Mother, Son , His Girl Friend

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Chapter 1

Laura Nichols could see the crotch of the girl clearly.

If she could see so could Mike. Glancing at her son, she saw his eyes Gleaming. He was peeking without shame between the smooth knees of Jamey. The glance was quick. Mike sat beside Laura at the small table of the ice cream store. Jamey was perhaps five feet away, sitting and talking with another girl.

Laura watched Jamey closely, and soon realized the girl was fully aware of her exposure. Not only aware but intentionally making it obvious. She would laugh and giggle and squirm in the small white chair, spreading her knees in a way that would, to some, appear accidental in her exuberance. But Laura had seen those sparkling eyes peek at Mike.

Her son was fascinated with Jamey, Laura knew. He had been for some months. It was easy to see why he was fascinated.

Jamey was a beautiful girl, slender with honey-blonde hair and creamy skin. She was popular in school and seemed to be friendly with everyone. Her personality was bubbly and outgoing. Jamey was the typical California girl, perhaps a bit more. She was well tanned, and her body exquisite.

At the moment, Jamey wore a very tight light-blue T-shirt. Her succulent tits were molded, outlined by the garment, and from the way her nipples protruded, Laura knew very well that she was not wearing a bra. Her tits were sweetly shaped. The skirt she wore must have came from the sixties, it was so short. But then, if any girl had the body for a micro skin, it was Jamey. Her legs were long, slender, inviting the eye. The golden color of them testified to her love of sunshine.

Yes, it was understandable why Jamey fascinated her son. Any boy would be, especially at Mike’s age when the juices were running, his desires growing.

She vaguely wondered if Mike had ever fucked a girl. He was, to her, still quite young.

Gazing toward Jamey, she saw the girl pretend to lose her balance on the chair. One leg shot out, and the whole of Janey’s crotch became blatantly visible. The crotch of her panties seemed as tight as her T- shirt, Laura thought. Her panties were a pale green.

Before she could stop herself, Laura glanced down at her son’s lap, and noticed his cock was straining at his pants. An unexpected ripple moved up and down her spine, and she recognized it as erotic excitement. Shivering, she pulled her eyes from Mike’s crotch and looked boldly at Jamey.

Jamey was the same age as Mike. They had grown up with each other, practically. Although they had not been all that close, each with separate friends, Laura saw the attraction between the two now. She thought Jamey was somewhat of a tease, wearing her short shorts and those T-shirts that left nothing to the imagination. But she could not help liking the girl anyway. No one could help liking Jamey.

The problem was, Janey’s parents, who lived almost a block from their house, thought Laura was a wicked person. It was ridiculous, of course. Janey’s parents were old-fashioned and, to them, any divorced woman was wicked. Their attitude failed to disturb Laura, however. On the other hand, it was this very attitude that seemed to keep her son and Jamey apart.

Laura would not mind if her son had a girlfriend, a sweetheart. Puppy love could be so wonderful, she knew. So far, Mike showed no interest in any girl except Jamey.

Laura found herself gazing steadily into the girl’s dark eyes. There was heat in those eyes, she realized, and she wondered if Jamey was really the tease she appeared to be. Those eyes were unashamed, quite bold. Jamey moved the pink tip of her tongue over her full lips.

Laura shuddered and turned her eyes, finishing her ice cream and saying to her son: “Ready to leave, honey?”

Obviously Mike was not ready to go, but he obediently stood up and walked with her to the car. The shopping center was huge, and the parking area even larger. Laura felt her hand brush the back of Mike’s as they walked, and a distinct tingle went through her.

Laura’s skirt hiked up past her knees as she got in the car, and she left it there. She was not a prude, not by any means.

Mike was more preoccupied, than usual as they drove home. Laura knew very well he was thinking of Jamey. And she could still see that crotch in her own mind. She was only slightly disturbed that she felt excited by it. The fact that her nipples were hard, her cunt pulsing gently between her thighs because of seeing Janey’s crotch, was not in the least troublesome to Laura.

After arriving home, Mike immediately walked off down the sidewalk, mumbling about seeing some friends. Laura watched her son go, hands stuffed into his pockets and his head down. She knew he wanted to be alone, to think and possibly dream about Jamey.

The house was comfortably cool, and she prepared herself a glass of instant iced tea. She was sipping it and twisting the dial on the radio when the knock on the door came.

“Why, hello, Jamey,” she said, surprised to see the girl. “If you’re looking for my son, he ran off down the block someplace.”

“Will he be home soon, beylikdüzü otele gelen escort Laura?” Janey’s voice was soft, almost in a whispery, musical way.

Laura had always loved her voice. She wasn’t sure when Mike would come home, but found herself saying: “Probably very soon. Would you like to come in and wait for him?”

“If it’s no trouble.”

“Trouble? Come on in and have some iced tea with me.”

She fixed a tall glass of tea for Jamey, feeling a strangeness within her, a warmth that was at the same time alien and exciting. When she returned to the living room, she found Jamey sitting on the floor going through Mike’s collection of records. Her legs were crossed, the creamy thighs revealed. Laura found herself sitting on the floor with Jamey, and once again they gazed boldly at each other.

“You like me?” Jamey asked in a whispery voice.

“Of course I like you, honey,” Laura replied. “Just because of what your parents think of me, well …”

“They’re a couple of old farts,” Jamey said.

“I’m sure they’re …”

“No, Laura,” Jamey interrupted. “Everyone says it. They’re so damned old- fashioned, they try to make me wear Mother Hubbard dresses. They have a fit when I wear this.” She indicated her T- shirt and short skirt.

“I think you’re lovely,” Laura said, her voice oddly throaty.

“I saw the way you looked at me in the ice cream parlor, Laura,” Jamey said with that disturbing voice, her dark eyes bold as ever.

Laura jumped.

Jamey had placed her palm on one of Laura’s knees. She dropped her eyes down, looking at it, shivering. The hand felt unusually hot, as if it were searing her flesh.

“You liked what you saw,” Jamey said, making it a statement, and at the same time sliding her hand past Laura’s knee. “So did Mike.”

Laura felt herself trembling with a desire that was strange, a heat that grew inside her. She watched Janey’s hand move higher, caressing in circles on her thigh now. There was an increase in her breathing rate, and she heard the gasping sounds of Janey’s breath.

Jamey then took Laura’s hand and drew it toward her golden thigh. As her palm was placed halfway up that thigh, Laura felt a sudden lurching between her legs. Her cunt had swelled and was moist now, her clit throbbing. Jamey was holding her wrist, moving her palm up and down the thigh.

Laura saw the crotch of those tight panties again, and heard the girl’s soft sigh. Jamey released her wrist, but Laura left her hand on that hot thigh, moving it slowly by herself now. They continued looking into each other’s eyes, and Laura moved her hand higher. She felt the tight panties with the tips of her fingers, and Jamey uncrossed her legs and spread them widely, leaning back and bracing herself with her hands.

“I like to be touched,” Jamey said in a low voice. “You want to touch me, don’t you, Laura? The way you looked at me in the ice cream parlor, I know you want to touch me.”

Laura couldn’t seem to stop herself. Her fingers moved slowly about the crotch of Janey’s panties, finding them moist. She traced the puffy cunt lips, then dragged her finger up and down the slit of her pussy. Jamey mewled and twisted her ass on the floor.

Laura’s palm cupped Janey’s wet cunt.

She felt the heat of that succulent cunt burning into her hand, and she rubbed it gently, lightly. Jamey whimpered with pleasure and began to grind her pussy slowly against Laura’s hand.

Laura was not thinking of anything, only of the delight she felt at touching this sweet cunt.

Jamey lifted her hips, bringing her cunt tighter into Laura’s hand, mewling softly. “Mmmmm, you touch me so good, Laura. I love being touched this way.”

Jamey sprawled back on the floor, her arms lifted above her head, that honey-blonde hair fanning out around that sweet face. Laura was sitting between Janey’s spread thighs, gazing hotly between them. She ran her hands, both of them now, up and down those creamy smooth thighs, feeling the trembling heat of that skin. She shoved the short skirt to Janey’s hips, and stared at the slight bulge of the girl’s cunt.

Before she knew it, Laura was leaning over, kissing just above a dimpled knee. Jamey was twisting. her little ass about in pleasure, gurgling with delight. As she slipped her tongue out and began to lick at Janey’s thigh, Laura felt her own pussy pulsing in a fiery desire. With her tongue lapping slowly along the thigh, she kept fondling the other. She found her lips gliding higher and higher on Janey’s thigh then she was licking the soft, sensitive flesh only a few inches from that bubbling cunt. Shifting her face, Laura licked at the other thigh, her eyes closed with this ecstasy she was feeling.

Her tongue went up and down the girl’s creamy thighs, licking mostly along the inner surfaces where it was most sensitive. Her hands moved up and down the outside, and over Janey’s rounded hips. Jamey was cooing and writhing her hips about, arching her pussy up.

The fresh, clean scent of Janey’s beylikdüzü rus escort cunt was sweet to Laura’s senses, and she gazed for a moment at the bulge of that cunt. Again she stroked a fingertip up and down the crotch of the girl’s tight panties.

A growl came from Laura’s throat.

She shoved her mouth to Janey’s crotch, sucking at her moist panties. She pulled at the panties with her white teeth, then lapped her tongue up and down, tasting the wetness of that delicious cunt through the thin panties.

“Ooooo,” Jamey moaned. “Mmmm … ohhh, yes, Laura!”

Laura felt Janey’s hands on her cheeks, trying to guide her lips and tongue. She felt the girl press her cunt into her mouth, and she began to lick with swift movements at those thin panties. Jamey lifted her thighs and pressed them against Laura’s face. The satiny feel of Janey’s thighs on her face sent a tremble of intense desire rumbling about her body, and she whimpered into the girl’s cunt.

Laura’s hands moved under the teenager’s lifted ass. She cupped Janey’s ass cheeks, finding them tight and firm and fitting perfectly in her palms. Then her mouth was tasting the wetness of Janey’s cunt.

The girl had pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, exposing her pussy to Laura’s tongue and lips. Laura did not hesitate; she began to lick her tongue up and down the puffy cunt lips, tasting the sugary sweetness of this delightful girl.

She twisted her tongue about Janey’s throbbing little clit, then closed her hot lips on it, sucking hard. Jamey shoved her cunt harder in to Laura’s face and began to grind.

“Oooo, inside me,” Jamey was pleading. “Ohhh, Laura, put your tongue inside me!”

Laura’s tongue shot into Janey’s cunt, feeling the honeyed cunt lips tighten. She thrust her tongue in and out, feeling Janey’s cunt flex about it. She sucked at the seeping pussy juices, swallowing as her mouth filled. The slippery sweetness was delicious to Laura, and she plunged her tongue in and out like a cock, fucking Janey’s cunt almost frantically, digging her fingers into that tight little ass. Jamey gurgled and twisted, tossing her crotch up and down, rubbing her cunt into Laura’s face with frenzied motions.

“Ahhh, lick me, Laura,” Jamey moaned in a sobbing, soft voice, grinding excitedly, “Oooo, lick me, lick me!”

Laura was now on her knees, her ass in the air, her face buried tightly into Janey’s crotch, sucking and licking that sweet cunt. She waggled her ass when spasms of pleasure rippled through her cunt. She dug her fingers hard into the firm cheeks of Janey’s ass, trying to shove her face as tightly as she could into the steaming cunt. Her tongue fucked in and out of those tight cunt lips, lapping about the rigid, throbbing cut. She was moaning softly as she sucked and licked Janey’s cunt.

Jamey, with her finger hooked into her panties to hold the crotch far to one side, pressed the back of Laura’s head with the other hand, grinding her cunt ecstatically against the woman’s sucking, licking mouth. Her hot thighs scissored about Laura’s head. Waves of gentle orgasms were going off between Laura’s thighs, her cunt convulsing in liquid heat. Wet sounds filled the living room as her tongue lapped furiously at Janey’s tasty cunt.

She buried her tongue as deep as she could into the sugary, syrupy pussy, flicking it against the satiny cunt walls, feeling Janey’s clit convulsing against her upper lip. Laura was thrilled to feel Janey’s succulent cunt lips squeezing her tongue as she fucked it in and out. The sounds of Janey’s sobbing voice as she came excited Laura as much as eating this pussy did.

“Oh, God!” Jamey was whimpering. “Oh, God … Oh, God! I’m coming, Laura! Oooooo, I’m coming … so good … so beautiful!”

Laura held the girl’s twisting little ass tightly, feeling her ass cheeks flex in her hands as she fucked her tongue in and out of the spasming cunt. Her own pussy was going through a series of orgasms. Her body shook, her up thrust ass waving about as she came.

Laura held her mouth against Janey’s cunt, feeling the girl starting to relax, her body going limp. She gently let Janey’s ass down, then pulled her hands away. She lowered her own ass and sat back, leaning against the wall, her legs straight out before her. She was still shaking from the pleasure. Her cheeks and chin were wet from Janey’s cunt, and her lips felt slightly puffy, bruised. She watched with heavy, unfocused eyes as Jamey lay where she was, legs still spread. The crotch of her panties seemed pulled to one side by some invisible fingers. Laura saw the pale blonde cunt hair, the pink lips of that sweet cunt, and the tip of Janey’s clit.

Finally Jamey struggled up, crossing her legs again in front of her. Her dark eyes were sparkling and she was smiling happily.

“I know you wanted to lick me, Laura,” she said in her soft, whispery voice. “I knew you would lick me when I saw the way you looked at me in the ice cream parlor.”

That was more than Laura knew.

“I didn’t come to see Mike,” beylikdüzü türbanlı escort Jamey went oh. “I came to see you.”

Laura shivered, seeing those bold eyes, wondering how a girl so young could see and understand so much. She had felt excitement seeing Janey’s panties in the ice cream parlor, of course, but … eating her cunt? She had not intended to lick the young girl’s pussy, not on a conscious level, anyway.

“My son is infatuated with you, Jamey,” Laura said, her voice strained. “He thinks he’s in love with you.”

“I know,” Jamey said. “Most of the guys think they’re in love with me. I don’t mind, not really. It’s fun to have them look at me.” She giggled–a naughty yet playful sound. “I see them get hard when they look at me.”

“Then you are a little tease,” Laura said, confirming her suspicion of Jamey. “You like to tease, don’t you, Jamey?”

“Sure. Don’t we all?” Jamey said. “It makes me feel good to tease the guys.”

“And … women?”

“I didn’t tease you, did I, Laura?”

Laura shook her head. “No, you certainly didn’t.”

“That’s because I love being licked.”

“Just licked?” Laura lifted her eyebrow. “That’s all, just licked?”

“I think so,” Jamey said. “That’s all I’ve done so far.”

Laura looked at the girl, wondering who had licked that luscious cunt, but she didn’t ask.

“My son will be home soon, I’m sure,” she said, getting to her feet. “I better wash my face. He’s a smart boy, and he’d know immediately where I’ve had it.”

Jamey bounced to her feet. “I’ll come back later, Laura. It was you I really wanted to see anyway.”

Before Laura could reply, Jamey was gone.

Chapter 2

Laura washed her face in her bathroom. She looked into the mirror, seeing a beautiful face there.

She had never eaten pussy before, yet she had willingly licked Janey’s cunt. She had found the young girl irresistible, and she had shoved her face into that sweet cunt–not just eagerly, but hungrily.

There had been something about Jamey that Laura had been unable to understand, an attraction she had never felt for a girl in her entire life. She wasn’t sorry she had sucked that pussy, though–not a bit.

Laura had lovely dark hair, hair that shimmered in the sunlight. Her eyes, also dark, had a slight slant to them. She had full, sensual lips, and her neck was long. Her skin was unblemished, creamy the way Janey’s was. Laura threw her shoulders back and looked critically at her tits. Nothing wrong with those, she thought.

There was nothing wrong with any part of her body. She could stand next to Jamey any day, although there was about eighteen years’ difference in their ages.

Laura lifted her skirt to her waist and looked at herself. She was wearing pantyhose, but no panties. The dark curls of her cunt showed clearly through the garment. Her hips were rounded– her thighs straight and full, yet slim. She twisted her neck and peered over her shoulder. Her ass was very shapely, still as firm as it had been when she was Janey’s age. The ass cheeks were full, rounded in an enticing way.

Smoothing her skirt, she thought there was certainly nothing wrong with what she had. All the goodies were in place.

Leaving the bathroom, she realized today was the first time Jamey had actually visited her home in well over a year. Jamey and Mike had played together when they were children, but as they became teenagers, they had drifted apart, finding other friends. But Mike was infatuated with Jamey now, and Laura could see why.

Jamey might be a tease, she thought, but that exquisite little blonde was one hot ass!

She was still thinking of Jamey when her son came home. She kissed his cheek, as she usually did when he returned. She didn’t kiss him as often as she did during the school days, now that it was summer. He was in and out so much during summer.

“You’re sweaty, honey,” she said. “Why don’t you go take a shower? I’ll bring you something nice and cold to drink.”

“That’s a good idea, Mom,” he said.

She watched him go down the hail, her eyes on his ass. Mike was in tight jeans, the uniform of boys his age. She had never really looked at her son before, not his body, anyway. She found herself excited, a warmth between her thighs that she had never felt when looking at him before.

Shrugging, she went to the kitchen to get him a soft drink. When she carried the frosted glass to the bathroom, she could see his blurred form behind the shower doors. It was hazy, with steam rising, but her eyes caught the way his cock was protruding. She trembled as she placed the glass on the sink.

“Here it is, honey,” she said.

“Okay, Mom.”

She stood and looked through the translucent glass doors, her eyes fixed upon the outline of his cock there. She knew her son had a hard- on, and she assumed he was remembering seeing Jamey at the ice cream parlor.

Her breath caught in her throat.

Mike had placed his hand on his cock and it looked to her as if he were jacking off. She stood very still, very quietly, straining her eyes to see better. For a moment she thought he was washing his cock, but then his hand was moving too fast for that. He was actually jacking off, she realized, her mind burning with erotic thoughts. A stabbing, searing throb moved between her thighs, her cunt pulsing with a heat that was strong, the way it had when she sucked and licked Janey’s young, tasty cunt.

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