Morning Theft

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In my twenties I dated a girl who was sort of a tomboy/hippie with a very fickle sex drive that was usually on or off. She didn’t orgasm during sex and didn’t want to engage in the act very often. On the other hand, I would have done anything to get a piece of her. There was something about her that drove me crazy. Even though she was short and boyish with sharp cheek bones and square shoulders, she was attractive, with short dark hair, cute little tits and a tight ass. But more than anything I was in love with her hidden and elusive pussy. I was hardly more than a line in the small triangle of hair between her legs, but when she was aroused and bent over, a perfect little pair of pink lips would pop out. Despite appearing small it stretched enough to easily accommodate my size and I was lead to believe that it had accepted some larger than me in the past.

I was visiting her for a few days in the little coach house she rented, expecting sex from the beginning, but after 3 days she still hadn’t been in the mood. Every night we would get bahis firmaları undressed and climb a little ladder up to the small loft bed. I would follow her up the ladder, her tight bottom clad in nothing more than a pair of small cotton panties hanging just above my nose. There was usually a faint smell of body cream emanating from the smooth insides of her thighs. But once in bed we would tussle and play fight like children, after which my sexual advances would be refused.

In the morning, she woke up early to go to class and I would pretend to sleep while she climbed out of bed and went down the ladder to shower. I would slyly look down from the loft and watch her undress, catching a glimpse of her little bobbing breasts and pubic wedge before she went off to the shower in the corner of the lower floor. All the while I nursed an increasingly persistent erection, not to mention pain in my testicles on account of being so close, yet so far away from the object of my desire.

Finally, one morning I noted that she always stripped kaçak iddaa off her night panties and threw them in a corner of the room where she kept dirty laundry. So I layed in bed and listed for her to finish dressing and go out the door. My heart pounded in my chest because she was a very private person and would be highly offended by what I was thinking of doing. But I couldn’t resist. When I was sure she had gone, I crept down the ladder and, my body actually shaking with nervousness and excitement, went to the corner of the room where she had dropped her underwear. Like a guilty thief I picked them up and opened them as if they were a tiny parcel. It was a black, cotton thong and there, in the centre of the crotch, was a sizeable oval of creamy slime. I was both angry and exhilarated to see the evidence of her oozing sex despite her repeated rejection of my advances.

What to do? Looking over my shoulder at the door I clutched her panties in my hand and walked quietly over to the shower. I stepped into the shower stall and pulled kaçak bahis down my pants, releasing my burning penis and it’s swollen purple head that appeared ready to burst. I opened the little ball of cotton, now sweaty from my hand, and rubbed my nose agains the still wet track of slime. I touched it with my tongue, detecting a slightly sour taste while inhaling the subtle aroma of the fabric that was part perfume, part pussy. I squeezed the base of my penis and my aching balls at the same time. That was all it took. Before I knew it my body convulsed and a massive string of white semen squirted from the tip and flew across the shower. It splattered agains the wall and began dripping down. Then came another. And another.

After prolonged arousal and abstinence such as this, it is not uncommon for me to shoot my come several feet and this was no exception. By the time my cock stopped twitching there were strings of come all over her shower walls. I felt great relief, but also sudden remorse. I pulled my pants over my still half-hard penis and carried the stolen panties back to the pile of laundry. I tried to remember how they had been sitting and replaced them. Then I undressed and went to the shower, where I scrubbed the come off the walls as best I could.

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