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Last time for a whileMonday night was a social dinner I arranged. Euro crew on a trip to gather facts for potential business. One guy named Hans was quite hot, young face, tall and really well muscled. After cleaning up the tab only Ken and Hans were content to remain at the bar. Ken had to go after a few and in doing so he said Hans would take me home. Learned the hotel Hans was in was the new place a couple blocks from home. Coyly I said I was curious as to how they did up the interior. Hans would be happy to show me. Arrived at the hotel bar and honestly, it looked just like any other hotel. Conversation switched over to German and Hans noted we now looked like any other euro couple. I told him I liked that idea as it gives a feeling of home that I missed. My intent was pretty bold as I was stroking his knee and lower thigh during conversation. Just fingernails but more than enough to send a message. He comes close and whispers “Pflege zu ficken?”. All I could say was “Der raum” as I moved fingertips up to his balls. Cardkey in, he holds door open and after I enter he hugs me from behind cupping my breasts. His lips are on my neck and I crane around so we lock lips. Delightful. I’m having my first white guy in over a year. We face and start ripping each others clothes off. His hand clasps over my pussy as he goes to my tits. Somehow we tumble onto the bed in a controlled fall. I have one hand on his neck and one on his cock. It’s a good uncut cock, nothing close to the locals but by euro standards it’s a pleaser. I get between his knees and offer a wet tongue swipe on the underside from the ball sack to the tip. He is hard and perfect. His foreskin is still up when I go down on him. After türbanlı muş escort a few movements the foreskin pulls back. I take him deep to the gag point and hold him, I follow this with some rapid movement and he starts to laugh and says “fur immer”. (forever) I come off and ask “was?” “Kitzeln, nie cum”Basically “Tickle and I’ll never cum” Well, this is a challenge, with that declared I was absolutely going to work on earning a mouthful of semen. I went back to holding him deep which earned me a “Oh sehr gut” and I used my tongue to massage the lower base of this wonderful cock. I’ve been a size queen for a long time, it was superb getting reacquainted with a standard issue cock. I’d take him deep till my nose was almost in his pubes and move to tease his cockhead at the back of my throat, stop, hold, breathe and repeat. Hans is breathing faster and I know I am close, the tell was when he kept his hands behind my head urging me to not stop. Around the time he made a loud grunt I got the taste and feel of my mouth being filled with his cum. Pungent but man juice delicious. My tongue should have felt his cock start to twitch, I never did. I pulled off him holding a mouthful and then I felt his cock twitch in my hand as he delivered a respectable stream across my cheeks and nose. Immediately I went down on the cummy cockhead to now feel a second stream coat my throat. By this time I needed to swallow and did so while going deep and holding him there till the twitching stopped. I moved up next to him on the bed still holding a mouthful of his seed. I blew bubbled, tongued in around, savored, then sat up and let the remainder escape my lips and türbanlı muş escort bayan drool down onto my one boob. I asked “Sexy?” and declared “You are delicious”.Han’s response was to immediately flip me back and drop his mouth onto my already drenched pussy. He was an expert teaser with a talented tongue. Clit flicks, lips tugged, opening probed and he hummed often. Climaxes by me were many and I could have laid t here being serviced till the sun came up. Eventually Hans stands displaying a rock hard cock and says “Ficken?” I answered by grabbing my legs behind the knees and pulling them up. Hans had all the leverage a guy could want with his standing and he plowed into me in a single stroke. I let out a big noise of pleasure as did he. He knew how to use his cock for sure as he would pull out and plow back with all the force he could apply. I came small a couple times from this. His eagerness to play with my breasts and kiss me made it all the better. I could tell he was getting close to his climax and I said “kitzeln”. He laughed and gave me a “nein, sicher?”. My response was also “nein” accompanied by me locking my legs around his waist with my heels dug into his lower ass cheeks. Deeds versus words.Eyes locked as he had stopped stroking. “bieten, mir!” I said in almost a scream. Tenderly Hans moved back to my lips while pushing me completely on the bed, with one hand he places a bent up pillow under my ass and did slow grinding, never really pulling out. By the time he moved his lips to my neck I was feeling a strong orgasm coming on. It’s mental, I was owned and pinned by this quality man who was about to deliver his seed. Somewhere türbanlı escort muş between my rapid panting Hans gave out the same loud grunt I heard earlier. I was being filled with a flow. Within seconds he started pumping me fast which only made my orgasm more intense and with one hard stroke he held deep and shot streams all the while holding me close and tight. All the while underneath him I was squeezing my muscles to milk every drop out of him till he grew soft. We kept on hugging and after cooling down resumed kissing. This was followed by sleep. In the morning there was a repeat session with Hans taking my sloppy pussy from behind as we lay on our sides. All the while he had a finger on my clit with the other teasing my nipples. This was easy sex requiring almost no effort and just so very delightful. I enjoyed so much being able to look down and watch him pump me balls deep. The visual aspect of him holding himself balls deep as he grunted and filled me was amazing. Morning sex was followed by a shower, coffee and lots of conversation. I pretty much told him my short life story and learned his. He is 41, divorced and has a 10 year old. He also has a family loaded with doctors an knows quite a bit. Hans tells me that even in my current state, I could in fact become pregnant from our risky coupling as there is no way to tell when my ovulation would resume. OK, more to think about. Imagine a white girl in Africa with a black man being worried about producing an all white c***d. Odd? I’d say so. Either way Hans, you are one wonderful lover. As for me, I recently arrived home and Ken is off at work. It’s normal for me to take the day off after a evening dinner party. So in a little bit I have some explaining to do.Two questions for men reading this…….Have you ever found certain movements on your cock which tickle you? This was a new one on me. Have you found yourself oozing semen pre-climax where the quantity oozed may be equal to the amount you shoot? Thanks ahead of time for any response to those questions.

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