Meeting Marla

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It started out as a typical Sunday morning for me. I woke up around 5:30, made coffee and logged into the computer to read a few Literotica stories.

At about 7:00 AM I took a quick shower, shaved, brushed my teeth and headed for my favorite diner for breakfast. Although the place was already starting to get crowded, I managed to get a two person booth and began to read the Sunday newspaper sports section, which I had brought with me from home. I glanced up from time to time to see who was coming in and I took notice of a woman who was talking to the hostess. By her mannerisms, I had the feeling the woman seemed a bit perturbed. She was shaking her head as if to say “NO”. She then looked at her watch and pointed back my way. Now the hostess was shaking her head “No”

Just then, the waitress came by to take my order. I ordered my usual, two eggs over easy, home fries, crisp bacon, rye toast and coffee. (At 58, it was certainly not the breakfast my doctor would recommend). I returned to the sports section to catch up on the previous evenings’ baseball scores.

A moment later, the hostess and the woman were standing by my booth.

“This woman says she know you, sir”, stated the hostess in a rather annoyed tone.

Before I could reply, the woman said, “Hi, I thought it was you. Mind if I join you for breakfast?” and proceeded to lean over, give me a peck on the cheek before sliding into the seat across from me.

She was quite attractive with medium length dark hair, a shapely body featuring very large breasts and ample hips. The woman was wearing a short black dress that clung to her body and looked something like a long tank top. Her make-up was a little on the heavy side for my taste.

I stuttered something like, “Oh. Hi. Sure, join me.” By that time she was already seated.

After the hostess left, the woman apologized, explaining that she just got off work and was famished.

“No problem.” I replied. “I could use the company.”

“I’m Marla and I don’t do this all the time.”

“Hi, Marla. I’m Bill. Nice to meet you”

The waitress brought me my breakfast and asked if Marla wanted to order something.

She replied, “Sure. I’ll have what he’s having,” pointing to my plate. “Except, I’ll have the link sausage instead of the bacon.”

Marla was very easy to talk to. She told me she was forty nine, divorced for a little over a year and had a daughter in college. “My ex was a real asshole,” she told me. Then cupping both hands under her boobs and lifting slightly, she said, “He made me get these.” “Thirty Four C’s weren’t big enough for him, he had to have Thirty Six Double D’s.” Marla explained that she told her hubby that there was no way they could afford the boob job, but he convinced her to put them on her credit card. “Six months later, the creep left my for some young bimbo and now I’m trying to pay for college and these tits.” Marla told me that she was holding down two jobs. A receptionist at a doctor’s office Monday through Friday and then Friday & Saturday nights she worked from 11:00 PM until 7:00 AM worked at ASN.

I had no idea what ASN was and she told me it was a new premium cable television channel, The Adult Shopping Network. She normally worked behind the scenes helping to get models dressed in lingerie or prepping the displays of adult toys and lotions. Occasionally, she would get in front of the camera as a “mature” model. Laughing, she said, “Mature.” “That’s a nice way to say old and chunky.”

The waitress brought Marla’s breakfast and freshened up our coffees as we continued our conversation.

It was obvious she needed to vent about her ex, at one point holding up a sausage link on her fork, smiling and proclaiming, “This little link is bigger than he was.”

“The bastard was all about himself.” “As long as he got his rocks off, he didn’t care one bit about my needs and desires.” Marla went on and on about her sex life or lack there of.

We were finishing up our breakfasts when Marla told me I was a good listener and asked if I would want to continue our conversation over more coffee at her apartment.

When the waitress brought our check, Ankara escort I grabbed it and over Marla’s mild objections paid it with a generous tip.

Walking out, Marla put her arm around mine and whispered, “Now I owe you.”

As I walked toward my car, Marla told me we didn’t have to drive as she lived in the apartment complex just on the other side of the parking lot.

When we entered her place, she told me to make myself at home. She was going to put the coffee on and then grab a quick shower.

I looked around her living room and took notice of her CD’s and DVD’s. Marla’s taste in music was similar to mine, late sixties, early seventies rock. Dylan, The Band, The Beatles, Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones filled her CD rack. I couldn’t help to notice that the DVD’s on her bookshelf were mostly chick flicks, but there were a half a dozen X Rated ones also.

I must have looked embarrassed when she came back into the room and I was reading the description of one of the videos, “Back Door Pleasures”.

Marla just laughed and said in her best sales voice, “Available in both DVD and VHS from the Adult Shopping Network.” “By the way, coffee’s ready.”

I followed her into the kitchen and watched as she reached into cabinet for coffee mugs. After showering she had put on a short, silky button down nightshirt that rode up revealing her sheer, black, French cut panties as she stood on her tiptoes to get the mugs down.

When Marla poured the coffee and turned around to bring me a cup, she noticed the substantial bulge in my shorts, as seeing her sexy outfit had me aroused.

She handed me the coffee and before I could thank her, she reached down and rubbed my cock through my shorts saying, “Oh my. Is all that for me?” Marla got down on her knees, unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them to the floor. “I think I know how I can pay you back for breakfast”, she said, as she released the throbbing member from my boxers.

I never thought of myself as huge, but a full seven and a half plus inches with well above average girth had Marla hypnotized. She stroked it gently before bringing it to her lips. All of a sudden she started to go crazy on it. Sucking it with her lips and stroking it with her hand at the same time. Occasionally, as she would take it entirely into her throat she would gag a bit then back off to grab a quick breath before devouring it again.

At one point, with her saliva and my precum dripping down her chin she exclaimed, “God, sucking cock really turns me on.” “I’m soaking wet and just may cum myself.”

I was very close to the edge and to her dismay, I pushed her head away. She asked me what was wrong. I told her nothing was wrong, that I was too close to cumming.

Marla’s reply to that was, “It’s OK baby, I love the taste and want swallow your entire load.”

With one sweeping motion I pushed everything off the kitchen table and forced her to lie down on it. She was on her back with her head dangling over the end. I quickly forced my cock back into her mouth and began to fuck it. This position opened her throat to me and I noticed her right hand worked its way down and into her panties. Here I was, fucking this woman’s mouth while she fingered herself. I was so turned on.

Marla was frantically fingering herself with one hand and guiding my cock in and out of her mouth with the other one. After a very short time she began to writhe on the table lifting herself up slightly then closing her legs on her hand yelling and grunting, “Oh God, I’m cumming.” “So good.” “Cumming so hard.” “Oh yes. Oh yes.”

With that, I couldn’t hold back any longer as my cock exploded its seed into her mouth. A seemingly never ending series of pulses filled her throat as she attempted to swallow my load. It was futile as the large amount of cum dripped out of the corners of her mouth.

As my cock softened, I pulled it from her mouth and she got up from the table. Marla excused herself to “freshen up a bit” and on her way to the bathroom turned around and laughingly said, “I think we’re even.”

I laughed and answered back. “No, breakfast was way cheap, now I owe you.”

A few Ankara escort bayan minutes later Marla returned without her nightshirt on. She was gorgeous standing there with just panties on and a small amount of dark pubic hair escaping from them.

“So, you owe me?” “I’ll know just how you’re going to repay me.” She led me by the hand to the living room, laid down on the sofa, put one foot on the floor and one leg over the back spreading herself wide and asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Ravenous.” I replied

I knelt between her legs and began licking her pussy through the sheer panties. She gasped and told me her ex wouldn’t go down on her as he thought it was disgusting. I pulled her panties to the side and licked her slowly up and down her slit stopping just before the clit. Her head was thrashing back and forth. She stopped me momentarily to virtually rip off her panties then forced my head back down between her legs. I licked up one thigh then up and down her labia and down the other thigh. I took my fingers and spread her lips then concentrated on her clit, first barely touching it with my tongue, then sucking on it hard. I slipped two fingers deep in her and began finger fucking her as I nibbled on her clit. She quickly took both her hands and placed them on the back of my head forcing it down on her cunt while lifting her hips off the sofa. With that, she let out a blood curdling scream, squeezed her legs together on my head and began an orgasm that just flooded my mouth with her cum.

She threw her head back with her eyes closed and I thought she might have passed out. As she opened her eyes I knew it was time for me to enter her. I spread her legs back apart and taking my cock in my hand rubbed it up and down her soaking wet slit.

Marla, knowing what I was about to do, mildly protested. “I can’t take anymore.” “I’ve never had an orgasm that hard before.”

I said, “Marla, you’re going to take my cock. All of it, every single inch.” With that, I forced myself inside of her.

She obviously wasn’t kidding about her husband’ small dick because she was very tight. Even as lubricated as she was from her own cum, it was difficult getting my girth into her. She grunted and moaned as I forced my cock deeper and deeper inside. I pulled almost completely out, then rammed my way deeper with each thrust.

“Oh God it hurts.” “Don’t stop.” “Go slow.” “No. Go faster and harder.” Marla couldn’t decide what she wanted. The discomfort was replaced by ecstasy and I saw her eyes roll back in her head as I pounded her again and again. She now was taking in all of my cock, once again screaming that she was about to cum. “Oh Bill. Fuck me, Fuck me hard.” “Please don’t stop.” “Give me that thick cock.” With one final thrust I released my load into her. The warm feeling of my cum spurting in sent her to another orgasm even more intense than the last.

Completely spent we both fell asleep with my softened cock still inside of her.

When I awoke, Marla was sitting in an overstuffed chair lightly playing with herself and watching a movie with the remote control in her other hand. “Finally awake?” she asked. “I thought you’d never wake up.” She had put her silky nightshirt back on, albeit unbuttoned, but had left her panties off.

It was almost 1:00 PM so I must have been sleeping for a couple of hours. I noticed that on the side table beside her, Marla had assembled some interesting items. She told me she brought out a few of the items they sold on ASN and that I was the perfect candidate to try them out. KY silk lotions, both tingling and warm types, a butt plug, a couple of different vibrators and dildos, it was quite the assortment.

Marla had slipped in the video I was looking at earlier telling me, “You seemed interested in this DVD, so I thought I’d play it.”

At my age, I didn’t think I could “get up” again this soon, but the toys and video did the trick and I was once more getting hard.

Getting up from the chair, Marla said “I have an idea, you sit here and I’ll be your sex slave.”

After I took her place in the chair, Marla turn her back to me, bent slightly forward and lifted up her Escort Ankara nightshirt, showing me her round bottom with a small butt plug already in her anus.

“Does this do anything for you?” she asked, wiggling her ass at me.

I was still completely naked and since my cock was at attention it was a rhetorical question.

Marla climbed up on the chair and completely straddling the arms lowered herself onto my cock until it was almost completely hidden inside her pussy. Her breasts were in my face and I kissed then nibbled her nipple.

“Bite them” she begged.

So I took a little nip with my teeth.

“Harder, bite harder” she sighed.

I did just that and she began to ride me. Up and down she went picking up speed with every downward thrust. I grabbed her ass cheeks in my hands to lift her then drop her each time pressing against the plug in her bud.

She was slamming herself down on me while I licked her breasts and toyed her ass plug.

I didn’t know if I could make it much longer without exploding again but with a shiver and a shake she beat me to it and her orgasm again was flooding my cock with her cum.

Coming back down from the wave that beset her, Marla asked, “Bill?” “Would you ahhhh, ummm, put it in my butt?” I’m not sure she thought it was something I wanted to do as she explained her ex would never do “that” thinking it was dirty.

She didn’t have to ask me twice though. I grabbed the KY bottles from the table and put some of the warmth type and some of the tingling type on my hands and began to stroke it on my cock.

“How would you like it,” I asked

“I’ll bend over the arm of the chair, like the woman in the movie.” She answered, pointing toward the TV.

With that she removed the plug and bent over the soft arm of the chair.

I slowly circled the head of my cock around her bud and felt her tense up a little.

“Try to relax, I’ll go slowly,” I told her and began to press the head in. It took a little coaxing but finally the head pushed through her sphincter.

Marla let out a groan and told me it hurt. I told her it would feel better once she got used to it. I just kept telling her to try and relax as I slowly pushed forward a little at a time.

I only had about a third of my cock in her ass when she begged, “Please take it out” “It’s too thick.” “It really hurts.”

I stopped and grabbed a vibrator from the table and turned it on, telling her that I was going to put it in her pussy to take her mind off the pain. The rotating balls and jelly like texture of the dildo slipped easily into her well lubricated pussy and she gasped.

I could feel the vibrator on my cock through the thin wall between her pussy and ass and knew that no matter what, I just had to finish.

Breathing very heavily, she began moaning and groaning. I resumed my penetration. “Oh Bill, it still hurts.” “Don’t go any further.” She cried. With that I slapped her on the ass and rammed my cock all the way home.

Marla screamed, but it was too late. I was pulling about half way out and ramming back in her. She threw her head back and grabbed the vibrator in her hand and started fucking herself with it.

“Don’t stop.” “Fuck my little asshole.” “That’s it.” “Oh Bill, it feels so good now.” “Keep going.” “Don’t stop.” She kept screaming.

Her begging for more put me over the top again and I unloaded another load of cum, this time deep into her bowels.

She must have loved that, as with the first jerk of cum from my cock she started yelling that she was cumming again and again and again.

My cock softened in her ass and as I pulled it out, a small trickle of blood mixed with my semen leaked from her wide open anus.

After a few moments of silence, Marla was able to lift herself off of the arm of the chair and turn around.

“You bastard!” She yelled, lifting her arm to slap me.

I caught Marla’s arm by the wrist before her hand reached my face and pulled her to me. I gave her a sensual kiss on the lips and she responded in kind wrapping her arms around me.

We made our way over to the sofa, where we held each other talking about “things”.

Marla wanted me to stay over, but unfortunately, I needed to go home pack for an out of town visit to old friends I had scheduled months ago. We did, however, make a date for breakfast the following Saturday.

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