climaxed? I had often touched myself, and loved the sensations I could produce, but I had never had a true orgasm. What would it be like? Perhaps I was too young to experience it, but the thought of it kept me damp between the legs for hours.

For the remainder of the holiday Michael and I were never alone together and so we had to behave ourselves. All too soon the holiday was over and we had to pack the car and head for home. Dad wanted to travel late at night to avoid the congestion so it was already dark before we set off. Michael and I used to play ‘I Spy’ and other games on the road but it was too dark to see anything and so we snuggled together on the back seat with a blanket wrapped around us and tried to sleep. I lay against him with my head on his shoulder and he had an arm around my shoulders. This was not at all unusual for us and our parents would not have given it a second thought.

The miles rolled by but I could not sleep. I started thinking about how Michael and I had found our new love for each other. I was so happy and cuddled closer to him. Slowly my thoughts began to dwell on the physical acts we had enjoyed, and I felt my heart starting to beat more insistently, and the familiar wetness starting between my legs. I looked up at Michael to see if he was asleep; his eyes were open. Slowly I moved my hand under the blanket and brought it to rest over his crotch. I felt a sharp intake of breath as I touched him but he made no other movement. I could feel something stirring under my hand and in seconds I could feel that he was very hard. He shifted uncomfortably on the seat; obviously the confinement was causing him some pain. I found the zipper and ever so slowly I eased it down and reached inside his pants, found the gap in his boxer shorts and released him. His penis leapt free like a steel spring and I zeytinburnu escort tenderly wrapped my hand around it and snuggled closer to him. I heard the softest moan escape him and I had to suppress a giggle.

I held him in my hand for some time before I ventured to caress him. I stroked the long shaft up and down with my fingertips, feeling the lovely silky smooth skin, and then fluttered my fingertips as lightly as I could over the head, teasing him unmercifully. I could feel him moving his hips, straining to gain a firmer contact with my hand but I continued to torment him until at last I took pity on him and wrapped my hand firmly around him. I ran my thumb up and over the end, feeling the wetness at the tip, and smeared the slippery juices all over the swelling head. Oh, he felt so wonderful! I adored the feel of him, so strong and hard and yet so smooth and sensuous. I began a slow rhythmic movement of my hand, the way he had showed me, and Michael leaned back and closed his eyes as I devoted myself to bringing him pleasure. I stroked him for several minutes before he reached down with his free hand and stopped me. I lifted my head from his shoulder and whispered in his ear.


“Too close”, he whispered back.

“Too what?” I was still very naive.

“To coming!”

“Don’t you want to?”

“Yes – but not here!”

Common sense prevailed and I realised that it would have been rather awkward if I had made him come. There would have been an awful mess on the blanket that would have been difficult to explain and perhaps the smell of his sperm would have been noticeable to the occupants of the front seats. I made a resolution not to let my desire get the better of me again and snuggled back against Michael, but I still kept a loving hold on his erection – he wasn’t going to stop me enjoying the feel of him in my hand!

The next thing I was aware of was waking up with a jerk as the car pulled into our driveway. I sat bolt upright not knowing for an instant where I was. I suddenly remembered holding on to Michael but my hand was now quite empty – he had obviously not been asleep like me and had sorted everything out.

‘Wake up, Jen, we’re home!” He gave me a poke in the ribs, laughing at my state of confusion.

It was 2am and so we left unpacking the car for the morning. When we got inside the house Dad asked,

“Did you kids enjoy the holiday?”

We replied that we did, and Michael even went as far as to say that it was the best ever. Dad looked a little puzzled because we had been on many holidays that were much more luxurious and exotic. If only he knew why Michael had replied like that!

Everyone was exhausted and we headed for bed. I was asleep the instant my head hit the pillow but later I was woken by a hand gently aksaray escort shaking my shoulder. Michael was kneeling by the side of my bed.

“Jen, wake up!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t sleep – its hopeless”

I had no idea what he was talking about and turned on the bedside light. Michael pointed downwards.

“Look at it!”

I almost laughed out loud. Sticking out of his pyjama fly was a monstrous erection. The head was dark purple and angry-looking and swollen to a size that I had never seen before.

“What have you been doing?” I asked.

“Nothing! It’s your fault. After what you did in the car – when I went to bed it got hard and just won’t go down!”

“Couldn’t you – you know…” I moved my hand to and fro in the appropriate gesture.

“I thought about it, Jen, but, since we… I don’t want to do that now, it seems wrong”.

“Silly thing! I wouldn’t mind if you did. Anyway, be quiet and get into bed”.

Michael climbed into bed next to me and we lay facing each other, his mutinous erection trying to bore a hole in my stomach. I slept only in a T-shirt and pulled it off over my head. Michael wore old-fashioned pyjamas and I undid the cord around his waist and pulled the bottoms down to his knees.

“Are you sure they are asleep?” I asked.

“Yes, I can hear Dad snoring from here!”

I reached down between us and took hold of the troublesome organ. As my fingers wrapped around it Michael shuddered and gasped, “Oh, Jen!”

I could feel how incredibly hard he was, and the look on his face was a mixture of pain and delight as I gently tugged on him.

“Oh, Jen, that’s fantastic!”

Michael stroked my breasts and caressed my nipples as I pulled on his penis and then I had an idea and reached for a bottle of skin lotion that stood on my bedside table. I squirted a generous dollop into my hand and reached for him again. When the cold cream touched him he gasped and flinched but as I smeared it over his penis he groaned and kissed me eagerly. Our mouths opened as we kissed, tongues meeting and intertwining as my hand slithered up and down his rigid shaft. I could feel his heart thumping in his chest and pulled my mouth away.

“Does that feel good?”

“Oh God yes – its wonderful!”

I moved over onto my back and drew him over me. I parted my legs and still holding him tightly in my clenched fist I pressed my hand against my pubic mound so we were almost in the classic lovemaking position.

“Michael, pretend you are inside me, move as if you were making love to me…”

The idea obviously appealed to him because he shuddered and groaned and his hips thrust forward, plunging his penis into my fist. We both looked downwards, watching the gleaming lotion-coated head emerge from my fist, taut and ataköy escort swollen, clear liquid seeping from the tip, then back it went, disappearing like some writhing serpent retiring into its lair. The squelchy, sucky noises were intensely exciting!

“Oh, Jen, oh Jen, its fantastic!”

As Michael made love to my hand I shifted position slightly so that the tip of his penis could dip into my navel with each forward thrust.

“Oh yes, Michael, make love to me, it feels so lovely”.

Michael raised himself on his elbows and looked down at me. I looked up and saw that he had tears in his eyes and I knew that they were tears of joy and love.

“Michael, I love you!”

He bent his head and kissed me tenderly, but then groaned and lifted his head.

“Jen, its… its!”

“Yes, baby, let it come…”

Michael’s face contorted in an agonized expression that I was becoming very familiar with and he started to gasp.

“Ah… Ah… Aaaahh!”

I put my other hand over his mouth – “Ssssh!”

His hip movements suddenly stopped; instinctively I squeezed my hand on him; his legs trembled and I felt a sudden flood of warm liquid spilling onto my stomach. I gasped and looked down to see my navel filling with a pearly white lake; I quickly moved my hand on him, milking him, and was rewarded with a quick jet of sperm across my body. I arched my back as Michael began spurting wildly; I felt his sperm splashing against the under-slopes of my breasts and as I tilted my head back one particularly forceful eruption caught me neatly under the chin to ricochet off onto the pillow by my head. The prolonged erection he had suffered must have over-stimulated his glands because he came and came until I was drenched! When at last I could no longer feel him throbbing and pulsing in my hand I looked down to survey the sight. Tortuous rivers of white traversed my torso; the peaks of both breasts were liberally capped with snow and my nipples looked like pink cherries on glazed fairy cakes. I giggled and dabbed a fingertip onto each nipple, lazily smearing the sperm over them in little circles.

“Oh my God, Jen. That was unbelievable!”

I had concentrated on Michael’s pleasure throughout, but now the aroma of his sperm filling my nostrils and the sensation as I caressed my spermy nipples was causing waves of pleasure to surge through my body. But Michael was unaware of my rising lust and reached for a box of tissues from my bedside table and started cleaning me up. Such was his copious ejaculation that at least six tissues were reduced to soggy lumps before I was dry.

He handed me my crumpled T-shirt and pulled his pyjama bottoms up, although I noticed that his erection was only slightly diminished. After a few hugs Michael gave me a loving kiss and then went back to his room, leaving me to dispose of the pile of sodden tissues. It took some time for me to fall asleep because my clitoris was aching to be caressed. I started to touch it myself but it didn’t feel as exciting as when Michael did it. I resolved that the next time we did anything together it would be my turn to be pleasured!

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