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Female Ejaculation

Subject: M.A.R.C. Ch. 18 M.A.R.C. Warning: The following story is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy. It never happened, except in the author’s imagination. This story may contain sex between teenage boys, a man and a teenage boy or multiple male teens. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and little children. If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, you already know what you’re supposed to do. Delete this file and find something else. If this kind of story turns you off, delete this file and find something else. If you’re looking for a story that has someone having sex in every other sentence, this one is not it. The author retains the copyright for this story. Placing this story on a commercial web site or in print without the authors permission is a violation of that copyright. Disclaimer: M.A.R.C. is in no way related to a certain movie character or characters of a similar age and construction and/or recently released sci-fi movie. Any and all similarities are purely coincidental. Comments to aol, pro and con and of a constructive nature, will be gratefully received and acknowledged, if possible. Flamers will be ignored. Near the end of Chapter Seventeen: Forgetting my need to go to the bathroom, I brought my hands up to his hips and took the waist band of his incredibly sexy briefs in my fingers. They trembled as I was suddenly very aroused. All the past evening’s anxieties slipped away as I couldn’t wait to feel his beautiful hard boyhood slide into me and his hot love juices shooting inside. The briefs slid down quickly to reveal … I whispered in disbelief; “Oh God! No! Oh shit no!” He had no penis or testicles, only smooth hairless skin! As I looked up at him in terror, he smiled sweetly down at me again and said. “Well, what did you expect? After all, I am JUST an android.” I clenched my eyes closed and screamed. Actually, I didn’t scream. I couldn’t scream. Oh, I tried like hell but it was like I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move. I wanted to get up and run but most of all I wanted so desperately to scream. I tried and tried and all I heard was a weak high pitched keening kind of sound. Finally, after what seemed like a superhuman effort I was able to squeeze out a long low sobbing moan, “Mmmmaaaarrc!” Chapter Eighteen – Something in the darkness frightened me I was awake and sitting on the edge of the bed. It had all been a nightmare. I looked behind me. I was alone. I slowly and shakily got up and went into the bathroom. I urinated and washed my face with cold water. Then, I headed back to bed. I thought of checking on Marc but there was no light under his closed door. I knew, as far as Marc was concerned, there was nothing I could do but wait, so I went back to bed and, after a while, finally slipped into a fitful sleep. His words from my previous dream pursued me into my sleep and new dream; “Well, what did you expect? After all, I am JUST an android.” Guilt feelings for having deceived Marc had overwhelmed me. Something in the darkness frightened me. Something was there. I didn’t want to open my eyes. I was so afraid of what I might see. Child like, I rocked back and forth on my side and moaned. I felt a warm soft touch on my back. I jerked in fear. The gentle touch traveled up to my shoulder and down my arm. I trembled in terror. I heard a faint familiar whisper, “Everything’s okay old man. I’m here and everything’s going to be okay.” It was Marc’s voice but I was dreaming. Like before. Another nightmare. I lay quietly but rigid, holding my breath and feeling my heart throb within me. I wished I’d wake up. I wished it would go away. Leave me alone. But it kept caressing me like it was trying to calm and console me. I wouldn’t be fooled. It was trying to seduce me before terrorizing me. Just like the last time. I finally found a small low whisper of a voice. “I know what you are. Stop trying to fool me. I know you’re just another nightmare so you can go way.” My whisper turned to a low growl; “Please … leave … me … alone!” A small pleading voice spoke into my ear. “Uncle John. Please. It’s really me. Marc, your Godson. Your boy Marc. Please Uncle John, you’re scaring me again.” I heard a tear in that voice başakşehir escort but I wasn’t fooled. It was just part of my nightmare. Me making me pay for my lie to Marc. The warmth of the gentle touches spread. A hand caressed my chest and stomach. Warm smooth skin moved against my back. Knees and legs fit behind mine. A firmness rubbed against my backside. I felt warm breath as a wet cheek pressed to my shoulder. A child’s nose snuffled. I heard a gentle sob behind me. “Please Uncle John. Please.” It implored. “Please don’t leave me. I’m so afraid. I need you.” It hurt my heart to hear such fear. Such child like fear. How can I not respond to that cry. A feeling began down deep in my very being. A warmth spread out from my center. I began to relax and as I did, light began to seep into my private darkness. Nearly masked by fear, the innocent love in the child’s voice behind me sounded almost real. So sincere. The embrace, so familiar. I even recognized his adolescent boy scent. “Marc?” I hesitated. You … you are not a nightmare? … are you?” “No Uncle John. It’s me.” He kissed the back of my left ear. “I’m sorry I took so long coming to bed but I’m okay now and I just want us to be together. I love you so much.” His kisses moved from my ear down my neck to my shoulder. His hand started little fires all over my chest and stomach. Yes! Yes, that was my Marc. My wonderful boy. His left leg moved over mine and gave him leverage to press himself tighter against me. His hand caressed my left hip and his fingers crept under the waist band of my shorts. I slowly turned my head to see if it were true, if this was really my Marc and not just another cruel trick of my conscience. His lips sought out and tenderly found mine. His face was hot with tears and I rolled to my left to look into his eyes. His hand slipped further underneath my shorts and held me. We kissed again and his tongue found mine and they played together. I tasted him and yes, it was my Marc. I let out a long slow sigh as I finished rolling to face him and our arms and legs wound into familiar patterns and our hardnesses caressed each other snuggling between us. Inside my shorts his hand slid to my bottom and he squeezed. Mine found his firm young backside and did the same. “Powder blue?” I whispered my question, knowing full well the answer. “Yes, it was your choice. Remember?” “Yes, I do.” “Uncle John? Would you do me a favor?” “Yes Marc.” “Would you take them off me? I tensed for a moment and then reached up to the headboard for the accent light and switched it’s soft subdued light on. There was just enough soft faint light to see but only just. I looked down on the handsome love filled face of my boy and his beautiful form laid out before me on the bed, clad only in those powder blue bikini briefs. He rose to his knees for me as I caressed his firm round bum and felt his hard cock poking out the tight silky fabric. I slipped them down as far as I could and saw that he was just as I remembered and loved. His penis was very hard and hugging his belly. The foreskin was snug and just exposing the tip. I clear drop of pre-cum oozed out of the slit and clung there. A small tuft of light blond pubic hair looked soft and inviting. His large round balls hung close below, smooth, hairless and heavy with his juices. He lay down again and I slipped the briefs the rest of the way off, freeing his legs. Then I removed my own shorts and lay down beside him. We moved together into each others arms, my near terror of a few moments ago completely forgotten. The feel of our bodies against one another hastened the growing warmth and urgency of our quickly growing passion. He eased me over onto my back and lay down on top of me. Then he looked into my eyes and brought his mouth to mine. His lips felt soft and warm. We opened slightly and the tips of our tongues touched. I knew and now he knew what … no, who he was. It made no difference. Love … well, love is love. I ran my fingers through his hair and down his back to the warm soft smooth rise of his bottom. I held a cheek in each hand as he rubbed his hard cock into my belly. He clamped his legs together tightly trapping my erection halkalı escort in a most pleasurable grip. His arms wrapped around the top of my head as our kiss gained power and love. Soon we were breathing heavily and our bodies writhed together. He broke our kiss, lifted up and moved down a little so our boners caressed themselves. We both moaned with the exponential increase in our pleasure. I loved the feeling of his warm hardness rubbing against mine and our balls being pressed together. Marc slipped his legs between mine and I wrapped mine around his pulling him harder against me. It made us groan again in our passion. We continued to hump against each other slowly as that passion continued to build. He rubbed his face in the hair on my chest and inhaled deeply savoring my scent. He started to kiss and lick his way down. He kissed and nibbled my nipples and made their already erectness like rock. He washed my belly button and explored his way through the underbrush of my pubic hair. His tongue teased my nerve endings along the crevice between my leg and groin. Then he covered my balls with his saliva and licked up the length of my cock. It slid into his hot mouth and he worked it with intense suction until I was near orgasm. Throughout this most pleasurable of assaults I writhed in ecstasy. I begged alternately for climax and for it to never end. My mind, my body and my soul screamed for more. I could not get enough of this boy and his love and felt that I could not give him enough in return. I wanted to shout my desire to the world and I wanted to declare, beyond a shadow of doubt, my undying and unconditional love to Marc. Slowly, as if knowing of my passionate need, Marc slid back up on me until the focal points of our hot passion were once again moving together. After a few more moments, Marc slipped off onto his side and snuggled lovingly. “Let me snuggle behind you John.” He asked. I shifted to my right side and he molded his warm body behind mine. My mind focused on the long warm hardness that I felt along the crevice between my buns. He rubbed it deliciously back and forth along that crack. “Mmmmm, that feels so nice.” His voice was soft and loving. His left hand held and caressed my hard cock lovingly and his lips and tongue moved over my back. I could feel his warm breath and it excited me. It made my voice tremble as I moaned back to him. “Keep doing that with your cock Marc. It’s so sexy feeling it sliding there.” “Oh Uncle John.” His voice was deep, soft and trembling with his lust. “You are so hot and your ass feels so sexy. God, you turn me on old man.” Each time he pulled back and let his cock slide down along my crack he would move a tiny bit further. When he would start forward again the tip of his boner would first push down a little between my cheeks. Lubricated with the copious amounts of his pre-cum, it would move in and then slip upward causing the most delightful of sensations and bringing the cutest little sighs of pleasure from Marc. “Ummmm,” I moaned, filled with my own lust now. “Your cock feels so good back there. God your cock makes me so hat.” Again, each time he pushed it went in a bit deeper and then the slide upward would be slower and longer and, no doubt, tighter and more exquisitely pleasurable than the time before. Marc would tremble and gasp just as the tip lodged momentarily and then moan as it started to slide. He spasmed with lust and passion. Finally, the tip lodged in the tightest and warmest of places and the gasp from Marc was the most intense. “Oooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhuuuummmmm.” His voice was breaking with adolescence and passion. “John, I have to put it in you. Oh please. I have to.” His lust had him pleading for entry and release. I relaxed myself in anticipation of the next and most natural expression of Marc’s love for me and mine for him. We were coated back there with his pre-cum and he continued to leak as he slowly and gently increased the pressure. It allowed him an easy and intensely pleasurable slow entry. I felt warm flesh slide against warm flesh as the glans of his penis glided inside me and the ring of my sphincter slipped over the head of his wonderful cock. His breathing was coming hard and erratic şirinevler escort from this new experience as he gasped, “Oh God John! It’s so hot! So, so … oh jeez, you are so hot in there!” “Take your time sweetie. I want to feel your hard cock move all the way inside me. I want to enjoy your sliding it in and out and back in. I want to hear you tell me when you are close and shout when you cum and I want to feel you throb inside me as the hot flood of your cum fills me with your love.” I don’t know if he even heard my passionate plea as he slowly completed his entry. I lifted my cheek to let him inside me a bit deeper. The he gasped loudly again, “Oh John! It’s so good! I have to stop moving for a moment or I’ll shoot right now!” He held his hips rigidly still for a moment even as his hands and legs kept moving, almost vibrating. It was as if they had a mind of their own. They twitched and moved spasmodically in a frantic effort to dispel his sexual energy. In a few moments he had calmed some and began savoring the new sensations. Soon he was just holding me and finally catching his breath. I imagined then that I could almost feel the rhythm of his blood pumping through his very hard penis. Ever so slowly he began the wonderful motions of one lover making love to the other. After a moment or two he wrapped his left leg over mine to increase his power. We began to move in unison and slowly picked up the pace. “Oh man. Good. So good. Yes. Oh yes.” He babbled in quiet random words that took on his rhythm. I encouraged him. “Yes Marc. Yes my boy. Do it! Fuck me boy!” “Ung! Ung! Ung!” His rhythmic grunts were pure living passion now. I raised my voice over his grunts with my own passion. “Give me your love Marc. Cum Marc! Cum in me Marc! I want you deep in me Marc.” Then, as the tempo built and his thrusts became harder, I too began to lose myself in a thick fog of pleasure. Soon his breathing and mine were nearly out of control. Just then, as his arms and legs froze and clamped around me, only his slim boy hips twitched and jerked his cock into me. He screamed. “I’M GONNA CUM JOHN! IT’S ME JOHN! IT’S REALLY ME! MARC. THE MARC YOU LOVE! I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM!” I pushed back against his hips and squeezed down on him just as he went ridged in an incredibly powerful orgasm. “I’M CUMING! OH JOHN! OH GOD JOHN! I LOVE YOU … ” His hard cock was wedged deep in me and I felt it throb repeatedly as he shouted and filled me with his hot boy cum. Then, finally exhausted, his voice trailed off into a whisper, ” … with all my heart.” And his body went limp. I softly answered. “Me too my boy, me too.” But there was no answer. Author’s Note There’s an entry in one of the many journals that John kept from the very first day that he met me. I only found it recently while going through his things looking for background for this book. The stuff has been sealed away in storage for a good fifty years or so. It’s dated about three years after that day. The day that I learned the truth about who I am. A day which proved to be the major turning point in both John’s and my lives. It reads as follows: “To this very day I don’t know the details of what or how the two Marc’s resolved things. What I do know is that the consortium learned from this major error and now, with Marc’s help, has created programing to aid their androids with the adjustment of being who, not what but who, they are and the place that they hold in society. One source of concern that I have is a frequent topic of conversation between Marc and myself. That topic is emancipation and equal rights for all androids. I fear that one day this will become a major issue. As someone once said, ‘history has a way of repeating itself’.” Oh my beloved John. My first father … and love. How I do miss you. That day of emancipation is still to come. — Marc * * * * * * Dear Readers * * * * * * Okay, okay. I can’t play a dirty trick on you and end it like that. So there will be more … but not right away. I have other tales of small fry to fish. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * This chapter was written prior to the events of September 11, 2001. Not surprisingly, I haven’t been able to write much these past eleven days. But I have faith, like all things, the desire to write will return to normal. In the meantime, pray, meditate or just think good thoughts for us and those who have passed. God Bless America … and the World.

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