Lizzy’ First Time

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Lizzy’ First TimeLIZZY’S FIRST TIMEIt was a sultry summer evening and a warm wind was wafting over the valley as Kate, a very respectable everyday wife and mother got into her car with her teenage daughter, Lizzy. This was not however a trip to the mall or anything of the sort. Kate was taking Lizzy to an adult bookstore to initiate her teenage daughter into the slutty excitement of gloryholes.Lizzy was wearing on a top with no bra and very short skirt. She was feeling really sexy and she certainly looked that way. As Lizzy climbed into the car, she lifted the end of her skirt and said“Look Mom.”Kate looked over and saw her daughter’s bare pussy in the car’s dome light. Kate knew that Lizzy was not wearing a bra but the fact that she had not worn panties or a thong either was a surprise to Kate. The teenage girl was grinning, and Kate smiled with a sense of satisfaction that her daughter’s slut ‘training’ had gone rather well.There was that wonderful feeling of horny anticipation that Kate felt each time she left the house to visit the gloryholes. This was pure sex in its most raw form and it was good. It was so good. Kate felt almost invulnerable when she was turned on at the gloryhole. She was a total woman and for that time, a purely sexual bring.This visit however was very special. This was the long-awaited night when Kate would bring her own daughter to a place where the teenage girl could suck the cocks of strange men totally anonymously. Not only would Kate get to see her daughter putting her mouth around strange dicks, she would see her daughter take the big loads of hot cum in her mouth and on herself. This was to be doubly exciting because not only could Kate watch Lizzy eagerly sucking cocks, Lizzy could watch her mother behaving like a total slut. These wildly erotic thoughts were making her head spin. She felt her nipples becoming hard and her pussy getting wet already.The whole notion of turning their own daughter into a slut was intensely erotic for both Kate and her husband. It seemed that everything about it was a huge turn on. This was so utterly naughty and SO amazingly hot.Kate and Lizzy arrived in the neighborhood of the adult bookstore parked the car in a garage. Kate quickly took her bra and panties off in the car and left them on the back seat as not to get cum all over them. It made her feel very sexy to be walking down a public street without underwear. They past a group of people in the front of the garage and Kate said hello to them. They responded politely. Kate knew that these people had no idea that she had no bra or panties on underneath her clothes and it gave her a little thrill. There were only a few people on the street now as Kate and Lizzy walked toward the bookstore. The neon light shown through the window as they opened the door and entered.Ron, the owner was at the counter. He recognized Kate and said enthusiastically. “Hey there! How are you?” as his eyes went to her breasts.“OK.” Kate responded. Then she said“Ron, this is my daughter, Lizzy.” .The older man checked out the brown eyed sexy teenager standing before him and replied.“Very nice to meet you, Lizzy.” Then he said to her.“Honey, I’ll need to see an ID”.“Sure”. The teenager replied and quickly produced her driver’s license and handed to Ron.He inspected the license and glanced at the date on his watch and replied.“Well happy birthday!”. With a big smile.“Oh yes. Finally, ‘old enough’ Kate said with a little grin as she put her arm around her daughter. “She is old enough to see what goes on in here.” Lizzy let out a nervous giggle.The pretty red-haired mother gave her wide eyed daughter a tour of the adult book store. Lizzy looked around at the signs for all the different categories of pornography. They browsed through the magazines and DVDs. The first looked at some of the videos in the lesbian section and then they moved on to explore other sections. Kate found some very hot looking oral and cum oriented videos and showed them to Lizzy. The cases of the DVDs had pictures of women with cum covered faces and bodies. Kate felt herself getting turned on especially as she watched her daughter’s reactions to the sexually explicit pictures. The increasingly aroused pair went over and looked at the sex toys. Lizzy giggled as she picked up a gigantic dildo and handled it.There were several men in the store and Lizzy and Kate were immediately noticed, especially because of how they were dressed. Kate was wearing some very brief shorts and would often bend over to give a good view of her ass cheeks. There was one man who seemed taken with Lizzy and was watching her as she wandered down the aisles and looked at the DVDs.Lizzy was aware of the attention and she looked up at him and gave him a quick half smile. Then she squatted down to look at something on the lower shelf. Kate was watching this whole scene from the next aisle.Lizzy then moved her knee up. Her short skirt lifted, and Kate could see that the strange man now had a perfect unobstructed view of her teenage daughter’s vagina. The man froze in his tracks as he peered up the girl’s skirt and realized that she was not wearing any underwear.Observing her daughter acting this lewdly with a strange man was getting Kate really turned on at this point. Lizzy realized that she liked how showing her cunt to a stranger made her feel inside and she wanted to continue doing it. The man’s reactions and blatant stares were beginning to get her wet. This dirty little show went on for a few minutes and Kate dared not move as not to frighten him away.Finally, after giving the surprised and delighted man a far better güvenilir bahis show than anything he could get from a video booth, Lizzy got up and found her mother.” Are you ready, Honey?” Kate asked her daughter.“Yeah” she said as she let out a deep breath. “I am ready.”As the passed the counter, Ron stopped them and said “Oh, I have something to show you. He pulled out a loose-leaf notebook and opened it up.“This is my “Honor Roll” he said.Inside there were facials of women taken in the gloryholes. They were smiling and just dripping with cum. There were all sorts of women of all races. Some were young and some surprisingly old. There were even some that appeared to be mother and daughter.Lizzy flipped some more pages until she came upon a picture of her mother. She was hardly recognizable for all of the cum on her face. Lizzy giggled as she showed it to Kate.“Oh boy. That was a messy night. But it was sure fun” Kate said almost proudly.Lizzy flipped through the pages and stopped when she saw a picture of teenager with a very messy facial.“Mom! I know that girl. She was a year ahead of me in school. She was in my English class last year!” Lizzy exclaimed.Lizzy bit her lip and looked at Ron. He shrugged his shoulders as if he knew nothing about it.Lizzy looked carefully at the picture and imagined herself as that girl. The turned-on teenager felt a growing fire inside her and blurted out “I really want to do this!” Kate then led her daughter to the back of the store. There were several men milling about the booths and they were all watching Lizzy and Kate as they approached.Kate smiled at them and opened the door of the booth.“Come on. Scoot in” she whispered to Lizzy. Her daughter slipped into the booth and then Kate entered and closed the door.It smelled a little of Lestoil in there as Kate and Lizzy undressed in the confined space. Then they both knelt on the floor. Kate was really turned on now and the whole sleazy experience of getting herself and especially her daughter naked in this place was so deliciously naughty and dirty. They heard rustling and coins dropping in the adjoining booths.The first cock appeared through a hole in the wall. It was of medium size and very hard.” I’ll take this one and show you how it’s done” Kate told Lizzy.The girl watched as licked her lips in anticipation as her naked mother took the stiff penis in her mouth. The man’s scrotum was visible too and Kate gently massaged his balls as she began to run her lips over the cock.Kate momentarily took her mouth from the stiff cock and told her fascinated daughter.“Oh yeah, Honey This is what we came here for!” Then Kate took the entire dick in her mouth and sucked and licked it eagerly.Just them a second cock appeared in another hole.Lizzy jumped over to claim it. It was a fat cock and she put her mouth around it and began to very sensuously fellate the man.“Oh yeah. Suck it Baby!” they heard in a gruff voice from behind the wall.As both Lizzy and Kate sucked, Kate was trying to keep an eye on Lizzy to see how she was doing. The mother soon realized that Lizzy knew exactly what she was doing and was giving some lucky guy an awesome blow job.Kate sucked and licked and ran her tongue on the underside of the cockhead as the man behinds the wall grunted. She ran her hand over her nipples and then onto her clit as she sucked.Then she was rewarded with her prize. “Take my load, slut!” was hear from the other side of the wall. Tasting that first cum in the gloryhole is also special and this one certainly was. It was heavy and thick, and Kate’s mouth filled with semen almost immediately. She pulled the cock from her mouth and aimed at her chest to let two more stream land upon her breasts. The warm sticky semen felt good on her ample boobs.Kate then pulled her naked daughter toward her and had Lizzy lay face up in her arms. Kate began to play with Lizzy’s stiff nipples and with her face over her Lizzy’s she opened her mouth.A glob of semen slowly dripped from her tongue. Lizzy shut her eyes as the thick mixture of cum and saliva landed on her face and nose. Kate then kissed Lizzy on the mouth as she reached down to touch her daughter’s clit. Lizzy moaned as they kissed.Another cock appeared in the gloryhole now. Kate grabbed the throbbing penis and put her cum filled mouth around it. She sucked and licked. A second cock appeared in the other hole and Lizzy was on it in an instant.“OO” she heard to look over and see Lizzy holding a dick about four inches from her face as it splattered sperm on her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose. Kate’s daughter had her hand in her crotch and was masturbating as she let the stranger lose his entire load upon her face. Lizzy finished him off and the looked at her mom with an open mouth.There upon Lizzy’s tongue was a glob of semen. She looked very proud. They had no time to gloat as two more cocks appeared through the holes. One was black and was indeed big. Kate began stroking it and the put her lips around the thick black shaft.Lizzy was busy herself this time with a long uncut dick. Kate looked over to admire her daughter’s activities now. She noticed a long strand of semen on Lizzy’s brunette hair as the girl very skillfully sucked and licked a long penis. She felt a strange sense of pride watching her teenage daughter sexually servicing grown men one after another.The stream of new cocks came through the hole almost without interruption. Kate and Lizzy were a team now and fully up to the challenge. They put the dicks in their mouths and stroked and sucked waiting eagerly for their wet reward. Each time a new dick appeared türkçe bahis in the gloryhole is was soon swallowed by Lizzy or her mother. Inevitably the ejaculations occurred and sprayed their faces and tits with the hot sperm. They must have seen and tasted every type of penis as they sucked off at least a dozen men.Cum was flying now and it was getting all over Lizzy and her mother as they kept on sucking cocks. It was amazing for Kate to be able to share this ultimate female sexual experience with her daughter. She so much wanted her daughter to always feel that she was woman enough to arouse and satisfy any number and any kind of men. Her mouth and pussy were her special feminine tools, her tits and ass were her lures and they worked so well.Kate looked up and wiped the cum from her brow. There sticking through the gloryhole was a magnificent looking cock. It was big and hard and so nicely shaped. Kate moaned and told her daughter.“I think Mommy needs that one in her cunt.”Kate pushed her ass upwards and opened her legs a little, so she could press her vulva onto the big cockhead. She pushed herself toward the wall and the big dick slipped into her very wet cunt.“OHHH…YES” she moaned as it entered her.“Fuck me!” She barked to the anonymous stranger on the other side of the wall as she pushed her hips back and forth to try and take as much of him as possible. It felt so hot to have this stranger’s cock in her pussy and to have her teenage daughter watching her do this was absolutely amazing.Lizzy reached over and started to rub Kate’s swollen clit as she was being fucked. She even ducked down to get her mouth on Kate’s nipple. This was such an incredible turn on and when she sensed the man was about to cum, Kate pulled away and knelt down facing the big cock. She grabbed the cock with one hand and reached down to finger her pussy.There was a groan and Lizzy watched as a massive shot of thick, milky semen landed on her masturbating mother. Sperm splattered on her already cum covered face and then she directed the cock to shoot three more massive streams of cum onto her big tits. Lizzy then put her mouth on the big cock to suck out the remaining cum.The dick disappeared behind the wall and there was a knock on the door.Ron’s voice said“Are you two ladies alright in there?”“We’re just fine” Kate replied as she ribbed the hot jizm on her tits.Lizzy unlatched the door and opened it slightly. Ron looked in and could barely believe his eyes. Kate and Lizzy were sitting there both completely naked and absolutely covered in the semen of at least a dozen men. Lizzy had positioned herself with her legs spread open so that as Ron looked in, he got a clear view of the teenager’s cunt. The little booth reeked of semen as Lizzy grinned impishly and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to let a huge glob of milky sperm slowly drip onto her chin. The faces of both Lizzy and her mother were so covered with cum now that they had that ‘glazed donut’ look about them. The entire booth reeked of sperm as well.Ron was at once both taken aback and delighted by the sheer sluttiness of this nearly surreal scene. This was a man who had owned an adult bookstore for over twenty years and had seen just about everything. Nothing pornographic or erotic seemed to faze him any more but witnessing this slutty mother grinning while absolutely covered in the sperm of strange men as she initiated her own teenager daughter began to get to him.“Wow. You two look like you have had a record night in here. Let me get you some towels.”“Don’t bother” said Kate “We’re fine.”.Ron then pulled out his phone and said“OK Ladies, Let’s gets some shots of this.”.He then took some close ups of the semen dripping from Kate’s red hair onto her tits and Lizzy’ open cunt and cum covered face. Then he had them get close to each other, so he could take several pictures of mother and daughter both covered in cum in the gloryhole.Ron quickly reviewed the pictures and showed them to Lizzy and Kate. There was one particularly good one and Ron said “This one will be perfect for our Honor Roll. I will send you these once I download them” Kate then reached over and put her hand on Lizzy’s vagina. She told her smiling and cum covered daughter“Well Honey, you were awesome in here. Did you have fun?”“Mom, this place is amazing!’ Lizzy replied as she licked sperm from her teeth. The girl then placed her hands on her mother’s breasts and rubbed the semen in.Kate smiled and kissed her daughter’s cum covered cheek. “I think we have had enough for one night. Let’s leave some cock and cum for some other girls.” Kate and Lizzy then put on their clothes but neither made any effort to wipe their faces.They opened the door to the booth and slowly walked out toward the desk. Everyone looked as Kate and her teenage daughter strolled shamelessly about the store. Their faces were still absolutely covered and dripping with semen. Cum was splattered on their legs and their tops were soaked through from the semen on their breasts. Lizzy’s top turned translucent in the spots where the sperm had saturated the fabric and the outline her pert nipples showed through clearly.Ron’s eyes flew open wide as he saw Lizzy and Kate approaching the counter.“Good night, Hon. We must be going now. We had ourselves a good time tonight.”“I can see that!” Ron replied. He looked at cum covered woman and her daughter and asked“Are you going out like that? Are you sure that you don’t want a towel or something?”“Thanks, but we’re just fine” Kate answered.They then went to the door and opened it.As they stepped out into the warm summer air, an güvenilir bahis siteleri older couple had been approaching on the sidewalk. The couple had not expected the door to open suddenly right in front of them. Startled, they both looked up and saw Kate and Lizzy standing there with semen dripping from their faces. The glistening ejaculate was unmistakable in the light from the open door.The older women put her hand to her mouth in total disbelief at this shamelessly lewd sight. The woman’s husband however looked over and smiled as his horrified wife dragged him away.Being seen that was a total rush for Kate. Lizzy now realized what her mother was feeling as those same feeling grew in her.They walked the two blocks toward the garage hoping to encounter more people to shock. The street was empty, and they were actually a little disappointed. Then they heard a noise from an alleyway. Lizzy grabbed Kate’s arm. A dark figure approached from the alley.As the light shone on his face, Lizzy told her mother.“That guy was in the store.”They looked down and saw that the man had his penis out. It was fully erect and looked huge. He was masturbating openly. Instead of fleeing, Kate held her daughter’s hand and stopped to look at the big cock.“OOO That’s a nice one.” She commented. The man then stepped back into the alley. Kate and Lizzy took a few steps into the alleyway and watched as the man began to jerk off in earnest. As the stranger stroked his cock in front of them, Lizzy lifted up the front of her short skirt to show the man her cunt. It felt really dirty and so hot to be doing this right on the street. Kate was getting super turned on especially after seeing Lizzy lift her skirt, so she undid the top button on her shorts. She opened them up and let them drop to the ground leaving her standing in the alley naked from the waist down. Kate couldn’t believe she actually did that, but it was a such a huge rush as she felt the warm breeze on her bare ass. She began to grope and finger her wet pussy. The horny man could not believe his luck as he masturbated furiously while looking at mother and daughter pussies. He groaned, and they knew he was getting close as he stroked ever faster.Then in a fit of pure lust, Kate pulled on Lizzy’s shoulder so they both knelt down in the alley in front of the masturbating stranger, their knees on the concrete.” Come on, give us your hot load!” Kate taunted the man.He grunted, and Kate and Lizzy opened their mouths. Then he let out a long stream of thick semen that landed on Kate’s chin and top totally soaking it through. Lizzy caught his second stream across her nose and forehead. His third spurt landed in Kate’s mouth and Lizzy was able to get a piece of it as well.He quickly put is softening tool away and hurried off into the night.“Well that was an unexpected treat” Kate said, and she pulled her pants up and helped Lizzy up. She looked down at her cum covered top and said“OO I’m a real mess now. Oh well, I guess this is what happens to sluts!”The semen covered mother and daughter now walked down the darkened street toward the garage.They walked past a sort of dive bar at the corner of the street. There were three twenty something women standing out in front of it and they were noticeably drunk. One woman was particularly drunk and boisterous. As Kate and Lizzy grew closer the streetlight shone down on Kate’s face. The drunken woman still had enough wits about her to notice the semen still covering much of Kate’s face. She pointed to Kate and blurted out in a loud voice.“Look, that lady’s got cum on her face! Whoa!”She then asked Kate in a way to load voice “You sucking some cock? You sucking some cock?””The drunk girl then opened her mouth and made motions with her hand like a giving a blow job. The other two women looked at Lizzy and her mother and giggled. Kate just grinned as she and Lizzy walked past making no attempt to conceal the semen on their faces and clothing.The drunk girl then turned toward Kate and Lizzy and yelled“YOU’RE SLUTS! YOU’RE A COUPLE OF FUCKING SLUTS!”Her embarrassed friends grabbed her and told her to hush.Kate and Lizzy finally entered the parking garage and found their car. Fortunately, Kate had some old towels in the car to sit on so the dripping cum didn’t ruin the seats.There was a young Indian man in the ticket booth as they drove out of the garage. He was half asleep as they drove up. Then he looked over and saw a smiling woman with semen on her face handing him the ticket.“Good evening” Kate said with a grin.He had a look of shock on his face when he saw her, and he fumbled nervously trying to insert the ticket into the machine to determine the amount. His curiosity peeked, the Indian looked at Kate again and then his eyes went to the back seat of the car where Kate’s bra and panties were laying in plain view. The amount appeared on the display and Kate opened her purse to get the money. Meanwhile Lizzy turned on the reading light above her seat and positioned herself facing toward him with her leg up. His eyes nearly bugged out as he peered into the car and caught a glimpse of Lizzy with her skirt up and her pussy exposed.Kate took her time gathering the money so that the dumbfounded Indian man could check out her daughter’s vagina. She could tell that her daughter was enjoying the feeling of having the most private part of her body viewed by a stranger. Kate was getting turned don by the whole scene as well. The man grew more agitated as he stared at Lizzy’s naked pussy. Finally, Kate handed him the money and he took his time with the change, looking back and for at Kate and Lizzy.As they drove out of the garage and got to the highway entrance, Lizzy commented“I think you had better drive slowly Mom, I don’t think it would be too cool if we got pulled over like this.”They both laughed as they drove away.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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