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I would like to offer a special thank you to HMEdits for volunteering to look at my work and support me with this, my first submission to Literotica. Comments are most welcome. Enjoy!


James was very well travelled for a 19 year old; born in Paris, he had lived in France, America and now England, but for all he had seen and done, he couldn’t seem to find happiness in his life. Since his brother had left for boarding school he had felt very isolated living out in the country with his parents, wishing, but unable, to meet up with his friends regularly. Not all too long ago James learned that his high school crush was moving to the village and he felt at last that his fortunes were improving. Lana was beautiful; she was 5 foot 7, slender with pert medium-sized breasts, shimmering blue eyes and blonde hair that fell gracefully about her shoulders. She was a year younger than James, but they had met on numerous occasions in and around school and texted each other from time to time. He would have gladly welcomed news of any one of his friends moving out into the country, but none more so than Lana.

He hadn’t been able to keep her off his mind since he had heard the news and couldn’t wait for the day to come. The two had been chatting at school more often recently, as James told her all about the village and what there was to do around there. Okay, so that turned out to be a pretty quick conversation, there was no denying it, there was nothing to do in his village, but for whatever reason she seemed nearly as excited as he was. James had offered to help her family unpack and shift furniture when they moved; an offer Lana and her family gladly accepted.


The day arrived, but the weather was not cooperating; the April rains lashed down on the houses and the wind gusted through the tall trees, howling as it weaved between their still leafless branches. James didn’t care. Localised tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions couldn’t have dampened his mood. He had been up early to get himself ready to help Lana’s family. It was still morning and he found himself staring into a floor-length mirror, admiring the results of those hours in the gym. James was 5 foot 10, with an athletic build, piercing brown eyes and thick brown hair. Frantically digging through the recesses of his drawer he pulled out an array of his favourite clothes to put on for the meeting with his new neighbour. Black Calvin Klein boxers that hugged his toned waist line and supported his package comfortably, teal blue Levi 501 jeans that accentuated his muscular thighs and peachy ass, a brown belt with a large metal buckle with the Hugo Boss logo emblazoned on it, a pair of soft socks and his brown slip-on shoes. James took a moment to admire himself before slipping on his best white Ralph Lauren t-shirt with low cut sleeves. A spritz of Davidoff cologne and he was ready.

James strolled along the paving stones bridging the road and their lawn up to the front door before pausing a moment to take a deep breath, conscious that the rain water was washing away his fragrant scent. He knocked on the door, only to be greeted by Lana’s father; a man of similar build to himself only slightly taller and with a greying head of hair.

“Please come in James, and do excuse the mess, it’s been a hectic morning. We’re waiting on the moving van to get back with the next set of boxes so until then please make yourself at home.”

Affording himself a moment to take in the surroundings James glanced around the entry hall; it was spacious and flooded with natural light. The walls were bare and a group of half-opened boxes cluttered the floor.

“Lana!!! He’s here!” shouted her father up the winding staircase. “She’ll be in her room unpacking, why don’t you go give her a hand until more boxes arrive?” he suggested.

Hardly needing an excuse to go and see her straight away, James made his way up the carpeted staircase, finding himself on a landing with one hallway branching off to the right and one to the left. Peering down to his right he saw a pin-up of George Clooney on the door at the end. Recognising Lana’s favourite Hollywood actor he assumed that this would be her bedroom where she would be unpacking her belongings. James walked up to her door, stopping to listen for a moment before knocking…silence. He knocked. There was no response. Tentatively pushing the door open he stepped into the room. Directly across from him was a bed frame without a mattress and beside it on the floor lay a pile of unopened boxes. James moved towards the bed frame, looking to his left as he went, spotting a window with a view to the back yard. Then he turned to his right and there, standing before the sink in the ensuite bathroom was Lana. She was bending over forwards to pull up her jeans, permitting him a glimpse of her elegant toned legs and firm ass cheeks covered by black panties. As she pulled the jeans up she spied him in the mirror above the basin and turned around, somewhat flushed, with just her bahis firmaları black matching bra to cover her beautiful teenage breasts. James, caught between desire and embarrassment, averted his gaze, stammering, “I’m, I’m sorry Lana, it’s just, your Dad said I would find you unpacking.”

She flashed him a cheeky smile and, turning back into the bathroom to fetch her blouse, she said, “That’s alright Jamesy… I won’t bite.”

He could feel the blood rushing through his veins as he saw her pull the tight white blouse over her chest, moulding itself around her perky assets and her flat tummy. An erection was forming in his boxers and he knew he had to try and suppress it. Lana took a moment to play with her smooth blonde hair in the mirror before turning again to face James. She was stunningly gorgeous and he wanted her more than anything. She sauntered up to him and gave him a warm embrace. He could feel the firmness of her breasts against his strong chest just as surely as she could no doubt feel the growing bulge in his jeans.

Giggling, she withdrew saying, “I’m so happy to see you baby! I’ve been so excited about the move and I really appreciate your offer to help us unpack. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have a friend like you.”

“I’m so glad you’re here! It’s going to be amazing knowing someone who lives in the village from now on! Maybe now we’ll be able to see more of each other…” James caught himself. “I mean, maybe we can hang out…if you like.”

“Yeah I’d love to Jamesy! What with you living out here it was so hard to see you before!”

His heart skipped a beat or two before he managed to muster a reply, but they soon got down to work. It was not long before the moving van returned with more boxes and James left Lana to her room for some time while he helped her parents unload the remainder of their belongings. He spent the afternoon moving the heavy furniture with Lana’s father, but the whole while he had other things on his mind. He had seen his high school crush in just panties and a bra and it made him want her more than ever. James was a handsome young man and had attracted a lot of female attention in high school but found it difficult to follow up on it because of where he lived. Now that his heartthrob had come to him he was determined to make something happen.


Over the next couple of weeks barely a day went by without them seeing each other and they got to know each other a lot better. Before learning that James lived in the village to which she was moving, Lana had been so upset by the prospect of not getting to see her friends any more; she missed them of course, but in her eyes she had found something better. Being a year apart they belonged to different groups of friends and didn’t spend much time together at school, but James would usually drive her home and they would spend most evenings at one or the other’s house hanging out.


James was on tour with the school tennis team for a week and his parents were away in America for a friend’s wedding, so Lana had kindly agreed to house sit in their absence. She wasn’t being paid, but the work wasn’t much more than just being in the house each night and in her opinion she was getting something much sweeter than money: she was sleeping in James’ bed.

She lay naked on his bed, the moonlight bathing the sheets over her in a cool white light. Lana turned over, burying her face in his pillow and breathed in deeply; she couldn’t get enough of his intoxicating scent. Restlessly she turned onto her back again and spread herself across the whole mattress. Lana was imagining her crush beside her, his muscular body pressed against her soft skin, his cool lips pecking at her neck and the growing bulge in his boxers poking her from behind. A soft groan escaped her lips as she fondled her breasts, squeezing the warm flesh and tweaking her rapidly hardening nipples. Lana groaned again, her hands slowly navigating their way down her stomach to her shaved cunt. With the middle and index fingers of her left hand Lana spread her pussy lips and slowly began to run her right hand over her clit. She squealed, her breathing becoming more laboured as she continued to play with herself, feeling the first beads of moisture surface from within. How she wished James was here with her, exploring her body and tasting her sweet juices as they flowed from her horny cunt.

Lana was getting very hot and threw back the sheets to allow the cool night air to drift over her body; she shivered, looking down at her glistening snatch. She ran her fingers along the moist skin, taking them to her mouth and gently sucking, enjoying her slightly salty taste as the warm juice passed between her lips and settled on her taste buds. Lana withdrew her fingers and, spitting on them, she began to rub the saliva into her hole, massaging her throbbing clit with her other hand. She groaned again, louder this time, and proceeded to push one finger inside her pussy, withdrawing kaçak iddaa and then forcing it in further. She began fucking herself with her finger with increasing ferocity, deeper and deeper with each successive push, swirling her finger around the soaking tunnel of flesh, sending wave after wave of sensational pleasure pulsing through her body. A second and a third finger followed as Lana continued to get herself off, spreading her legs wider apart, arching her back and throwing her head back as she moaned loudly.

Try as she might, she couldn’t make herself cum; her small fingers were no comparison with the thick hard penis on her mind. Collapsing on James’ bed, Lana withdrew and, pausing for a moment, then got up and scampered downstairs. She was feeling so horny and simply had to gratify her intense sexual desires. Rummaging through the pantry she smiled naughtily to herself as her gaze settled on what she had been looking for. Reaching out, her hands grasped a medium-sized, dark green cucumber. Taking the vegetable to her mouth with her right hand she began to suck on its length, whilst her left hand glided down her stomach to resume its work on her watering hole. Lana returned to James’ room, falling backwards onto the bed as if thrown by her love, all the while rolling her tongue around the cucumber as it passed slowly in and out from between her lips. Lana lowered the cucumber to her drenched cunt and pressed it against her entrance causing her heart to race. With one quick thrust she plunged the entire length of the vegetable into her pussy causing her to scream louder than ever before as her tight teenage hole strangled the intruder. Lana had the cucumber in both hands now, thrusting it in and out ferociously, causing her legs to turn to jelly as her whole body quivered from the imminent crescendo of an orgasm. Slamming the vegetable against her cervix she closed her legs, locking her make-shift dildo inside her. Lana bit her lip, trying to suppress another scream; her legs gave in before she could cry out. Her fingers dived down to her swollen clit and began furiously rubbing it. Her legs opened wide and with a final shuddering wave of pleasure she was enveloped by an all-consuming orgasm that caused her to scream louder still, her pussy gushing as she came hard; simultaneously, released from the her cunt’s constrictive grip, the cucumber emerged, followed by a spurt of cum that soaked James’ mattress. Still shaking from her intense orgasm, Lana’s hand returned to her pussy, covering her fingers in her warm juices and desperately lapped them up with her tongue. She was breathing heavily now and collapsed on his bed, entirely spent. “Tomorrow,” she whispered to herself smiling and then closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep in pools of her own cum


Lana was in love. She couldn’t stop thinking about him. She loved his sultry voice, his cheeky sense of humour, his broad shoulders and strong arms. Every day at school she sat at her desk staring desperately at the clock, waiting for the bell to ring and allow her back into his house…his room…his bed. Today was a little different from the other days Lana had been house sitting, because James was coming home. She was meant to hand over the keys and move back in with her mum and dad, but Lana had a different idea. The shrill ringing of the bell pierced the air, releasing the scheming teenager to set about putting her plan into action. When she got home, she rushed through their front door, sprinted up the stairs and flung herself onto James’ bed. Lying on her back she removed her Blackberry from her bra where she was keeping it and rang her mum.

“Hi mum? Hi, I just got a text from James. He said the team mini-bus broke down and has been taken to a garage for repairs so they’re staying in a hotel overnight, so I’ll be house sitting again.”

“Oh that’s OK honey, I’ll see you tomorrow after lunch then?” replied her unsuspecting mother.

“Yeah sounds good mum, take care, bye.”

Lana hung up before her mum had a chance to reciprocate. She had only just replaced her phone in her bra when it vibrated: removing it she glanced at the screen and smiled to herself — it was James.

“I’ll be home in 45 minutes babe, just leave the key under the doormat if you want to go now and thanks again so much for looking after our place xx”

She didn’t have much time before he would be back so she darted into the bathroom to have a quick shower. In and out from under the hot water in less than 5 minutes, she stood before the mirror to brush her teeth and dry her hair. She wanted to look sexy for him and thought she had the perfect outfit in mind: white Abercrombie & Fitch shorts that only barely covered the gorgeous curvature of her hot, firm ass cheeks and a cute red crop-top that exposed her toned midriff. Lana didn’t want to run back to her house to fetch her own perfume and, not wanting her mum to question her about her choice of clothes, so she decided to borrow some of James’ cologne. kaçak bahis She hoped he wouldn’t mind.

Approximately 30 minutes passed as Lana waited in front of the TV before the doorbell rang. She popped to her feet faster than a champagne cork escaping from a bubbling bottle and rushed to the door. James was there. She ran her eyes up and down him, so focused that she evidently missed his slack-jaw expression as he stared at her body.

“It was nice of you to stay until I got back,” he managed to say quickly. “I’m just gonna have a shower, but I could come over later and tell you about it if you want. We need to catch up, I’ve missed you.”

Lana smiled to herself as he passed her on his way to the shower. She called up to him, “I’ll leave the keys on the kitchen counter babe.” Spotting the erection in James’ pants was unnecessary encouragement; she had already decided today was the day when they would lock lips for the first time.

The hot water crashed down upon his back as he stood in the shower, head bowed, letting the heat rejuvenate his weary limbs. James reached for the bar of soap and turned it over in his wet hands before beginning to rub it into his body. The foamy slick covered him all over and, massaging his chest with one hand, he slid the other down to his balls and began to fondle them. Lana was on his mind; she was looking amazing and he wondered when, if ever, he would have a chance with her. The thunderous crash of the water and the steamy haze hanging about the shower meant that James neither heard the door to the bathroom slide open nor saw the girl walk towards him. Lana was just wearing a pair of tight white panties and matching bra as she padded lightly towards the shower door. James was facing the wall, still massaging his soapy balls, and remained oblivious to the approach of the sexy silhouette behind the frosty glass.

Lana took a deep breath. “I can’t chicken out now,” she thought to herself. Pausing for a moment, she opened the door. James turned around and there before his eyes stood Lana; his high school crush dressed only in white lingerie. To say he was pleasantly surprised would not have done justice to his feelings; no matter how much he fantasised about moments like these, when someone walks in on you showering there is still that immediate overriding sense of shock as you are unsure what to do, whether to cover yourself and turn away or stand there.

“What is she doing here? Am I dreaming?” he thought to himself. These thoughts raced through his mind in the split second that he first registered her presence, while at the same time his eyes soaked up the view; her ankles were slender with beautifully shaped and toned calves meeting perfectly sculpted thighs. Gulping, James’ gaze flitted briefly over her panties before absorbing the sight of her narrow waist and toned tummy, atop which sat her two pert breasts lying hidden behind a white bra. Lana’s blonde hair fell about her shoulders, framing the most gorgeous of faces, with soft lips, high slender cheekbones and arched eyebrows, below which were her beautiful blue eyes; portals to her soul.

James took in the whole view at once, appreciating how sun-kissed and toned her whole body was. She took a step towards him and he tried to say, “Lana what are you doing here?” but before he could finish saying her name she put a finger to his lips and proceeded to put her hands on his strong back, running them along its length to his firm ass cheeks. James’ balls were on fire now, his cock growing by the second as the blood surged around his body. Their eyes met and they gazed deep within each other, and Lana said to him over the crash of the water which was now streaming down her body, “I love you”. James put his hand behind her head, tilted his own and kissed her softly on the lips. He placed his other hand on her bum, which was covered by her soaking wet white panties. He appreciated the firmness and perfect curvature of her ass as he took it in turn to kiss her upper and lower lips. Lana moved closer to him, pressing her stomach against his erect cock, her breasts against his chest and her tongue deeper into his mouth. Their tongues danced with one another, as they explored each other’s bodies with their hands. Moving her hands onto James’ chest, Lana lowered her body to a crouch, gliding her hands down his stomach as she went; she was face to face with his engorged member.

Their eyes met once more through the steam as James looked down at her. His heart was racing, barely able to believe what was happening. James was feeling nervous and excited at the prospect of what he felt sure was imminent. Sure enough, without any encouragement Lana began to lick the cock she had fantasised about the night before, lapping at his throbbing head as she fondled his balls. This was the first time she had ever touched a boy’s penis before, but she had a fair idea of what to do from videos she had seen at slumber parties with her girlfriends. Taking his cock in both hands she began pumping it gently and then faster until it was rock hard. Lana looked up at him, only to find that his head was thrown back as he groaned aloud, and so she plunged it into her mouth and began to slide up and down his 6 inch length.

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