Lucy Ch. 01

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Chapter One: Paula seeks out her Teacher

I was so nervous as I walked into the club. I mean, this was a gay club and here I was –a married woman- walking in on my own and looking for my Teacher.

Not only that, I’d dressed appropriately in the hope of turning her on as soon as she saw me – a simple black dress, very short with buttons down the front, with my nude lacy thigh highs and a skimpy black low rise bikini thong.

What was I doing here? That’s a good question. Lucy and I had been online lovers but that had come to an abrupt end when my husband found out. God, I don’t even want to go there. So I’d given up my contact with my Teacher for around a year until by accident we found ourselves both online at the same time.

It was bizarre how a single moments contact stirred up all the old feelings again. In just a couple of minutes talking to her I was wet and masturbating again. She didn’t believe me –patronising, she called me- when I told her that I still masturbated thinking about her. It was true. And there I was, doing it again.

I made my way to the bar and ordered a stiff drink for courage. I’m not a drinker –any cocktail, I said- and I’d finished it within thirty seconds, coughing embarrassingly as I took it too quickly.

“You okay?” a woman to my left asked, putting a hand on my arm.

I smiled at her and wiped a tear from my eye. “Fine thanks,” I shyly replied, then turned to make my way to the dance floor. That’s where you’d be. I ignore the stares I got as I moved through the busy club and a couple of times, I felt a hand stroke across my ass.

I didn’t look, it was my Teacher I wanted, but the touches casino şirketleri made me feel even hornier than I already was. The music was blasting out and it was difficult to hear yourself think. I’d had no idea what to expect and the excited chatter, laughs and hot atmosphere hit my loins. God, women were actually cuddling on the floor. To my right, one woman had her hands underneath her girlfriend’s skirt as they swayed to the music; and across for them another woman actually had her top off. Her breasts bounced with each move of her body.

I know I was late getting there, but it seems that a combination of the drink, music and whatever else had the party in full swing. I wondered if the club was full of lesbians or whether there were bi people like me? Lucy hated me being bi.

Whatever, the mood was definitely approaching an anything goes state and it both excited and alarmed me. Then I saw you.

Your hands were around some woman’s neck –some bitch you’d probably picked up tonight, I angrily thought- and you were dancing close together. I moved across towards you, standing behind the woman and ignoring the heaving bodies dancing so hotly all around me.

The look in your eyes when you saw me was priceless.

One hand went to my hair, pulling it onto the top of my head as I began to sway my body. I know I can be a sexy bitch on the dance floor and I swayed slowly, watching as your eyes ran across my body. God, I was so wet…

I saw you whisper something to the woman and her head jerked around to look at me. Her eyes flashed angrily and for some reason that made me feel good. I watched as your tongue ran up her neck and then you whispered casino firmaları in her ear. With another angry glance in my direction, she shook her head and trounced off, leaving us facing one another.

I moved my body faster when I had your full attention. My hips quickly found the beat, matching the deep throbbing of the heavy music. I’d show you what I was all about. What you were missing. I pouted at you as I grinded to the music, tossing my dark locks, then pulling them onto the top of my head again and allowing them to fall back onto my bare shoulders.

I flicked up my little black dress, flashing my matching black thong. Fuck, I felt so hot, so alive.

When you covered the distance between us, I expected you to begin dancing too but instead you circled me, like a lioness stalking its prey. I felt your hands behind me, on my waist. Then yr lips were on my neck and your breath on my cheek as you ground your body against my back, your groin fitting perfectly into the swell of my ass.

I couldn’t help but lean back into you, two of us joined as one as we swayed to the music. I pushed back into your body, grinding my ass backwards to show you what you were missing. As always, you took control away from me, your hands riding up to palm my braless breasts through the thin dress. I wondered if you could hear my moan over the loud beat?

I could see dancing couples turn to look at us and I grew hotter. When your fingers unloosened a button I thought you were teasing. When they flicked open a second, I knew you weren’t. You had them all unbuttoned in the time it took me to gasp and your tongue on my neck had me palpitating. The couples watching us increased güvenilir casino and now your hands were on my naked breasts. Fuck, my nips were so hard.

One hand slid down to my stomach and I gasped again. Were you going to finger me in front of everyone? My dizzy state of excitement made me want that. To be taken there, to shopw you –and everyone around us- that I was yours.

I felt you slide my dress down my body and the women watching us cheered. Then your hands were on my shoulders, pushing me down to my knees. Oh God, you were going to make you go down on you –right there with everyone watching. My pussy was flooding at the thought.

But as you always do, you surprised me…

You kept pushing until I sank to the floor and then your heel was against my body, pushing me until i lay flat. People moved out of our way and I was distantly aware of clapping and cheering, but the buzzing in my libido was drowning out everything else.

I watched as you stood above me, planting one leg either side of my body and then reaching under your skirt. You slid your panties down and the kicked them off, not caring where they went. Slowly you crouched over me, pulling up your skirt to show me and the women around us the pussy I was so hungry for. When you were so low I could almost touch you, I could see the glistening moisture on your juicy cunt.

I raised my head, desperately flicking out my tongue, but each time I tried to swipe it across your lips, you raised your hips a little.

“Please…” I whimpered, staring at your glistening treasure.

“Want it?” I heard you say.

I nodded, licking at you again, but this time you slowly began to stand up.

“I told you that if you wanted my juicy cunt you had to earn it, babygirl,” you said, smiling down at me with a look of complete control in your eyes. “Are you ready to prove that you deserve this…?”

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