Mary Lost the Use of Her Hands

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Amai Liu

Mary Lost the Use of Her Hands”How is my favourite Daughter today?””A bit better than yesterday.”I always call her my favourite even though she is my only c***d. Normally it makes her smile, but not today. I guess she is in too much pain.”Have the Doctors said anymore about your hands?””Only that they are not as badly burnt as they first thought, and that given time they will heal OK.””That’s great news, I was really worried.””Me too, but this pain is a bitch, though it is easing off. They have given me stronger painkillers.”I slumped down into the chair next to her bed, I was physically and emotionally drained, the last few days had taken their toll on me. As I sat there I thought about the call I had received telling me the bad news.”Mr. Ford, this is Doctor Claire Harding from Memorial Hospital, your Daughter has been admitted to the burns unit.”She had said it in a matter of fact manner, no preamble or warning of what was to come. Time stopped still as I tried to process what she had just said. All sorts of things ran through my mind, but it took me several seconds before I asked the obvious question.”How badly is she burnt?”When she told me it was just her hands I was relieved. So not life threatening and not disfiguring. The Doctor then explained what had happened to my precious Daughter, apparently she had knocked a kettle of boiling water over. An hour later I was at the hospital.”Daddy you look tired.””I am, I was just thinking about your accident. It could have been a lot worse.””It would have been better if I hadn’t reached for it as it fell over. That meant that I burnt both hands rather than just one.””Yes, that wasn’t the smartest thing you have ever done, but I guess it was just a natural reaction to grab it.””Don’t worry, I will not be doing that again.”That made both of us laugh. As we finished there was a knock on the door, and then Doctor Harding entered.”It’s good to see that you have both found something to laugh about.” She didn’t wait for us to reply before looking at Mary and adding, “You can go home soon.”Mary looked delighted, but all I could think about was who was going to look after her. My face must have betrayed my worry.”Daddy, you don’t look happy.””I am glad you are well enough to come home, but with your bandaged hands you will need twenty four hour care.”My Daughter now understood my concern.”Check with your insurance, a lot of policies will pay for a nurse to look after sick people at home.”I hadn’t thought about that.”Thank you Doctor, I will give them a call.”Mary was now smiling again. I smiled as well, but it was forced, I had a nagging feeling that it was too good to be true. After the Doctor left I phoned them. They were very sympathetic but the policy excluded it. We were covered for a long hospital stay, and for nearly every test you can think of, but not for a home nurse.”Daddy, what are we going to do?””I don’t know. I just wish your Mother was still alive, she would have taken good care of you.”When I saw the look on my Daughter’s face I knew I had said the wrong thing. Her Mother had died two years ago but she was still coming to terms with it. Me and my big mouth.”Sorry, I know how much you miss her.”I could see she was struggling not to cry as she said, “I am a big girl now, at twenty years old I shouldn’t react like this when you talk about her.”I didn’t say anything else, I just hugged her. I then held her arm for a couple of minutes until she calmed down. When she gave me a big smile I knew she was OK.”Don’t worry, I will think of something. When I leave I am going to speak to the Doctor, she might be able to offer some advice.”It was late when I left but Doctor Harding was still in her office. I explained the situation to her and she listened sympathetically.When I had finished she said, “So you have no women relatives that can look after her?””None. My Aunty June would have been able to but her husband is frail and she spends all her time looking after him.””In that case you only have two options, you pay for some help or you do it yourself. I can give you the names of some agencies you can call to find out the cost.”After getting the phone numbers from her I thanked her for her time and help.”I hope they are suitable, but I must warn you they will be expensive.”Expensive was an understatement. The first one I called gave me a rate that seemed excessive, but I could probably just about afford it. However what they quoted was for a day, but I thought it was for a week. When I realised my mistake I almost had a heart attack. The second one was slightly cheaper. They were very keen for me to hire them but I said I needed to consider it.The next day I was at the hospital early, just after eight. Mary was still asleep. I sat in the chair next to her bed, watching my beautiful Daughter. Since her Mother died I have always been there for her, always looking after her. It was then that I made my mind up, I would have to get a loan. With a bit of luck I would be able to borrow the amount I needed.When she woke I told her my plan.She was horrified, “It’s too much money to borrow.”I shrugged my shoulders before saying, in as confident a voice as I could manage, “It’s not a problem, I can pay it back OK.””Is there nothing else we can do?””I could look after you, but you wouldn’t want that, so it’s not really an option.””YES it is.”I was surprised by her reaction, before she was almost crying, now she was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Then the grin turned into a frown.”But will you be able to get time off work?””I think so. I have a two week holiday booked for next month. I might be able to bring it forward.””That would be perfect. The Doctor said the bandages should come off in about two weeks.”I was apprehensive when I called my boss, but I needn’t have worried.”Jim, your priority is your Daughter. You can take the two weeks whenever you want.”I felt as if a weight had been lifted off me. The day got even better when I spoke to Doctor Harding about it.”I am glad it is now sorted out. If it’s any help to you I can keep Mary in hospital for another two or three days. Strictly speaking she is fit enough to be discharged today, however nobody will question a few extra days.”I thanked her profusely, then I went to Mary to tell her the good news. Three days later I took her home.”It’s going to be a bit uncomfortable for both of us until we get used to it.””I know, but I am sure you will take good care of me.””Come and see you room, I tidied it up yesterday.””Thanks, but first I need to…”She didn’t complete the sentence, instead she just looked down at the floor, obviously too embarrassed to continue. When she raised her head I gave her a big smile, then I nodded. We both then went to the bathroom.”I am going to have to put my hands up your skirt so that I can pull your knickers down. Are you OK with that?””Yes Daddy,” but she sounded nervous.I did it as quickly as I could, and when they were around her ankles she sat down onto the toilet. I looked away until I heard the hissing noise stop.”That wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I will just pull your knickers up and then we will be done.”I waited for her to stand, but she remained seated. There was a look of anguish on her face.”Are you OK.””You need to wipe me.”I felt my face redden.”Sorry, I didn’t think of that. We just shake it but you women have different plumbing.”That made her smile.”Yes, dab it with some toilet roll.”That was going to be easier said than done. If she was a girlfriend I would lift up her skirt so that I could see what I was doing, but she was my Daughter, so that was not an option. I gathered a few sheets and then I tentatively moved my hand up her skirt.”You are going to have to open your legs.”She did as I asked, but a lot wider than was necessary. I took a deep breath then I gently put my hand against her. I felt her body tense.”No, higher up.”I dabbed her twice, then I stopped. Even though it was the tissue that had touched her private parts and not my hand, it felt very intimate. My hand had been against her plump cunt, and during my last touch I had felt a small lump. Was that her clit? There was an uncomfortable stirring in my trousers, I tried to ignore it as I pulled her knickers back up.”That wasn’t too bad, was it?”She didn’t reply for a few seconds, she appeared to be thinking about something.”It was OK, but you are the first person to touch me there.”I looked at her in amazement, twenty years old and she has never even been fingered. I had suspected she was still a virgin, but I didn’t realise how inexperienced she was.”Daddy you look shocked.””Not shocked, you just took me by surprise.””You are probably wondering why.””It’s none of my business, so long as you are happy.””I would like to have sex, but I am always too nervous. It never feels like the right time. The men I date always seem to want it straight away, before I am ready. They have a quick grope of my tits then they try to get a hand inside my knickers.””Don’t worry, you are still young. One day you will meet the right man, somebody who takes his time. Then you will open up to him.””Was that what it was like with you and Mother?”I thought back to when we had first met, I was twenty six and she was twenty one. I was experienced but she was a virgin. I had taught her all about sex.”Daddy?””Sorry, I was just thinking about when me and your Mother started dating. She was very much like you are now.””So you were the right man for her?””Yes I was.”That ended the conversation. The next toilet visit was done quickly and efficiently, it almost felt routine. After our evening meal we watched television.”It’s getting late, I think I will go to bed.””OK, if you need me in the night just come to my room.”She giggled before saying, “Daddy, you are so silly. I need you now to get my night clothes on.”I felt stupid, “Sorry, I keep forgetting that you can’t use your hands.”When we got to her bedroom she looked around the room.”Where did you put my clothes that I asked you to bring me from my place?”I pointed to the chest of drawers in the corner.”Good, pick me out a nightie.”I searched through them, picking out a long cotton one. I held it up for her approval.She shook her head, “Find me a short one. If I need the bathroom in the night then I should be able to manage on my own.”I looked through them again. I showed her the only one I could find, it was very short and almost see-through.”Is that the only one?””I think so.”I checked again, it was.”It will have to do for tonight, but tomorrow you will have to take me shopping.”I nodded, she definitely needed something more suitable.”This is going to be another awkward moment. I am going to undress you, do you want me to keep my eyes closed?”She gave a nervous giggle before saying, “No that would be silly.”She then turned to face me. As I unbuttoned her top I tried not to look too closely at her large breasts that she had inherited from her Mother. Did she have the same magnificent nipples? The thought of seeing them sent a shudder down my spine, and the blood rushing to my cock. When the last button was done I opened her top, then I carefully pulled the sleeves down over her bandaged hands before removing it completely.”Turn round and I will unhook your bra.”She then did as I had asked, standing still as I released it. When it fell to the floor she surprised me by turning to face me, I had expected her to keep her back towards me. She then took a couple of steps back.”While you were unbuttoning me I started thinking. You are going to be doing everything for me for the next two weeks at least, that includes bathing me. So eventually you are going to see me completely naked. We might as well get it over and done with now.”As if to emphasise her point she put her arms under her breasts and lifted them up, it was if she was presenting them to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Her tits looked even bigger without her bra on, and her nipples were a thing of beauty. They were long and thick, even better than her Mother’s. I longed to touch them, to suck on them, but she was my Daughter so that was never going to happen. .”Daddy, what’s the matter?””Nothing, it’s just that you have the same magnificent tits as your Mother.””Really?”She was now beaming with pride.”From the look on your face I thought you didn’t like them.”I blurted out, “I do, I like them a lot.”That made her giggle, but I felt my face redden at my inappropriate remark. She then shuddered in an exaggerated manner.”Daddy I am getting cold, get me ready for bed.”I quickly reached for the nightie, but she shook her head.”Take my knickers off first.”With trembling hands I removed them. I couldn’t see much, but it was obvious she was shaven, and it looked to have been done recently. One of the nurses must have done it for her. When I raised my eyes I could see she was smiling.”I prefer it like that.”She must have noticed me looking down at it.”You are just like your Mother.”Her smile got wider, “Yes, she taught me how to look after it.”I looked down at it again before saying, “I do prefer a bald…” then I stopped when I realised what I was about to say.I had expected her to ignore it, but she looked me straight in the eye before saying, “A bald what?”Her face was a picture of innocence and curiosity. I hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “A cunt.”She gave a nervous giggle before averting her eyes, then she said in a low voice, “Good, I will keep mine shaven.”That sent a tingle down my spine, and I knew that in bed tonight when I masturbated, it wouldn’t be her Mother I was thinking about. When I climaxed I would be calling out my Daughter’s name.The next day I was up just after eight, Mary was still in bed. She hadn’t woken me in the night so if she had needed the bathroom she had managed OK on her own. I went quietly downstairs, so as not to disturb her, however twenty minutes later I could hear her calling me.”Did you have a good sleep?””Yes, but the pain has woken me up. Pop two of the painkillers into my mouth.”She managed to swallow them without any water.”I will dress you then we can have breakfast. Bacon and eggs OK for you?””Perfect.”I put her knickers on first before taking her nightie off. Her bra had been easy to take off but I was finding it more difficult to put back on. I had to place the cups over her big tits and for the first time I felt the weight of them. I could feel an erection starting. I could see her big nipples straining against her bra, my cock grew another inch. Somehow I managed to concentrate, two minutes later she was fully dressed.”That was the best bacon and eggs I have ever tasted.”I wasn’t sure about that, but she had obviously enjoyed it even though I had to feed it to her.”And this is the best coffee I have ever tasted, even though I have to drink it through a straw.”Now I knew she was poking fun at me, but I didn’t mind so long as she was happy.”Tell me about you and Mother, when you started going out with her.”That took me by surprise, normally she didn’t want to talk about her.”What do you want to know?”She gave me a nervous smile before saying, “I want to know how you got her to open up.”On the surface it sounded innocent, but really she was asking me how I managed to get to fuck her.I shrugged my shoulders, “It just happened over time.””You said yesterday that I am a lot like here. I need to know.”She was almost pleading. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds, then I just nodded. If my little girl wanted to know then I would tell her.I took a deep breath before starting, “When we met I was five years older than her. I was very experienced but I could tell that your Mother wasn’t.””Very?””Yes, I was good looking when I was younger. All the girls loved me.”That gave her a fit of the giggles, and for some reason it annoyed me.I gave her a stern look, “Do you want me to continue?”She tried to look serious, then she just said, “Yes.””As I was saying, I was very experienced.”I looked at her, she was struggling to keep her face straight but she managed to control it.”On our first date we kissed a lot, but that was it. I could tell she was shy so I didn’t want to push it. We went out again the next night. That was when I tried to play with her tits, but she pushed my hand away. I guess I knew she wasn’t ready but I couldn’t help it, her tits looked amazing.””That’s what happens to me, they go straight for my tits.”I looked at them, I could understand why.”So was Mother annoyed?””Yes, but I told her I wouldn’t do it again. That calmed her down, it was a few weeks later before she let me go further. So there you are, you now know what happened.”I thought we had finished, but as I got up from the chair Mary said, “Tell me about that first time, when she let you play with her tits.”I sat back down, “What do you want to know?””Everything.””I am not sure if I should.””I want to know, I NEED to know.”When I looked at her face there was a small tear in the corner of her eye, my heart melted. Against my better judgment I decided to do what she had asked.”It was the weekend. Your Mother had come round to my place, I was going to cook her a meal. We sat on the sofa kissing, lots of kissing. I explored her mouth and she did the same to mine. It got more and more passionate. Normally when we get to that stage your Mother pulls her head back and we stop. This time when she stopped she whispered into my ear, ‘I want you to touch my breasts’. That took me by surprise. When she started kissing me again I reached down for her tits.””So she was now ready to go further?””Yes, I had waited patiently and now I was getting my reward.”I could see she was keen to hear more so I continued.”As I squeezed her tits I searched for her nipple. When I found it she gasped. I could feel it through her top and bra so I knew it must be big. My other hand quickly found her other nipple. I rubbed and pinched them as hard as I could. I knew I was being rough but she wasn’t complaining, I think she was enjoying it more than I was.”Mary giggled, but I just ignored her.”I thought that was all I was going to get, but then your Mother surprised me again.””Take it off.””Your top?””Yes, and take my bra off as well.””I was all fingers and thumbs but eventually her top was off, quickly followed by her bra. I will never forget when I first saw her naked tits, topped with those amazing nipples. My mouth went straight to one of them and my hand to the other. I was like a k** in a toy shop, I couldn’t get enough.”I stopped and looked at her, she seemed to be in a daze, as if she was living the experience herself. When she noticed me watching her she gave me a weak smile then said in a low voice, “I wish that was me.””One day it will be.””I hope so,” but from the look on her face she didn’t seem convinced that it would happen.She needed cheering up. I made my mind up, for both our sakes we needed to go out.Getting up from the table I said “We can’t sit here all day. You decide what we are going to do while I do the washing up.”It didn’t take her long to think of something, she wanted to go shopping. An hour later we left, and we didn’t return until almost four. She visited every shop she wanted to and I trailed behind her like a little dog, I didn’t mind, the day was all about her. She had bought another nightie, but it was as short and as see-through as the one she already had. It was highly unsuitable, but I didn’t complain, anything that would show off her fit body was OK by me.”Did you see everybody staring at me when you fed me in that restaurant?”I just smiled, when anybody looked at us she thought it was funny. On one occasion she even had a fit of the giggles.”Yes, but did you see that young man look at us when we both went into the bathroom together?””No, I missed that.””He stood there open mouthed. bahis siteleri You can guess what he was thinking we were going to be doing in there.”She laughed before saying, “I never thought how it would look. Next time I will pretend to be your lover. We could even hold hands.”I gave her a serious look, then I shook my head, but she knew I wasn’t angry. So far it has been a brilliant day. I then left her alone watching television while I cooked the evening meal.”Thanks Daddy, that was really nice.””I am glad you liked it. I pride myself in my cooking but I have a limited menu. I will be making the same meal again in a few days.”Good, I don’t have a problem with that.””I am too tired to sort the kitchen out, I will do it in the morning. Let’s relax and watch some television, it’s been a long day.”Slumped in the chair I almost fell asleep, Mary looked tired as well. At nine I was ready for bed.”Do you mind if I have an early night? I can get you ready for bed now and you can stay up if you want.””I am tired as well, but what I really need is a bath.”My cock thickened as I realised that her request would mean that I had to touch her naked body, and touch it all over. I knew that eventually she would need a bath, but until she had mentioned it I had put it to the back of my mind.”Is that OK?””Yes, you stay here until it’s ready.”As she turned her head away from me I took the opportunity to adjust my cock before standing up. It took me fifteen minutes to fill the bath, that was good timing because when I went to get her the programme had just finished.”I like the foam, what did you put in?””Something that was in the back of the cupboard, it’s supposed to relax you and it’s got a nice lavender smell.”I was now used to undressing her so it didn’t take long before all her clothes were off. I then covered her hands with the protective mittens that the hospital had given me. When they were on she kept looking at them and giggling.”They make my hands looks so big.””Yes, like boxing gloves.”She then threw a few pretend punches at me, it was c***dish but it made me smile. When she stopped I helped her into the bath, and to then slowly sit down. The foamy water was up to her waist, leaving her impressive tits completely exposed. As I knelt down to wash her I tried not to look at them, but that was easier said than done because her torpedo like nipples were in my eyeline. I yearned to suck on them.”I don’t have a wash cloth so I will have to use my hands.””Good, that’s what I do. I find most cloths are too rough for my delicate skin.”I started with her face, then I worked down to her waist washing everything above the water except for het tits.”Now I am going to do your feet.”I was about to start when she looked at me and smiled, then she said, “You have missed something,” then she added, “It’s OK Daddy you can wash them, that is if you want to.”I just nodded. As I put soap onto my hands I told myself that there was nothing wrong with washing her there, but my now expanding cock told me otherwise. My first touch was tentative, well away from her nipples. Then slowly, with both hands, I moved towards them. When my palms pressed against her nipples she gave a small gasp. I waited to see if she would complain, but she didn’t. A few seconds later I did it again. It felt good, but I wanted to pinch and rub them with my fingers. However as soon as my fingers touched them she quickly moved her arms to cover her tits. I had mixed emotions, embarrassment at what I had tried to do, and anger with myself because I had rushed in. If only I had taken more time she might have been more responsive. When I dared to look at her I was surprised to see her smiling.”Naughty Daddy, you know I am ticklish.”I laughed, mostly out of relief. If she was happy to pretend that I had been trying to tickle her then I was happy to go along with it. I then got back to washing the rest of her. This time I did tickle her, on the soles of her feet. I only stopped when she begged me to. This time I didn’t go too far, the washing ended when my hand got to her inner thigh.”All done.””Tell me more about you and Mother.”That took me by surprise.”What do you want to know?””Last time you told me how she let you play with her top, when did she let you go further?”I probably shouldn’t have told her anything before, but since I had it was now difficult to not tell her more.”It was two or three weeks after I started playing with her tits. That day I was sucking on them for a long time, changing from one nipple to the other. I was enjoying it and she was, but then she suddenly stopped me.””My nipples are getting sore.””I thought that was it, but she giggled, just like you do, before saying, ‘Would you like to finger me?’ I didn’t speak, I just nodded like crazy and I think I had a stupid grin on my face. Your Mother couldn’t stop laughing.”I was about to continue then I realised that my hand was still on her thigh, it had been resting there from when I started telling her about her Mother. I gave her leg a squeeze with it and she giggled.”Tell me more.””Your Mother then got up and reached under her skirt to take her knickers off. When they were off she sat back down next to me. We started kissing and I put my hand on her knee and slowly moved it up her leg.”Without thinking I started to move my hand upwards, I only noticed what I was doing when it became trapped between her thighs.”Did she open her legs for you?””Yes.”My hand was now released, my Daughter had done the same as her Mother had done all those years ago. I didn’t know if it was a conscious action from her or not, so I was hesitant to move my hand further.”You can carry on.”When I looked at her I knew what she wanted, she wanted my hand to go higher, all the way to her cunt.”When I got to the top she spread her legs even wider to make is easier for me to touch her.”In a c***dish voice she said, “Mother, you were a naughty girl,” then she giggled as she lay down in the bath.She was now flat on her back with her knees out of the water, and they were as wide apart as they could be within the constraints of the bath. My hand was still on her thigh, inches away from her honey pot.”What are you waiting for?” then after a slight hesitation she added, “I want more.””When I got to the top I put my whole hand between her legs and pushed my palm against her cunt.”There was a long moan from my Daughter as it touched her. It felt good, nice and plump.”Did she like it?””Yes, she moaned when I did it.”Exactly like Mary had just done. If I was to close my eyes I could believe it was her rather than my Daughter.”Then I started to play with your Mother’s cunt.”There was a noticeable shiver of excitement from her as she waited for me to do the same thing to her.I hesitated for a few seconds, then I started to move my fingers. I was eager to find her opening. When I pushed the tips of two fingers into her she gasped. As I slowly fingered her with them the gasp turned into a moan. I was careful not to go in too deep, this was new to her so she would need time to get used to it. I had done this lots of times, to lots of women, but there was added excitement because it was my Daughter.Even though I had only just started her breathing was already heavy. It was as if years of pent up sexual frustration were coming to the boil. She was going to reach it soon, perhaps even before I got to work on her clit. I then moved my fingers quicker, and I pushed them deeper.When I looked at her I saw that her eyes were now closed, and there was an expression of pure pleasure on her face. She was obviously enjoying what I was doing to her, but I might be enjoying it even more. It had been a long time since I had fingered a cunt as tight as this. Two fingers seemed to fill it up. I envied the lucky man who was going to be the first to push his cock deep into that tight opening.”I feel as if I am going to faint.”She was now looking at me wide-eyed.”It’s OK, close your eyes and let Daddy take care of you.”She didn’t appear to know what was happening. Was this going to be her first climax?As she closed her eyes again I moved my fingers to her clit. If this was going to be her first one then I wanted it to be special, a big one.I started rubbing it slowly, and she moaned. When I did it more vigorously she moaned louder. Her clit was now nicely swollen, and I longed to lick it, to feel it in my mouth, but for now it could only be worked on by my fingers.Two minutes later she still hadn’t climaxed. I had been with enough women to know that she was on the edge, she just needed something extra to tip her over.”Just relax my little girl, come for Daddy.”Then I rubbed her clit as fast as I could, my hand was a blur and the water between her legs was splashing about. A few seconds of that was enough, her body shook and her head went back, almost under the water. Then she clamped her legs together trapping my hand. Thirty seconds later, when she relaxed, my hand was free.As I waited for her to recover I thought about what I had just done to her. What would her reaction be? Would it be regret, or even anger towards me? Eventually she opened her eyes.”Thank you Daddy.”It had been said with love, and when I helped her to sit up she leant over and kissed me on the cheek, that almost brought a tear to my eye.That night in bed I found it difficult to sleep. I kept thinking about what had happened, even after I had masturbated it was still on my mind. I had mixed emotions of guilt and pleasure. Would I be the first one to fuck her? Eventually I decided it was up to her, if that was what she wanted then I would not say no. We wouldn’t even have to bother with any contraception because of my vasectomy. Soon after I drifted off to sleep.Both of us woke early and we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast together. She was bright and cheerful, and I was in a good mood as well. There was no mention from either of us about what we had done together in the bathroom, all the talk was about what we should do today.”Shopping.””No, we did that yesterday.””Daddy, that doesn’t mean we cannot shop again today.””That’s true, but we must have visited every shop in town, there are no more to see.””We can go to the same ones.”I gave a deep sigh, and she laughed because she knew that she had won.I thought she was joking when she had said she wanted to shop in the same ones as yesterday, she wasn’t. We went to all of them again, and some more.”No I can’t go in another one. I am all shopped out.”That made her giggle.”I promise this will be last one.””It had better be. It’s nearly six, we have been out all day.”It was a large department store. She was interested in the underwear. It didn’t take her long to pick what she wanted to buy.”I think that’s it.”I paid, it was my treat for my favourite daughter. As we were about to leave she stopped.”I am not sure about the bra I bought. I should have tried it on, but I guess I can always bring it back and exchange it if it doesn’t fit.”I rolled my eyes and she noticed.”I have an idea. I know we have already paid for it but I could still try it on. If it doesn’t fit I can pick another one now, it will save us having to come back another day.”I nodded vigorously, anything to avoid not having to return it at a later date was definitely a good idea.She giggled before saying, “You look silly, stop nodding.”The attendant at the changing rooms was very helpful, until actual help was required.”I’m sorry I can’t come in with you. It’s against company policy.”Mary turned to me, but I just shrugged my shoulders.”But your partner can.”She turned to me again and I could see she was trying to stifle a giggle. When she turned back to the attendant she just said, “Thanks.”When we were together in the cubicle the giggle came out.”Stop it. She will wonder what we are doing in here.”When she eventually managed to control herself I undressed her. She was now naked from the waist up. As I searched in the bag for her new bra I could see her looking at her tits in the mirror.””Do you think they are too big?”I glanced up at her and said, “No,” before continuing the search.”I think my nipples are though.””Found it,” then I muttered under my breath, “Don’t be silly, they are perfect for sucking.”She stopped admiring herself, then said, “Perfect for sucking?””Yes.”I could see her thinking, then in a low voice, only just audible, she said, “Mine have never been sucked.”I turned and hugged her, then as I held her I whispered in her ear, “Can I suck them?”Without any hesitation she gave a small nod, that was all the approval I needed. When I put my mouth onto her nipple I was in heaven. I then sucked and nibbled each one in turn. When I glanced up at her I could see she was biting her lip, trying to stop herself from making a noise. She was doing a good job, that was until I put my hand up her skirt and then into her knickers. She was so wet that my two fingers went in easily, all the way to the knuckles. I was about to fuck her with them but she took control.She was now thrusting hard against my fingers, all I needed to do was to keep them still, she was moving her cunt against them. We had a frantic minute or so of her moving her body back and forth, and me sucking hard on her nipples, before she came. It was another big one, and she was noisy.It took her a while to get her breath back, “Wow, that was fantastic.”Her face was beaming, but it changed when she saw my erection trying to burst out of my trousers.”Sorry, can I do something for you?”I could see she was eager to please me, and I was tempted.”No, not here. It will be better if we wait until we get home.”The bra did fit. When we left the cubicle we tried to act casual, to pretend nothing had happened, but we didn’t fool anybody. The attendant gave us both a dirty look, but thankfully didn’t say anything. However as we were leaving a middle-aged woman stopped Mary and they had a whispered conversation. When she left Mary couldn’t stop giggling.”She was in the next cubicle. She says she heard everything.””Was she angry?””No, far from it. It got her excited. She said her husband is in for a treat tonight.”We had a quick bite to eat before we returned, getting back at nearly nine. As soon as the door was closed Mary pointed to my crotch.”Will it wait until tomorrow? I am so tired, I just want to go to bed.”That suited me. If the truth be told I was exhausted and my feet were killing me. A climax would be nice, but it would be a lot better tomorrow when we could take our time with it. That night I fell asleep with a smile on my face, I was on a promise.When I woke up that smile was still there. I had a feeling that it was going to be a great day. Should I get up? I then yawned, that made my mind up, I would try and get some more sleep. Within a few minutes I felt myself drifting off. The next thing I knew was that somebody was saying, “Daddy”. When I opened my eyes Mary was sitting on the bed.”Are you OK? It’s ten o’clock, I thought you were never going to wake up.””Sorry, I suppose you need breakfast?””I can wait a bit longer.”She then got under the covers and sat next to me.”You have been telling me about Mother, but nothing about yourself.””What do you want to know?””What was it like when you first touched a girl’s tits?”I smiled, my daughter is always direct. If she wants to know something she just goes ahead and asks it. I then thought about that first time, all those years ago.”It was at a party, we had sneaked into one of the bedrooms. I had fancied this girl for a long time but this was the first time we had got together.””How old were you, and what was she called?””It was a few days after my nineteenth birthday. I cannot remember her name, but I do remember her tits.”She gave a quick giggle, then said, “Carry on.”We kissed for a while, then I wanted more. She only had small tits but I was desperate to feel them. All the other girls before had stopped me, one had even slapped my hand. When I put my hand on her I was expecting her to say no, but instead she started lifting her top out of her skirt. That surprised me, and I didn’t move my hand again until she whispered, “Play with them.””When I pushed her small bra up and got my hand onto her tits I thought I was going to come in my pants.”She screwed her face up, “Daddy that’s gross.”I gave her a look that said, ‘Don’t interrupt’, then I continued.”Even though her tits were small she had nice nipples. Quite big, but nowhere near as big as yours. It then got even better. To my amazement she unzipped me and got my cock out.””What a dirty girl. It’s no wonder you remember her.”She had said ‘dirty’ as if it was a compliment, and I wouldn’t disagree with that.”How did it end?””With my cock in her mouth.””Was it good?””Yes, she had obviously done it before so she knew what she was doing. It didn’t take me long to climax. I almost choked her.”That gave Mary a fit of the giggles.”She wasn’t happy that I hadn’t warned her that I was about to come. That broke the mood and she went off in a huff. An hour later I saw her go back into the bedroom with another guy.””Poor Daddy, did that spoil it for you?””No way, it was a great climax. One of my best.”She laughed at that and I joined in. When she stopped her face became serious, then looking me in eye she said, “Will you teach me?” Before I could reply she added, “To suck a cock.”How could I refuse, she was so keen to learn? Years ago I had taught her how to play chess, now it was time to teach her something far more important.I was already erect. When I pulled the covers down she stared at my crotch. When I lowered my pyjamas, and it sprang out, she gasped.”It’s so big.”I shook my head, “It’s quite a good size, nearly seven inches, but it’s not massive. There are a lot of cocks much bigger than mine.”Her mouth opened in astonishment.”Really? This one is big enough for me.””Your Mother always used to say that it was big enough to give her pleasure, but not so big that it brought tears to her eyes.”I thought she would find that funny, but she didn’t react, instead she kept on staring at it. Then in a low she said, “Tell me what to do.”I hesitated, my first thought was to say to her, “Get on all fours so that I can fuck you from behind,” but I managed to control myself. I was supposed to be teaching her how to suck cocks, not how to be fucked. If I was lucky she would eventually let me do that.”Lower your head and put the tip into your mouth.””It’s sticky.””Now slowly take more of it in.”She gagged after only three or four inches.”Take your time.”There was more gagging, but it was impressive for a first time. I was starting to enjoy it.”I will let you know when I am about to come.”She then stopped and moved her head back so that my cock came out.”What do I do then?””It’s up to you. Some women like the man to come in their mouth, and some even swallow it afterwards. Others want the cock out before the man comes. For your first time it might be a good idea if I take it out just before I climax.””What did Mother do?””I always used to come in her mouth.””Did she swallow?”I thought back to all the times when she had pleasured me with her mouth.”Yes, every drop.”I got a look of determination from her, “Then I will do the same.”I was proud of her, she was a quick learner. She wasn’t taking in more than she could manage, and there was a nice rhythm to it. I could feel my climax building. Occasionally she would gag, but that only added to the excitement.”Daddy is about to come. There is going to be a lot, swallow it as best you can.”That prompted her to move her mouth faster, just at the right speed to make my climax a good one.I held back for as long as I could, but then the inevitable happened, my cock started to pour it into her mouth. She did her best, but there was just too much for her. Some ended up dripping down her canlı bahis siteleri chin. I wiped it off with the sleeve of my pyjamas.”How was it?”She was eager to know.I made a show of thinking about it, but really I didn’t need to. It had been very good and I was going to tell her that.”Well, marks out of ten?””It was an eight, you lost marks for not swallowing it all.””Next time it will be at least a nine.”When I saw the look in her eye I believed her.We then spent the next half hour talking, mostly about her mother. This time it wasn’t anything sexual, just what she was like as a person. When we did eventually get up it was lunch time.”That was good, I am absolutely full. I never realised you were such a good cook?””Since you Mother died I have had to learn. I am glad you liked it.”We hadn’t talked yet about what we were going to be doing for the rest of the day, but I got the feeling it was going to be a lazy one. It was. Apart from cleaning the kitchen the most strenuous thing I did was change the television channel. When it was time for bed we had watched everything from a gardening programme to three episodes of a mini-series, and everything in-between. It had been a good day, but I guess any day when you have had your cock sucked is a good day.The next day my little girl wasn’t well, she was in a lot of pain with her hands. I was worried, up to now the medication she was on had worked well, but today it didn’t seem to be helping. I called the hospital.As usual Doctor Harding was very helpful.”It’s not uncommon for this to happen, but don’t worry she just needs her painkillers changing. If you come in now I can prescribe them. You will get them free as part of your treatment.”It was a two hour round trip but it was worth it. When we got home the new medication was already working.”I feel much better. Do you think I can have a bath? A long soak is just what I need.”Twenty minutes later she had her wish.”I have some things to do. Shout me when you want to come out.”Half an hour later she called me. As I was drying her between her legs she grimaced.”Are you OK?””Yes, it’s just the short hairs catching against the towel,” then she added “It’s starting to itch.””With a bit of luck your bandages will be off soon, then you will be able to shave yourself.””It will be at least a week, I can’t wait that long. Will you do it for me?”I hesitated before answering, shaving her would be a very intimate thing to do. Then I almost laughed. I had already sucked on her big tits and fingered her juicy cunt. She had even swallowed my come.”Of course I will, do you want me to do it now?””No, tomorrow. I need you to get my razor and some other things from my place.”In the morning she gave me a list of what I had to get. I left her alone for two hours while I did some shopping as well.”This is what I got.”I held them up in turn.”Thanks, that’s everything.”Five minutes later we were in her bedroom. I placed a large towel on the bed then I took her skirt and knickers off. When she lay on the bed she seemed reluctant to open her legs. Despite all the things we had done together while I was looking after her, I had never had a good look at her cunt. She was now nervous about opening her legs to expose herself.In a matter of fact voice I said, “Should we start?”She gave me a forced smile then she moved her legs, only stopping when they were fully open. I then lifted her knees up so that I could get better access to her. She was now in the perfect position to be shaved. A position that would also be good for fucking her. I was tempted to push my luck, to try, but instead I settled on having a good look.From having fingered her I knew it was a plump cunt, but what I hadn’t appreciated was how nice her lips and clit looked. Her opening was so small, how had I managed to even get one finger in, never mind two? My cock twitched as I imagined pushing it into her. I tried to erase all such thoughts from my mind, I needed to concentrate on the task in hand, to shave her.Once I started I was OK. She was tense at first but when she realised that I knew what I was doing she relaxed. It didn’t take me long, there was now just the stubble near her lips that needed removing. I took my time doing it, I didn’t want to nick her in such a delicate area. When the last bit was done I brushed a few stray hairs off her, accidently touching her clit as I did so.”Sorry, I was getting some hairs off.””It’s OK, you just took me by surprise.”I looked closely at her cunt, it was now nice and smooth. At her opening I could see something glistening, small drops of juice, she was obviously wet.”Are you admiring your work?””Yes, but I am also admiring your cunt. It’s a thing of beauty.”She looked surprised, wondering if I was being serious. When she realised that I was she said, “So you really like it?””It’s perfect, everything a cunt should be.”That pleased her, she even opened her legs wider to give me a better view.”Did you ever shave my Mother?””Sometimes, when I did it was always special.””Special, what do you mean?””That’s because when I had finished I always licked her to a climax. She loved it.”She gave me that look again, and I knew what was coming next.”In that case you had better do the same to me.”It wasn’t a request it was a command, but one I was perfectly happy to obey.My first lick was from her opening up to just under her clit. When I did it again she purred with pleasure. I couldn’t help smiling, if she thought this was good just wait until I started licking and sucking her clit. Next I pushed my tongue as far into her cunt as I could, savouring its strong musky taste. My chin was now getting covered with her juice.I continued exploring all of it, except for her clit, for several minutes until I couldn’t wait any longer. I was now furiously sucking on it, trying to get it to explode. She was responding with all sorts of moans and groans, and at times she was shaking her head from side to side.She was going to climax soon, but I needed to as well. Without stopping what I was doing to her I managed to unzip myself. My cock was now free and I was desperate to enter her with it. However when I lifted my head away from her and moved into a position to do that, she shouted, “NO.” There was a look of horror on her face.Then In a calmer voice she said, “I am not ready for that yet”. After a brief hesitation she added, in a low voice, “Give me some more time, then I will be ready.”That last part eased my frustration. She didn’t want me to fuck her now, but she was going to eventually let me. As I looked at her I wondered when that would be. She then smiled, “Put it in my mouth, and for fucks sake get back to licking my clit.”She then giggled, only stopping when my cock entered her mouth. When my tongue got back to her cunt it was a race to see who would climax first. It was a close run thing, probably a draw. As her body went stiff I grunted and my cock twitched. For a few seconds I was worried that she might bite down on me, but thankfully she didn’t, instead she eagerly gulped down everything that I gave her.”That was my best climax so far.””Good, you are certainly making up for lost time.””Was Mother like that, once she started she wanted more?”I laughed, “Yes, she was just like you.””Thanks for shaving me, but you might have to do it again in a few days if I still have these bandages on.”I just nodded, that would be something to look forward to. Then I suddenly had an idea about what to do today.”I think we should go to the cinema.””Today?””Yes, let’s go after lunch.”So that was what we did. It might have been a good idea to go to the cinema, but it wasn’t a good idea to let my twenty year old Daughter pick what we would see. It was a slushy Rom-Com. Before I saw it my expectation was low, and I wasn’t surprised by it, it was as bad as I thought it would be, but Mary loved it. There was an annoying fifteen minutes after the film finished when she continued to talk about it.We ended the day watching a film at home. It was all action, just what I like, but I think she only watched it to keep me company. It was c***dish but I felt as if I had got my own back on her.The next day was a Monday. That’s normally my least favourite one, it’s the start of the working week and Saturday seems a long way off. However when I woke up I smiled, the most challenging thing I would have to do today is think of something for us to do. After breakfast that changed. My boss called, there was something he needed to go over with me, he wanted me to come into work for a few hours.”Sorry, I don’t really have any choice. He has been very good to me letting me have two weeks off.””Don’t be silly Daddy, it’s not a problem. I can manage perfectly well on my own for a while.”I was away for four hours. When I got back Mary was glad to see me. I quickly tended to her needs, then I had to go over some papers that I had brought back with me. Most of the day was spent working on them, and I had to call my boss a few times to discuss some of the details with him. Finally it was all done.”That ruined the day, but now I can make us a meal, what would you like?””Chinese, but let’s have a takeaway,” then she gave me a stern look before adding, “And I will pay.”There was no objection from me. An hour later we had eaten. When I puffed my stomach out and patted it, to show that I was full, she thought it was very funny.”Daddy, you are so silly.””I think I may have eaten too much. Do you mind if I leave you alone again while I have a bath?””No, but please put the television on for me.”As I soaked in the bath I wondered if she wanted one as well, if I had asked she might have joined me. That was something to think about for another day.When I woke the next day I felt apprehensive. I wasn’t sure why until I realised that it was probably because my boss had called me yesterday, and that my worry was that he might call me again. However there was nothing I could do about it, so it was best to put it out of my mind.After breakfast we stayed in the kitchen talking, inevitably we eventually got round to ‘what shall we do today?’ Neither of us had any original suggestions.”I have some jobs to do. If you think of something we can do after lunch then let me know.”While I worked I tried to come up with something, but without any success. When it got to lunch time I had given in, but as I was feeding her a sandwich something sprang to mind.”We can go ice skating.”That got a sudden laugh even though she had a mouthful of food, and she almost choked. Eventually she recovered.”What’s funny about that?”She just smiled and waved her bandaged hands at me. I felt so stupid.”Sorry, not a good idea when you cannot use your hands to break a fall.””I am a good skater, but I do fall sometimes.””But have you got a better idea?”I could see she was thinking, her face was all screwed up, then she beamed.”I know what I want to do.”I briefly closed my eyes, it must be shopping.”I want a massage. Will you take me to that parlour we saw when we were out shopping the other day?”It was my turn to laugh.”I don’t know why you are laughing, that’s a perfectly sensible suggestion.””Sorry, it is, but not at THAT massage parlour.”When I explained to her what went on in such places she was surprised and excited. Then I waited for the obvious question, she didn’t disappoint me.”How do you know about them?”I just smiled.She then wagged her finger at me, and tried to look angry, before saying, “Daddy, you are so naughty,” but she spoiled it by then giggling.”Not as naughty as the girls who work there.”That made her giggle again, and I thought she would never stop. When she had finished she wanted to know all about them. I spent the next half hour telling her in detail what went on in such places.”There must be some parlours that only do a massage, but I don’t know any.”She looked disappointed, then I saw that look on her face, the one she has when she has a plan.”YOU can massage me.”I thought about it for a few seconds. She would get what she wanted, and I would get to touch her body all over. It was definitely a better idea than ice skating. Ten minutes later she was lying naked on her bed, and I was rubbing baby oil onto her back.We both knew that this was might start of as a massage, but it wasn’t going to stay like that for long. I spent several minutes on her upper body, and she gave appreciate groans when I pressed my hands hard against her. However even though I was doing her back, for most of the time my eyes were fixed on her bottom. What a bottom, nice and plump, but not too fat. It looked firm but it wobbled nicely as I massaged her.”That’s nice, but please do my bottom.”I didn’t need asking twice. It was as good as it looked, and as I worked on it I decided it was at least a nine out of ten. I might even tell her that. After working on it for five minutes I wanted more, I wanted her cunt.I slowly pushed on her thighs, she responded by opening wide for me. When I pushed upwards as well she changed her position so that she was now kneeling, but with her stomach flat. I now had the perfect view of her cunt. I then bent my head and took a deep breath, it smelt heavenly.I was tempted to ram my fingers straight in, but I resisted. Instead I slowly explored her lips, rubbing and pulling on them. When she started to wiggle her bottom I smiled, she was obviously as keen as I was to take it further. I decided to test her by positioning two fingers at her opening. I didn’t push them in, I just teased her with them, she wriggled even more but she couldn’t manage to get them in any further.”Finger me.””You are not ready yet,” I said it even though I knew she was.”YES I am.”Then, as I pushed them all the way in, she gave a low a****l moan. As I fucked her with them it continued, but a lot louder. This was good, but I knew I should be fucking her with my cock, but was she ready? Only one way to find out.While I worked on her cunt I got my cock out. It was rock hard and throbbing, I would give anything to get it deep inside her.”Why have you taken your fingers out?”When I pushed the first inch in she gasped, she now knew why I had stopped fingering her. I was hesitant to go deeper.”Yes or no?”I thought I would have to ask her again, but then in a low voice she said, “Yes.”It was my turn to be hesitant. If I continued there would be no going back.”Yes,” this time it was in a louder more confident voice. My little girl wanted to be fucked.She was tight, very tight. I stopped when I was up to my balls in her. She now had seven thick inches of meat inside her, more than enough for a first time.”Daddy be gentle with me.””Don’t worry, I will be.”Then I smiled. I would be gentle, but I knew that eventually she would ask for more. It would end with her wanting me to fuck her hard, and when I did she would get her first climax from being fucked.It was five minutes before she wanted it harder. I was now giving her full strokes, always pushing to the top of her cunt. Every time my balls slapped against her she moaned. I was holding her hips as I fucked her. When I moved her so that I could go in deeper she grunted.”Fuck, it’s in so deep. But don’t stop.”I wasn’t going to. Soon she would want to be finished off, perhaps in a minute, but I was wrong, it was two minutes.”Fuck me hard, I am ready to come.”When I upped the pace I grunted, I was nearly there as well. I was now fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. She lasted another thirty seconds then her breathing changed, she was almost gasping for breath. Two or three brutal strokes took her over the edge. I felt her cunt pulse against my cock, that finished me off. As she collapsed onto the bed I poured it all into her, there was a lot. When I had finished I felt as if my balls had been drained.It was at least a minute before I got off her. My cock was all shrivelled up, and it was sticky with both our juices. When she turned over I was nervous, now that we had finished what would her reaction be?”Thank you Daddy,” then I got a kiss on the cheek.That night when I went to bed I thought about all that had happened since Mary had burnt her hands. She was now well on the road to recovery, and in no pain at all. Also she was no longer a virgin. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.It was my phone ringing that woke me up. I glanced at my watch before answering it, seven thirty, it must be work.”Hello Jim, Claire Harding. I hope I didn’t wake you?””No,” she was a nice lady so I didn’t want to embarrass her by telling her the truth.”Sorry to call so early. I have been doing some research and I have found a new ointment that should help with the healing of your Daughter’s hands.””That’s good news.””Will you be able to bring her in today?””Yes, what time?””As early as possible. I am keen to try it out.”I thanked her then I went to wake Mary. She wanted to skip breakfast and go there straight away but I said no. It was just after nine thirty when we got to the hospital.”Thanks for coming in. The nurse will take your bandages off then I will apply the ointment.”Both her hands were still red. Doctor Harding examined them in detail before declaring, “They are healing well. This stuff I am putting on should speed the process up.”I just nodded, she was the expert. If she said everything was OK then I would take her word for it. Thirty minutes later we were on our way back. Before leaving we made an appointment for Saturday morning. That was just three days away but the Doctor was confident that there would be a significant improvement by then, and that her bandages might be able to come off.”Daddy, do you remember that department store we visited last week? The one where I tried the bra on.”How could I forget?”We pass it on the way home, can we please go in?””Yes, but we had better keep away from that attendant at the changing rooms.”That made her giggle, but she stopped when I looked at her. I was being serious, it would be embarrassing to meet her again.I was nervous when she wanted to look in the underwear section, and more nervous when she asked me to pick a bra out so that she could try it on.”Don’t worry Daddy, if she is there I will just leave it.”Fortunately it was different woman. Mary showed her bandaged hands to her and explained that she needed to take her ‘partner’ in with her.”Hold on let me check something.”She then searched on the counter, stopping when she found a single sheet of paper.”It’s a new directive from the management.”She took her time reading it then she smiled, “Apparently something happened in one of the cubicles last week. You partner can go in with you but you will need to be accompanied by a member of staff,” then she added, “I have no idea what it was but it must have been serious.”I knew, but I just casually said, “Probably teenagers messing about.””It might be, but it does mean more work for my team. I need to make a phone call.”It was answered straight away.”It’s Mrs Hamilton, please ask Anne to come and see me.”Five minutes later a young woman approached us, she was in her later teens, or possibly Mary’s age. There was a quick explanation of what was required of her then all three of us went into a cubicle.”I am sorry about this, it’s the new rules. I am just here to supervise.”I tried to ignore her presence as I removed Mary’s top and bra. When that was done I noticed Anne scrutinizing Mary’s tits, she seemed impressed. She was a big girl herself, perhaps she was comparing her chest to the one that was now on display. After looking at one then the other I decided there was not a lot to choose between them.The bra was now on and Mary was inspecting it in the mirror.”I like it.”Anne chipped in with, “Does it fit OK?””I think so.”Anne looked at me and said, “Put your hands under the cups and see if it feels firm.”When I did that Mary giggled. She also canlı bahis moved her tits slightly from side to side, it made it look as if I was playing with them.”Does it fit?””I think so, but I am no expert.””I am, but I am not allowed to touch. But I have an idea.”When I looked at her she was pointing to her chest.”I am a similar size, hold mine.”I looked at her wide-eyed, was she joking?”It’s OK I don’t mind.”The bra felt the same as Mary’s, and her tits did as well, big and heavy. I knew I should stop but I decided to push my luck.In a serious voice I said, “It’s difficult to tell, you have your top on.”Without any hesitation she started to unbutton it. When it was off she gave me a girlish smile, all coy and innocent, then she said, “Try again.”As I placed my hands on her I glanced across at Mary, she was smirking. When I turned my head back to look at Anne her eyes were closed. I was now playing with her tits rather than trying to assess her bra, and she was chewing on her lips, obviously enjoying what I was doing. Her nipples had responded, they were pushing out through her bra and I was desperate to suck on them. However when I tried to push her bra up she suddenly opened her eyes and then held my hand.”No.”It was said in a low voice but I knew she meant it, so when she released my hand I didn’t try to touch her again.”Sorry, did I go too far?””No, it’s just that I want more than that and we don’t have time for both.”I was puzzled, what did she mean? I looked at Mary and she seemed to be as confused as I was. However when Anne proceeded to take her knickers off and bend over it became clear what she wanted.”You can fuck me but be quick. If you can give me a climax that will be nice, but don’t take too long.”As I took my cock out Mary gave a nervous giggle, I glared at her and she stopped. Anne grunted when I entered her. I was now fucking her hard with full strokes. This had to be quick.Two minutes later I felt my climax building, another thirty seconds and I was almost there. Anne wasn’t making any noise, but her breathing was getting heavier. When I reached it I had no idea if she had or not. I quickly pulled out and she stood up, she then stretched her back, it must have been uncomfortable for her.”Thanks, that was a nice little climax. It will keep me going until I see my boyfriend tonight.”So she had come, but not an earth shattering one, however she seemed pleased. I certainly was, her cunt had been nice and tight and my climax had been a good one.Five minutes later we were back with Mrs Hamilton.”Did the bra fit, and was Anne helpful?”It was a yes to both. We were leaving when she called us back.”Sorry, do you have time to answer some questions about your experience today?”I looked at Mary and she shrugged her shoulders, so no objections from her.”Yes we do.”It took her a few seconds to find the relevant form, then she filled in some details before speaking to us.”All of these are on a scale of one to ten, one being poor and ten being excellent,” she then looked at both of us to make sure we understood, before adding, “How helpful was Anne?””Ten.”Any assistant who takes her knickers off and bends over so that you can fuck her deserves top marks.”How do you rate the overall experience?”Mary chipped in this time, “That’s a ten as well.””And the final question. Would you recommend us to a friend?””Yes, I will. Please score that as a ten.”It was definitely one to tell my mates at work about, though Mary would have to be substituted for a girlfriend. I would not be telling them that I had been in the cubicle with my daughter.Mrs Hamilton was now smiling, pleased that her assistant had done well.”Anne you have done a good job. Is there anything you would like to add?””Only that I did enjoy helping you, and that if you require further assistance then please come back.”When we talked about it in the car Mary couldn’t stop giggling. She kept repeating, “If you require further assistance then please come back.” It was funny at first but after the fourth or fifth time it became irritating.That evening we ate early, and after cleaning the kitchen I joined Mary in the living room to watch television. I was expecting her to give me some indication that she wanted sex, but she didn’t. She seemed happy as we were. I found that strange because what had happened in the cubicle had excited her, and I was now expecting her to want to be satisfied. Perhaps she was just tired, I hoped it was that rather than her having regrets about what we had started doing together.Both of us went to bed early. When I thought about Anne I got excited, but I resisted the temptation to masturbate. I wanted to save it for my Daughter, that is if she was still willing. With that thought still in my mind I drifted off to sleep.”Wake up sleepy head.”For a few seconds I didn’t know where I was, still disorientated from waking up.”I need your help in the bathroom.””Can’t you manage on your own?””NO.”Then I realised what she wanted me to do. Bottom wiping was definitely the worst part of looking after her.”Hurry up, I can’t wait much longer.”Thankfully we got there in time.”Now that’s done would you like some breakfast.””Yes, but I want a bath afterwards. I think I am starting to smell.”I sniffed the air in an exaggerated manner, then I said, “Yes you do.”She thought I was being serious, but when I smiled she knew I was joking.We ate quickly, then I left her alone slurping her coffee through a straw while I ran the bath. I made it hot and deep for her. After helping her in I left her to soak for ten minutes.When I returned I started to wash her. She then looked up at me.”Will you please make love to me,” then she added “When we have finished here.”She had taken me by surprise, and for a second or two I was lost for words, then I looked her in the eyes and said, “There is nothing I would rather like to do.”Five minutes later she was out of the bath and I was drying her.”Hurry up, I can’t wait much longer.”I smiled, this time what she was eager for was something we would both enjoy.She got into bed first, I then undressed and quickly joined her. We were now facing each other and her big tits were pressing against my chest. I could feel her warm breath against my face. When I moved my head so that our lips touched she opened her mouth, I quickly pushed my tongue in. I could tell she liked it. When I removed my tongue she then explored my mouth with hers.For a few minutes we did nothing but that, then I reached down with my hand. When I found her nipple she pulled her head back and gasped.”Suck it, suck it hard.”My mouth was quickly on it, and my hand that was now free was frantically trying to get between her legs. As I pushed it between her thighs she rolled onto her back and then opened wide for me. This time there was no exploring of her lips and opening, it was two fingers thrust deep into her. I could feel her tense when I did it, but then she relaxed. The moaning started when my fingers got to work on her, they were pushing in and out of her, getting her cunt ready so that she could be fucked.I was now sucking as much of her tit into my mouth as I could.”I like that, suck harder.”I did, and I also squeezed another finger in. It was tight but I got an appreciative groan that told me she was OK. I then got into a nice rhythm, and she was obviously enjoying being fucked by them.”Lick me.”I wanted to stay like this for longer, but today it seemed that she was the one dictating what we should do.I went straight for her clit, giving it firm strokes with my tongue.”Lower.”She then gasped, good I had found the right spot. I concentrated on keeping it there but it was getting difficult because she was now wiggling her bottom. It would be better if she stayed still, but I was managing to hang on.After a couple of minutes of this it looked as if she would climax this way, I tried to help her achieve it by putting my fingers back in.”No, not your fingers. I want your cock.”Then, as quickly as I could, I gave her what she wanted. When I pushed her legs up and thrust it in deep she almost reached it.”Yes that’s what I want. Fuck me hard.”I now had her legs almost over her shoulders, and I was thrusting into her so hard I could hear my balls slapping against her. She was groaning as if she was in pain, but the look on her face was pure pleasure.”I NEED to come.”That spurred me on. I lifted her legs even higher and I felt as if I was going in deeper.”YES. That’s it, don’t stop.”It was now hard work, and I was hoping she would climax soon. I was almost there as well. If she didn’t come soon I was in danger of reaching it first and leaving her hanging, or worse, collapsing on her through sheer exhaustion.Fortunately the problem was solved when her body tensed and the climax arrived. It was a big one. She was now writhing her body and shaking her head from side to side.”STOP, I can’t take any more.”I closed my eyes and pushed harder, I was just on the edge. A few seconds later I got relief. I kept her legs up as I poured it into her, then I let go of them when I had finished. I was now slumped on her, breathing heavily for at least a minute. She was the first to speak.”That climax felt different than the others.””Different in a nice way?””Yes, just what the Doctor ordered.”I raised my head and looked into her eyes, “I don’t remember her saying that.”She thought that was very funny, and I thought she would never stop laughing. I had to join in, it was one of my better jokes.After lunch we watched daytime television, and amazingly we found something interesting to watch, something that we both enjoyed. It looked as if it was going to be a lazy day. I was still basking in the afterglow of good sex so I was content to do as little as possible. However Mary surprised me.”I want to go for a run.”I looked at her.”Yes I am being serious.””But you don’t have your running gear here, and I would have to come with you.””So what’s the problem? You can go and get it, and you can run with me.”I gave a long theatrical sigh, and she pretended to be annoyed, but we both knew I would give in.We ran for four miles, which was three and half miles more than I would have liked, but I did manage to keep pace with her. When we finished she looked as if she could do another mile or two, but I was dead on my feet.Back at home we showered together. It was quicker than having a bath but a lot more difficult to keep the water off her bandages. Her hands were covered by the plastic mittens that the hospital had supplied, but I was still worried about the shower blasting water on them. However when I inspected her bandages after we had finished they were completely dry.That night I slept like a baby, and when I woke I felt refreshed. My muscles felt a bit sore but not as bad as I thought they would be.”I enjoyed that run yesterday, can we please do it again today?”I ignored her, she was trying to wind me up. She was about to say something else when I fed her a large spoonful of porridge, that shut her up. I needed to go out and do some food shopping, but that would not take long. How would we fill the rest of the day?”I am struggling to come up with a plan for today, any ideas?”She finished off the last two spoonfuls before replying.”I was thinking about it this morning before you got up. This is what I would like to do.”I wondered what she had in mind while I waited for her to continue.”We should start by going for a long walk, somewhere in the countryside. Then we should have a nice lunch at a simple restaurant, nothing fancy or expensive.”She looked at me and I nodded my approval.”On the way back I want to do a bit of shopping, there are a few shops I want to visit.””OK, but I don’t want it to take all afternoon. I need to buy some food.””And finally when we get home I want you to take me to bed and ravish me.””I will do my best, but I might be tired. It sounds like a lot of walking.”That made her giggle.”I am sure you will be able to manage it. What do you think of my plan?””I am not too keen on the shopping, but other than that it works for me, especially the last bit. I know of a nice walk through a wood. It’s a forty minute drive to get there but it’s worth it.”She was now smiling, happy that she was going to get what she wanted.”And when we get back I have my own plan on what we can do.”She looked at me curiously, waiting for me to continue.”I have a new position for you. It was your Mother’s favourite.”She wanted me to say more but I refused, I told her it was a surprise and that she would have to wait and see what it was. When she realised I wasn’t going to tell her she stopped quizzing me about it.There was very little traffic so we got there in just over thirty minutes. The trail was mostly through woodland, it was a well-worn path that was easy to follow. We took our time walking it, stopping often to admire the view. When we got back to the car I looked at my watch.”Two and half hours. Did you enjoy it?””Yes, now let’s find somewhere to eat. I am starving.””Did you notice that burger place we passed on our way here?”She hadn’t, but she was keen to go there. Ten minutes later we were stuffing our faces. The food was good and we took our time eating it.”What time is the hospital appointment tomorrow?””It’s ten or ten fifteen, I will check when I get back.””Do you think the bandages will come off?””The Doctor seemed optimistic, but don’t get your hopes up.”In the car ride home she was subdued, she was probably thinking about tomorrow. I didn’t say anything to her, but I was as well. If the bandages stayed on I would need more time off work. So far my boss had been very good, but I am not sure what his reaction would be if I had to ask for an extra week.When we were a few minutes from home Mary started quizzing me again.”Go on tell me.””No, I want it to be a surprise.”After the third time of asking she realised that I wasn’t going to give in.”It’s good to be back home. Would you like a coffee?””NO, I want to go to bed.”When I looked at her screwed up face I had to laugh. I was teasing her, and when she realised it she burst out laughing as well. I then took her to my bedroom where I slowly undressed her. When I had finished she moved towards the bed, but I stopped her.”No, stay there.”I quickly took all my clothes off, then I held her against me as I kissed her. It was a delicate kiss on the lips, no tongue. Moving my head to her ear I whispered, “I want you on the chair.”She then turned her head to look at it. She had seen it lots of times before but this time she appeared to be studying it. I then sat on the chair. As I leant back I held my cock in my hand.”When it’s hard I want you to sit facing me.”She just nodded, her eyes were fixed on my rising cock. It didn’t take it long to get to its full length, and when it did she moved towards me.”That’s it. Slowly lower yourself down.”As she did I took her weight with my hands. When she was sitting on my lap my cock was deep inside her.”Are you OK?””Yes, but it’s in so deep. Deeper than before.””That’s why your Mother liked it. She wasn’t keen at first, she said it would be uncomfortable for her. However once she tried it she found out that she liked it.”It was a solid wooden chair with soft padded arms, not much to look at but perfect for fucking on.This time when I kissed her it was a lot more passionate, and she responded with her tongue. I greedily sucked on it. When I groped her big tits she gave a deep guttural sound, one I had never heard from her before. It wasn’t long before my mouth was on a nipple. I sucked hard and long on it, only stopping so that I could switch to the other one. Her head was now back and her eyes were closed, and there was a look of contentment on her face.As I continued milking her she started to gently rock on me. It was what her Mother always did. That was my sign to start working on her cunt. When my finger found her clit she gave a long soulful moan. What I liked about this position was that it made the clit stick out more, and that is what it had done to my Daughter’s. It felt bigger and more swollen than before.”Rub it harder.”I was now using two fingers, pushing them firmly against it, her moaning increased. I wanted to start fucking her by lifting her with my hands, but I was reluctant to stop what I was doing because she was obviously enjoying my fingers.I like this position but it has one drawback. The cock is in so deep that it means the woman normally can’t last long, it’s perfect for a quick climax. From the sounds Mary was now making it was going to be a quick one for her as well. I didn’t want that to happen. I wanted to delay it as long as possible so I eased off. I was now sucking her more gently, and my fingers were softer on her clit. However she responded by wiggling her bottom more, even arching her back. She was determined to reach it, with or without my help.When I removed my fingers she pushed her cunt forward as if she was searching for them.”Don’t stop I am nearly there.”I responded by lifting her up, then quickly lowering her back onto my cock. That made her gasp.”Yes, fuck me.”I then did, as best I could. It was hard work but I managed to get a nice rhythm going. However I couldn’t continue like this for long. It would be better if she was on the bed.I held her firmly as I stood up, then I staggered the few steps to the edge of the bed. She was now flat on her back with her legs over her shoulders, and I was pounding her cunt as if my life depended on it.”Fuck me, fuck me.”I almost laughed, what did she think I was doing? Her Mother liked it fast and furious, so I shouldn’t be surprised that her Daughter wanted the same.When I climaxed my vision went blurred, that only happened when it was a good one. As my cock twitched I felt her cunt pulse, perfect timing.It took her a long time to recover, I thought she might even have fallen asleep. When her eyes eventually opened I got a big smile.”I think that is my favourite position as well.””Good, I am glad you liked it.”We stayed in bed for another hour, cuddling up to each other and talking. I told her more things about her Mother, mostly all the silly things we had done together.Our evening meal was a takeaway. It was a good end to a good day. We were both in bed at nine, it had been a long day. Tonight, for the first time, we slept together.I wish I had set my alarm. We got up late, only arriving at the hospital two minutes before the appointment.”Nice to see you both again. The nurse will take your bandages off so that I can check your hands.”She took her time inspecting them, and I was worried that there was a problem, then she smiled.”They have healed well, even better than I expected.”Mary was about to speak but Doctor Harding got there first, “Yes, you do not need the bandages anymore.””So what happens now?””Your Daughter can use her hands. She just needs to be careful for another week or so. If she does anything that feels uncomfortable or painful then she should stop.”There was a slight hesitation from her before she continued with, “Jim can I please see you in my office, there is some paperwork that needs to be sorted out.”I left Mary with the nurse, five minutes later I was back. We left the hospital holding hands. When we got to the car she was buzzing, excited that everything was now back to normal. As I was driving she glanced across at me.”Daddy you look very happy.””I am. My little girl is well again,” then I gave her a smile before adding, “And Claire asked me out.””Doctor Harding?””Yes.””It was when I went into her office, there was no paperwork, she just wanted to get me alone.””I like her she is very nice, I am pleased for you.””I am glad you approve.””Daddy?”There was now a worried look on her face.”Just one thing.””What’s that?”She giggled before saying, “You are an old man, how are you going to be able to satisfy two women?”I hadn’t thought about that. My Daughter was obviously keen to continue with what we had started two weeks ago, and I was as well.”I don’t know. But I am going to have fun trying!”————–

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