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MR ALTAN SEDUCE MY MOTHERi had to postpone my plans of becoming my daddy’s lover, when Mr Altan told me, he wanted to seduce my mother, I started laughing and saying, that is going to be impossible, she is a very old fashion woman, Mr Altan asks me about my father, I tell him he works all day at his shop,( my daddy was in the air conditioning business, very often will travel to other cities all over Turkey ) after work goes to drink till late with his friends and almost every day he comes home a bit drunk or very drunk, my mother all ways waits for him to give him dinner and put him in bed, now Mr Altan laughs saying, nothing is impossible, he tells me he studied psychology and human behavior at the university before going into the club business saying, any body is capable of anything if you know their weakness and I know almost every thing about human behabior, he gives me a little bag with a few earrings telling me to put one inside my father’s pocket trousers before my mother does the laundry, two days later my mother is a very bad mood, the following week I do the same thing and now she is fuming, I tell Mr Altan all about it he tells, me to do It one more time and to be at this shopping center next Saturday with my mother, after the third time my mother behaves like nothing happened ( she was still very nice to my daddy ) that was worrying me a lot, Saturday morning I tell my mother, i want to go to this shopping center, my mother says ok telling me, she will get ready in 5 minutes, she comes out of her room wearing a very nice tight dress, wearing high hills shoes and RED LIPSTICK, I realise my mother had a very nice sexy body, without the rags she wore in the house, we were having lunch, Mr Altan looking his best saying hello to me and asks me, who is this stunning woman with you? my mother looks at me smiling , I tell her, this gentleman is the father of my friend and the one I work for in the restaurant, you met him at the wedding, my mother says in a very welcoming way. I am please to meet you again, would you like to join us, after a while they are both talking like they knew each bahis firmaları other for years, my mother smiling and playing with her hair all the time, ( I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT WAS I SEEING, SHE WAS FLIRTING WITH HIM ) I told them I was going to shop around, my mother tells me not to go to far, after nearly two hours I came back, my mother was laughing and enjoy Mr Altan’s company very much, before we left he invited us to dine at his restaurant anytime, two weeks later my daddy went to Izmir on Friday for two weeks, before I go to the club ( Monday to Friday during the summer holidays) my mother tells me to tell Mr Altan that tomorrow we will go to his restaurant, on Saturday we went to the restaurant, Mr Altan was waiting for us, after dinner and a few glasses of Raki, Mr Altan ask her to dance she end up belly dancing every body could see her legs nearly up to her panties, back at the table Mr Altan winking at me and tells me to go and watch TV in his office, My mother kept looking the other way till I was gone, I sat at the bar to watch them, my mother was holding hands with him shaking her head and giggling, next Monday at the club, Mr Altan with a big smile tells me your mother is coming here next Friday, he tells me to never underestimate the wrath of a woman, she told me about your father cheating on her, when I told her about this club she could not wait to see it, I tell him, she will not come! she will come! she will have second thoughts but she will come, the following Friday I am with Mr Hakan in the room sucking his cock, Mr Altan comes in the room very excited telling me, your mother is here, I put on my blonde wig and my silk dress and we go to meet her at the door looking very nervous and unwilling to come in, Mr Altan introduces me to her as one of the girls, takes her hand and gently takes her to his room with me behind, he offers her a drink, she reminds me on my first day, after more than a few drinks, ( my mother had no clue I was her daughter) Mr Altan leaves the room and tells me to dress her up with a blonde wig and black shoes, the first time I see my mother naked, kaçak iddaa she looks stunning, ( I WAS A BIT JEALOUS ) she had beautiful firm tits pear looking, I could tell she just shaved her pussy, she looks in the mirror and she relaxes saying my daughter would not recognize me, I start gaggling she starts laughing saying I LOVE IT, feeling very confident, ( SHE HAD A FEW GLASSES OF RAKI BY NOW ) Mr Altan comes in looking at her and tells her, you have a beautiful body, holding her tits on his hands he tells her, they are going to love these, Mr Altan tells me to go downstairs while he is lifting my mother’s silk dress saying I need to taste the goods before I take you down, I sat in the other room leaving the door open, Mr altan new I was listening, the first thing I am hearing is my mother exclaiming very loud WOOOOOW! Mr Altan ask her have you ever take one in your mouth? my mother says NO! but it looks like I going to take yours, now I am by the door watching my mother taking his whole cock inside her mouth gagging and holding his ass cheeks very hard pulling him on her face, after pumping his cum down her throat he holds her mouth shut telling her to swallow it all, he turns her around open her legs, when my mother realises what he is going to do she says NO IN MY ASS! Mr Altan holds her on the bed open her legs with his legs and starts penetrating her asshole, my mother shaking and holding the bed saying NO!NO!NO!, once his whole cock is inside her asshole Mr Altan starts pounding her ass and my mother starts moaning very slow increasing the moaning sound and starts saying FUCK ME HARDER several times, I start stroking Mr Altan’s balls and sticking my tongue in his asshole, now my mother is screaming with pleasure and fingering her pussy, soon both of them are having an orgasm, Mr Altan takes his cock out of my mother asshole, slapping her ass saying, that was very enjoyable and tight, my mother still laying on bed she turns around with a big smile on her face, she asks me who am I? I say, you have a very beautiful tits while I start fondling them and sucking her nipples, she starts kaçak bahis laughing and telling me I am very beautiful as well, I move my mouth down to her pussy very slowly, while opening her legs and start kissing her pussy sticking my tongue inside her pussy, Mr Altan gets so excited he rams his cock inside my asshole saying I LOVE IT, around 12 o’clock we down to the club we siting with him, Mr Altan explains to my mother haw it works, he tells her that a few of the women single and married are here to fulfil their sexual fantasies in a secure environment, by now and thanks to Mr Hakan every body in the club knows we are mother and daughter and my mother does not know, Mr Altan being a very successful business man tell us that he is going to take offers on both of us as a mother and daughter, ( with my blonde wig my red lipstick and my face make up she still had not clue I was her daughter) I ask her if she was married! she said yes! and she had two daughters, Mr Hakan tells Mr Altan he is taking us both and to put it on his account, after Mr Hakan there is 4 men waiting for us, Mr Altan tells us that he has a lot of offers for mother and daughter, after them went up to 6 men after them we did not come out of the room (10 minutes to clean our selves and have a glass of Raki)) in between gang bangs, it became a routine we will put up a lesbian show which I enjoy very much but my mother was really enjoying my body,then we will suck their cocks while they all will eat our pussies and start ramming their cocks in our assholes but they will fuck my mother’s pussy several times and her tits were red and purple of touching squeezing and biting, we were done by 8 am 7 times 6 men again the club closed at 5 am, before she left, I ask her what about your husband, she said, he is in Izmir and I am staying with my sister, Mr Al tan came in our room smiling and very happy asking us, how was it with mother and daughter and when your mother can come again Mr Altan say sorry fake mother, Next weekend from Friday, He said very good and you need a shower before we go to bed, I took a shower first when my mother came out of the shower we were both with out face make up and no wigs, as my mother sat on his cock I switch off the lights, next Monday Mr Altan told me to start seducing my father to make things easier for my mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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